Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)


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  • Ben Chabane
    Ben Chabane 5 órája

    After the end of Season 8...great if you make à présérie film about the mad king killing or veceres life..or dont s à too Big World série to end up juste gone in one Season.

  • Hani Girl
    Hani Girl 5 órája

    I'm still shook at what happened to Hodor

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm 6 órája

    April is coming 🔥🔥

  • Boney John
    Boney John 6 órája

    The best thing about game of thrones is that it never will have a happy ending🥶

  • MetroVerse
    MetroVerse 6 órája

    The biggest mystery of this show has yet to be revealed, and it MUST be revealed this season...


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  • Where Are u
    Where Are u 6 órája


  • Just jayjd
    Just jayjd 7 órája

    they need to come out with a second trailer just like last season

  • Jared Marshall
    Jared Marshall 7 órája

    Who else hopes the White Walkers win and the "song of ice and fire" is told from their perspective? It's the only final twist that I think could happen that would outdo the red wedding.

  • Raman jeet
    Raman jeet 7 órája

    Where is Bryan??

  • TemptedDarth
    TemptedDarth 8 órája

    Why do i always get an urge to watch this trailer over and over

  • TemptedDarth
    TemptedDarth 8 órája

    No im not obsessed with this show. What do you mean

  • Anonymous Poster
    Anonymous Poster 8 órája +1

    Holy crap... in the first scene, something or someone has been “blacked out” chasing Arya!!!!!!!!!!

  • spasjt
    spasjt 9 órája


  • Lady Aie
    Lady Aie 9 órája

    I've watch starting form season 7, from season 1-6 I only watch highlighted clip in youtube, but since HBO is showing all the last season, I start watching it and so far I love Tyrion, Jamie and Margaery characters...

  • Jon Haderle
    Jon Haderle 9 órája

    Fuckin chilllllllllssss

  • ahsan ullah
    ahsan ullah 9 órája

    Finally, waiting are gonna be end.

  • Carlo Dizon
    Carlo Dizon 9 órája

    The end is coming!!

  • A B
    A B 10 órája

    I believe the story goes the night kings eyes have the 7 pointed star because they are servents to the gods and come in time of change from bad to good and dany and Jon are like Jesus and will die for the sins of ppl like cersie they cannot live when as close to pure as ppl come in the 7 kingdoms

  • kmater356
    kmater356 10 órája

    5 more seasons to go for me...

  • I know I’m wrong when I say this but

    Surprised there wasn’t anything of ghost or the white walker dragon

  • Shavon Amareen
    Shavon Amareen 10 órája

    CAN'T WAIT 😁😁😁

  • vishal Mishra
    vishal Mishra 10 órája

    Y r u so dark. Are u sure u r not form DCEU? 😂😂

    • vishal Mishra
      vishal Mishra 9 órája

      +Pussy Cat yes mate. I am huge DC fan. Rooting for them since beginning. Hope the new thing works better.

    • Pussy Cat
      Pussy Cat 9 órája

      the dceu is bright now

  • Balmubbalmubbalmub
    Balmubbalmubbalmub 10 órája

    Anyone can explain what the title theme song is?

  • David R
    David R 11 órája

    I got an HBO account in February and just finished season 7. Why didn't I watch this show earlier?!?

  • Nefer111
    Nefer111 11 órája

    24 dodos avant le jour G !!!!!

  • Samantha Madril
    Samantha Madril 11 órája

    I’m so FUKING excited!!!

  • 뻐러빈 더깔Prabin dhakal

    Heartily ❤️waiting GOT more than end game

  • Mohammed 11
    Mohammed 11 11 órája

    No other show can relate😏😂🥰😍

  • viendo la vida pazar pachakita

    nose qe hare despues que termine esta serie

  • nielly vies
    nielly vies 12 órája

    Some people oyee

  • Tonia Husbands
    Tonia Husbands 12 órája

    Can't wait!!!

  • hammam khlaf
    hammam khlaf 12 órája

    Will we watch Nymeria Aria Wolf !؟!؟!؟

  • Ben BEST
    Ben BEST 12 órája

    Did you see in the last few frames, 3 dragons breathing fire? You can just see 3 dragons, all together again.
    They must have rescued the dragon the ice king speared.

    • Al Rocky
      Al Rocky 10 órája

      What minute and second mark?

  • Márton Tomka
    Márton Tomka 13 órája

    Theon is missing from the trailer, looks like something big will go down with him. He wants to save Yara, he will go after Euron and see the Golden Company! So he will be the first to know Cersei betrayed her promise!

  • MMA For_Life
    MMA For_Life 13 órája

    Rip... thought my monitor was on ECO (dark) mode, it was on Graphics (bright) mode all along...

  • Malwina Kowalska
    Malwina Kowalska 13 órája


  • Reign
    Reign 14 órája

  • Michael Sorbello: Horror Stories


  • Bang Twice
    Bang Twice 14 órája

    I know about game of thrones ofc, everyone has heard of it. But i havent watched it tho, i watch everything so u dont have to ask me what kind of series i watch, but is it good tho? Half of my friends dont like this but idk, someone who is a big fan can tell me? Just tell me is it worth it to waste my time on 8 seasons?😂

  • sarah jayne lee
    sarah jayne lee 14 órája


  • رائد رودي
    رائد رودي 14 órája

    شكد بقى🇮🇶❤️ويبدي

  • Low Roar
    Low Roar 15 órája

    the dragons look smaller than last season...

  • john clasher
    john clasher 15 órája

    The much awaited

  • brenda reber
    brenda reber 15 órája

    Please don't kill arya.

  • Elliot Colin
    Elliot Colin 15 órája

    Lmao what if it sucks


    I watch the trailer,it ends!?then immeditely repeat it again!!😂😂🤣🤣😆

  • Anônimo zueiro
    Anônimo zueiro 16 órája

    Não aguento mais esperaaaarr !!!

  • Anna Vajda
    Anna Vajda 16 órája

    Haven't watched it in years must be several seasons behind now.

  • Faiz Ibrahim
    Faiz Ibrahim 16 órája

    i can't wait to see

  • سيد شيطان
    سيد شيطان 16 órája

    عراقي وكذا 😗😉

  • Rilash Ilashna
    Rilash Ilashna 16 órája

    0:53 Is that a female white walker?

    • Al Rocky
      Al Rocky 10 órája +1

      Same two people @ 0:54

  • Clorox Meme
    Clorox Meme 16 órája


  • Spider - Man
    Spider - Man 17 órája

    Some people can wait for game of thrones...

    But not us.

  • sajad metlo
    sajad metlo 17 órája

    No other series could ever replace it.

  • dre newton
    dre newton 17 órája

    Cnt stop imaginx hw dis. Series gona end. Cnt sleep. GOT leave my headdd plsss

    • MAJED
      MAJED 16 órája

      Its so close 😭 i am so sad it will end

  • Ray C
    Ray C 17 órája

    It looks like Cersei will smirk her way through another season.

  • Morten Abel
    Morten Abel 19 órája

    Excited to see Podrik in action! And no, I'm not talking about the battle against the white walkers!

    • Morten Abel
      Morten Abel 16 órája

      +MAJED I fear the bittersweet ending george R. R. Martin is talking about is that the good wins, but we shall never know what happened to those girls

    • MAJED
      MAJED 16 órája +1

      We have to know what he did to those girls 😂

  • Tomáš Váňa
    Tomáš Váňa 19 órája

    That 20k dislikes have to be 20k brainless people :)

  • Morten Abel
    Morten Abel 19 órája

    The fact that less than 1% of todays population gets to experience this saddens me deeply

  • Levent Ay
    Levent Ay 19 órája

    This is the end, end of all sorrows. White walkers be free as before as forest childs and the starks will be kingdom forever. And Jon save all sides. :) and this end will not satisfy anybody. The reality is always routine and boring.

  • Hamza Baitich
    Hamza Baitich 19 órája

    It's finally over, luckily

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  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 19 órája

    Is this based on True Story??

  • Ian Rhodes
    Ian Rhodes 20 órája

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  • Ahrold
    Ahrold 20 órája

    1:23 are those wolves? Or im hoping

  • Anne - Luise Breitenbach

    Kommt am 14 April jetzt nur jede einzelne Folge raus oder die komplette Staffel auf DVD?

  • Raziel is Love - Raziel is Life

    1:03 Jaime is screaming "Bronn".

  • Chris M
    Chris M 20 órája +1

    Spoiler.... Ayra wins the game of thrones. Night king is killed after huge battle. Cersei attacks after its over thinking she can bury whoever survived the battle. Mountain kills Jon snow, All ends with Ayra stabbing Cersei to death.

  • Rishi Rusia
    Rishi Rusia 21 órája

    Winter is trying to cum from the last 7 seasons...

  • _Blazz_
    _Blazz_ 21 órája


  • Rishi Rusia
    Rishi Rusia 21 órája

    Winter finally came

  • _Blazz_
    _Blazz_ 21 órája

    русские есть?

  • Omar Tilata
    Omar Tilata 21 órája

    Just by watching this trailer I think I’ll start watching the show coz this is 🔥

  • Riya Tyagi
    Riya Tyagi 21 órája

    I just finished watching GOT and I am glad I did watch it before final season.
    I am really happy seeing that tormund is alive.

  • omar 1234
    omar 1234 21 órája

    Aaaand I'm hyped again after that shitty season 7

  • Sydney Sparks
    Sydney Sparks 21 órája


  • Roots & Weeds
    Roots & Weeds 22 órája

    Wouldnt that be crazy if when brand says " Everything you did brought you where you are now... Home" he is talking to the Night King. Stark!!!!!!

  • Peachesxo
    Peachesxo 22 órája

    I’m so excited 😆 if only this was real 😂

  • Camile Lamarc
    Camile Lamarc 23 órája

    Esperando ansiosamente...

  • Chaika Gaz
    Chaika Gaz Napja

    Hoping to see more of those brother fucks sister incest scenes they usually show

  • Alvaro De Grandes

    "Death will come to all" - Sauron to Azog

  • josef blake
    josef blake Napja

    niggas is fighting
    cersei is sippn'

  • Kuba Cudzik
    Kuba Cudzik Napja

    Be a true fan and get GOT tattoo

  • Andrej Nikolov
    Andrej Nikolov Napja +1

    Plot twist: The writers don't know how it ends and are counting on fan theories to write the ending.

  • Andrej Nikolov
    Andrej Nikolov Napja +1

    Imagine GameOfThrones ending with everyone dying and George RR Martin sitting on the iron throne.

  • Kay Samuel
    Kay Samuel Napja

    Click and create an account.... It works😊😊.

  • Merve Kocyigit

    Watching the trailer over and over again gives me joy but also sadness cuz its the last trailer we'll be excited about...

  • Masaki kiyoshi


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    Ubaid Sheikh Napja

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  • j yz
    j yz Napja

    Are they releasing it in theathers? Please let me know

  • James Abamonga

    Fast forward April. Can’t fvckin wait.

  • Joyce Teres
    Joyce Teres Napja

    Winter is here...

  • cbgls
    cbgls Napja

    April = Game of Thrones and Avengers Endgame. Damn I feel like little fat kid in the candyshop :D

  • Legendary-Hama
    Legendary-Hama Napja +1

    It better be 13 episodes JS...

  • Tricia Tricia

    i can't wait!!!!

  • Miriam Lai
    Miriam Lai Napja

    So excited for the 14th and yet so sad that it will be the end of a phenomenal TV era that has brought so many people together.

  • Neogenesys Gaming

    Do you guys think episode 3 will be the only epic battle episode? I dont really know. Cause with only 6 episodes this season would it even be possible to include more epic battles? On the other side i dont think its possible to settle everything with only one Battle!