Flashing Lights (Heineken Red Star Access And Kanye West ...

  • Közzététel: 2011.szept.13.
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    Music video by Kanye West performing Flashing Lights. (C) 2011 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
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  • LiveAventura
    LiveAventura Napja

    Man I love Kanye west. Words can’t explain how much I love this man.

  • Jarvis Brooks
    Jarvis Brooks 8 napja +1

    The most under rated Knaye Song .....still boping in 2019

  • Rehab Atcha
    Rehab Atcha 9 napja +1

    I love your video.

  • 6ix9ine Gang
    6ix9ine Gang 10 napja


  • Eva
    Eva 15 napja +6

    whos here in 2019?

  • Alfredo Loera
    Alfredo Loera 16 napja

    I miss the old kanye

  • Nowke
    Nowke 23 napja

    Flashing lights is classic song ‼‼‼

  • Jarell Jackson
    Jarell Jackson 25 napja

    What do you knowwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • victor menendez
    victor menendez Hónapja

    ICON!! Kanye has always been the king of production performance. I see where Travis Scott gets it from.

  • Turja Karmakar
    Turja Karmakar Hónapja

    No one in the audience flashed their lights

  • Alexis AN AN Narezo


  • Joey Mantka
    Joey Mantka Hónapja +1

    2008 driving a stolen NPC Car...@Liberty City.. without a care in the world.


    La escucho diario..🙌

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 2 hónapja


  • Jose Madrid
    Jose Madrid 2 hónapja

    Still look back at this and never get tired of it, Kanye Higher than gas Prices

  • Allyson Vela
    Allyson Vela 2 hónapja

    All of the lightssss🔥🔥🔥 flashing lights🔥🔥🔥🔥

    DIRTYWIZARD713 2 hónapja +1

    GTA IV all over again

  • Kaine
    Kaine 3 hónapja +1

    next level sonics next level swag

  • Timur Karimkulov
    Timur Karimkulov 3 hónapja +1

    -Kanye how many Jesus pieces do you want?
    Kanye : yes .

  • Laura White
    Laura White 3 hónapja +1

    All access Kanye west

  • David Weathers
    David Weathers 3 hónapja


  • Holly Cline
    Holly Cline 4 hónapja +1

    I know its been awhile sweetheart, I was doing my thang💥💥

  • Kalen Joseph
    Kalen Joseph 4 hónapja +1

    Crowd looks so dead, big smh

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain 4 hónapja

    Kanye. You did a great Job!!!

  • Willz __
    Willz __ 4 hónapja

    Makes you realize most artist these days need autotune to sound okay at best. This sounds horrible.

  • Laura White
    Laura White 4 hónapja +1

    I just don’t think it’s a good idea

  • Eddie Villegas
    Eddie Villegas 4 hónapja

    noticed how nobody in the crowd has a phone out recording they living that moment

    • Mr.J
      Mr.J 4 hónapja

      U thought u killed em wit that one huh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Puppet Of Everything

    July 2019?🇺🇸

    LOVER LINK 5 hónapja

    lmao when his contract still forces him to throw a Heineken sponsored concert

  • Steph Gom C
    Steph Gom C 5 hónapja

    He is a genius indeed

  • Aravind Kannoly
    Aravind Kannoly 5 hónapja +1

    is it just me, or does he lay his lyrics on the back of the beat especially when the synth that isnt in the production version kicks in? Kinda cool how he knows that if he did it normally, itd be weird with the synth

  • S_entinential-TheRiptzyTier

    Welcome SING fans.

  • Cass depacito
    Cass depacito 6 hónapja

    my friend liked this so much he was dancing with his back on the floor

  • Saqib
    Saqib 6 hónapja +1

    Kanye and his floating stage

  • Donna Farmer
    Donna Farmer 7 hónapja


  • AcxmillerXX Official
    AcxmillerXX Official 7 hónapja +1

    You is GOAT. You is GOAT. You is GOAT. You is GOAT. You is GOAT. You is GOAT. You is GOAT. You is GOAT. You is GOAT. You is GOAT. You is GOAT. !!!!!!!!

  • Eddie Ortega
    Eddie Ortega 7 hónapja +22

    2019 anyone? ..this track has me coming back every now and then 🔥🔥

  • KalindiBihari
    KalindiBihari 7 hónapja

    Words could never explain how i feel to somebody that is made to rule the world..

  • janboblarry
    janboblarry 7 hónapja

    i dont get why people think hes a god level. not hating this album was pure fire and 808 heartbeat was pretty good too but overall there are several better artists out there than kanye

    • Skorpion Major
      Skorpion Major 7 hónapja

      This song alone proves that you are not telling the Truth

  • James Chiang
    James Chiang 7 hónapja

    What do I know

  • TEN
    TEN 7 hónapja +1

    This song can never be played out that’s hard for many songs

  • JanetteSparks
    JanetteSparks 8 hónapja

    Kanye is THE only person who can say swag and it still be cool to say lmao

  • Dean General
    Dean General 8 hónapja +3

    Now ! April 2019

  • Karim Lisa
    Karim Lisa 8 hónapja +1

    Porque youtube me recomendo esto.......pero esta bueno

  • Munab A. Manay
    Munab A. Manay 8 hónapja

    How can they destroy his beat like that? 😤

  • Dean General
    Dean General 9 hónapja +2

    March 2019 !😊👽😈

  • Heidy Santana reyes
    Heidy Santana reyes 9 hónapja

    The one and only kay

  • Cliniva Medispa
    Cliniva Medispa 9 hónapja

    February 2019, good times

  • Hunter Ali
    Hunter Ali 9 hónapja

    Kanye West The Goat q

  • Ivona
    Ivona 10 hónapja

    He can put all these nowadays rappers into pocket. Including Drake and Jay, and ALL of them!!! He is above this all game! He invented style they do now 10 years ago. He is true originator! He may be crazy but he is also CRAZY TALENTED! Respect!

  • ChingChongHD
    ChingChongHD 10 hónapja +1

    this is it

  • marvin medina
    marvin medina 10 hónapja

    am I'm the only one here 2019

  • RaD. eR
    RaD. eR 10 hónapja

    Gta 4 ❤️

  • Julien Dubois
    Julien Dubois 10 hónapja

    To white house

  • Julien Dubois
    Julien Dubois 10 hónapja

    You're not crazy i vote for him

  • Jaxon Schmid
    Jaxon Schmid 10 hónapja

    Mike Dean on the keys proving why he's the goat

  • Luisiana Fhemanyan
    Luisiana Fhemanyan 10 hónapja

    But you never thought That i would Take it this foahhh

    LJBTY 11 hónapja

    The views of Kanye West don’t align with Heineken’s. What... he just really doesn’t think she believes in shooting stars.

  • Leo Toledo
    Leo Toledo 11 hónapja

    Best song 😎

  • Universal Life
    Universal Life 11 hónapja

    Such a spoiled garbage, without art and personality, just stolen gold on the neck !