Top 5 Singers surprised by fans singing skills (Pt.7)


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    Hey HUcliprs!! The way Pink stared at this girl is just awesome! We think that she nailed it and Pink loved it! Who surprised you the most?
    Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts!! Which one gave you goosebumps?

    • haleigh
      haleigh Napja

      P!nk made me smile.

    • Hassan Ashry
      Hassan Ashry Napja

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    • Makayla Maciel
      Makayla Maciel 2 napja

      None of them ha

    • jaylanator
      jaylanator 2 napja


    • Allan Bran
      Allan Bran 2 napja

      None!!! They're all good but that's it.

  • Rezina Sultana
    Rezina Sultana 10 órája +1

    selena's laugh made me happy...

  • Azeb Tesfzgie
    Azeb Tesfzgie 10 órája

    Wow that is so amazing ❄️😑

  • Bianca
    Bianca 11 órája +1

    3:11 OMG this is from Electric Castle💕

  • Giuliana M
    Giuliana M 11 órája

    How do people sing so good but I can’t

  • Lance Couture
    Lance Couture 11 órája

    wow...they are really some talent that's for sure

  • Jahome kuruzaky
    Jahome kuruzaky 12 órája

    Waooo!!! Cuteeee

  • Cimbiful
    Cimbiful 12 órája

    What is that song that the girl at first is singing?

  • lisa wilson
    lisa wilson 12 órája

    Did Selena say oh fuck? Ahaha

  • Mint Puff
    Mint Puff 13 órája +1

    0:46 ohmygod yall the security guard smiling

  • Andrea Medkova
    Andrea Medkova 13 órája

    3. Name song?

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox 13 órája

    This shows that anyone can be whatever they e

  • Amir Fletcher
    Amir Fletcher 13 órája

    At 5:14 the face you make when you're fans upstage you

  • eMiz 3
    eMiz 3 14 órája

  • Diana Kismetova
    Diana Kismetova 14 órája

    5:04 what the name of song

  • Hello it's me!
    Hello it's me! 14 órája

    Jessie J and the little girl was so cute❤️

  • x SuusTijger
    x SuusTijger 14 órája

    I love Selena❤️

  • Dawn Merlino
    Dawn Merlino 14 órája

    I liked that first girl when she singed

  • Shahzaib khan records

    Wow amazing

  • muhammad nur
    muhammad nur 18 órája +1

    5:23 "F*CK"

  • Daikin Kongphop
    Daikin Kongphop 18 órája

    1:09 Did she said "holy shit!"? Lol😂

  • #KittenSquad! 4eva
    #KittenSquad! 4eva 18 órája

    Beyoncé’s like what’s the next lyric? Oh well they can just sing it for me.

  • Kia Schulte
    Kia Schulte 19 órája

    I literally got the chills on the first one😂

  • Fab Chinchilla Ferret

    Beyonce: *Tries to sing but her audience does it for her* We'll guess they'll sing for me

  • m0nsht3r
    m0nsht3r 20 órája

    The way fans were like

  • Chloe Forkas
    Chloe Forkas 22 órája


  • Tianna Hurdle
    Tianna Hurdle 23 órája

    If I ever had the chance to sing in from of an audience I’d sing “my boy” by Billie eilish 😂

  • Analena Hosack
    Analena Hosack 23 órája

    if i ever really got famous and people would sing to my songs i would also be speechless because i would know how many people apriciate me and love me and i think i kinda need that love and appriciation im 12 an i have lived a terrible life so far its getting better at imes and that is a really good sign i want to be famous because the people i look up to the most are brendon urie selena gomes oliver skyes lindsey stirling and melanie martinez i comment and i know they dont awnser and i am very aware but stil it helps me because i know u all love ur fans and im in tears righting this because its just so hard not feeling the love that anybodey else gets when i walk to my first period with my violin i sing nobodey stops and listens but of course popular kids get noticed but the lame one dosnt i try not to let it bug me but it really does hurt my heart when i dont have anyone really wanting to listen to me because i know im good like the others and somtimes even better but still i cant even imagine havoing people who actually like me

  • Socialmedia480

    Beyoncé looked so confused

  • Maca Xkpop
    Maca Xkpop Napja


  • Andre Marracini


  • Alexis Seidel

    Selena Gomez said fuck like if you saw or if I am crazy

  • Miko Harrison

    I just remembered. I can't sing

  • Miss Laura
    Miss Laura Napja

    How intimidated must that girl have felt singing with pink inches from her and she nailed it absolutely beautiful, queen beys face with the fans, classic

    LENAE Napja

    Selena Gomez is so cute ❤️❤️ I love her

  • Wallison Durval

    PINK is really really lovely, cute, pretty, amazing...she is OUTSTANING

  • Monica Galvao
    Monica Galvao Napja +1

    Beyonce precisa vir pro Brasil aí ela vai se impressionar de verdade ❤👑

  • jose salazar
    jose salazar Napja

    Pink was so surprised. The words " Holy Shit" escaped from her mouth in 1:09

  • VminKookChanyeol YUGYEOMTAEYON

    3:12 she is going to be a popstar

  • Drawing queen
    Drawing queen Napja +1

    Pink was definitely my favorite

  • Paula Jaroszewska

    that selena’s “oh fuck”

  • juliet barrass

    the selena one makes me uwu

  • torir
    torir Napja

    im close with the first girl

  • Ada Moraes
    Ada Moraes Napja

    Pink ❤

  • Anthony Stoyanov

    when it was with Bebe Rexha that looked like the singing boy from Walmart and sounded like him

  • Evička Žáková

    Omg!!! 😂😂😂

  • Sister Oliv
    Sister Oliv Napja


  • Desirea Moore

    I just love Jessie J! Genuinely talented, genuinely humble.

  • Alba Downing
    Alba Downing Napja

    So then what happened to these talented people????

  • Annoyed Again

    They sound so beautiful all together😍

  • Mary Catherine Gallagher

    awwweeeee yeaaaasssss!!!!!!😢

  • Bad Grammar
    Bad Grammar Napja

    Beyonce's face 😂😂😂

  • Nakiya Forever
    Nakiya Forever Napja +1

    I GOT CHILLS 😱❤️

  • xX xX
    xX xX Napja

    How does Selena have the face of a baby

  • Steven Nevers


  • Rka liveevil
    Rka liveevil Napja

    now that's a moment of honor from all those fans ❤ nice!! 😉

  • orenge 0chan
    orenge 0chan Napja

    Lol the last one what like whaaaaa they sang it better than I did and now I don't have to memorize the rest of the lines they will sing it for me

  • orenge 0chan
    orenge 0chan Napja

    Lol biance what like I DON'T EVEN WHANT TO SING NOW THE GOT IT

  • Ich bin und bleibe bis zum Tod für immer 187er

    Bejoncés reaction😂😍

  • Kiara Solano
    Kiara Solano Napja

    Is good really good really really good

  • Chrissy Dallas

    The boy is a real star bc he ys

  • Barkat Husain

    Selenas part was the best

  • Lyanna Cong
    Lyanna Cong Napja

    I will be honest all of these were very missed placed so

  • Snowie 777
    Snowie 777 Napja +4

    That's the yodelling kid

  • Eden Mccrystal
    Eden Mccrystal Napja +1

    I'll never forget that 10yr old girl!!

  • Nicketa Wooten

    My favorite is by far the Jessie J with the little girls it was awesome!!

  • IregendSoEin Mädchen

    Selena is so cute😍

  • Kbena210
    Kbena210 Napja

    Looks like Ellen I’m the thumbnail

  • Georgina Elliexo

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  • StillARockStar

    Selena is so cute!

  • Tiger Lilly
    Tiger Lilly Napja

    They’re all good

  • Наталья Наумова

    Beyonce's face is my everything😂😂😂

  • Dana Bongard
    Dana Bongard Napja +3

    Selena is glad she doesn't have to sing cause she'd be worse than them lol

  • Dana Bongard
    Dana Bongard Napja +2

    Hey guys i sing too please check out my covers 💕🙏

    HATHIK Napja +1


  • S i l l a g e

    Juts when I thought my singing was getting better....

  • Annika Shirkey

    If I were them, when I applied for a job and they asked about special skills I’d just be like, ONE TIME PINK TOLD MEH I SING REAL GOODLY.

  • Sierra Shimmers


  • Great Memes
    Great Memes Napja

    Pure voice

    No auto tune

  • Nga Phạm
    Nga Phạm Napja

    Selana was cried

  • Lanae Arcand
    Lanae Arcand Napja

    When that 12 year old girl sang I literally got chillllls man

  • Dah Child
    Dah Child Napja

    Omg I wanna sing like des pepz XD

  • Helen Avery
    Helen Avery 2 napja

    I was at the Pink concert when the little girl sang to her

  • Kate Sallatic
    Kate Sallatic 2 napja +1

    Have anyone noticed that shout at 0:59 😂

  • Kara Ching
    Kara Ching 2 napja

    Wow these people sing sooooo Goood

  • Kiandra Bond
    Kiandra Bond 2 napja

    For Beyonce and Selena it probably felt so good to hear everyone singing to THEIR song... UGH just imagine being up there in front of thousands of people and all of them know your song word for word

  • Veronica Madrigal correa

    I was in in the beyonce concert

  • Bria Taylor
    Bria Taylor 2 napja

    the only video i've ever clicked where the thumbnail is the actual video

  • BlockLab
    BlockLab 2 napja +1

    Great video!

  • Najma Hamid
    Najma Hamid 2 napja

    The 1st one was so good

  • Jon Powell
    Jon Powell 2 napja

    I fart better than that useless tart Beyoncé sings!

  • Muskaan Bansal
    Muskaan Bansal 2 napja

    Beyonce hands down

  • xXArctic WolfXx
    xXArctic WolfXx 2 napja

    Her voice is beautiful

  • KatieGrace
    KatieGrace 2 napja

    *I love pink omg she’s so cute wth*

  • TheReeShow
    TheReeShow 2 napja

    Pink saw her daughter and every other young girl and woman she's inspired and felt that energy coming back into her. Something not alot of vocalists get to feel. So glad she is appreciated.

  • Angelica Ferrara
    Angelica Ferrara 2 napja +1

    4:25 😍😍😍

  • Albert Victorino

    Why mason ramsey there?

  • Majin Jiren
    Majin Jiren 2 napja

    if i was a singer and one of my fans could sing really good and i was surprised then i would’ve took that fan and gave her/him a career

  • yasmine l
    yasmine l 2 napja

    Pour le 2 sa fais comme le concert de dadju c le public qui chante au lieu de la chanteuse mdr 😂❤

  • Music Cover
    Music Cover 2 napja

    so good