Shannon Sharpe gives Dak Prescott an "F" for his performance last night

  • Közzététel: 2019.dec. 6.
  • Shannon Sharpe gives Dak Prescott an "F" for his performance last night
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  • Jose deJesus
    Jose deJesus 16 napja

    As a long time Cowboys fan, I wasn't big on Romo, but he at least carried the team to wins, despite obstacles. Not so with Dak. He's not a winner and far from deserving of elite QB contract.

  • MrRicm
    MrRicm Hónapja

    Skip always says the same thing. "He had a mid game slump" in every loss. "He came back though"

  • Calvin Broussard
    Calvin Broussard Hónapja

    man Shannon is a extreme hater.. He and Stephen Smith need to have a show together call COWBOY HATER LAND>>>>> I mean really shannon cant give a Dallas Player credit for anything they do.. 224 yds on the 4th qt is not easy.. if it was it would have been done..

  • Vos Landeck
    Vos Landeck Hónapja

    Quit calling him "my" quarterback. Brainless....I mean Bayless...has zero credibility when commenting on the Cowboys, he's a self-proclaimed superfan. He put up yards in the 4th quarter against prevent defense in a game that was over, lol.

  • Noah Gomez
    Noah Gomez Hónapja

    Bro an onside isn’t guaranteed

  • Ben Gutierrez
    Ben Gutierrez Hónapja

    Shows a joke. It’s just a cowboy show and they debate a team that’s horrible so many other topics they can pick

  • Roxy DeJaneiro
    Roxy DeJaneiro Hónapja

    Skip! god damn. Those 3 third down throws on the opening drive were not hard throws. HS and college QBs routinely make those.

  • Michael O'Malley
    Michael O'Malley Hónapja

    In prevent d

  • Me Me
    Me Me Hónapja

    It's not about the money. It's not that he is not capable of winning. At the end of the day who gets credit for the win

  • G Man
    G Man Hónapja


  • Jordan Hamons
    Jordan Hamons Hónapja

    Lebron gets a 50 point triple double
    Skip: d+ he missed a free throw
    Dak gets 15 yard 1td 15int
    Skip: b+ he had a good touchdown pass

  • Beaze Avdic
    Beaze Avdic Hónapja

    I jumped out my chair when skip said c+ for dak

    JAMES Hónapja

    Lol, look at Shay Sharpe, spitting some Kool Moe Dee, hanging those "L's"

  • Zach
    Zach Hónapja

    I don't think skip understands garbage time.

  • Anthony Battestella

    When he runs out of points to make Skip just starts shitting on wentz to make himself feel better

  • DaevonTheSavage
    DaevonTheSavage Hónapja

    DAK is slowly becoming *Blake Bortles*

  • Matt Jaramillo
    Matt Jaramillo Hónapja

    Is every chick on this show named Jenny? 😂

  • Abyxis
    Abyxis Hónapja +3

    He gets a D plus from me. He did nothing when it mattered at all! First drive counts to not give him an f but after that he like fell asleep

  • Jay P81
    Jay P81 Hónapja

    Dak never gonna gain weight with them empty calorie stats

  • Ryan Maliek
    Ryan Maliek Hónapja

    Somebody once said “there’s lies, there’s damn lies, and then there’s stats”. Those stats were in garbage time when Chicago was up big and was just trying to not lose. They played prevent and had all their dbacks 10-12 yards off the ball.

  • jetthrowedoff
    jetthrowedoff Hónapja

    This how mad cowboys fans were

  • jetthrowedoff
    jetthrowedoff Hónapja

  • DWORLD 2019
    DWORLD 2019 Hónapja +1


  • Sam kogan
    Sam kogan Hónapja

    If Dak were on any other team, skip would be calling daks yards toward the end what they are “junk yards”

  • Earl Martin
    Earl Martin Hónapja

    Skip is the beat around the bush type..

  • Jordan Chambers
    Jordan Chambers Hónapja +1

    I like how they just referred to Carson as “bounce it to him” that whole last portion. 😂😂😂

  • Jordan Chambers
    Jordan Chambers Hónapja +1


  • Andrés Hernández

    Skip: Dak played Awesome in the 4th quaerter, doesnt matter they were down, wins doesnt matter.
    Also Skip: lebron scored 40 in the 4th quaerter, but doesnt got the w, he is the worst player in the history...

  • Joel Carver
    Joel Carver Hónapja

    Shannon and Steven A need to do a cowboy dance together. Make it happen!!!

  • Har Jon
    Har Jon Hónapja

    Skip is gay right?

  • Viron Mao
    Viron Mao Hónapja

    Give Skip "F" grade and "A" for delusional

  • Viron Mao
    Viron Mao Hónapja

    Give Skip "F" grade and "A" for delusional

  • AJW 05
    AJW 05 Hónapja +1

    Shannon stay giving Dak a F. My mans got straight F’s on his report card lol

  • douglas Johnson
    douglas Johnson Hónapja

    Wilson probably could have held on to it if the safety didn't knock it out his hands....

  • EZ Money
    EZ Money Hónapja

    dak throws for 400 yrds - shay sharpe - "im giving him an F" LMAOOOOOO

  • Jimbo da Street minista

    That game was never 31-28 In fact the the cowboys only scored 24 lying ass skip

  • scooterthefrog
    scooterthefrog Hónapja

    Skip apparantly never heard of the concept of garbage time.

  • Leticia Villalobos

    Shannon Sharpe is funny af

  • Hoan Nguyen
    Hoan Nguyen Hónapja

    All them yards don’t mean 💩

  • Pete Samuels
    Pete Samuels Hónapja

    Skip.....they loss the game. I don't care if Dak threw for 5,000 yards they still loss the game.

  • Financial Tradesman

    Skip... back in the day, Andrew Luck would start a game with 2 td’s in the first quarter, then he throws 2 picks and the colts fall behind, then in the fourth quarter he goes for 200 plus yards and 2 or 3 td’s and wins the game... How does Skip grade Luck for that performance? He blames Luck for the team falling behind and says he is garbage, even though he won the game for the Colts... but if Dak does half of what Luck does, Dak is a great qb. Wtf Skip.... you make no sense!

  • Sensimilio Dank-Kush

    Skip is a clown🤣

  • robert lewis
    robert lewis Hónapja

    What grade does zeke get then?

  • Audrey Furber
    Audrey Furber Hónapja

    LMAO skip 30 million is not good enough nope 35 skip you say dak is better then wentz pay the man asshole

  • Audrey Furber
    Audrey Furber Hónapja

    Skip if that was a close game he don't make that throw garbage time dak pat his stats ass always in the 4Th quarter that game was over skip your delusional

  • Audrey Furber
    Audrey Furber Hónapja

    As always a delusional cowboys fans skip what dak do after that

  • Fred Rivera
    Fred Rivera Hónapja

    Skip is funny.

  • Frazier Woods
    Frazier Woods Hónapja

    Really Skip?!

    NO PATS JIM Hónapja

    This show SUCKS! Vikings and Bears get the wins over Cowboys and....the focus is Dallas lost. GIVE RESPECT to who wins. Not a shitty and pathetic team that has not been in Super Bowl since Ronald Reagan was President. (Sarcasm ok LOL)

  • Sam707BFBC
    Sam707BFBC Hónapja

    Skip again with the if's.... Yea and IF my team gave it to Beastmode or Russ ran it in then we would probably have 2 rings. But you know what Skip?!?! BIt is over and do not matter !!!!!!

  • Jason Kunz
    Jason Kunz Hónapja

    This just in dak prescott gets sponsored by waste management

  • truestdude
    truestdude Hónapja +3

    Dak always gets busy when it's garbage time! Dak "HG" Prescott! The "HG" stands for Hot Garbage! 🔥🚮

  • KingKacchi
    KingKacchi Hónapja +3

    Skip - "c'mon be objective for once in ur life"


    Shannon - " doink it to em dak " DOINK IT DAK LOLOL

  • Daniel
    Daniel Hónapja

    the entire team gets and F minus minus minus.

  • Cody Dean
    Cody Dean Hónapja +3

    The bears defense wasn’t even trying toward the end I wish skip would understand that

  • Cody Dean
    Cody Dean Hónapja

    I’d tell skip when you give wentz a b I’ll give dak one lol

  • John Moua
    John Moua Hónapja

    Doink n Dak lol

  • Greg G
    Greg G Hónapja +2

    Skip: Is it my turn
    Shannon: No it’s not your turn

  • Ken'Zel Chubbs
    Ken'Zel Chubbs Hónapja

    C+ skip?? 😂😂😂 thought it was all about the "W" skip 😂😂😂

  • Clinton Pullen
    Clinton Pullen Hónapja

    It’s funny how Skiiiiip makes excuses about how receivers are dropping Dak’s passes but Aaron Rodgers throws dimes to receivers who drop it but it’s Aaron’s fault lol