TOP 20 Moments the Cycling World Will Never Forget

  • Közzététel: 2019.aug. 8.
  • TOP 20 Moments the Cycling World Will Never Forget!
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  • Matúš Kapičák
    Matúš Kapičák  24 napja +10

    Hello Everyone!
    Sorry for not posting any videos guys but I'm really busy right now. I'm making new video that I'm going to upload in December. I'm looking for some non-copyright music - any suggestions? :) Also we are approaching to 30,000 subscribers - thats INSANE! And again... I'm sorry for not posting any videos!
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    • Tetei Khawlhring
      Tetei Khawlhring 18 napja

      Songs pliz?

    • Ed G.
      Ed G. 19 napja

      try Podington Bear free music archive it's really good

  • Julio César Choque Flores

    No se celebra antes de cruzar la meta.

  • sportbiznes . c o m . p l

    co za wariaty śikać im się chciało

  • オレンジタニシ


  • john adams
    john adams 6 napja

    Cyclists. Save up and buy a car.

  • Zombie
    Zombie 7 napja +1

    2:23 what a plonker. cross the line then do your fortnite dance

  • Phương Hiếu PHT

    4:05 wtf??

  • Flat Eric
    Flat Eric 9 napja

    My favourite thing is clickbait and horrendous bottom of the barrel dubstep

  • cleanview70
    cleanview70 11 napja

    early celebration, crash, no problem get back on bike chain jumped off cog karma's a bitch!

  • xX_mel_ Xx
    xX_mel_ Xx 12 napja

    Like si la música de fondo es de yair v:

  • Aleksandr Starshyy

    очень круто

  • John Shimko
    John Shimko 15 napja +3

    The music is really painful

  • globalgourmand
    globalgourmand 16 napja

    What's going on in the first clip?

  • ynotnilknarf39
    ynotnilknarf39 18 napja

    Cheat to avoid the pave and ride too close to the barriers without looking and you get everything you deserve!!

  • hal9khal
    hal9khal 19 napja

    need.. mute.. the music.. pain is too much..

  • 『RT』 Culte SPORT

    La beauté des Pyrénées. 🐄🐂🐃 C'est "sauvage".😁

  • John S
    John S 24 napja

    Крайне обидные невезухи!

  • holden caulfied
    holden caulfied 24 napja +1

    How could anyone forget when Sagan threw that elbow and almost killed Cav then the rest of the world proceeded to apologize for him in perpetuity?

  • rickyjoe
    rickyjoe 25 napja

    The same vidéo without this awful music...

  • S Hopkins
    S Hopkins 26 napja +2

    bloody idiots going over the level crossing when the barrier was down.

  • Carissa Jane
    Carissa Jane 26 napja

    I hate cyclists!

  • Hemilio Rodrigo
    Hemilio Rodrigo 27 napja


  • golden eye
    golden eye 28 napja +5

    3:59 the guy throw his bike oh my God I'm shocked 😱😱😱

    • Victor Fernandez
      Victor Fernandez 23 napja

      Such a monstrous gesture in broad daylight. Kids were watching! This is too much, even for me as a former combat medic.

  • Jack Shiels
    Jack Shiels 28 napja

    0:24 stupid person

  • wage anggoro
    wage anggoro Hónapja

    the worst roadbike track in the world

  • Dorothy Gale
    Dorothy Gale Hónapja +2

    1:04 What the hell are the doing? 😱

  • Виктор Герелюк

    4:09 im so sorry for those two dudes that got injured really bad,by that
    black car shame on the driver

    • ZeeGermanHiker
      ZeeGermanHiker 6 napja

      Donald Schmenk Haha bullshit! Driver wanted to pass, was speeding up, and miscalculated the distance to the tree. Instead of hitting the tree, they decided to swerve into the cyclist; probably purely reactionary. Driver at fault 100%

    • Donald Schmenk
      Donald Schmenk 7 napja

      The driver did nothing wrong.

    • Faith Zero
      Faith Zero 7 napja

      @Donald Schmenk why not

    • Donald Schmenk
      Donald Schmenk 8 napja

      No shame on the driver

  • MassDynamic
    MassDynamic Hónapja

    wouldnt it make sense to NOT choose a marathon path where the path intersects a fuckin train track? i thought it would be common sense.

  • Paul Harding
    Paul Harding Hónapja

    Thumbtacks are a spectators best friend......just saying ! ha ha

  • tecknos africa
    tecknos africa Hónapja

    severe diarrhea can't wait

  • The Gutless Leading The Clueless

    one for the team... lame ass 1:50 Min

  • Frengo69
    Frengo69 Hónapja

    0:24 this is what you call "total douchebag"

  • Dan Dole
    Dan Dole Hónapja +1

    Soo good watching lycra twats falling off! Made my day

    • Abe Terre
      Abe Terre Hónapja

      Once a wanker always a wanker hey!

  • mgr5550
    mgr5550 Hónapja

    Wow, cyclist slows down for cows and then passes. What radical material !!!

  • Ron B
    Ron B Hónapja

    Clickbait No cow !

  • old ben kenobi
    old ben kenobi Hónapja

    hahhaha hahaahha hahahhaah

  • Preston Dinard
    Preston Dinard Hónapja

    It sickens me to see a dog fight but always enjoy a good cat fight!

  • Aline Bonnie
    Aline Bonnie Hónapja

    LOL la drogue, la triche, les connards le vélo 😈

  • Руслан Гурьев

    хуйня полная не смотрите

  • Vaida Brazeniene
    Vaida Brazeniene Hónapja

    Tom rip

  • WeebTrash HUN
    WeebTrash HUN Hónapja

    1:51 a fucking asshole

  • captain skeptical
    captain skeptical Hónapja +1

    I hate cyclists...they're like cattle on steroids

  • Samir Chekri
    Samir Chekri Hónapja

    Ça va bien pour vous

  • Miroslav Macko
    Miroslav Macko Hónapja

    Pekné kapi

  • Tsuki
    Tsuki Hónapja

    What happened at the first one

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Hónapja +3

    Over Confidence before reaching destination like me failed in Job interviews 😂😂🤨😫😭😭

  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace Hónapja

    I remember seeing a cyclist come flying down a highway around a corner and slammed right into a Hereford Heifer. The cow didn't even move lol, she just gave the guy a lick on his helmet and continued on her way.

    • Halibut 1
      Halibut 1 Hónapja

      Cows are very sweet and this one was probably trying to cheer on a tired cyclist.

  • Drachten
    Drachten Hónapja +3

    I'm from the Netherlands

  • Tv tume Youtube
    Tv tume Youtube Hónapja

    Tv tume youtube chanel

  • German Santibañez

    una mierda de video

  • Игорь Ха
    Игорь Ха Hónapja

    Ноги наверное лет в 15 сводило по ночам.с возрастом показывает.особенно профессиональный спорт

  • Superior infernape

    pushing someone to go for the win just shows how pussy you really are . 2:06 for reference

  • Rodrigo Olivares
    Rodrigo Olivares Hónapja

    Bueno pero la música chillona

  • Rodrigo Olivares
    Rodrigo Olivares Hónapja

    Bueno pero la música chillona

  • Gabbar Singh
    Gabbar Singh Hónapja

    What happen to the first guy

  • Lubov Yang
    Lubov Yang Hónapja


  • battheman777
    battheman777 Hónapja +4

    Never forget? LOL These will be forgotten by the end of the end of my day

  • ram samson
    ram samson Hónapja


  • bright eyes
    bright eyes Hónapja

    i don't really care for this shit there all pricks

  • Haidar Hanif Genxq Zulfikar

    music by ?