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  • Adam Platell
    Adam Platell 4 napja

    The police rape then chase chase people and call it encounter. Police are the rapist.

  • Adam Platell
    Adam Platell 4 napja

    Jungle law, no justice don't even know who the real crimanls are, just kill the wrongly accused and bastards who can pay get away with it. Thee bastards if found guilty need to rot in prison not easily killed. Lawless India.

  • Boy wonder
    Boy wonder 14 napja

    Always wondered if the encounter was legit

  • Reena Narayan
    Reena Narayan Hónapja

    the TV anchor putting intelligently words in to the mouth of the debatees making the case stronger and get wider publicity for the anchor and TV, tell openly dont u hv daughters sisters and if it is happening to yr family what and how u will react,

  • mmffdvr1
    mmffdvr1 Hónapja

    corruption is so obvious in a country that have a system that supports murdering another human being for eating beef. very potentially fatal to vacation in this country. how can we trust these hindu's to live peacefully in usa or in any other country for that matter. I will never vacation in this country even if all expenses are paid for.

  • paramjit bishandass

    Very good police

  • Nandini Gaikwad
    Nandini Gaikwad Hónapja

    Who the hell cares its fake or not , i am blissful seeing the pigs dead...i even celebrated that day cutting a cake literally💃

  • Nandini Gaikwad
    Nandini Gaikwad Hónapja

    Women are saying they are feeling safe now , but please understand you will never ever be safe especially in india ... yes this encounter is a celebration for women but take priyanka and nirbhaya incidents as a lesson , DONOT trust men plz its my request donot trust any stranger , get your eyes out of the stupid phone and look around be aware of your surroundings , carry self defence items like chilly powder, knife , tazers etc if you are rich have a gun with you , and if by chance you get into threatful situation run, or be ready for defence dont just create fear in your mind , use your intellect, be smart and be safe ...😊

  • Aditya akrash
    Aditya akrash Hónapja

    Sahi huaa maro rapiest ko goli

  • 80srbija
    80srbija Hónapja

    FACT: They got what they deserve!!! This piece of garbage still think they can do this to women...NO. Sorry India so many cases and what? No change im the law sistem!!! They still alive even after getting dealth penalty. Don’t understand so much waiting after such a crime in Dehli case for example. There are MONSTERS not even animals would do that, they DON‘T DESERVE TO LIVE!!! In these cases...kill them emmediately!!! Not waiting waiting waiting...and let the juvenile free and he is gona do it again and again. That‘s for SURE!!! India have a BIG problem with rapists. You only hear in Europe of gang rape on women kids babys tourists and it’s always disgusting!!! I‘m so thankful to live in Europe.

  • Vamadeva
    Vamadeva Hónapja

    India needs a Hindus constitution where death penalty for rapists will be given .. no fools like human rights will come into play

  • Vamadeva
    Vamadeva Hónapja

    It’s matter over, rapists souls out of body, let the cruel foreign funded human rights orgs cry now...happy that helpless girl’s soul will get peace now... hell with NGOs organizations like “people’s watch “ and journalists like Anjali mody who are pimps will sell their body to make money... sick devils

  • Debasish Sarkar
    Debasish Sarkar Hónapja

    Fake or No fake, Just has been done. Warning to Secularists DON'T Mess with PUBLIC sentiment.

  • Joseph Chako
    Joseph Chako Hónapja

    Iss aadmi ko bhi thok

  • Devender Mourya
    Devender Mourya Hónapja

    You also need encounter

  • Dr. Nirmal Raj
    Dr. Nirmal Raj Hónapja

    Staged encounter obviously.

    • Dr. Nirmal Raj
      Dr. Nirmal Raj Hónapja

      If the accused as claimed by the police did fire at the cops where is the ballistics evidence of those bullets? Kya begaane jaisi baataan karti police

  • Bikash Neupane
    Bikash Neupane Hónapja

    Either do sex in understanding or buy some sex toys......If anyone goes against it, see the result.... समझ में आया ना ??? ✌

  • manju Devi
    manju Devi Hónapja

    It is anti indian programme matter was rapist not only the matter BJP police kaam kare to galat na kaam kare to galat

  • Voice Gym
    Voice Gym Hónapja

    Agar asali Mujrim abhi bhi Pakda Nahin gaya hai to CBI ko jaanch karna chahie

  • Krishna Murthy
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  • Run 2 boys
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  • veerash4646 Kutty
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  • padmavathi Manchella

    It is ridiculous that people support this revenge actions. Rather we need to fight for our justice system to be fixed which in itself should enforce prompt punishments, not vengeance towards accused. Where revenge begins, justice ends. We are acting with primitive animal instincts with these actions, let’s not give in to short term instinctive vengeance, but rather fix the law system which results in long term solutions.
    If this continuous, Tomorrow, some corrupt or perverted police will take law into their hands and kill few innocent people in the name of encounter, and they feel they are delivering justice as per their twisted assessment of situation. Disappointing that so many people think immaturely.

  • Kalyan Yadav
    Kalyan Yadav Hónapja

    Wat happened to unnavo wen we gone through judiciary system? And wer is Justice for nirbhaya?

  • 111aayu sinha
    111aayu sinha Hónapja

    Ye kamini haramkhoor avani bansal aurat hoke kya bakwas kar rahi hai sali kuti iski koi beti hoti toh isko samaj aata kamini..

  • Suklal Murmu
    Suklal Murmu Hónapja

    I am happy with the action taken by the police

      SUBHASIS TUDU Hónapja

      What if they were not the real this......

  • S R
    S R Hónapja

    Wen accused once admitted to MahboobNagar session court that they did this crime on record then why will police spend money on them for next 20 years so police sent them to hell 😂

  • Technical Aman
    Technical Aman Hónapja

    This is not good humanity killed humanity shame on this who killed creulty on these living people's

  • nitin pappu
    nitin pappu Hónapja +1

    Telengana police should have talked with them to understand their mindset which led them to commit crime of this nature.
    just to sheild their failure or inaction telengana police conducted encounter.

  • nitin pappu
    nitin pappu Hónapja +2

    what else can you expect from the country whose so called father mr mohan gandhi performed celibacy experiment on minor girls by sleeping naked with them

  • nitin pappu
    nitin pappu Hónapja +1

    jis desh ka bapu mr gandhi nabalik ladkiyon ke sath brahmachari ke experiment karta ho wo desh rap capital banana lajmi hai.

  • nitin pappu
    nitin pappu Hónapja +1

    jaya said acccused should be handed over to public,to lynch them,then with same yardstick mr bachan accused in panama case,also deserve 10o sandals or 100 slaps in public.

    • Reena Narayan
      Reena Narayan Hónapja

      and 100 knife injuries on the private part of the criminals,, women/girls are at th hands of men chuvanism, eventhe law makers, criminals are all men, none dared or saved none of the girls/women,history repeats fromMahabaratha where the eminent Bhisma was only a spectator and that is mens attitude towards girls/women, n of course being aman i hv struggled and hv being helping lot of girls/women, as i hv seen their strugtgle from the childhood,

  • R
    R Hónapja +2

    Emotional fools.we are.

  • R
    R Hónapja

    Give case to CBI.

  • Farhan Mehfooz Khan
    Farhan Mehfooz Khan Hónapja +1

    This is called Debate..lovely 👍
    Otherwise what we get to see and hear in Mad dog's show which is just a fish market.

  • Beingkabir
    Beingkabir Hónapja

    I don’t go into deep I just like the way police encountered those rapist

  • Ayub Ayub
    Ayub Ayub Hónapja

    Ye hai Bhai log Hyderabad jo rap kare ga sida goli kha aga

  • Priya K
    Priya K Hónapja

    These oldies thinks just society changes within a day. Foolishness at its best. It takes generations to change a society.

    • Priya K
      Priya K 12 napja

      @Boy wonder you are anti national,go to Pakistan.

    • Boy wonder
      Boy wonder 12 napja

      Priya K doesn’t mean you can disrespect others using their age

    • Priya K
      Priya K 12 napja

      @Boy wonder my parents understand and listens to changes in generation.

    • Boy wonder
      Boy wonder 14 napja

      Priya K aren’t your parents oldies too? Have some respect

  • Priya K
    Priya K Hónapja

    How can someone stop a crime, these people are still wanting for change in system for decades. Even usa with latest technology and system is not able to stop. Our system with lots of lots of diversity can never have a disciplined society.... fools. To show sympathy one have to be from same state, same religion, same caste, same Language what not.

  • vikash singh
    vikash singh Hónapja

    Hyderabad police did right because those rapist deserve for that...

  • vikash singh
    vikash singh Hónapja +1

    The people who lobby human rights right should understand if someone of their families suffer such kind of truma then they still stand by human rights.....

  • vikash singh
    vikash singh Hónapja

    These rapist must be killed on the spot even amid the public so that no-one could dare to do such kind of heinous crime ... I salute Hyderabad police....

  • rejaul shaikh
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  • Anjali Jain
    Anjali Jain Hónapja

    Oh wowww...dey need proof dt these are the guys who people dont understand dey confessed truth their fam confessed whole night dey weren't home still u need proof....great u people are juz great

  • Khatheeb Junaid
    Khatheeb Junaid Hónapja +2

    Agar yeh 4 log kisi politicians ya kisi bade aadmi ke bacche hothe tho, kya police Encounter karke maardalthe kya?

  • Ar Istyaq
    Ar Istyaq Hónapja

    What about jammu and other one

  • Armin Parekh
    Armin Parekh Hónapja

    It is a fashion among pseudo-experts to say that encounters violate human rights. Until they encounter men who violate them (the women).

  • Khatheeb Junaid
    Khatheeb Junaid Hónapja +1

    Reason for rape is alcohol, ban alcohol.


    Sir i support the killings of rapists.

    Ex Home Minister Devendar Goud Son raped an Heroine. No Justice

    Karunanidhi Son Stalin raped an TV Anchor. No Justice

    4 sons of 4 poor families raped an girl. Justice served.

    Please dont take wrong. I am not supporting rapists.

    Sorry don't take me wrong. They got killed because police will not loose any thing by killing them and there won't be any political problem by killing them. If police had killed an criminal who is politically and communally influenced then I would have said our police are great. But any how police did good by killing the rapists

    And it is also true without police we cant be safe. We Are safe only because of police.
    Police killed rapists not to give justice for Disha
    They killed them to give justice for TRS
    Why didn't Telangana police killed srinivas reddy who raped and killed 9th class girl in Hajipur
    Why didn't Telangana police encounter "Laxmi's" Rapists Sheikh Babu, Sheikh shabuddin, Sheikh makdhum. They killed her after raping
    Disha sisters case became viral and Government and police got bad name all over India and world . That is why police took action
    I am happy that your sister killer's got encountered.

    But like you so many families have daughters and they got raped and killed by some rich people and influential people. That is why those criminals were not encountered.
    If our police gave same punishment to every rapist . Then it would have been great.

    Our police killed lilliputs but not monsters.

    I salute police for at least killing rascals involved in Disha sister case.

    But I am not proud of them. I will be proud of Telangana police when they kill all rapists in the same way.
    In old city I heard that some people don't pay electricity bills. I wish police take action on them.
    Owaisi made fun of Bathukamma. Did Telangana police took action on him

    Owaisi beaten Congress leaders on street did police took action on him

    Owaisi warned ex DGP of police that come to old city without uniform then let's see who is man.
    What action Telangana police took on owaisi

    Owaisi support terrorists again and again and fight for them. What Telangana police did

  • Sudip Chakarborty

    Indian such a country in this world now who not able to deliver justice to the victim of rape and theirs family ...and other crime also ..... in india poor people don't get justice ... justice is very very costly in india its beyond poor people's hand ...

  • Sudip Chakarborty

    india eak eaisa ghatiya desh ha jis desh me rapist terrorist ka v human rights ki bahane me protection diya jata ha ....aur political parties politics karte ha ....

  • Sraddha Pradhan
    Sraddha Pradhan Hónapja +1

    It's not the matter of discussion, it's the time of celebration.

  • x isaka
    x isaka Hónapja +2

    i can surely say that the cop was trigger happy guy. he should be stripped off duty who failed to secure those prisoners

  • Bhargab Gautom
    Bhargab Gautom Hónapja

    Bahuguna joshi is dumb

    MAD TITAN Hónapja


  • Ten Don
    Ten Don Hónapja

    India news should be in Hindi language

  • Silence Budha
    Silence Budha Hónapja +1

    Dr. Nobel Kcr is an Indian icon

  • Nitin Mhaisdhune
    Nitin Mhaisdhune Hónapja

    Now I thik that bharat badal raha hai.

  • hello99931
    hello99931 Hónapja

    Police didn't do their duty, when victim call police 100, there is public anger against kcr govt for police failure, police encounter accused under the direction of kcr to cover up their failures, KCR is failure govt, it is fact

    NEERAJ KUMAR Hónapja

    Kuchh log aur bhi bache un logo par kuchh patrakarita kijiye