• Közzététel: 2019.okt. 4.
    Directed by Dave Meyers and Travis Scott
    Produced by Nathan Scherrer, Randy Donaldson, Sam Lecca
    Production company: Freenjoy
    Travis Scott online:
    (c) 2019 Epic Records/Sony. With Cactus Jack.
  • ZeneZene

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  • Dereon Turner
    Dereon Turner 13 órája

    Travis channeled his inner carti at the end there 😂 still cold

  • Major Peg
    Major Peg 13 órája +1

    0:22 "Why nobody mentioning how he looks like an Enderman??"
    Me - 2019

  • Berşan Çevik
    Berşan Çevik 13 órája

    hayatımda gördüğüm en aptalca klip

  • Mohamad Chkif
    Mohamad Chkif 13 órája

    Im the baby in the room

    -Stormi 2019

  • Fazi
    Fazi 14 órája

    CyberPunk 2077 POTWIERDZONY

    LIL ΜΠΑΦΟΜΕΤ 14 órája +1

    lets listen mr auto tune

  • SHEMKA PhilThai
    SHEMKA PhilThai 14 órája

    Nice song I love it ❤️👍

  • Dropper Gaming
    Dropper Gaming 14 órája

    “I’m the loneliest in the room”
    - Travis Scott, 2019

  • Lucas Glück
    Lucas Glück 14 órája

    2:19 Sounds like Digital Breakthrough🙃

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly 14 órája


  • Kevaughn Dawkins
    Kevaughn Dawkins 14 órájaó.html real Travis fans go give this video a dislike. He said it’s weird the song is at #1

  • vasu goyal
    vasu goyal 14 órája +1

    Who liked the last part

  • Mxsogii
    Mxsogii 14 órája +1

    "I'm the highest in the room"
    - Ceiling fan 2019

  • Emir Gael
    Emir Gael 14 órája


  • Spring Films
    Spring Films 14 órája

    "I'm the snitchiest in the room"

  • wanderson pierre
    wanderson pierre 14 órája


  • Mr. Dibs
    Mr. Dibs 14 órája

    when you get the top score in a quiz be like

  • LJ Marzula
    LJ Marzula 14 órája

    I keep telling my son he needs to clean his room...
    -- DAD-- 2k19

  • Harun Beytur
    Harun Beytur 14 órája

    Was ein Fetter Beat!
    Keine Deutschen hier ?👆

  • sarita love
    sarita love 14 órája +1

    No me gusta de la boca

  • lilsock
    lilsock 14 órája

    " I'm the highest in the world "

    -MT Everest 2019

  • lilsock
    lilsock 14 órája

    " I'm the highest in the world "

    -MT Everest 2019

  • lilsock
    lilsock 14 órája

    " I'm the highest in the world "

    -MT Everest 2019

  • Savage ?King
    Savage ?King 14 órája

    44 m in a week... SHEEESH

  • Maristela Andrade
    Maristela Andrade 14 órája


  • Maristela Andrade
    Maristela Andrade 14 órája

    muito boa a musica talento incrivel esse do travis scott

  • Bambi
    Bambi 14 órája +2

    Producer: what should we ad to the video?
    Travis: Well i wanna flex on my grills.
    Producer: Done.

  • Rareş Minuț
    Rareş Minuț 14 órája

    1:15 is just me or she looks like Kyle..?

  • Flow FetZ
    Flow FetZ 14 órája

    Im the Highest In the room :

  • Lynnsey Reiners
    Lynnsey Reiners 14 órája

    Jetzt ist Mero geschischte😢😒🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Ambivalent
    Ambivalent 14 órája

    *Exam is taking place*
    Me: I'm the dumbest in the room

  • Ayercious
    Ayercious 14 órája

    Kim Kadarshian: Travis Scott has the best videos of all time
    Kanye West: 🖕

  • vro
    vro 14 órája

    is the 17 in the Elevator a Reference for X?

  • RadovanZunja69
    RadovanZunja69 14 órája

    end of the song is so fucking spectacular i got shivers

  • Kevin RQ17
    Kevin RQ17 14 órájaó.html

  • Tha Blackwolf
    Tha Blackwolf 14 órája

    from 2:30 i thought there'll be a second part of a song startin but.......

  • Руслан Гулин


  • WWE Ohi
    WWE Ohi 14 órája

    Vedio download link please

  • Boy Flash
    Boy Flash 14 órája

    Panie travisie moge dostać 6-stki?

  • Spikes Spikes
    Spikes Spikes 15 órája +1


  • Something Unknown
    Something Unknown 15 órája

    "I stole dat shit from Nintendo's room"
    -Soulja Boy 2018

  • Officially Usenley Luck

    11k subscribe to me

  • Tracy Knowles
    Tracy Knowles 15 órája

    hmmm bae rock music 🎶 love dance ice cream wittt. traces... call me cinnamon humble myself. hottt like games play turn up wooo

  • We Ghosts
    We Ghosts 15 órája

    Travis Scott: Sir i wasn't smoking weed i swear

    6ix9ine: Yes you were

  • Gurkkaan
    Gurkkaan 15 órája

    I still dont get how people listen to Travis. All I hear is auto tune

  • Bardito Gomes
    Bardito Gomes 15 órája

    Fuckin trash

  • Jim Lim
    Jim Lim 15 órája

    His best single🔥🙏🌵

  • Dipro Prattoy
    Dipro Prattoy 15 órája


  • Something Unknown
    Something Unknown 15 órája

    "I'm ur daddy, Stormi"
    -Tyga 2019

  • arti rotti 123
    arti rotti 123 15 órája +1

    Italiani porco dio

  • Golden Movies
    Golden Movies 15 órája +1

    Demonic ass nigga you can’t fool me bro you the beast gives you ideas but that’s cute you’re a lost soul you doesn’t know self love😉see you in the after life if god Jesus allows me to meet you just good luck surviving the pain I will inflate on you🙂🙏

  • Shadow Raven Gaming
    Shadow Raven Gaming 15 órája

    I dont listen to this guys music but this slaps

  • arreug 30
    arreug 30 15 órája


  • Something Unknown
    Something Unknown 15 órája

    "I'm the highest in the room"
    -A 2 metre tall dude from your class, 2019

  • Golden Movies
    Golden Movies 15 órája

    Satanic fucker get your demon ass serving out of this planet gay ass nigga you think we’re stupid but I ain’t you can’t fool the audience with these symbols to get them closer to Satan you fucker we know the beast is giving ideas to your head and making the song sound good so more people sell their souls you fucker end ur life now in the name of JESUS! Oh father JESUS FREE THIS LOST SOUL!777 777 777

  • lI-пσт_ ɢαмεя-Il

    listening 1. time: nah, not for me
    listening 2. time: Its ok but still not for me
    listening 3. time: HIGHEST IN THE ROOM

  • Chickennugnugnugget Nnnn

    All the editing in his videos will make you the highest in the room

  • Brandon Sucks at Life
    Brandon Sucks at Life 15 órája +1

    "I'm the tiniest in the room"
    -my dick 2019

  • atometons alberto
    atometons alberto 15 órája

    Cho bway you gat cloud media because of khardasian wish I could be you g.keep it up