Queen and Adam Lambert 2019 Oscar Opening Performance

  • Közzététel: 2019.febr.25.
  • Queen and Adam Lambert opens Oscars 2019 with a medley performance of some of their biggest hits. See more Oscar performances and highlights at oscar.go.com/video.
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  • igorzet
    igorzet Órája

    am I the only one who heards the n-word at 0:14 ? i am racist:(

  • Little Miss Black Dress

    Hey amazing and sexy Brian and Roger still are. Plus they still have got it! Their energy and prowess is still going strong! I love them

  • Victoria Scarlett
    Victoria Scarlett 3 órája +4

    I don’t care what anybody says. Adam was freaking phenomenal!

  • Thylacol3o
    Thylacol3o 5 órája +1

    Marc martel is better

    • AKOM 20
      AKOM 20 3 órája +2

      +Lara Roostalu
      Haha, good one, I'd totally forgotten about that show, maybe they should bring it back!!

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 5 órája +3

      Lara 🤣🤣🤣👏👏😜❤️

    • Lara Roostalu
      Lara Roostalu 5 órája +3

      Yes, for the 'Stars in their eyes' show - tonight Matthew I'm going to be.......Freddie Mercury.

  • Error 404
    Error 404 5 órája +5

    Adam might not be Freddie but damn he's talented in his own way, gosh I love Adam Lambert and Queen 😩

  • Hollie Cordy
    Hollie Cordy 8 órája +1

    I can do better

  • Anita Hollier
    Anita Hollier 8 órája

    That audience takes itself way too seriously. Freddie would’ve said “what a bunch of twats”

  • MeWithSubs
    MeWithSubs 9 órája +1

    Freddie is still without a doubt better

    • peter pan
      peter pan 8 órája +1

      Let me know when Freddie does 1:52 😉

  • SPY /
    SPY / 10 órája

    Imagine if Freddie was there

  • armina doronila
    armina doronila 10 órája +1

    His completely garbage

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 7 órája +3

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      Ok. Nitwit. Oops, my bad, most ppl were Young and Dumb once upon a time.
      Thankfully, Everyone Eventually grows Out Of It..
      Granted, Some Do take Longer Than Others..
      Lol, I’m leaning towards the latter in Your Case, just for the record..
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      Ok, you’ve been found Sadly Wanting. Return to your little mm minimal hidey-hole.
      See ya next round 💋

    • peter pan
      peter pan 8 órája +4

      +armina doronila I would like for you to develop your brain and taste....keep at it, it's a long way to go. Cheers.

    • armina doronila
      armina doronila 8 órája

      peter pan so you wanna fight me

    • peter pan
      peter pan 9 órája +2

      +armina doronila are you sure? 😂

    • armina doronila
      armina doronila 9 órája

      peter pan Ahhh GOD not god

  • Jessica Y.
    Jessica Y. 10 órája +5

    Adam is amazing! ♥ I have followed his career since AI and he has grown into such an amazing artist! While I miss his solo music, I am so happy he has been given this opportunity. It means the world to him. Freddie gave Adam the courage to best true to himself and I am so happy Adam has a loving mother that accepted him. ♥♥♥♥

    • AKOM 20
      AKOM 20 3 órája +2

      Have you heard his latest song - huclip.com/video/w_tALF6-YNA/vide%C3%B3.html
      He's gonna be putting an album out soon as well.

  • ruben rolong
    ruben rolong 11 órája

    Me gusta más Marc martel como voz de queen

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 10 órája +3

      ruben. mm? = 😒🤭🤢🤮🤮😓🤢🤮😴😴

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 11 órája +2

      A Brian y Roger les gusta más Adam como la voz de la reina. Adivina quién gana.

  • Marian Alexa Rubio Ortega

    Javier Bardem was feeling it

  • Jason Seidel
    Jason Seidel 11 órája +4

    Having been to 1 concert (and going to another this year) and from what I've seen online, Adam makes very clear he isn't trying to replace Freddie, he's trying to honor him by continuing the music. I can't think of a better person to do that. Obvi the master Brian May and the great Roger Taylor could have ridden off in to the sunset of retirement, but thought Adam was a good enough talent to carry on the tradition.

  • S Racila
    S Racila 12 órája

    I miss Freddie. Adam is ok but he’s not even close the the caliber that Freddie was! ♥️ I’m glad Queen is still going strong though. Love Brian and Roger too.

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 10 órája +2

      Hey. I wanna help a little, hope that’s ok with you? May I suggest Reading a coupla of Articles dude. Just Might assisted some of that enthusiasm for this Brilliant Collab,
      There are Many Many Reasons Adam Fits to Perfection with Queen.
      I’ve linked these simply so ‘maybe’ it opens your mind a little..you Love Queen hence, perhaps check out a concert? They Truly Are a Match Made Beyond the Heavens.. and yeah, this Magic won’t last much longer sadly..
      Anyways, I Agree with the rest of your Post. Damn Fantastic the Boys are Still Going So Incredibly Strong!
      Cheers dude..

  • James Sabia
    James Sabia 13 órája

    Marc Martel should be touring with queen, Adam Lambert has a great voice, but just doesn’t have the power Queen needs

    • Lara Roostalu
      Lara Roostalu 5 órája +3

      Adam Lambert's been the great front man for Queen since 2012. Their new massive international tour starts this summer.
      No way Queen would tour with a Freddie impersonator. They would rather retire.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 11 órája +3

      Having seen Queen with Freddie and now with Adam, I can assure you Adam has more than enough power. Brian and Roger agree with that.

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 12 órája +2

      James. Nope. Flat Nope for ya wanker.
      Cheers. Nice Chat 😊😜👋
      Q+AL 🔥👑❤️
      Now Fuck Off with ya pimping.

  • Leonardo Sandoval Torres

    Marc martel

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 12 órája +2

      Leonardo. Didn’t ya Get the Memo yet?? Lol, or else reckon ya little mm ‘marketing minions’ take A Lot if Time to Understand it, just sayin..
      Shit. AGAIN then. . Rog won’t even Talk to that Slimeball after he Screwed him Over...
      Wash ya mouth out dude..
      mm= 🤢🤧
      Now go and do ya Best to Understand it..truly Not that Hard, Surely..

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 13 órája +1

      Queen and Adam Lambert are the only ones here. No imitators allowed.

  • Cecilio Rodriguez
    Cecilio Rodriguez 13 órája

    You can change the band never the artist

  • Greg Stark/Cindy Welsh
    Greg Stark/Cindy Welsh 14 órája +5

    OMG!! AWESOME!!!

  • Luis Dario Alvarez cardenas

    Queen+ Marc Martel pleaseeee

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 14 órája +2

      Please spread the word amongst all your Martel Minions..Queen will not play with Marc. They said this even before Marc screwed them and QE over.
      Dr. Brian May "We will not work with anyone else after we've worked with the great Adam".
      Roger Taylor " We are twice as old. But Adam is already in his thirties, he is a mature personality, and he now belongs to us."

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 14 órája +3

      WTF You on Man?? Rog won’t even Talk to that Slimeball after he Screwed him Over...
      Wash ya mouth out dude.. mm= 🤢🤧

  • Wendy Smith
    Wendy Smith 15 órája +1

    Anyone else cry when they showed the picture of Freddie?

  • Jon Snowitall
    Jon Snowitall 15 órája

    He really doesn’t fit in with queen music, and when you compare him to Freddie he sounds even worse.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 13 órája +2

      +Jon Snowitall Queen and Adam have been selling out concerts all over the world since 2012. They upcoming summer tour is also pretty much sold out with Madison Sq Garden and The Forum having to add a second date since both sold-out the same day tickets went on sale. That's an awful lot of people that have no problem with Adam being their frontman. They are not trying to replicate what hey had with Freddie since that can never be done. It's about bringing their music via a live performance to fans who want to see them. Adam has his own voice, but he brings the camp, flamboyance, stage presence, charisma and theatrics Queen was known for. He embodies Freddie's spirit.
      One more thing, I do know the glory of Queen having seen them live in the 70's. I along with these fans appreciate that their music can still live in a live place with an amazing singer and showman.
      Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) Queen
      "For me the absolute highlight of last Saturdays show at the 3Arena in Dublin was Queen and Adam Lambert playing that song. (WWTLF) Unbelievable. The lights, the lasers, the sound, the performances of everybody on stage was absolutely top notch. If you haven't got a ticket yet, go see these guys. Legends of course we all know that. Adam Lambert will be the first to stand up and say he's no Fred, but my goodness one of the best live vocals I've ever heard. And Rick Savage who was sat next to me said exactly the same thing. Was Adam Lambert last week in Dublin."
      I saw Freddie's Queen and I've seen Queen with @adamlambert . BOTH men are extraordinary, phenomenal, other-worldly vocalists and performers...in completely different ways. Those that hate on Adam because he isn't Freddie have clearly never seen him do what he does.
      I was lucky enough to see Freddie sing, was unsure as to what to expect, in short was blown away, fantastic gig & am sure Freddie would be proud to have you continue the Queen legacy, have fun tonight
      My first concert was Queen at Slane Castle in ‘86. Saw Queen with Adam Lambert last year. You are in for a treat, enjoy!
      Saw Queen with Freddie 1975 Christmas Eve, tonight with Adam Lambert. Both incredible shows fronted by incredible showmen. Messrs May and Taylor constants of course.
      @DrBrianMay @OfficialRMT @QueenWillRock @adamlambert wow!! That gig will live in my memory forever, I was at Knebworth in 1986, miss Freddie’s voice so much, so happy you guys found each other! Thank you! #matchmadeinheaven
      I was fortunate enough to see Queen with Freddie twice. I have never seen anyone play to an audience like him. He was never afraid to take chances. I got lucky, and saw Queen with Adam live recently, and my jaw dropped. What a killer show they put on. Go see it!
      I've been going to see Queen live since 1978 but @DrBrianMay, @adamlambert and @OfficialRMT last night in Glasgow was phenomenal. Thank you!!!!!
      Hey mate, the bloody game was called off! Anyway we moseyed on up the toon, I’m just in actually after a 12.30 start, great day out. Queen were terrific mate,m I’ve been lucky enough to see Freddie Mercury in the 8O’s and Adam Lambert to his credit was a great front man
      30 years since I have seen Queen and this was just brilliant! @adamlambert Freddie would be so proud
      Having not seen Queen without Freddie until now - I’m so pleased that I saw them @TheO2 with Adam Lambert last evening. It was one of the most incredible shows I’ve seen. Adam Lambert doesn’t attempt to replace Freddie but pays great tribute to his memory - an honour
      You know you loty Queenies....we make people rich. Told my relatives not to expect any monies upon my death because I am throwing it all at Adam and Queen. Saw Freddie 5 times have to say this time around is twice the fun.
      Fellow Canadians at the bar who had seen Queen with Freddie have to admit Adam's range far surpasses Freddie's.
      Guy beside me had seen Freddie 3 times, Paul Rodgers 2 times. LOVED @adamlambert Lots of OMGs, phenomenal & wows. Told you, I said.
      I last saw Queen in 1986 at Wembley London, Freddy was awesome back then. I was happily surprised by Adam Lambert...
      boygeorgeofficial Went to see @adamlambert performing with #Queen in Sydney and it was fabulous. Adam’s voice is astounding and he does not need to apologize for not being Freddy Mercury. Adam brings his own flavor to those timeless songs and he is a wonderful artist in his own right. Loved the glittering 70s platforms. Brian singing ‘love of my life’ was beautiful. No need to apologize Brian you bring beauty and vulnerability to my fave Queen song!
      Roger on ‘It’s A Kind Of Magic’ was also full of feeling. Very Bowie-esque and I loved the drum solos and Brian’s axe lamenting. It was a night with everything. GO you will live for it!
      @adamlambert I saw queen 5 times 77-86. Saw u with the guys in 2014 and again on Wednesday in Sydney. U enhance their brilliance and it is just as enjoyable watching them now as it was with Freddie.credit to you.
      Haha my dad a massive Queen fan. My parents saw Freddie live. Yes Freddie not Freddy. Now considers @adamlambert as “Freddie’s heir apparent”. Was stunned by his performance. This is Adams legacy

    • Jon Snowitall
      Jon Snowitall 14 órája

      slynnc kitty my opinion is the opinion of many people in the comments. Just because you don’t know the glory of queen in it’s prime doesn’t mean that I’m wrong or that I shouldn’t have the ability to say what I think. I’m not saying he has bad vocals all I’m saying is that his style and personality doesn’t match the songs, especially Freddie’s. And all the modern day musicians combined couldn’t compare to Freddie Mercury.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 14 órája +2

      Why is it that Brian and Roger think he's a perfect fit and you think your opinion actually means something?

  • FireOccator
    FireOccator 15 órája

    I think they should have picked one of the songs where Queen sing more.

  • Elaine B
    Elaine B 17 órája +9

    I keep coming back to this performance. Love Adam's swagger in this performance.

  • JessicaachoYT acho
    JessicaachoYT acho 17 órája

    like si amas la peli o la viste

  • Lc Rodriguez Levano
    Lc Rodriguez Levano 18 órája

    And Marc Martel??

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 17 órája +2

      He's never, ever been Queen's frontman so why even mention the imitator here?

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 17 órája +2

      mm? 🤢🤮 Bare min, Somewhere Far Far Away from Rock Royals, sweet af I’d say. Big Smiles!!

  • Nintendo Gamer
    Nintendo Gamer 19 órája

    I don't linke Adam

  • Frank fanelli0
    Frank fanelli0 19 órája +1

    One of if not the worst audience reactions i have ever seen what a bunch of fake plastic shallow humans i have ever seen, Christian Bale looked a bundle of laughs...not, Javier Bardem was loving it in his words he said he couldn't believe Queen was there in front of him, Queen the greatest band on the planet, great performance at the Oscars

  • Thomas Barrientos
    Thomas Barrientos 20 órája +2

    Freak out with Allison Janey and her fist pump on 45 second mark!!!

    ROBERTO BARCELO 21 órája

    Muy feo esperaba algo mas acorde a queen

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 20 órája +1

      La reina cumple la visión de Freddie para la banda al no replicarse a sí misma, sino que siempre la hace original.

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens 21 órája +4

    seeing Glenn Close rocking out is awesome!

  • brasschick42
    brasschick42 22 órája +6

    Listening to former Spice Girl Mel B in an interview saying to Roger that they lacked sparkle was so wrong and rude.
    This was full of energy and pizazz and the audience got into it. Plus it made it a celebration that everyone could get into.

  • syth
    syth 22 órája

    he not ment to be in queen adam sucks

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 22 órája +5

      When Brian and Roger chose him to be in Queen, it means he is meant to be there.

  • Pamela Merilles
    Pamela Merilles 23 órája +2

    Freddie, you are the Champion!!!

  • Ute Kneba
    Ute Kneba Napja +1

    Thank you for your statement, I've learned a lot about Adam Lambert and it's just that I do not find his voice suitable for singing rock songs

    • peter pan
      peter pan 15 órája +2

      I have find his voice and his ability most extraordinary to sing rock and anything else... Oh... I've also done my research before spouting any opinion.

    • QueenForADay
      QueenForADay 22 órája +1

      I think this is a reply to my earlier response to you. Thank you for the civil conversation. I respect your position. Music is very subjective, and we don't all like the same voices, songs, etc. I hope you'll enjoy Adam's voice more in his own songs. You can find his albums on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Live performances of his songs are worth seeking out on youtube, as he improvises and it's remarkable to hear what he can do vocally. Cheers.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 23 órája +3

      Funny because the guys from the most iconic rock band this his voice is suitable. That's why they chose him.

  • lucia_kawaii gamer

    Freddy mercury era mejor

  • Ute Kneba
    Ute Kneba Napja

    Of course, Adam is a very good singer, but he is not a real rock singer to me.He has more of a musical voice, it lacks the rocking that Freddy had.He always emphasizes that he does not Wang to imitate Freddy........then he should also omit the crown. Maybe make something new yourself,

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 15 órája +2

      Thank gods you guys turned up.. I was writing a damn Essay for This One 😒😂😘

    • peter pan
      peter pan 15 órája +3

      What does the crown /coronet have to do with the music? Nothing.

    • QueenForADay
      QueenForADay Napja +4

      Adam has three studio albums and recorded four new songs since his third album, in addition to three songs he recorded for film and television. In February he released a song from his upcoming fourth album. Is that what you mean by "make something new yourself"? He's also known for his distinctive interpretation of songs, such as he did with his performance of "Believe" to honor Cher at the Kennedy Center Honors. Nearly 3 months later, Cher is still commenting about that performance. Oh, and did you know he's done some acting for television? He's got plenty going on in his solo career. I marvel at how well he balances all of that, plus activism for LGBTQ rights and acceptance, with the annual tours with Queen. Maybe learn something about him before making a dismissive comment. He's quite an accomplished person.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty Napja +4

      It's a diadem, not a crown. Brian and Roger are not trying to replicate what they had with Freddie. They are keeping is visions alive.
      "When the whole point of Queen was to be original."
      Freddie Mercury
      "A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It's a theatrical event."
      Freddie Mercury
      "I have fun with my clothes onstage; it's not a concert you're seeing, it's a fashion show."
      Freddie Mercury

  • Jeff Kill
    Jeff Kill Napja

    Al menos freddie era mas masculino que ese wey y eso daba una apariencia y voz mas varonil a la banda

    • AKOM 20
      AKOM 20 Napja +3

      Jeff Kill
      Jaja, sí totalmente ver que lol. huclip.com/video/cNUvGyhp6vc/vide%C3%B3.html

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty Napja +3

      ¿Por más masculino te refieres a aparecer un leotardo con estampado de arlequín y zapatillas de ballet? Tal vez fue el leotardo con lentejuelas el que lo hizo por ti. Es posible que desee repensar eso..😂😂😂

  • Jeff Kill
    Jeff Kill Napja +1

    Marc martel best

    • QueenForADay
      QueenForADay Napja +4

      Then why are you here? Go watch his video. He has one called "How to sing like Freddie Mercury" ... maybe you can learn to imitate Freddie too. But I really wonder: If you want someone who sounds like Freddie, why not watch videos of Freddie? He was much more than a voice.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty Napja +4

      Is that why he's the frontman for Rock Royalty? 😂😂😂 Silly me, that honor belongs to the great, Adam Lambert!

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +4

      Jeff! I know this one!! At um, Failing to be Pimped out after nearly 8 Years?? Um, maybe Screwing Around Rog, So now Rog won’t Even TALK to the dude?? Um, let’s see, Queen putting him in the Tribute Band, Not With Them Ever?? Jeez, I thought I Had it, So Many Many Options here..

  • hell noo
    hell noo Napja +4

    I love how the audience is feeling it

  • DeepbloodEclipse

    Half the celebs were like "Who are these guys? o.O"

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 4 órája +1

      Eclipse. Have ya taken leave Completely of ya Senses?? Who the Heck doesn’t KNOW Queen??
      Hmm. You’re a worry, give ya that 🙄😳

  • Hluaye Hlutea
    Hluaye Hlutea Napja +1

    I want to see freddie singing in Oscar

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +2

      Um, sorry mate, Fred actually passed away, long long time ago.. it was in the news, I’m sure.. Jeez, I Hate breaking News like That to anybody..
      Now Adam was Chased a few years back now, by the Boys.. ah, I’m sure that was Also in the news, by the by..
      Tell ya what. Here’s an Article that ‘May’mHelp Explain all to ya,

  • Hluaye Hlutea
    Hluaye Hlutea Napja +1

    Queen + adam lambert really i thought adam is part of Queen. ...

  • Yunoko
    Yunoko Napja

    what the actual fuck.
    why Adam Lambert
    smh my head

    • QueenForADay
      QueenForADay Napja +2

      You realize Freddie died a long time ago, right? They've been touring as Queen + Adam Lambert since 2012. The demand for tickets for their shows is off the charts. Their concerts are among the best I've attended, and I've seen many singers/bands.

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +3

      Yunoko um, cos as Brian says, he’s a Gift From God, Voice in a Billion..hmm, dunno, ‘Might’ have Something to do with it, just thinking Aloud for you..cos it’s Obvious your little Brain has Yet To Engage, just sayin...💯😒😒😒😜

  • נועם כהן

    בווווווזזזזזזזזזז הוא אפס. פרדי פיייי מיליון יותר טוב מימנו. הוא אפילו לא מהקמצוץ של הקמצוץ.

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +2

      Queen + Adam Lambert

  • quinn phung
    quinn phung Napja +6

    look at all the pretty smiles on everybody's face. it's so beautiful.

  • Jhon Morales Aguirre

    Marc Martel is better

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +3

      Jhon Morales Aguirre Stfu.
      Guess that’ll take ya Another 8 Years to Digest the Indignity Of your Post.. 😒😴

  • El Saiyajin Z

    Puta que horrible canta

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 12 órája +1

      slynnc kitty That works, Missing the target, seems Not impressing anyone then, Jeez, I’m laughing my head off here! 😂😂😂

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 13 órája +1

      +It’s Today I don't read it. I use Google Translate. At times, it loses something in the translations. LOL

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 13 órája

      slynnc kitty 😊
      Bloody jeez, those mm trolls, even Where they Find Half these languages, got me Plain Tossed..Arabic, Spanish, German, yeah I can recognise..the Rest?? Only ppl who can Read that shite is them and You 😆😘
      And Yes, i Love seeing you Shoot ‘em Down, Big Smiles!! xx

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 14 órája +1

      +It’s Today You tickle me. Thanks. And you are doing a great job.

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 15 órája +1

      slynnc. Best I could do, I don’t have the patience to look up google translate..well, IF you didn’t Handle this Crap SO WELL, I ‘might be ‘ tempted..but you Got it in The Bag 😊😎
      Damn silly Trolls, you got Long Years Of Practice..Damn Long Years, I’d say xx

  • Ettiem Hernandez

    Ése nunca cantará cómo fredi mercurio canta como mujer

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +2

      Q+AL 💯🔥🔥🔥👑❤️❤️❤️

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty Napja +2

      Esa persona no fue contratada para imitar a Freddie.

  • D S
    D S Napja

    Marc martel would've been the better choice to sing for queen. Hell he did the vocal voiceover for rami malek in the film.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty Napja +3

      Brian and Roger feel they made the best choice. Considering they were also the one who chose Freddie, I'd say they know rap talent when they see it.

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +5

      D S How nice. The mm Resident Loony is Back. Yawn.
      Haven’t we done this to Death by now?? Lol, it’s almost second nature to Shoot ya Down..
      Here are the links (again and again and Again, just sayin..wonder Why I’m yawning) That Clearly Destroys ya little claim..mm did .01% Of the vocals, Birthday Scene, Smile audition. The Boys were Stoked they could use So Much Of Freddie’s Original Vocals Sliced and Joined Together..
      Frig. Can ya Please Try to get it throu ya Thick little mm Marketing Head? Just Try. That’s All I ask of ya..
      Here. Again
      Next. Sound fella Explaining How the Vocals were Created. Kindly Stop Vid Around 1.20 Mark (again). Take Note of the Screen for LiveAid he’s Working On. The Initals Clearly State Bri + Rog Private File..Zero Mention Of ya boi.
      Frig. Ya damn nutcase..

  • Anton Mink
    Anton Mink Napja +1

    Queen isn’t queen without Freddie

    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere Napja +4

      Freddie's dead. So ... that would make for a pretty creepy Oscar opening. I thought Q+AL did us all proud. God Bless Queen

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +5

      Anton Mink Hmm, so say you.. here, little snippet from Rolling Stone Interview Bri did, coupla Years back..
      Why is Queen music so enduring do you think?
      I don’t know. Maybe it’s just good. It does seem to have an incredible knack of effortlessly moving across generations. My only theory is we wrote as common people. We didn’t write about what it means to be a rock star. We wrote about the dreams and fears and ambitions of everybody. There are songs like “I Want to Break Free,” “We Are the Champions,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “I Want It All” - songs of people searching for a way out, a way to express themselves so they fit naturally into the architecture of people’s everyday lives. You go to any football match or hockey match or English rugby match or whatever around the world and you hear “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions.” They’ve become glued into people’s everyday lives in a way that is much more powerful than what you have on a record in you collection. It kind of shocks me that we are still so current, but it’s a very good feeling.
      Sod off Troll. Q+AL Work cos of Rock Royals + Frickin Kick Arse Gifted Vocalist +Showman

  • Junior Farías

    Where is john deacon?

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty Napja +1

      Really? He retire in 1997. Where have you been?

  • Tim Huff
    Tim Huff Napja +6

    Simply Awesome that is all you can say, I miss Freddie!

  • Mateo Leon
    Mateo Leon Napja +3

    Is it me or does Adam remind anyone a little bit of George micheal like the look the voice a little

  • Donaldisbeast 1

    The dude in 0:36 was like the only one who knows what rock and roll is

  • PineappleOnPizza

    i don’t like him... there’s sum about him i just don’t like

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +4

      Pineapple. Lol, read this munchkin. Try Reading a coupla of these Articles..’ May’ Help ya Understanding a Little..
      aaand Watch This. A little collection of Riffs btw Adam + Brian
      Sigh. Explain to twits, yep I know it..
      Leave ya to it..

    • PineappleOnPizza
      PineappleOnPizza Napja

      It’s Today wtf😂😂😂 he messes up queen the songs just don’t work with him i’m not trying to “troll” he just doesn’t sing the same style as queen they don’t fit queen is different he’s basic freddy mercury wasn’t basic...

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +3

      Pineapple. I assume this is one of those moments just for ‘sharing ya feelings’..guess now you’ve said your little Troll Comment, there’s No Point in ya Hanging Around with ppl Who Love Q+AL Now is there? Hmm, that’s what I thought..yawn
      Q+AL 🔥🔥🔥

  • escandalos polar panda pardo


  • NathanGamerTV

    Actors and Actress who are they

  • NitrogenAX
    NitrogenAX Napja +2

    It's not the singing that queen likes. It's more so the spirit he brings

    • QueenForADay
      QueenForADay Napja +2

      Brian and Roger say that Adam has a "voice in a billion." Brian says that sometimes he has to remind himself to keep playing because he's so astonished by what Adam can do vocally. I've witnessed this myself at their concerts. So, it's actually about both the spirit and the vocal prowess that Adam brings to their partnership. If you get a chance to attend one of their concerts, go. Every aspect of their shows is top-notch and they honor Freddie beautifully.

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +4

      NitrogenAX I think the Boys Love Both, Singing + Spirit. Adam’s The Perfect Man for the Job, All Boxes Ticked 😊😘

  • adorable adorable

    1:00 the solution of all my problems ;)

  • adorable adorable

    1:08 love the way Adam move the head

  • Laura_ Gymnastic

    Adam nikdy NIKDY nenahradí Freddieho😞💔💓

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty Napja +3

      On souhlasí.
      „Nikdy nebude další a já ho nenahradím. To není to co dělám. podělit se s diváky o to, jak moc mě inspiroval. "Pro mě @ QueenWillRock je Freddie a jsem host,"
      ---Adam Lambert

    • Lee Pace
      Lee Pace Napja +1

      Ani se o to nesnaží. Brian a Roger nechtějí Freddieho imitátora. (Je to Queen + Adam Lambert.)

  • esteban n
    esteban n Napja +1

    Adsm lambert payaso feo y marc martel fredy

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today Napja +3

      Good Call Peter 😆😘

    • peter pan
      peter pan Napja +3

      Fuck off troll.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty Napja +3

      Sólo hay un Freddie Mercury. Los tipos que eligieron a Freddie, ahora eligieron a Adam. No quieren un imitador.

  • The Rook
    The Rook Napja


  • Sherry Morris
    Sherry Morris 2 napja +19

    No offense Kevin Hart I love you and I respect your decision, however who needs a host when you have Queen and Adam Lambert

  • Spaghetti Yeti
    Spaghetti Yeti 2 napja

    Mark Martel put this guy to disgrace. He needs to be with Queen.

    • Lara Roostalu
      Lara Roostalu Napja +6

      Why is he not with Queen then? Maybe Queen don't care about touring with a Freddie tribute act? Gary Mullen would be more fun if they wanted to replace Freddie with an impersonator!

    • sunshine stone
      sunshine stone 2 napja +8

      'This guy' has been putting Marc Martel to disgrace for 7 years because he's the one who gave Brian and Roger the means to perform as Queen again, not Marc!

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 2 napja +6

      Spaghetti. mm? = 🤢🤢🤮🤮😴

  • Muhammad Khalid
    Muhammad Khalid 2 napja

    Why is it Queen and Adam Lambert? Isn't Adam their frontman now?

    • sunshine stone
      sunshine stone 2 napja +6

      They never wanted to replace Freddie, they have only collaborated with artists to hear their interpretations, hence Queen '+'. Once they found Adam, they don't want anyone else.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +5

      Guest frontman. Adam still has his solo career.

  • Azis NurAlexandria
    Azis NurAlexandria 2 napja +3

    oh god :')

  • Bodun
    Bodun 2 napja

    чмошник ваш Adam Lambert

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 2 napja +3

      Bodun. Adam Lambert !!

  • Анатолий Мироненко

    фу бля, ну и вокалист, все песни испортил

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 4 órája +1

      Анатолий Мироненко. 😒 ☠️ 🤢🤮🤨
      SLYNNC KITTY 👏👏🔥👑❤️👏👏😘

    • Анатолий Мироненко
      Анатолий Мироненко 11 órája

      +slynnc kitty эй давай до свидания)

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 22 órája +1

      +Анатолий Мироненко Ты даёшь какое-то дерьмо, учитывая, что ты здесь комментируешь это видео.

    • Анатолий Мироненко
      Анатолий Мироненко 22 órája

      +slynnc kitty мне похрену

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty Napja +1

      +Анатолий Мироненко Спасибо, что поделились своим мнением. Мое мнение таково, что вы не заслуживаете доверия.

  • Malakenji2016 Malak

    Farukh stay farukh no one can take this place 😞😞😞 u need 100 year to find one like him and perhaps

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 2 napja +3

      Ya plain Wrong on 2 counts there.
      NO ONE is ‘replacing’ Freddie. Adam Inherited From. Huge Difference. And he’s More Than a Fitting Heir in Carrying Fred’s Legacy Forward.
      Q+AL been Touring about Already for Years. This Collab Works. Original Rock Royals + Frickin’ Mind Blowing Gifted Vocalist +Showman.
      Where ya been living? Antartica?? How you Not Know Dis??
      Dud..or mm troll..whatever 😒💋

  • Ben10goodsucc
    Ben10goodsucc 2 napja +14

    Remember when Adam nearly didn’t make it because Simon thought he was too theatrical? I still think that’s hilarious

    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere Napja +2

      I remember that remark by Simon! Adam's come full circle for sure. Love him.

  • Alfredo Pacheco
    Alfredo Pacheco 2 napja +1

    what a singer's shit

    • peter pan
      peter pan Napja +4

      Oh look, an ugly gamer has guitars as profile pic... 😂 😂 😂

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +4

      The same guys who picked Freddie now picked Adam. 😂😂😂

  • Kittycomere
    Kittycomere 2 napja +27

    Adam Lambert saying Welcome to the Oscars! I've never been more proud of being a Glambert and a QueenBert! Congratulations Queen!

  • Dantalion
    Dantalion 2 napja

    Gosh I hate Christian Bale

  • Christine Steiner

    With all due respect, there's only one Freddy Mercury. No one even comes close. He was the best vocalist we'll ever witness in our lifetime.

    • peter pan
      peter pan 2 napja +6

      With all due respect, there's only one Adam Lambert. No one even comes close. He is the best vocalist we'll ever witness in our lifetime.

    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere 2 napja +7

      unfortunately Freddie's been dead for three decades, so I appreciate Queen for giving us Adam Lambert, to celebrate Queen and Freddie in my lifetime, best vocalist I will ever witness, repeat, in my lifetime. Do you get it yet? I want to see Queen in my lifetime

  • Bussy Bop
    Bussy Bop 2 napja


    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +5

      Adam agrees.
      "There's never going to be another, and I'm not replacing him. That's not what I'm doing. I'm trying to keep the memory alive, and remind people how amazing he was, without imitating him. I'm trying to share with the audience how much he inspired me." "To me @QueenWillRock is Freddie and I am a guest,”
      ---Adam Lambert

  • Julian R
    Julian R 2 napja

    This new guy is terrible

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 2 napja +9

      Julian R There’s a ‘New Guy??’ Where??
      Nah, Adam’s been here Long Time. Boys won’t Tour without the Dude..
      Where ya been, living under a Rock, or 50???

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +10

      He's not new. They have been selling out arenas all over the world for almost 7 years. The fans and media alike rate their concerts as stellar.

  • MsOnkel01
    MsOnkel01 2 napja +13

    There were just 3 great moments in that evening. This was the first. Then the performance of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and for last Rami Malek winning best actor!

  • Fucho Bolas
    Fucho Bolas 2 napja

    And John Deacon??

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 4 órája

      Kittycomere Hey, been meaning to chase you up on that ref Deaks. Where did you find that cos I’ve had no luck finding Anything Offical saying that..do you have a link pls??
      Thanks :-)

    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere 2 napja

      reports are mentally and/or physically feeble

  • Warren Jenkins
    Warren Jenkins 2 napja +25

    The whole point is it is Queen + Adam Lambert. They deliberately don't want a Freddie Mercury sound a like as they aren't wanting to replace him, you could NEVER replace Freddie Mercury.

    • nhathuy124 GD
      nhathuy124 GD 2 órája

      The only comment in the comment section i found correct.

    • Lara Roostalu
      Lara Roostalu 2 napja +1

      Yes, Freddie will never be replaced!

  • Flipibisni C.c
    Flipibisni C.c 2 napja +1

    explain that mandela effect

    • Flipibisni C.c
      Flipibisni C.c 2 napja +1

      +peter pan i was being saracastic my friend

    • peter pan
      peter pan 2 napja +1

      Go listen to the original live. You'll hear it because Freddie sang it.

  • Kartel -R6S
    Kartel -R6S 2 napja


    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere 2 napja +3


    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 2 napja +3

      Yep. mm crap..again + again + +
      Hmm, what about, ‘L’+uck?’
      What LUCK da Boys hooked up with Adam? That Works fine :-)
      Now F+uck Off mm Marketing Minion..
      You S+uck
      That works too 😜👋

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +5

      MM Minion

  • Dani V.L
    Dani V.L 2 napja +24

    Awesome Adam Lambert You always look amazing and fashioned..

  • Neide Ciocchetti

    Os divinos.

  • That Potato
    That Potato 2 napja

    Where’s Deacon???

  • Diana Smith
    Diana Smith 2 napja

    Gag. Adam sucks. Really that’s the best they could do? I know no one can replace Freddie but that was sad.

    • peter pan
      peter pan 2 napja +5

      Brian May and Roger Taylor call Adam Lambert the Gift from god and a voice in a billion. Who the fuck are you again? 😂

    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere 2 napja +6

      yes, It absolutely is the best they can do, and it works. if you're a Freddie fan, you're not paying attention!

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +4

      They think Adam is the bst.
      "Roger and I have seen literally thousands of singers in our lifetimes including some great ones auditioning for our We Will Rock You show, but we’ve never seen or heard anything like Adam. I always think that Freddie, with a wicked smile, would say something like “I hate you, Madam Lambert,” because even Freddie would have been gobsmacked at his range and his ability to reinterpret these songs which the four of us originally created together."
      (Classic Rock)

    • Lara Roostalu
      Lara Roostalu 2 napja +6

      Queen show with Adam Lambert is amazing!

  • Normunds Sperlins

    3:21 Freddie In The Oscers

  • RebelRedShirt _
    RebelRedShirt _ 2 napja

    Wow adam has really packed on the pounds

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 2 napja +3


    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere 2 napja +7

      RebelRedShirt, you win the dumbest comment award for this post

    • AKOM 20
      AKOM 20 2 napja +4

      No he hasn't he's just not skinny, he works out.

  • kuJAY Eagle
    kuJAY Eagle 2 napja

    For me. Adam lambert is the wannabe of freddie mercury

    • AKOM 20
      AKOM 20 Napja +2

      +sunshine stone
      You've been misinformed if you think there's hordes of people all ridiculing Adam and wanting a soundalike, who do you think goes to their sold out shows for the last six years? Some might prefer a soundalike but there's plenty who don't.

    • peter pan
      peter pan Napja +3

      +sunshine stone no, people don't want a Freddie sound alike or wannabe, only some trolls do... Luckily Adam Lambert is magnificent and original. 😊

    • sunshine stone
      sunshine stone 2 napja +1

      LOL.. I thought Adam is ridiculed for fronting Queen because he's NOTHING like Freddie Mercury! People want singers who sound like Freddie to front instead

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +4

      Sorry, you couldn't be more wrong.

    • AKOM 20
      AKOM 20 2 napja +5

      Adam's himself he's not a wannabe of anyone, he doesn't imitate Freddie.

  • Áron Pintér
    Áron Pintér 2 napja

    Teljes mértékben szégyenletes! Queen nincs tőbbé! Nem is értem hogy mernek egy paprikajancsit, Freedie helyére állitani!!! Ez ugy lett volna tiszteséges ha soha tőbbet nem lépnek fel, enyi-vége-nincs tovább! Legalábbis én igy tettem volna!

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +2

      Közel 7 éve koncerteket adtak el a világ minden tájáról. A rajongók szeretik őket.

  • Sourabh Suri
    Sourabh Suri 2 napja

    Just the Last Image of Freddie Bidding GoodBye (Wembley 1986), gave me Goosebumps.... YOU, BRIAN MAY, ROGER TAYLOR AND JOHN DEACON will LIVE ON - O' FREDDIE. Till The Time, MUSIC is there, You Guys will LIVE ON.

  • Joanna Bolkowska
    Joanna Bolkowska 2 napja +1

    Merkury nigdy nie afiszował się tak strasznie ze swoim homoseksualizmem. Słusznie uważał, że to jego prywatna sprawa. A ten klaun łazi na obcasach, zmalował się jak baba wsiowa, naobwieszał się kolczykami i fałszuje. Na odpust z nim albo do cyrku.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +2

      +Joanna Bolkowska Think whatever you like, but I hardly call any of Freddie's costumes normal. A man wearing a harlequin print leotarded ballet slippers hardly screams conservative. 😂😂😂

    • Joanna Bolkowska
      Joanna Bolkowska 2 napja

      ​+slynnc kitty Don't answer in my language. It is to difficult to translate it for a common translator and your answer is funny and silly. And still I will not change my mind.

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 2 napja +4

      slynnc kitty ❤️👏👏👏👏👏💯😘

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +2

      Czasy były wtedy znacznie inne i Freddie pozostał w szafie. Sugeruję, żebyś spojrzał na kostiumy Freddiesa, zanim zaczniesz mówić o tak kompletnym nonsensie.

  • Ella Matz
    Ella Matz 3 napja +1

    Marc martel join the group

    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere 2 napja +5

      Good Lord wake up, MM could NEVER do for Queen and Freddie Mercury what Adam has done. Adam is the sole reason they're out there touring live today, 200 sold-out shows for 7 years all over the world.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 2 napja +5

      +Ella Matz It's no mystery, but it's much less than you think.
      Massey, the film’s re-recording mixer/music mixer says “99.9%” of the singing in the film is Mercury. The rest is a blend of Malek’s voice with Mercury sound-alike Marc Martel. (Variety)

    • Lara Roostalu
      Lara Roostalu 2 napja +6

      +Ella Matz What mystery? Freddie is the main vocalist in the movie. It's confirmed by every official source.

    • Ella Matz
      Ella Matz 3 napja +1

      +slynnc kitty yes he is.. Im thinking 💭 his the mystery voice in the bohemian rhapsody movie

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 3 napja +4

      +Ella Matz Actually, it's great.

  • Der Löwe
    Der Löwe 3 napja +1

    Marc martel would be better

    • sunshine stone
      sunshine stone 2 napja +2

      At what? Copying Freddie?

    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere 2 napja +3

      MM couldn't possibly do this: huclip.com/video/wdEe68SR-uY/vide%C3%B3.html

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 3 napja +6

      Brian And Roger already have the very best and we didn't even need to stoop to marketing him on anyone else's videos.😂 😂 😂

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 3 napja +6

      Hmm, at screwing the Boys Over? Yep, I agree with you there.. he’s got That Move Down PAT..☠️☠️☠️

  • paopao navarro
    paopao navarro 3 napja +1

    marc martel please...

    • Kittycomere
      Kittycomere 2 napja +3

      can MM do this? huclip.com/video/wdEe68SR-uY/vide%C3%B3.html

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 3 napja +5

      +paopao navarro Take him please. He's nothin more than a sterile sounding Freddie, a Freddie wannabe and not what Brian and Roger want.😥

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 3 napja +5

      Here Troll, Direct copy + paste
      Hmm, at screwing the Boys Over? Yep, I agree with you there.. he’s got That Move Down PAT..☠️☠️☠️

    • paopao navarro
      paopao navarro 3 napja +1

      hahaha.. marc martel is better than adam lambert

    • It’s Today
      It’s Today 3 napja +5


  • Богдан Колос

    I respect Adam's talent and stuff BUT without Freddie's voice it's the whole different story yall guys

    • sunshine stone
      sunshine stone Napja +2

      Freddie's version is untouchable! but Adam gives us another version that is really good too

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty 3 napja +5

      Then Brian and Roger have succeeded in what they want to do.


    0:51 What’s wrong with that Girl?

  • Wendy Fiolek
    Wendy Fiolek 3 napja +2

    Aww. I love the big photo of Freddie showing in the background. So awesome.

  • Dovic
    Dovic 3 napja

    God I miss Freddie so much