Lawrence: ‘Never Seen Anything Like’ Pelosi Firing Back At Reporter | The Last Word | MSNBC

  • Közzététel: 2019.dec. 6.
  • Nancy Pelosi took down a reporter who asked whether she 'hated' the president, telling the reporter not to mess with her. Lawrence O’Donnell says that the most powerful elected woman in the history of American government once again did something that only she could do with that powerful response. Aired on 12/5/19.
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    Lawrence: ‘Never Seen Anything Like’ Pelosi Firing Back At Reporter | The Last Word | MSNBC

Megjegyzés • 2 771

  • prometheus5700
    prometheus5700 2 napja

    Larry put your woody away

  • D Kahn
    D Kahn 22 napja

    She lost it because she is stuck in a corner with no real options to get out of failure, they are feeding you public relations so that you see her in a special light, but she is the one that kept fighting against impeachment because she knew it was a dog that would die from all the fleas.... she was pressured into a losing game, and fell for it.

  • D Kahn
    D Kahn 22 napja

    If you think Pelosi is any of that stuff then you have very low standards in life.... you are being controlled.

  • D Kahn
    D Kahn 22 napja

    Pelosi, the proud Catholic that is for abortion.

  • D Kahn
    D Kahn 22 napja

    This is a comedy show, right?


  • D Kahn
    D Kahn 22 napja

    This kind of propaganda screams weakness..... how old are you people?

  • Emma Litchfield
    Emma Litchfield 27 napja

    God Bless Nancy Pelosi...she is in the right time and place...set there by the Lord

  • Waldo Hill
    Waldo Hill Hónapja +1

    do people really Buy this BS?

  • christian gonzalez
    christian gonzalez Hónapja +1

    Pelosi failed San Francisco and trying to fail the U.S.

  • pepe luvsyou
    pepe luvsyou Hónapja

    I can't wait til he is impeached and the right wing just kills the left in a civil war, i will crack open beers and watch because its coming.

  • Jesus Sanchez
    Jesus Sanchez Hónapja


  • laj043
    laj043 Hónapja

    Pelosi; "I was raised catholic and I don't hate anybody."
    (If I was there) Me; "You were raised catholic and yet you support aborting full term babies? Does your membership as a catholic allow you to cherry pick the bible for what you will support, or do you only support what benefits you politically?"

  • Wanda Woman
    Wanda Woman Hónapja

    The stunned silence was because of her bizarre over reaction to a somewhat impertinent question.
    I’m Catholic and I used to hate Trump, I have grown to just disliking him now....But I know plenty of Catholics who still hate him.

  • RushShooting 67913

    This woman is a phsyco. THIS IS ABOUT MY AGENDA.

  • khemaiess Ghorraf

    Well done we have enough off Mafia in America than we have president be.come the head of the Mafia asked your self why all about money and couraption

  • ClAyton Prose
    ClAyton Prose Hónapja

    Yeah one of the greatest things she has done was build a wall around her house 👀👀

  • LTV The Locker Room

    Who care....she hates the president and i am not afraid to say it

  • Johny Blitz
    Johny Blitz Hónapja

    Is this a joke. That shaking moron? Hahahah. As a catholic. As a hypocrite you mean.

  • Cynthia Lynn
    Cynthia Lynn Hónapja

    Pathetic Pelosi!

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith Hónapja

    what a wicked witch she is Hate like no other. do no judge Catholic's by her please. i would have been stone silent also.

  • d d
    d d Hónapja

    Lebron James was right. Trump is a bum. A welcher.
    A low down dirty egg sucking dog.

  • TheDrumChannel
    TheDrumChannel Hónapja

    Now taking size measurements for Nancy’s head for a trump hat when he wins next year.

  • Skard Erricson
    Skard Erricson Hónapja

    Shes psycho.

  • relaxado
    relaxado Hónapja

    Of course she hates trump, trying to impeach for any reason. The dumocrats can't get over loosing the election

  • Mrs Wineglass
    Mrs Wineglass Hónapja

    That would be a great Christmas present. An impeached president

  • Charley Vox
    Charley Vox Hónapja

    How does this man stay on the air. He reports then apologizes. Lawrence O’Donnell has had to apologize numerous times for slurring people and MSNBC keeps him. But Lawrence O’Donnell is a sensationalist and should work at The Star or Enquirer.

  • Craig Ludlow
    Craig Ludlow Hónapja

    No God this is theater except it's crappy theaters not even good theater I can't even listen to this whole thing what a f****** farce.

  • Craig Ludlow
    Craig Ludlow Hónapja

    Most people weren't done except for maybe by how embarrassed they were for her. What a crock if I was that reporter I would have let her have it after that. I would have started asking even more questions about Paul Pelosi and his corrupt dealings with Ukraine and China. You on the left all of you are so screwed. And when you're crying I'm going to laugh in your face.

  • Craig Ludlow
    Craig Ludlow Hónapja

    Omg. Let me tell you nancy. We are going to mess with you. As much as possible. Lets start with your son is like hunter biden. Collecting money from ukraine? Corruptly? And this story im listening too. You're wrong about everything man every single thing you said is either wrong or a lie.

  • Beau Biker
    Beau Biker Hónapja +1

    TRUMP ISN'T GOING TO BE IMPEACHED! No matter what these fools at MSNBC tells you . WHY???? BECAUSE YOU SIMPLE MINDED LIBERALS It would have to go threw the Senate and to be voted on . It would take 20 Republican voters to vote to impeach! NOT going to happen!!
    So this scam impeachment not only will end it will cause the Democrats to lose the house and Trump will be reelected. Bank on it. Or end up Butthurt like this loser O'Donnell !!!

  • Lord Trump
    Lord Trump Hónapja

    I'm scared and shaking

  • Angie Lindsey
    Angie Lindsey Hónapja

    I hope that god in Haven , will move Pelosi from the face of this Earth.

  • Brian Malone
    Brian Malone Hónapja

    Nancy Pelosi is not a good Catholic but a great Catholic. She would rather die that let any unborn child be murdered. She is a champion of anti- abortion. This was instilled in her since she was a little girl. She has never lied in her life. She never wanted to impeach Trump, she loves him. She is deserving of Saint hood.

  • MrZipzombie
    MrZipzombie Hónapja

    I'm praying for the president - Nancy Pelosi

  • KEK Freedom Heritage

    Simple question that turns into a big debate. KEK KEK

  • Carolyn Dennis
    Carolyn Dennis Hónapja


  • Amarinh Kongmanivong

    Catholic that kills babies - she's a loonie.

  • Deano Real*Apostolic*Pentecostal*100%

    She pray's to the devil not to Jesus who is the Lord God Almighty and she prays that he gets destroyed

  • Deano Real*Apostolic*Pentecostal*100%

    She says she's a Catholic she just admitted to being a devil worshiper

  • John Carter
    John Carter Hónapja

    This past 3 yrs. will go down as the most disgraceful period in our American history.Democrats are doing exactly what Hillary Clinton said she hope would not happen,that is the republicans would not accept the results of the Presidential election....pathetic

  • Mary S.
    Mary S. Hónapja

    Moscow Mitch bring the 375 bills for a vote , get up on your laurel , do the work of the people .

  • Lisa Epperson
    Lisa Epperson Hónapja

    You're gonna get egg on your face. People can't stand when they are told the truth. That's why she freaked.

  • Judith Brock
    Judith Brock Hónapja

    🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 how can u listen to this BS, shes senile

  • Nichole Cervin
    Nichole Cervin Hónapja

    Don't ask her about goat head pizza... You might get clintionsided...

  • Kevin Lohse
    Kevin Lohse Hónapja

    So like a good catholic she is against abortion? There’s no hypocrite like a Democrat hypocrite.


    Wowwww lol

  • Maria Canales
    Maria Canales Hónapja

    I am Women Hear Me R O A R

  • Edward Riley
    Edward Riley Hónapja

    Eye fully agrees with the house speaker. "Don't mess with her".!!! Put him in his place. Thanks Nancy Pelosi for a job well done.

  • David Peterson
    David Peterson Hónapja

    If you called a vote to impeach or not the nots would have it by far.

  • Steve W
    Steve W Hónapja +1

    When did MSNBC become CNN?

  • Roy Dinwiddie
    Roy Dinwiddie Hónapja +1

    She didn't do anything remarkable as everyone is trying to make it look like. She got mad and spoke in anger because she was angry for being called out for her hateful behavior.

  • Elite Premium
    Elite Premium Hónapja

    Ms Pelosi... You Go Girl. You Rock !!

  • 13soap13
    13soap13 Hónapja


  • Marcheal Gideon
    Marcheal Gideon Hónapja

    she's a loser

  • afield 2212
    afield 2212 Hónapja

    The house may pass it but it will never pass the Senate. Wasted tax payers money.

  • Joshua Prince
    Joshua Prince Hónapja

    I hate to inform everyone, but there is a treaty between the U.S. and Ukraine to assist each other investigating possible crimes and corruption. Bill Clinton signed it July 22nd 1998 or 1999. So their is no crime it's perfectly legal.

  • james wilburn
    james wilburn Hónapja

    Hillary's and Pelosi's despicable hate class answers to impeachment.

  • Olds 68
    Olds 68 Hónapja

    Polosi will try to take credit for something Trump Accomplished Dont Forget it was President Clinton (democrat) who signed into law “NAFTA “ when he promised during his campaign that he would never sign NAFTA the worst trade agreement ever,. Polosi has already been replaced by the Left Socialist in her party she just doesn’t know it yet!

  • Helen Maria
    Helen Maria Hónapja

    No crime, no witness.... Trump did nothing wrong

  • johnny
    johnny Hónapja

    Your not allowed to say otherwise making your opinions known on national television isnt news its entertainment