World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

  • Közzététel: 2019.nov. 1.
  • The veil between life and death is no more. Discover what lies beyond the world you know in the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga--Shadowlands: Coming 2020. Learn more at
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  • NightFoxx99
    NightFoxx99 21 órája

    Man Slyvanas has been in the last three cinematics. I haven't played since Cata, is she the only major Horde character left or something?

  • Omni Mino
    Omni Mino Napja

    Only reason the fight is lost because that Hammer is not Frostmoune

  • chris soto
    chris soto Napja

    Alright spiky boi skeley boi hand over the hammer and I might use lube when I give to you from the back!!! Also I’m taking that hole in the sky not sure how but bam logic it’ll look great on my desk!!!

  • David Medina
    David Medina Napja

    I hate her someone just out her down already

  • Eiji Shinjo
    Eiji Shinjo Napja +1

    WoW players: "Why won't you die already Sylvanas"
    Sylvanas: "Nanomachines Son"

  • Fuartianer
    Fuartianer Napja +1

    would be lovly if she is right - maybe she knows that all of them are living in a game.

    • seeriu ciihy
      seeriu ciihy Napja

      lore in order to appeal to a woke audience who just dont play wow anyway. What a shame

  • vasily 9850
    vasily 9850 Napja

    why there is no 4k??

  • The Mastema
    The Mastema Napja

    It took one hunter to do ICC and took no damage... man we suck...

  • Ian Detert
    Ian Detert Napja

    My boy arthas never would have gone out like that

  • AzRaeL
    AzRaeL Napja

    Freedoms overrated

  • Charlie
    Charlie Napja


  • Gebrael93
    Gebrael93 Napja +1

    Where the flat earthers at?

  • Milan 1994
    Milan 1994 Napja


  • 光Zest
    光Zest Napja

    Wow so edgy just go to space

  • Zhangeldy
    Zhangeldy Napja

    Sung Jin-Woo approves

  • Aaron Carlsback

    A Sylvanas lvl 120 can easily boost the Ice Crown and Lich King lvl 80

  • Munteanu Alexandru


  • Agingger Gown

    I just kinda hope she would be forgotten like garrosh and pretend like the last 2 expansion sylvanas doesn't exist

  • Andre Williams

    You guys stole this whole story line from Bleach manga/anime lol.

  • Arthur Daffos

    Ok what does that trailer says about blizzard. A bunch of corporate twats that hire retarded writers only concerned about their agenda and who are not afraid to tear down years of lore in order to appeal to a woke audience who just dont play wow anyway. What a shame

  • Tima_play
    Tima_play Napja

    Loxtar silvana mykty go

  • DutchClawz
    DutchClawz Napja

    My boy, look at what they did to my boy

  • PumpkinGamer7
    PumpkinGamer7 Napja +1

    Wait did she just freaking kill nerzhul/lich king
    I want arthas back lmao and now I sooo hate sylvanus now.

  • Gio Saldua
    Gio Saldua Napja

    So weak

  • jannia proudmore

    No King rules forever. But queens do! #metoo #girlpower #feminism #marysue

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt Napja

      Me: Wrath of the Lich Queen. Called it. Also Me: Whoa, didn't see that coming!

  • Max Wagor
    Max Wagor Napja

    i don't really keep up with WoW anymore but does this dude have anything to do with the Lich King? Just looks a lot like him IMO

    • Eduardo N
      Eduardo N Napja

      He is Bolvar, the new Lich King. He took the helmet after Arthas died.

  • Immortal player
    Immortal player Napja +1

    Imagine sylvaness bringing arthas back to life and marry him !! That is the most unlikely thing in wow and the most interesting one

  • Immortal player
    Immortal player Napja +1

    I dearly hope the forsaken bring arthas back to life as he was the most powerful foe - the only one who killed all of the champions - we have ever faced I love him

  • Chambel Patras

    It should have ended at 2:47

  • Midlight Chan

    the lich king broke the level 80 fight :( cuz he died

  • R I
    R I Napja

    how about our world?

  • Prophet
    Prophet 2 napja

    I've always disliked this Sylvanas since what she did to my beloved worgens! I will never forget what you did, you filthy nasty smelly snake!

  • Joshua Mohlman
    Joshua Mohlman 2 napja

    Can’t Blizzard just make an animated movie already?

  • Jake Barisano
    Jake Barisano 2 napja

    Beautiful trailer. Horrible context. This just cements that Blizz needs creative help asap.

  • emre D.
    emre D. 2 napja

    Bolvar: let me switch my spec
    Sylvanas: ok

  • Batuhan çlbi
    Batuhan çlbi 2 napja

    Do the dead have souls?

  • Carlos Vargas
    Carlos Vargas 2 napja

    This is stupid

  • john cedeno
    john cedeno 2 napja

    only question is when in 2020 is this coming out.

  • bphreezy
    bphreezy 2 napja

    Me: Wrath of the Lich Queen. Called it.
    Also Me: Whoa, didn't see that coming!

  • They WantsFree
    They WantsFree 2 napja

    Why so much Dislikes ?!

    • PumpkinGamer7
      PumpkinGamer7 Napja

      Ehhh bcz she literally b*itched and killed the lich king

    • kalych
      kalych 2 napja

      Because of lore, ppl believed that Lich King is very strong creature and many of them didnt like that Sylvanas 1v1 ed him.

    • Eduardo N
      Eduardo N 2 napja +1

      Because of Sylvanas

  • Sam Bro
    Sam Bro 2 napja

    The lich king has returned 😁

    • roouit patan
      roouit patan 2 napja

      I don't even play WoW and I still know this is cringy.

  • Charlie murphy
    Charlie murphy 2 napja

    It sucks they don’t put it on PlayStation or Xbox.

    • Charlie murphy
      Charlie murphy 2 napja

      I mean they have console games for pc or y’all can just convert it ya know. Us gamers should unite and make games available for all platforms and cross platform online gaming. #UniteWorldGamers

    • Stoned Homer
      Stoned Homer 2 napja

      Someday you just have to have hope.

  • DeyDey LeCochon
    DeyDey LeCochon 2 napja

    So much dislike ?!

    • Eduardo N
      Eduardo N 2 napja

      Because of Sylvanas

    • DeyDey LeCochon
      DeyDey LeCochon 2 napja

      @Stoned Homer Really?! Hilarious.

    • Stoned Homer
      Stoned Homer 2 napja

      Because there was no new class announced, people are fickle creatures.

  • Lauge
    Lauge 2 napja

    All you had to do was to make her put on that crown :((

    • roouit patan
      roouit patan 2 napja

      Ok if she can do that than i want my murloc power ranger

  • Con10Rad
    Con10Rad 2 napja

    Need to make a movie

  • carl borneke
    carl borneke 2 napja

    I wonder if this fight was easy because Frostmourn was destroyed. Didn’t it contain most of the Litch kings power?

  • zootyco0n456
    zootyco0n456 2 napja

    What is the name of background music?

  • Anna Emslie
    Anna Emslie 2 napja

    Am I the only one who at 4:13 thinks Sylvanas looks like Avril Lavigne? I'm here for it *digs out old music playlist*

  • TTD Thatsme
    TTD Thatsme 2 napja

    They should just get it over with and put a bit S on Sylvanas' chest. This is like watching Fonzie jump the shark.

  • brightburn s
    brightburn s 2 napja


  • Subarashii Onions

    Bolvar: "This power is a prison"
    Sylvanas: "This world is a prison"
    The Smashing Pumkins: "The world is a Vampiiiiire"

  • Wilsonguan
    Wilsonguan 2 napja

    So...... what's with the 35k dislikes? Is the cinematic not good?

    • Gökhan K
      Gökhan K 2 napja

      @Wilsonguan Yea, our cool Lich King got beaten without being able to land a hit, not even one. That is why

    • Wilsonguan
      Wilsonguan 2 napja

      @Gökhan K Oh so that's the reason.

    • Gökhan K
      Gökhan K 2 napja

      Dislikes for Mary Sue, I like everything about cinematic, even bluish purple magic my favourite colour but I hate Sylvanas, they made her look too powerful with an asspull story excuse.

    • Eduardo N
      Eduardo N 2 napja

      Sylvanas is selfish, arrogant, annoying, edgy and hated by many. And Blizzard is trying to make her the most powerful character and most dangerous threat in the game. She even defeated the Lich King, a god like being, without taking a single hit. That's why this cinematic has so many dislikes.

  • Jen Yuen
    Jen Yuen 2 napja

    Notice: Blizzard has quite turned SJW...
    Lilith, Sylvanas, Kerrigan...
    Empowering women theme.
    While I i have nothing against that, seems making men appear beta isn't quite a right feeling...
    Probably a good marketing ploy for attracting you guys to play.

    • Jake Ply
      Jake Ply 2 napja

      She doesn't give a stuff about women empowerment. She actually wants revenge. Ironically it simultaneously empowers women even though it wasn't her intention.

    • Jake Ply
      Jake Ply 2 napja

      Not really. So youre saying sylvannas cant get payback without being sjw? It was never about empowering women. It was always about revenge for sylvannas.

  • Novineux
    Novineux 2 napja

    excited af .com

  • Miki Lekić
    Miki Lekić 2 napja

    Ok if she can do that than i want my murloc power ranger

  • 123 456
    123 456 2 napja

    I don't even play WoW and I still know this is cringy.

  • Waylon Jones
    Waylon Jones 2 napja +1

    It’s not Arthas though

    • Jake Ply
      Jake Ply 2 napja

      She could only assume he is dead from the news but she could have delighted herself into imagining it was arthas

    • Jake Ply
      Jake Ply 2 napja

      1. She didnt know bolvar was the new lk
      2. With that helm in the way she couldn't really tell

  • A M
    A M 2 napja +1

    The Lich King is trapped in the Sword not the Helm. Arthas destroyed the Human Empire with just the sword.
    Where that Sword AT?

  • BonafideTrolldier

    Bolvar: god dammit just when things were about to get spicy on my end
    Vol’Jin: First time?

    • BonafideTrolldier
      BonafideTrolldier 2 napja

      vinasu maaj well yes, sort of? Arthas kind of made her but she also kind of hated his guts.

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj 2 napja

      Sylvanas thats the name of the elf, I struggled so hard to remember it. She was one of Arthas's companions wasn't she?

  • Marquise Turnbull

    We spent an entire expansion hyping up the power of the Lich King.....just to have the less interesting Mary Sue version of Sylvannas continuing to Bulldoze through people.