HKA vs. ISG - SPY vs. UOL | Play-In Knockouts Day 2 | 2019 World Championship

  • Közzététel: 2019.okt. 8.
  • 2019 World Championship Play-In #Worlds2019
    Hong Kong Attitude vs. Isurus Gaming
    Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love
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  • JátékJáték

Megjegyzés • 100

  • Kevin Lau
    Kevin Lau Hónapja

    All talk no substance, typical.

  • 綠川陽
    綠川陽 Hónapja


  • İlyas Yetişmiş

    I m happy

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu Hónapja

    Hey! What was that song at 3:58:00 to finish ? plz :D thanks!

  • afutla qian
    afutla qian Hónapja

    Hey! What was that song at 3:58:00 to finish ? plz :D thanks!

  • David Turner
    David Turner Hónapja

    its 3-0 team KDA ISG in game 3.... i predict HKA WINS

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy Hónapja

    Hey! What was that song at 3:58:00 to finish ? plz :D thanks!

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy Hónapja

    Hey! What was that song at 3:58:00 to finish ? plz :D thanks!

  • milk fangs
    milk fangs Hónapja

    the chants made it really annoying and difficult to watch during SPYvUOL..

  • neejoy sola
    neejoy sola Hónapja

    Gam win :))

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy Hónapja

      very alive pirate and very dead void monster, LOL

  • Alex Batters
    Alex Batters Hónapja

    HONG KONG Fighting!!!!!!!!!

  • aola wili
    aola wili Hónapja

    kinda sad CG got the hardest group.. but fun also to see huni vs fnatic and skt

    • neejoy sola
      neejoy sola Hónapja

      ISG may of looked decent but seriously doubt they would of won a game after if they made it but they never really make it far lol

  • Thien Hoang Vu
    Thien Hoang Vu Hónapja

    Quá ưu ái cho VCS rồi ^^

  • alida flus
    alida flus Hónapja

    very alive pirate and very dead void monster, LOL

    • aola wili
      aola wili Hónapja

      Наши вообще играть разучились

  • Hakeem Suleiman
    Hakeem Suleiman Hónapja

    What song plays in the background at 10:03:30?

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi Hónapja

    Gam win :))

    • alida flus
      alida flus Hónapja

      Damwon get drawn before them, they go into Group B, amd the other HAS to go into Group D.

  • Sean Macfarlane
    Sean Macfarlane Hónapja

    Im so glad someone else noticed this. I've just been sitting trying to work out how else the groups could have went and the only other possibility is Damwon and Spylce could have been the other way round. Clutch were always in C and HKA were always in A, the whole 'draw' seems kind of moot.

    • Sean Macfarlane
      Sean Macfarlane Hónapja

      @Ralph John Ticsay Yes Damwon and Spylce can only go to B or D, therefore Clutch could not go B. As DWG/SPY can only be B/D. Clutch had to be C 🙃
      Edit: HKA had to be A, as none of Damwon, Spylce, and Clutch could be in A.

    • Ralph John Ticsay
      Ralph John Ticsay Hónapja

      no, clutch can go to B, B has no NA teams
      edit: clutch can be B/C, splyce B/D, damwon B/D, HKA A/C

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini Hónapja

    Gam win :))

  • Karson Kammerzell
    Karson Kammerzell Hónapja +5

    That audience member laugh on the CG draw was great, lol.

    • Karson Kammerzell
      Karson Kammerzell Hónapja

      @Perte adsf I created the original comment and I replied to a reply. That's how conversations work. :D

    • Perte adsf
      Perte adsf Hónapja

      Karson Kammerzell You’re pretty confrontational when there’s nothing to argue about.

    • Karson Kammerzell
      Karson Kammerzell Hónapja

      @DanteLovesPizza CG was drawn out of that bowl. Not, uh, not sure what English you studied, my dude. I didn't say anything about placement or anything to signify chance, luck, or probability at all.
      CG was drawn. Audience person laughed. That', lol. But more power to you to find something to argue when there wasn't anything. That's dedication. :D

    • DanteLovesPizza
      DanteLovesPizza Hónapja +2

      Draw? CG was fixed in Group C right from the start. There is no draw, CG cannot be drawn into any other group.

  • Mad Hatter Guy
    Mad Hatter Guy Hónapja

    9:55:54 is the show they're talking about the dive? I couldn't understand them clearly, does anybody know and if it is not what is it and where can I find it?

    • Mad Hatter Guy
      Mad Hatter Guy Hónapja

      @bilinas mini I still can't find it from this description. though I did find an interesting instrument from Googling this.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Hónapja

      GAM Bang

  • Borisas
    Borisas Hónapja +38


  • Kowloon VCS
    Kowloon VCS Hónapja

    Gam win :))

  • ExoCurrent
    ExoCurrent Hónapja

    What would've happened if HKA got first draw and CG second draw? The other two can't go group C...

    • DanteLovesPizza
      DanteLovesPizza Hónapja +1

      Nothing would change, HKA can only be in Group A and CG can only be in Group C. The only possible difference from the so-called "draw" is Damwon in Group B and Splyce in Group D, there is no other valid outcome besides what's been "drawn" and what I just mentioned.

  • John Ray Tiangco
    John Ray Tiangco Hónapja +2

    CG be like: Ok, guys. Any plan for an early vacation?

  • Shanmugam Dilep Dev

    very alive pirate and very dead void monster, LOL

  • Frederico Sousa
    Frederico Sousa Hónapja +1

    That UOL just randomly death screaming...

  • RD Knight
    RD Knight Hónapja

    ISG may of looked decent but seriously doubt they would of won a game after if they made it but they never really make it far lol

  • 宗佑蔡
    宗佑蔡 Hónapja +1


  • pirozhok
    pirozhok Hónapja

    Наши вообще играть разучились

  • Adrian Bahri
    Adrian Bahri Hónapja +38

    10:00:00 look at Jatt when Frosk says Hong Kong Attitude

  • Jonius7
    Jonius7 Hónapja +2

    As soon as Splyce won, HKA were guaranteed group A because they are the only Play-in winners that can go there. Likewise, Clutch end up in Group C, because if Splyce or Damwon get drawn before them, they go into Group B, amd the other HAS to go into Group D.

  • son son
    son son Hónapja +1

    gam viet nam ngon roi hahahaa

  • David K
    David K Hónapja

    Visci said he prefer group d, people underrated j team too much

  • Main Lis
    Main Lis Hónapja

    I'm​ boring​.Funplus should get hard like everyone else. Quater finals do not enjoy 1 match

    • tzz1 21
      tzz1 21 Hónapja

      I stand with Hongkong

  • Артём Колпаков

    Как обычно снг помойка. Напикали не понятно чего и хотят выйграть.

    • Артём Колпаков
      Артём Колпаков Hónapja

      @Ma_aelKoT с такой игрой которую они показали им нечего делать в групповой стадии

    • Ma_aelKoT
      Ma_aelKoT Hónapja +4

      Про пики в корень, но за настрой минусанул.
      Лично я болел, и очень хотел увидеть наших в групповой стадии.

  • tan nguyen
    tan nguyen Hónapja

    GAM Bang

  • viet duc
    viet duc Hónapja


  • Angelo Vega
    Angelo Vega Hónapja +6

    When you are trying to hear the casters but the crowd screaming so loud you just can't

  • Nathan Rice
    Nathan Rice Hónapja +18

    I'm all for fans cheering, but please stop being obnoxious. I could barely hear the cast.

    • goktrenks
      goktrenks Hónapja +2

      Lol and you blame the fans?Blame riot's stupid sound structure

    • Crash_Steel_1873
      Crash_Steel_1873 Hónapja

      yeah that dude was alot over the top....

    • Karson Kammerzell
      Karson Kammerzell Hónapja

      @Ivan James Didn't think about that, but yeah. Yeah... Pretty glad I'm not going to hear that going forward.

    • Ivan James
      Ivan James Hónapja +3

      honestly glad UOL lost so I don't have to hear screaming manchildren again

    • Samuel sundström
      Samuel sundström Hónapja +3

      Blame The placment of The matches instead of hyped up fans. Its not their fault that they play in that small studio.

  • Leetbeast
    Leetbeast Hónapja +6

    UOL deserved to get to worlds more than HKA atleast.. im sure they beat HKA in a bo5

    • DanteLovesPizza
      DanteLovesPizza Hónapja

      LMS at least won Worlds in Season 2, but definitely don't deserve three seeds. You have to be kidding yourself if you think NA deserves three seeds, because the last time I checked, they haven't won a single international tournament. Drop NA down to two seeds, drop LMS down to two seeds, and voila! Group stage won't be fixed and the draw would be a REAL draw, not HKA fixed in Group A and CG fixed in Group C.

    • 以連
      以連 Hónapja

      Maybe three seeds is not that fare to your thought, but LMS teams are not that bad.
      Surely LMS always look bad when they met LCK LPL LEC ,but they still beats most wildcard teams.

    • Crihs95
      Crihs95 Hónapja

      @DiscoNick IIRC this is the last year LMS gets 3 seeds, LMS will be no more actually as they get group up with other SEA leagues, kinda makes sense since they always send 1 decent team max every tournament

    • DiscoNick
      DiscoNick Hónapja +1

      @Leetbeast well they beat CG twice in group stages, and I think CG are not as consistent as SPY, so they'd have a chance, I think. Either way HKA will get 0-6 in groups now.

    • Leetbeast
      Leetbeast Hónapja

      maybe not CG they looks pretty good , but better than lms .. 3 lms teams at worlds... uol deserved 1 of those

  • Dave
    Dave Hónapja +57

    Splyces MVP of the series: Kobe.
    Splyces MVP of the day: Bang.

    • Khang Phan
      Khang Phan Hónapja

      @Leetbeast there are 50% Splyces and 50% DamWon going to group B. And ofc GAM doesn't want Damwon though haha. Clucth is stick with group C, so they can not go to another group.

    • 鱗靚蔯
      鱗靚蔯 Hónapja

      JT Bang

    • reptilus89
      reptilus89 Hónapja

      what did Bang say?

    • Nam BKHN-K62
      Nam BKHN-K62 Hónapja

      Thanks Bang for helping Splyces go home soon

    • Leetbeast
      Leetbeast Hónapja

      @Khang Phan ye good for gam to not get CG or damwon they both look strong , tough for CG to get group C

  • Leetbeast
    Leetbeast Hónapja +2

    kinda sad CG got the hardest group.. but fun also to see huni vs fnatic and skt

    • DanteLovesPizza
      DanteLovesPizza Hónapja

      It was fixed, CG cannot be in any other group other than Group C, HKA cannot be in any group other than Group A. The so-called "draw" is a lie, it's like democracy; looks fair, but actually not.

    • Avocado Aaron
      Avocado Aaron Hónapja

      @Leetbeast it was the only group they could fit in

    • Leetbeast
      Leetbeast Hónapja

      @ExoCurrent hahhah yeah huni wanted to play vs skt and fnatic before even will be fun but dont think they are making it out if there but u never know maybe

    • ExoCurrent
      ExoCurrent Hónapja

      They asked for it. I remember interview they were like, lets go, bring on the hardest group C.

  • Matt DuGuay
    Matt DuGuay Hónapja +8

    Just hopped to the end to see how the groups fell and it looks like everyone from Korea and China are getting out of groups

    • Matt DuGuay
      Matt DuGuay Hónapja

      @kaiser der variante I got plenty of love for LMS teams but NA is dogshit. If you're the last resort for Korean and Chinese players who couldn't get into LPL or LCK then you know you're bad.

    • kaiser der variante
      kaiser der variante Hónapja

      Give some love to the underdogs 😂

    • Matt DuGuay
      Matt DuGuay Hónapja

      @RE4VER The only team that could upset Griffin is G2 on a miracle run. This is NA we're talking about, a region that should not even be guaranteed a trip to worlds to begin with. If there was an LPL team in their group then maybe, but nah. Griffin has an easy ride through groups.

    • RE4VER
      RE4VER Hónapja +1

      don't be so certain about griffin, their coach is gone and they were supposed to be looking shakey towards the end and they're here on circuit points. Plus C9 has the potential to upset them.

  • Corey Gassert
    Corey Gassert Hónapja +1

    Came to see the HKA ISG game and had spoilers immediately.

  • Aaron Lloyd
    Aaron Lloyd Hónapja +8

    I ship Frosk & Jatt

    • Dave
      Dave Hónapja +3

      It's kind of like last years ig honestly except that fpx didnt choke lpl finals

  • Bence Baranyó
    Bence Baranyó Hónapja +2

    Hey! What was that song at 3:58:00 to finish ? plz :D thanks!

    ISSYBOY Hónapja +4

    So HKA vs. ISG where?

  • Shibez
    Shibez Hónapja