All Of The Lights (Heineken Red Star Access And Kanye West Present G.O.O.D. Music)

  • Közzététel: 2011.szept.13.
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    Music video by Kanye West performing All Of The Lights. (C) 2011 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
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  • DarkEyedLex
    DarkEyedLex 2 hónapja +2

    I slapped my biiitch.....she called the feddsss 😂

  • Dylan Fiore
    Dylan Fiore 7 hónapja

    I still hear that WAX in there! Don’t fuck with WAX, today or just anyday is not to be fucking with WAX! #meanest

    JEFF BAEZOS 9 hónapja

    I wanna lead and be apart of a team like this so bad....someday 😔

  • Luv Lakhwani
    Luv Lakhwani Évvel +6


  • Patrick Carroll
    Patrick Carroll Évvel +1

    Heineken here I come......

  • Michael Brosnan


  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot Évvel +2

    Pusha was to G for this one lol

  • peyton
    peyton Évvel +38

    467 people were taken to the Ghetto University

  • Most Hated
    Most Hated Évvel +50

    Editor: Alright you want me to add anything else to the video
    Kanye: Mute everyone else except me
    Editor: ...what?

  • Khalid Abdilahi
    Khalid Abdilahi Évvel +3

    Lol I wonder why Pusha never came out

  • hoc1992
    hoc1992 Évvel +1

    Genius. I wish I was there

  • Alondra
    Alondra Évvel


    TAICU 2 évvel

    big Sean is such a clown

  • Dominic Hawker
    Dominic Hawker 2 évvel +6

    god damn big sean so skinny looks like a carrier of aids

  • Jéssica Aleixo Silva

  • R0YALT1
    R0YALT1 2 évvel +2

    Audio is way too low.

  • Fabiane Santiago
    Fabiane Santiago 2 évvel

    this is the reall meaning of EXTRA BRIGHT, WANT YOU ALL TO SEE THIS

  • King Arkadios
    King Arkadios 2 évvel

    I have to put this on my soundcloud

    HAYZIXX 2 évvel +3

    Damnnnn 2017

    I AM ANONYMOUS 2 évvel

    think its safe to say kanye west doesnt have ecilepsie

  • ItsBrian
    ItsBrian 3 évvel +43

    You can tell the lighting guy doesn't know the song or only listened to it a few times, he missing cues that should be blackouts, and cues that lights should flash at full. I really like the Lights they use and the c02 cannons but the lights werent used to there full extent, and alot of cues missed

  • Adlet Zhazken
    Adlet Zhazken 3 évvel +1

    only 1 mil?? WTF is happenin'?)

    • MLK SHK
      MLK SHK 11 hónapja

      Adlet Zhazken the song has 200m views

  • Stephen A. Smith
    Stephen A. Smith 3 évvel +24

    Visuals CRAZYYYYY

  • Anton Erbe
    Anton Erbe 3 évvel +20

    Kid Cudi so sick

  • Roy Santos
    Roy Santos 3 évvel +4

    kanye west big Sean

  • Guilherme César
    Guilherme César 3 évvel

    GOOD👏👏👏👏👏FUCK 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😹,🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • omar gamal
    omar gamal 4 évvel

    guys who is the singer or rapper of the last verse (not hook)

  • omar gamal
    omar gamal 4 évvel

    guys who is the singer or rapper of the last verse (not hook)

  • Dennis Kalin
    Dennis Kalin 4 évvel


  • KassiusOH
    KassiusOH 4 évvel +7

    this beat is fire

  • Henry White
    Henry White 4 évvel +37

    Where the fuck is pusha T???lmao

  • Bonez Bones
    Bonez Bones 4 évvel +2

    Just peeped Cudi in this

  • Landon Jensen
    Landon Jensen 4 évvel +8

    Kanye West is a horrible singer IN THIS VIDEO.

    • Luan Zondervan
      Luan Zondervan Évvel

      he is a artist not a producer

    • Steasy1337
      Steasy1337 2 évvel +1

      Landon Jensen well u are a horrible person in this comment

    • Showoff
      Showoff 2 évvel

      Go die bitch

    • Courtney
      Courtney 3 évvel +1

      Good job he raps not sings isn't it.

    • King khalid
      King khalid 3 évvel +3

      @jeramyleon​​​​ but back in the day he use to produces for artists like jay z and nas and Janet jackson
      Mariah Carey , usher , diddy and many others but now he focus on being a father

  • Fábio Rosolen
    Fábio Rosolen 4 évvel +9


  • zamir
    zamir 5 évvel +23

    Hudson I see yo' white ass back there get out here!

  • N Gutierrez
    N Gutierrez 5 évvel +13

    Why didn't they use Cudis mic, you can only hear from Kanye's

  • David Lyd
    David Lyd 5 évvel +5


    • Tayo
      Tayo 4 évvel +16

      He's not in the song

  • Choko Edits
    Choko Edits 5 évvel +5

    Cool video

  • Alex Zevallos
    Alex Zevallos 5 évvel +196

    Apparently they edited it so you couldn't hear the crowd. At first I thought it was a weak ass crowd lol.

    • Alex Zevallos
      Alex Zevallos Hónapja +1

      Ben Smith Bruh or course I am 😂. Go back to my really really old videos you’ll see! 😭😂. Thanks for the support tho G 🙏🏽

    • Ben Smith
      Ben Smith Hónapja +1

      @Alex Zevallos hi man, didn't know you were a fan of Kanye. Big fan of your channel btw

    • Alex Zevallos
      Alex Zevallos Hónapja

      Ben Smith. Hello Ben.

    • Ben Smith
      Ben Smith Hónapja +1

      @Alex Zevallos I'm dead😂

    • Alex Zevallos
      Alex Zevallos Hónapja


  • TheGrimedon
    TheGrimedon 5 évvel +76

    This guy is a genius!

    • Gabe M
      Gabe M Évvel +1

      TheGrimedon he was when u commented that

  • Tony Surphman
    Tony Surphman 5 évvel +3

    who's skinnier big sean or kid cidi? jp Yeezy u tha truth!

  • Leevi4th
    Leevi4th 5 évvel +80

    cudi's mic is turned down

  • don
    don 6 évvel +10

    The crowd.....

    • BreadHarem
      BreadHarem 4 évvel +36

      They muted the crowd...

    • Luis-Isaiah Valdez
      Luis-Isaiah Valdez 5 évvel +4

      I know but it's because it's the media and press and all there really doing is recording instead of enjoying a great performance.

  • captain save LeHoe

    I wana hear this kind of music from Kanye but it ain't like he retired tho.. He could still make great epic music

  • emma stafford
    emma stafford 6 évvel

    nice better on the radio big fan though

  • Eileen Diaz
    Eileen Diaz 6 évvel +1

    Is that big Sean? Wtf maybe I'm trippin

  • Love Satan
    Love Satan 6 évvel

    He is bad

  • Love Satan
    Love Satan 6 évvel

    Hij is slecht

  • Ricky Anthony
    Ricky Anthony 6 évvel

    I slap mah bih

  • Antifrost
    Antifrost 6 évvel

    By making music that people liked.

  • Stay Motivated
    Stay Motivated 6 évvel

    how did kanye west get famous does anybody know ? cause i actsually wanna know it so had

  • Saqib Munir
    Saqib Munir 6 évvel

    They put the crowd volume down so its clear

  • Abraham Valenzuela
    Abraham Valenzuela 6 évvel +3

    Lmao the white dude was Mr.Hudson. How do you guys not know that lol

    LÈIZU TV 6 évvel +4

    G.O.O.D. Music family.

  • Enmanuel Cisneros

    Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye!

  • billionaireboy1994

    Mr Hudson

  • aldenriski
    aldenriski 6 évvel

    Yeezy was awesome but who the fuck are all of the terrible white herion addicts.

  • Carlos Montero
    Carlos Montero 6 évvel

    who's that white guy?

  • Frank Templar
    Frank Templar 6 évvel

    his LIVES are so bad, he sings very bad

    • josh
      josh 2 évvel

      Frank Templar die

  • Mattakript
    Mattakript 6 évvel

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