Kanye West - Heard 'Em Say ft. Adam Levine

  • Közzététel: 2009.jún.16.
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    Music video by Kanye West performing Heard 'Em Say. (C) 2005 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
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  • Brealfrank25
    Brealfrank25 23 órája

    Mr. Levine sang the shit out of that...

  • Rahimo
    Rahimo Napja

    Does this song feel Christmas-y to anybody else?

  • Lil Solo
    Lil Solo Napja

    They took the real ye and switched him out along time ago...

  • flex jonathan

    always say no to satan forever viciously

  • flex jonathan

    awesome wisdom, knowledge and ways to be super rich

  • flex jonathan

    satans darkess secrets

  • antonio travis
    antonio travis 2 napja

    December 4, 2019 still 🔥🔥

  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 2 napja

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  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 2 napja

    major smarts

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    flex jonathan 2 napja

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    flex jonathan 2 napja

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  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 2 napja

    bring things to rememberence

  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 2 napja

    wisdom and smarts


    This song is still beautiful

  • Dele83
    Dele83 3 napja


  • Marky mark
    Marky mark 3 napja

    miss this kanye....class act, before Kim I suspect!

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris 3 napja

    A woke Mr West

  • 김상혁
    김상혁 3 napja

    This is desirable.

  • Paul Ayere
    Paul Ayere 4 napja

    Look at these two artists today! 14 years and combined at least 140 tattoos and scandals later! That's evolution!?

  • clara
    clara 4 napja

    I know this song thanks to the Loyle Carner's cover.

  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 4 napja

    awesome wisdom

  • Supernatural Troll

    This guy Ye... Unbelievable

  • Evanthia Marangos

    Dec 01 2019

  • Faux Acct
    Faux Acct 6 napja

    BackpacKanye , you're right.
    Feels like his lyrics gradually lost their comedic value ever since

  • Botshelo Mokgethi

    was here 10years ago

  • Malcolm Aubry
    Malcolm Aubry 7 napja

    Lol that's Kanye West don't compare bro singing/rap/producing to any other person cuz besides Michael, no one has merged the 3 better together he not the best rapper, producer or singer but when he becomes a one man band it's a problem.

  • Hon Solo
    Hon Solo 7 napja


  • j z a
    j z a 8 napja

    I miss the old maroon 5

  • Diego Feitosa
    Diego Feitosa 8 napja

    Em 2019 ainda é uma das minhas preferidas.🎶

  • Andile Mkhonza
    Andile Mkhonza 8 napja

    2019? Still slaps🔥🔥

  • TheKrensada
    TheKrensada 9 napja

    All the bad things people have said about Kanye. but I keep hearing this song right here. This is probably the classiest rap song I have ever heard.

  • CocoSugarLove Hairgoddess


  • Darien TV
    Darien TV 9 napja

    November 2019 anyone ???

  • bugga boo
    bugga boo 9 napja

    Love it still in 2019.....moves me

  • blue knight
    blue knight 10 napja

    when kayne wasn't under mk mind control

  • Larry Turner
    Larry Turner 11 napja +1

    I miss this era of kanye

  • Rhonda Luvbug
    Rhonda Luvbug 11 napja

    Love this song.

  • ILLuminaughty
    ILLuminaughty 11 napja

    The Broad City intro sound A LOT like this🤔

  • mackadew mackey
    mackadew mackey 13 napja

    November 2019 who needs some positive songs right now?

  • Drahgon Soma
    Drahgon Soma 13 napja

    AND they be hating on Adam forgot about this song!! Go Kanye!!! GO Adam

  • Icoyu Christ
    Icoyu Christ 13 napja

    Beat to the rhythm in that the base
    Baked house the base
    Ask black the basket
    Racking the fastest

  • Donald Watson
    Donald Watson 15 napja +1

    December 2019?

  • Spencer Herren
    Spencer Herren 17 napja

    kind of makes sense now. ✌

  • Tevin Williams
    Tevin Williams 18 napja +7

    "And Jesus hope one day you see him Try to walk in his foot steps and try to be him the devil is alive i feel him breathing" Kanye been telling us his knew Jesus is King 💯💯💯💯 November 18th 2019

    SHABBIR M.W. 20 napja

    Government Administor AIDS

  • Charles Faraday
    Charles Faraday 20 napja


  • Calem Calara
    Calem Calara 20 napja

    Bring back the old kanye

  • Coya B
    Coya B 20 napja +5

    "But they can't cop cars without seeing cop cars"

    XXX AWESTRUCK 21 napja

    ' I heard em say'

  • Sam Mukangu
    Sam Mukangu 22 napja +2

    Am back coz the real Kanye is back..God is good

  • coliniscashed
    coliniscashed 22 napja

    2019 still my favorite song. a true gem

  • Fourever Clothing

    Man this is the Kanye I remember can we please get this back

  • Khalil Thomas
    Khalil Thomas 22 napja

    Uggggggh, this song always gets me.... SMH!!!

  • Andre Jackson
    Andre Jackson 23 napja

    He is the artist of alot of songs tho

  • Trevor Kimh
    Trevor Kimh 24 napja

    Kanye west the best hip hop artist of all time no question the king of hip hop please make this a thing

  • Jonathan Ciesla
    Jonathan Ciesla 24 napja

    Kanye is done with these evil clones saying they are in loner ville because of gasoline being too high or the clothes nearby aren't enough money to create their empire quick enough to stop the world issues and being held back every time I'm relaxing somewhere.

  • Sativa Seeds TV
    Sativa Seeds TV 24 napja

    The devil is alive, I feel him breathing #ilovethenewandoldYe

  • fight2death lesson i didn't learn

    Be honest babe love this hook.all of it I'll jam this beat

  • The life of MOBJUE


  • SharpForThree
    SharpForThree 25 napja +1

    Great vid 💪🏽God bless