Broly Awakens Goku's Dangerous Power Source To Go A NEW Beyond!New dragon ball super Broly Movie


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  • ItsAnimeGirl
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    What do Goku, Broly, and Kale really have in common? - 💰$1000 contest link

    • Dylan & Lord Gold/ DeckDroBlack
      Dylan & Lord Gold/ DeckDroBlack 9 napja

      They are all not your regular saiyans like the Prince of saiyans but more powerful like Broly but he reached Legendary Super Saiyan god super Saiyan and Kale reached regular Legendary Super Saiyan and finally Goku reached Ultra Instinct that's beyond a saiyans capability that's what I think

    • Todd Rickert
      Todd Rickert 11 napja

      +Mister Nobody no goku and raditz are brothers

    • Todd Rickert
      Todd Rickert 11 napja

      They all super saiyans

    • Hero 428
      Hero 428 12 napja

      Everyone it’s that they all were near death

    • Hero 428
      Hero 428 12 napja

      ItsAnimeGirl they get stronger near the face of death

  • Dustin Davis
    Dustin Davis 16 perccel

    Is the Broly movie out already? As I watch this it looks like you've seen it? I thought it wasn't coming out till January? Sorry I'm not as proficient with all the Dragon Ball stuff but I am a fan and watch every episode since the beginning. Just curious is the movie in January or has it already been shown? Thanks

  • Brandon Rodriguez
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    why tf is she giving goku advice xD im deaddd

  • Dark Turtle Boss

    What if Broly was testing Goku and Vegeta.?

  • james mataira-kaiwai

    He doesn't if you were in Tokyo on the release day you will know for a fact he doesn't get super or unlocked powers he loses they run away to learn the fusion people need to stop making nonsense

  • Basegodd023
    Basegodd023 4 napja

    So who do u think will defeat Broly vegeta or goku?

  • Sorin_YT games
    Sorin_YT games 4 napja

    "Broly kills goku" Berrus:He's comming

  • EyT Noodles
    EyT Noodles 4 napja

    Her anime character is very thicc 🍑🍑🍆 💦

  • Pro mobile legend Gamer

    Just shut 👆 Nuub

  • THG_ Uchiha
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  • Laserguyman
    Laserguyman 6 napja

    I'm still stuck on the fact that she doesn't understand that Kale's bssj and broly's lssj are in fact, two different things

  • Dillon Klessig
    Dillon Klessig 6 napja

    Will someone tell me where I can go to watch the new dbs broly movie at??? I'm in the USA so I don't know when we will get it...

  • Dionandre Ivra
    Dionandre Ivra 7 napja

    Great interpretation of videos and explanation of who is really the strongest Fighters 🤔💭💥👌

  • R U One of US?
    R U One of US? 7 napja

    Title again is deceiving. Not related to movie. Don't waste your time watching this

  • Mr xd Gameing
    Mr xd Gameing 8 napja

    It's not Goku who will stop broly it's gogeta for goodness sake

  • Сербон Боготац

    this channel is the worst scam on yt

  • Ty Van Bynen
    Ty Van Bynen 8 napja

    I really don’t get why this channel has so much viewers I watch many of the vids and she literally takes clips of everything we’ve already watched before and basically rhymes off each key episode with a thesaurus on hand.

  • Arcane Shadows
    Arcane Shadows 9 napja

    She's being annoying

  • Juan Pablo Covarrubias

    The Broly battle was befor the turnament of power

  • naragas 44
    naragas 44 10 napja

    Talk about nonsense?

  • Kofi Quansah
    Kofi Quansah 11 napja

    Great Job

  • Daniel Nordyke
    Daniel Nordyke 12 napja

    Personally i think Brolly is possesed

  • Hero 428
    Hero 428 12 napja

    The Saiyans ability to get stronger even after from being beaten almost to death

  • Alfonso Beltran
    Alfonso Beltran 13 napja

    Ooo you’re using dub? What are you doing? Don’t you know sub>dub?

    NED STARK 14 napja

    I am new here. I love your videos. Good luck.

  • The Animation Master

    Fake giveaways, fake information, fake drama

    We have a ne durv

  • Mrdontplay3826
    Mrdontplay3826 17 napja

    So dramatic like damn

  • Spark Gaming
    Spark Gaming 19 napja

    i think it's Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Kaioken 100x Ultra instinct unleashed potontial Form.

  • SaVag3
    SaVag3 21 napja

    The truth is When you beat a legendary saiyan and day after you forget it

  • Fukahito
    Fukahito 22 napja

    Why do you ramble on and on.... and go in circle with your explanation...🤨

  • Albert Reado
    Albert Reado 22 napja

    They better not mess this up

  • Donald Alexander
    Donald Alexander 24 napja

    But goku can go ui because in the trailer we see a light on goku in the back we see him go ui

  • SickUrban
    SickUrban 24 napja

    Haven't even or not even gonna watch paused 0:10 Gonna be some false flag again lol smh

  • Francisco Garcia
    Francisco Garcia 25 napja

    You sound so seductive

  • Dee Jaay
    Dee Jaay Hónapja

    can somebody shut down this channel already

  • Wolfie TTV
    Wolfie TTV Hónapja

    How do I watch the tournament of power?

  • Carlos Ramos
    Carlos Ramos Hónapja

    All have the S-cell, and that's part. The Will, the Must, And the want. Not in order.

  • Ran Hiranandani
    Ran Hiranandani Hónapja

    No ui or mui is enough for defeating broly because broly's base form is enough super saiyan 2 second is strong as super saiyan blue rage

  • gaycumshot69
    gaycumshot69 Hónapja

    What the heck is this lady talking about? You are re-telling the story then acting like you know what's going on in the movie. Everyone already knows what you just told us. Do us a favor and let the publishers do their job, they dont need you to re tell their story or assume the next!

  • Chuncy Caffie
    Chuncy Caffie Hónapja

    Shut up already

  • Down L
    Down L Hónapja

    Good video it's a nice theory makes you think. Great job!

  • Johnny DynamicGaming

    You can't compare broly to kale....broly fights by his rules, kale fought by the rules set in place by other people.

  • Jessica Coralde
    Jessica Coralde Hónapja

    goku was strong when he was born and Bulma was his like mother and kale is the same as Brody

  • Steven Dew
    Steven Dew Hónapja

    God, the movie movies hasnt even come out yet and think you everything.... waste of time listening to this BS

  • Jzu
    Jzu Hónapja

    reading through the comments i have to agree..i have no fkn clue what this video is supposed to be other than jibbersih questions..

  • Cool Banana
    Cool Banana Hónapja

    I have the notifications on and I thought the video was pretty interesting

  • leah harris
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    She was unable to go fp

  • laurence christian obiacoro

    Oh asan na premyo

  • Giovanni Velasquez

    Um... Your video isn’t talking about broly ur just talking about ultra inscint

  • DeeDle DooDle
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    1:14 the only time in this vid she speaks normally..

  • lx squiggles lx
    lx squiggles lx Hónapja

    I hate how she talks, and on top of that she's so dumb.

  • Rin Azujin Kyozuka

    I have no idea what ur tlking about
    Buuuut... I like it

  • Paine O' Death
    Paine O' Death Hónapja

    Where do I see these episodes? I can't find them anywhere. Yet y oure making review vids in them..

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres Hónapja

    First of all, like ur videos and secondly I'm gonna have to agree with a few comments here on ur narration in ur videos... all u do is give questions and riddles with no actual explanation as to wat ur talking about

  • Pallarias
    Pallarias Hónapja

    Shea turned a 2 min theory into a 11 min theorg by restating her already said words just in different ways lmao

  • OldSlowGamer
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    He can dodge Bulma's fist but he can't get out of the way of her car. Oh please. Do pull the other one. It's got bells on it.

  • ashante bacon
    ashante bacon Hónapja

    What music in the video did she use ? I was really feeling it 🎶🎵🙄

  • Twigg & Rae
    Twigg & Rae Hónapja

    Broly just strong af

  • Inventor AV
    Inventor AV Hónapja

    They all unlock hitting secrets and they could go beyond powers but there's always one stronger than the other but still manage to out rage 😇

  • Inventor AV
    Inventor AV Hónapja

    Great job on the video 😇

  • B.I.A.S Racing
    B.I.A.S Racing Hónapja

    Blizzard of words and circles

  • The epic weaboo
    The epic weaboo Hónapja

    Lol I love watching shitty content that claims something with no proof (makes me laugh how dumb some people are)

  • kilian GAMING
    kilian GAMING Hónapja

    Hmmmpppfffff on the end goku is stronger then broly and he is gonna become mui again or higher then mui and vegeta is going higher to they gonna take out broly and maybe vegeta and goku are gonna become gods

  • God Man
    God Man Hónapja

    Panning time

  • Amari Dubose
    Amari Dubose Hónapja

    Wtf is she talking about the movie isn't even out. Your only working with a trailer

  • ace levss
    ace levss 2 hónapja

    Best narrator best voice

  • Bebekidz 27
    Bebekidz 27 2 hónapja

    I feel like this girl makes videos so she can talk

  • jay4lifecom
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    What is this bs

  • Julian Sandico
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    When will broly ever be cannon

  • Nguyen Hoang
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    omg...this girl's channel is annoying me....go back to playing barbie dolls and leave dragonball to us know nothing woman

  • Eloscheme Morningstar

    Complete nonsense.

  • Nicholas Ziskie
    Nicholas Ziskie 2 hónapja

    This girls voice is so nice I bet she’s gorgeous.

  • Israel Mazuera
    Israel Mazuera 2 hónapja

    youre annoying afffffffffff

  • Chuck Kennedy
    Chuck Kennedy 2 hónapja

    Love your stuff, girl! Always!

  • Joseph Dobie
    Joseph Dobie 2 hónapja

    But saying white eyes wouldn't that mean Goku felt divine power the first time he beat frieza and went super Saiyan

  • timothy helm
    timothy helm 2 hónapja

    Is it possible that the sayians use to be the top gods, until over thrown? That kinda what it feels like

  • Shifter Gaming20
    Shifter Gaming20 2 hónapja

    And has anybody seen an effect of mui on goku just look closely on goku’s chest

  • Shifter Gaming20
    Shifter Gaming20 2 hónapja

    And Broly and goku and vegeta were born on the same day

  • Shifter Gaming20
    Shifter Gaming20 2 hónapja

    Broly is stronger then jiren that’s why he’s scared new Broly is different from kale and old Broly

  • ray velez
    ray velez 2 hónapja

    Im in love with ur videos I very informative

  • mike idk
    mike idk 2 hónapja


  • NNocki ?
    NNocki ? 2 hónapja

    He is a sayian he always wants to get stronger

  • Vaishak Kamath
    Vaishak Kamath 2 hónapja

    Most bullshit video I ever seen...spent 10 mins talking in cycles... What a stupid bih

  • JakeVilla 16
    JakeVilla 16 2 hónapja

    What am i watching? What is this video about?!?! I'm 2 minutes in and don't know what this video is for?

  • sp0rts
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  • Quiet Storm
    Quiet Storm 2 hónapja

    The key to their power..Kakarot! Scream.. *EVEN LOUDER !!!!!!!*

  • Isaac Piccard
    Isaac Piccard 2 hónapja

    Literally everything she says has no meaning it's all trash

  • Aryan Garg
    Aryan Garg 2 hónapja +1

    Where is yamoshi movie teaser as it would have been first to come than broly....what Toriyama wants to extract as many as fans for db series that's all hreeheeee

  • Aryan Garg
    Aryan Garg 2 hónapja +1

    But where is the new born buu??

  • Traysean Powell
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    This is the greatest video in the whole universe

  • TJ  Bouchard
    TJ Bouchard 2 hónapja

    Your videos are soooo long because you reiterate things ten times and sum up what you think the character feels. Just get to the damn point

  • Milton Flores
    Milton Flores 2 hónapja

    I did it

  • Nic Morris
    Nic Morris 2 hónapja

    Link and1

  • heron bolombo
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  • 21 Kay
    21 Kay 2 hónapja

    Love dese vids but i need to see wat u look like 😍😂😂😂

  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza 2 hónapja

    Homie gets shocked once an episode lmaooo

  • nate st.louis
    nate st.louis 2 hónapja

    It is either Goku fuse with vegeta or jiren or just become stronger and turn into a new form

  • Jack jj 100
    Jack jj 100 2 hónapja

    They all have immence power levels

  • Kamal Sidik
    Kamal Sidik 2 hónapja

    If the sayian power is about that same tree whise point out what about the one time during the Cell saga where Goku and Gohan's super sayian lasted very long time?

  • Dead Light Gamer
    Dead Light Gamer 2 hónapja

    Super saiyan (yellow) + super saiyan (blue) = green