Kids React Cast MEETS Poppy For The First Time

  • Közzététel: 2018.dec. 3.
  • Poppy meets the Kids React Cast
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    Kids React Cast MEETS Poppy. Watch to see their reactions!
    Reactors Featured:
    Dominick, age 10
    Lucas, age 10
    Madison, age 10
    Jacob, age 11
    Sydney, age 11
    Jaxon, age 15
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    Kids React Cast MEETS Poppy
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  • yall are_ ded0_o
    yall are_ ded0_o 16 órája

    Who is poppy

  • jimi aguirre
    jimi aguirre 16 órája

    Guess this chick forgot how rings work

  • its meh sina
    its meh sina 16 órája

    I think I'm gonna pass out from laughing

  • farhana nana
    farhana nana 16 órája

    Is poppy really a robot?

  • Alexandra Banach
    Alexandra Banach 16 órája +1

    8:54 soo sweet 💞

  • Jollyn Pangan
    Jollyn Pangan 16 órája

    Is poppy a human?

  • Akshat Bansal
    Akshat Bansal 16 órája +6

    Poppy is crying inside !!!

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet 16 órája +2

    i would love to do this
    i would have put my hand next to hers on the glass and told her how pretty she was
    yall are weird poppy is amazing

  • Marsneuf Troistreze
    Marsneuf Troistreze 17 órája +3

    Lucas was about to cry😂😂

  • SAS
    SAS 17 órája +7

    Hello there random person scrolling down the comments section! :D Have a nice day/night, and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you.. :) sincerely a random friendly stranger

  • Lunar 3CLIPSE
    Lunar 3CLIPSE 17 órája +1

    I was waiting for the video!!!

  • The Android Patriot
    The Android Patriot 17 órája +4

    I was waiting for Poppy to burst out of the glass box!

  • Rose Costo
    Rose Costo 17 órája +1

    I am not getting infe from this video😂😂😂😂

  • quackson
    quackson 18 órája +5

    1:48 why was that actually cute

  • Theo
    Theo 18 órája

    Who’s poppy

  • Lana G
    Lana G 18 órája +5


  • Epic Loler
    Epic Loler 19 órája +4

    3:04 OMG HAHAHA

    DANCING MEADOW 19 órája +2

    actually i watched this 5 times lol

  • JD Myrick-Smith
    JD Myrick-Smith 19 órája +4

    ah look at her,
    a beautiful monstrosity of demonic engineering

  • Fłøřã Fłøwer
    Fłøřã Fłøwer 19 órája

    Oh my god they are so scared XD

  • G/g player //
    G/g player // 19 órája +8

    If poppy emerged in front of me , I would want to shake hands and spend a night with her

  • Rizky Pratama
    Rizky Pratama 20 órája +15

    imagine Poppy meets Groot and talking to each other "I'm Poppy", "I'm Groot"

  • Rainbow Gamer
    Rainbow Gamer 20 órája


  • Slorey
    Slorey 20 órája +10

    If she is Poppy
    I wanna be Tracer

  • katy k
    katy k 20 órája +4

    440 wow poppy quickly figured her out . amazing ..

  • dr. sherk
    dr. sherk 20 órája +2

    Poppy, play despacito

  • Andy Marc Le Guen
    Andy Marc Le Guen 20 órája +4

    Spot the difference there is two differences

  • Marsneuf Troistreze
    Marsneuf Troistreze 20 órája +5

    If i meet her i will pee in my pants

  • Genesis John Cerzo
    Genesis John Cerzo 21 órája +4

    i hope that i can hug poppy

  • Chlsy Velasco
    Chlsy Velasco 21 órája +6

    Is it weird I’m not getting creeped out,

  • Madeline Zhang
    Madeline Zhang 21 órája +3

    I don't even know who poppy is

  • Sweetkisses c:
    Sweetkisses c: 22 órája +14

    "Unless u wanna be tracer"bruh😂

  • Kurooma
    Kurooma 22 órája +14

    i dont really get why the oldest is freaking

  • Jade Maria
    Jade Maria 22 órája +3

    I wanna meet Poppyyyyy

  • Octo Gaming
    Octo Gaming 23 órája +2

    Change the E to an I, gotta keep watch.

  • Marben Obando
    Marben Obando 23 órája +14

    Shes really pretty

  • bloop
    bloop 23 órája +13

    Dude idk why but if I meet poppy i would open the box and be with poppy cos I can finally escape society😂

  • makayla marie
    makayla marie 23 órája +20

    “if i see you again, im leaving and never coming back”

  • daisy perez
    daisy perez 23 órája +11


  • Jocee
    Jocee 23 órája +14

    Wanna come in?
    S u R e

  • Røsë Estëllä
    Røsë Estëllä 23 órája +7

    Who else looked behind them?

  • Koriandr Oreo
    Koriandr Oreo Napja +4

    Illuminate confirmed 🤔

  • Adriana Blancas
    Adriana Blancas Napja +1

    Theory man matpat go to channel and Found out why are they scard am forever tramitised

  • 【Angel'DArcherCryBabyAt221B】

    *_I just can't stop wheezing_*

  • Ven Kaze
    Ven Kaze Napja +19

    I like how they talk about her like she isn't in the room

  • ClubPenguin 909
    ClubPenguin 909 Napja +7


  • Your Daily Dose Of Panda

    OoH MaH GAWd i WaNna LeAVe thIs UnIv3rSe

  • xWeird
    xWeird Napja +18

    *Lucas is my mood.*

    • Jenavie Tran
      Jenavie Tran Napja +1

      "i'm leaving the room if she does that again"

  • Your Daily Dose Of Panda

    2:44 😂😂😂

  • Your Daily Dose Of Panda

    If I met Poppy I would be Like
    Hi Im (my name)
    XXDDDDD and just have a conversation

    • Dana Vo
      Dana Vo Napja

      Your Daily Dose Of Panda samee

  • cannibal unicorn

    Why are they scared of poppy PLZ TELL ME!!!!!!!!

  • Erick Martiz
    Erick Martiz Napja

    Quien coño fue el genio de los subtítulos? Haha lo mejor!

  • Maia
    Maia Napja +8

    I just couldn’t stop laughing when Lucas pulled the curtain

  • NovaKitty
    NovaKitty Napja +6

    3:50 *looks behind*

  • chloe
    chloe Napja +13

    “Yeah Pewdiepie would be pretty cool”

  • Luis Colon
    Luis Colon Napja +9

    Yea without hesitation if she would’ve walked out that box I’m going mike Tyson on her

  • star
    star Napja +6


  • Sacred Kyle Hoe
    Sacred Kyle Hoe Napja +7

    omg i wanna meet poppy too

  • OofGenocide Twitch

    Poppy’s cute

  • Grae Allen
    Grae Allen Napja +4

    She makes me uncomfortable

  • Keren liu
    Keren liu Napja +18


  • Hailey Le’blanc

    This is so weird and funny

  • rariry
    rariry Napja +12

    when she hugged poppy-- My heart

  • Tea Shook
    Tea Shook Napja +7

    iM pOoPy
    oH GoD!

  • Vicky Ade
    Vicky Ade Napja +17

    What are you doing here jaxon? 😂

  • rudyanto ferit
    rudyanto ferit Napja +15

    im verry happy for maison cause she dosent think that poppy is scary

  • Fird FD
    Fird FD Napja +11


  • Nathaniel Hernandez

    2:44 when you begin summer break and you parents say OK pack your bags and get ready for summer boot camp

  • Fird FD
    Fird FD Napja +9


  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Napja +22

    HAHAHAAAA THE LITTLE BOY WHEN SHE PUT HER HAND ON THE GLASS “oh no uhuh im im leaving the room if she does that again”

    • Caroline O
      Caroline O Napja


  • Missile Gaming
    Missile Gaming Napja +12

    Poppy's smiling out of character lol she has cute smile regardless of her creepy video.

  • Brooklyn Escobar

    She sounds like cat from Sam and Cat

  • D1nnyBoii
    D1nnyBoii Napja +10

    3:59 my favorite part 😂

  • Maria lourdes Castillo

    6: 31

  • Adrian Bowyer
    Adrian Bowyer Napja +7

    i am with jaxon i don t like fortnite

  • Zenki Juniel
    Zenki Juniel Napja +9

    I think poppy’s hot

  • Savannah
    Savannah Napja +15

    8:05 LMAOOOO ME

    • Jenavie Tran
      Jenavie Tran Napja


    • Bruno Cambe
      Bruno Cambe Napja +1

      +Solar Proficiency Oh it wasn't turned on, thanks hahaha

    • Solar Proficiency
      Solar Proficiency Napja

      +Bruno Cambe there's captions

    • Bruno Cambe
      Bruno Cambe Napja

      Can you help me? I've watched that part a lot of times but I can't understand what he said hahaha

  • Jesse Dellacamera

    I’m so uncomfortable

  • Yus Vus
    Yus Vus Napja +3

    I’m just thinking that poppy might comment below

  • Catathyst
    Catathyst Napja +1

    Just finished watching The Whole series XD I’m ready

  • mandi coelho
    mandi coelho Napja

    Matpat shout-out alert ooooooooooo

  • mandi coelho
    mandi coelho Napja +1

    I'm using the speaker to type so if there's any mistakes in my other to comment it's because of that

  • Afrika Smith
    Afrika Smith Napja +4

    She fine

  • mandi coelho
    mandi coelho Napja +11

    Wreck-It Ralph didn't break the internet popy did

  • Angela Shepard
    Angela Shepard Napja +2

    I'm a boy on my mom's phone

  • Angela Shepard
    Angela Shepard Napja +2

    when can I get on here

  • ShpookyBear369

    *poppy poopy*

  • abby
    abby Napja +6

    Poppy is cute

  • abby
    abby Napja +9

    So if poppy is called poppy then I will be papi

  • HungryBox. Jr
    HungryBox. Jr Napja +1

    LMAOOO 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hype_blashton 02


  • Nouriman James
    Nouriman James Napja +2

    1:11 💀

  • Sarah Bocari
    Sarah Bocari Napja +12

    8:07 how I’m going into 2019 😂

  • Gaming with SprinkleCakes

    I would love to meet her Omg this was amazing 😂

  • Immortal X
    Immortal X Napja +22

    Is is just me or is poppy actually kinda cute? I guess its just me...

  • Minorka Balindong

    Wow poppy is hot and and cute

  • Emerson Schoen28