Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Közzététel: 2019.márc.14.
  • Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant players in NBA history, an analyst on TNT's Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA, and a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's Fun House is to Miami Music Fest on March 29th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Big Aristotle has his date with the wings of death-one he claims he only accepted because he thought Justin Timberlake was hosting. Along the way, Shaq discusses his history with Kobe Bryant, breaks down his record-breaking Walmart purchase, and joins Sean Evans in a high-stakes free-throw shooting contest.
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    • Diamond Nebula
      Diamond Nebula Napja

      Can you guys get Kevin Hart and Dave Chapelle on your show please?

    • Diamond Nebula
      Diamond Nebula Napja

      Can you guys get Kevin Hart and Dave Chapelle on your show please?

    • Marco Razo
      Marco Razo Napja

      Interview with David dobrik

    • Kevin Rogers
      Kevin Rogers Napja

      You should have a fan as a guest with their pick as a celebrity guest. Once in awhile. Shaq is the best. Funny as heck!

  • Nicholas Corey

    Chris Tucker pls

  • Soviet K.G.B
    Soviet K.G.B Napja

    Better get that Tylenol pain relief

  • Iced Sodie
    Iced Sodie Napja

    Y'all should really get Jack Stauber on the show

  • VX Sagittarius
    VX Sagittarius Napja +1

    18:20 This face kill me xdxd

  • Garrett vea
    Garrett vea Napja

    You should make a dedicatory wing named the Shaq wing at the end where it’s all the sauces combined. Optional, but rewarded if eaten.

  • Teddy Politidis

    My favorite one

  • Leonardo Nunez

    Bring Gamers to Hot Ones....

  • Michael Kovalchuk

    Shaq is yosemitee' cozy and his brother is a super nice guy who loves to eat delicious foods!

  • Darrel3000 Sukhdeo

    omg not even the studio is big enough for this guy, he's a fuckin giant

  • christy l
    christy l Napja

    Visit cardi b

  • hysteric mysteric


  • GreenMonkeySam
    GreenMonkeySam Napja +1

    1) T H I S * M A N S * H U U U G E
    2) Shaq, please be gentle with our little Sean. HE"S ONLY A MAN.

    DOGGNOSE Napja

    Song by Shaq:
    "I'm outstanding" Check it out

  • Andre
    Andre Napja

    wth is making a face?

  • The Cheesy One

    Barbeque Chicken Alert 🍗

  • Nokes10
    Nokes10 Napja


    SATURN Napja

    holy shit. I DID NOT KNOW SHAQ was Dr. O'Neal. Yo mad props to him. Whats his doctrine in tho?

  • Yutz
    Yutz Napja

    imagine being able to say that 1 / 2 milion isn't much.....

  • Shikao Mao
    Shikao Mao Napja

    We can literally make a memes from every sec of his expression😂lol kansas🌶😂😂😂

  • TheWooN1nja
    TheWooN1nja Napja

    When are you going to be on Conan so we can get Conan to eat Da Bomb and watch him go ballistic

  • B R
    B R Napja

    Shaq looks like he's coming down off of LSD.....

  • Octavio Perulero

    that face tho 11:20

  • Connor Huck
    Connor Huck Napja

    Have Bobby Wagner on your show

  • B R
    B R Napja


  • Anam Raza
    Anam Raza Napja

    That was probably the funniest one yet

  • Caleb Evans
    Caleb Evans Napja


  • Sisi Sultan
    Sisi Sultan Napja


  • Ethan Stewart

    I have so much respect for Sean Evans. Great interviewer, and his butthole has to be on fire constantly.

  • Jourdan M
    Jourdan M Napja

    where tf is stephen curry

  • Jennie Greenlee

    Sean, you are a gatekeeper to start a new revolution of information. Thank you for your non bias and professional approach!

  • Christopher White

    Shaq- " I apologize Kansas."

  • Johnny Daggler
    Johnny Daggler Napja +1

    Y’all gotta get the LA beast on here. It’d make for an amazing episode

    • Heretic Hero
      Heretic Hero Napja

      He's definitely an interesting dude. He would destroy the wings though. He's done some things that are 1000x more hardcore.

  • Xuri Cortez
    Xuri Cortez Napja

    Shaq makes those wings look like chicken nuggets lmaoo

  • TheHashMemeingSlasher

    11:19 when you try pussy for the first time

  • J P
    J P Napja

    Shaq is just how I imagined him shaq

  • Victor Manuel

    goood he is so charismatic XD

  • Latinjack Sparrow

    11:18 where the meme was created 😂

  • James Bond
    James Bond Napja +1

    You should get Daniel Craig, Mike Myers, or Tom Felton on the show

  • Christopher Chu

    I wonder if Sean was passed out in the Green room after eating the Shaq sauce wing.
    Charles Barkley would be a good guest on Hot Ones.

  • Adrienne Hernandez-Garcia

    the best one yet

  • MCsurvivalboy09

    I N E U T R A L M Y S K I N

  • Xx konan xX
    Xx konan xX Napja

    I came here because I’m subscribed and because I died out of laughter when I saw his meme😂😂😂

  • Yumi
    Yumi Napja

    Shaq's head is bigger than a gallon of milk 17:00

  • VYPR Games
    VYPR Games Napja

    Get Eminem to do this

  • the cat that got away

    that jug of milk looks like a water bottle to a normal human being

  • menny productions

    Get tanner fox

  • Lex 47
    Lex 47 Napja

    Such a vibrant soul

  • Chad Bednarczyk

    I get the impression this is the only time a guest got their revenge ha. Shaq sauce needs to be the end game in all these. Shaq got out of eating the last one.

  • Fuhq Ewe
    Fuhq Ewe Napja

    This made me dislike Shaq and like SE even more.

  • BaileyG
    BaileyG Napja

    Shaq, stop trying to make Shaq sauce happen. It isn't going to happen.

  • Shaggy Soap
    Shaggy Soap Napja

    He thinks us kansans don’t know hot you were wrong

  • MyAccountBitch

    Shaq is the worst and most pathetic loser I've ever seen. Childish as fuck

  • Luke Magyari
    Luke Magyari Napja

    Get will ferrell or Adam Sandler!!!

  • Super Champ
    Super Champ Napja

    11:02 lmao you cant even see shaq's face

  • AtomicCola
    AtomicCola Napja

    Anyone remember when it was said that those were display bottles and they were expired? Poor guy had to eat all of them at once.

  • Ya Boi Gritz
    Ya Boi Gritz Napja +1

    The fucking ghost reper peeper shit 💀

  • Random Review Man

    11:17 my first time eating pussy

    CM TRON Napja

    Haven’t watched the whole thing, but after reading the comments I’m going to turn this off. What a bitch for not eating the last wing.

  • wavy B
    wavy B Napja

    My favorite episode 💯😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • hawk eye
    hawk eye Napja

    Shaq's a pretty cool dude

  • The Littlest Giant

    Shaq seems like a smug douche.

  • Bryce Canady
    Bryce Canady Napja +1

    Anyone else notice he made a face lol

  • Alynthia Penn

    Has Mindy Kaling been invited to the table? She loves hot sauce!

  • farsidedude
    farsidedude Napja

    Shaq on the WALL OF SHAME

  • Nicholas Byram

    Shaq is so humble-macho, that my testicles shrink two sizes every Christmas morning. Shaq is so humble-macho, that Chuck Norris can BASE jump off of Shaq's shoulders. Shaq is so humble-macho, that Gronk humped Shaq's head and Gronk's wife became pregnant with Shaq's baby. Shaq is so humble-macho, that Shaq FaceTime's his wife with foul language, she rebukes him, and Shaq honestly admits humility to biology on camera and states that his body must immediately evacuate the acidic poison he just consumed. I love Shaq so much and the world needs more Shaq memes.

  • andrew wolf
    andrew wolf Napja

    Ghost repper peeper shit

  • Fuhq Ewe
    Fuhq Ewe Napja

    Shaq is a constant reminder of images on a screen being smaller than real life.
    His hand size constantly gives me an understanding of how gargantuan this man is.

  • Corene Worthen

    least entertaining intervew

  • Louis Heldt
    Louis Heldt Napja

    1:34 ahhh

  • Corene Worthen

    he talks too much

  • EliteToadLord

    Could we get JoeysWorldTour on here!? haha

  • Nicholas Byram

    I love Shaq so much. I don't understand why and I'm a Houston Rockets surgeon. Shaq is a real human being with flaws, claws, and jaws. They can't print copies of this guy! Shaq is a body builder and he loves pain. I want to invent a nuclear heart so that Shaq can live hundreds of years like the majestic Sequoia that he truly is.

  • John Lee
    John Lee Napja +1

    Do it with Pewdiepie.

  • matthew rawle

    At 3:48 when Shaquille O'Neal fixed that wing that was a bit too far forward, I felt a real connection with him.

  • Mr.Business
    Mr.Business Napja

    great interview, I would love to see if you could start getting some political candidates on stage with the democratic debates coming up. I would love to see Andrew Yang he has quite a unique platform and would make for a very good interview! There are a lot of others that would be interesting too.

  • Natalia Kuster

    Aubrey Plaza please!!!

  • Richard Jacquez

    You punked out Shaq. Sean you are the man!!

  • Narcissus
    Narcissus Napja

    Today, I realized that most people who come to this show are absolute pussies. I ordered some of the hot sauces from this show, and based on the reactions, I was scared to try them... and then I was like that's it????

  • Natalia Kuster

    those wings are smaller than his pinky finger

  • Ramez Mikhail

    The wings look so tiny in his hands

  • Lufee
    Lufee Napja

    11:15 when u eat pussy for the first time

  • Glitch Animations

    San Antonio ! ! ! YEEEEAAAAHHHH ! ! ! ! !

  • JustTooSlumped

    When did he bully him?

  • Milo Reid
    Milo Reid Napja

    18:18 ... "I apologize Kansas." Best!

  • Austin Laiche

    its great its called the shaq sauce

  • Thats what she said

    Get Zlatan Ibrahimovic on here !!!

  • Jumpy
    Jumpy Napja

    I really wanna see Stephen Curry on Hot Ones

  • Speedy Andy
    Speedy Andy Napja

    Are those wings tiny or is shaq just huge

  • Alien Boy
    Alien Boy Napja

    Do Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun

  • VWnerds
    VWnerds Napja

    Theo theo theo theo!

  • Tobs J
    Tobs J Napja

    get fisher (the dj) on this show! it would probably be some outrageous shit

  • purplegal05
    purplegal05 Napja

    "The proliferation of the internet" Shaq: "I don't know what that means..." lmfaooo

  • VT Watchdog
    VT Watchdog Napja

    Love that dude

  • JustReadTheInstructions

    Please get SLASH ON HERE!!!

  • JustReadTheInstructions


  • JustReadTheInstructions

    Do one with Slash!

  • Tonya Mutch
    Tonya Mutch Napja

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  • O’Ryan Ottwell-Tindall

    Get Jon Bellion on this joint!