Kanye West, Jay-Z - H*A*M (VEVO Presents: G.O.O.D. Music)

  • Közzététel: 2011.júl.12.
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    VEVO presents Kanye West & G.O.O.D. Music. VEVO Powerstation: Austin, TX. Watch The Throne - H*A*M (c) 2010 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
  • ZeneZene

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  • Hungry Norma
    Hungry Norma Napja


  • demrvski beats
    demrvski beats 2 napja

    legen...wait for it....dary

  • Alexandre Epanya


  • Mmapara Pilusa
    Mmapara Pilusa 4 napja

    The first 30 seconds of epic opera music should be played the day Cristiano Ronaldo retires.

  • Murph
    Murph 4 napja

    Why isn’t there an audio version??

  • Loveee_Lisi
    Loveee_Lisi 10 napja +1

    Hot mess performance 🤣

  • Emerge Matic
    Emerge Matic 10 napja

    My Album

  • Jenni Broughton
    Jenni Broughton 13 napja

    Watched for the 1st time now I'm wasted for words it's dam good

  • Christian Ramirez


  • Eli Godsey
    Eli Godsey 16 napja

    You talk it, I live it. Like Eli, I did it. Thanks for the shoutout Kanye!

  • don brassco
    don brassco 17 napja +1

    Angels& Demons😈

  • Skthmd Rmn
    Skthmd Rmn 28 napja

    i'm here only for the track between 3:33 to 4:05

  • Dabbs_Leader
    Dabbs_Leader 29 napja

    I like how I get copyrighted some how on this song when it only used some of the background music and this song is so old only 2000 kids know this song

  • Alma Madison
    Alma Madison Hónapja

    This is terrible

    EL JOKER Hónapja

    Yo vine por el proyecto x :v

  • Royal Lioness
    Royal Lioness Hónapja +2

    The beginning of this song makes me feel like charging into my boss's office with all my co workers just to ask him....

    Why didn't he wash his hands after he shitted in the restroom?😥 I felt so bad for my co worker.....

    He got 2 pat's on the back with those shitty hands!!😢. True story.

  • Travis Boykin
    Travis Boykin Hónapja +1

    Night Night......

  • stephen sherman
    stephen sherman Hónapja

    How about that R and R or that TLC. Get he'll off my parade deck alaph company parade deck. RIP GUNNA

  • Charles Villion
    Charles Villion Hónapja +1

    Wow.. remember when artists used to try on their outfits

  • Cornelius Griffin
    Cornelius Griffin Hónapja +1

    Miss these two together but they separate you when you got Mike and princes DNA

  • Koos Bernard
    Koos Bernard Hónapja

    Who's here cuz said he's born again

    JAY DIMES Hónapja

    I think earl Tyler domos was better

  • Vineet Avhad
    Vineet Avhad Hónapja

    Jesus is King dropped today but who still bout the no fcks given, rebel kanye from 2011?

  • Mvuyisi Qotyiwe
    Mvuyisi Qotyiwe Hónapja

    Kanye really idolized Jigga...

  • Kenny Karuga
    Kenny Karuga Hónapja

    PROJECT X still Lives!

  • Darwin
    Darwin Hónapja +2


  • DeMariona
    DeMariona Hónapja +1

    Beast Mode In That Bitch!

  • jj arthurton
    jj arthurton Hónapja +10

    I came here for the intro because of a meme of a black Kid who flunked school so his mom attempt to hit him but the kid was too strong so she summoned the dad by changing the thermostat and the kid was beaten mercilessly.

  • Nelkon Nsamba
    Nelkon Nsamba Hónapja +1


  • Nav Ish
    Nav Ish Hónapja +2

    Came here from the video of that guy who failed and stopping his moms sandals, then the dad came with the belt. Lmfao

    • Shawn RoYalE
      Shawn RoYalE Hónapja

      Yeaaah, right. The UI theme

    • Nav Ish
      Nav Ish Hónapja

      Shawn RoYalE the first one is from dragon ball i think.

    • Nav Ish
      Nav Ish Hónapja

      Shawn RoYalE lmfao 😂😂

    • Shawn RoYalE
      Shawn RoYalE Hónapja +1


  • Arturia Pendragon
    Arturia Pendragon 2 hónapja +1

    Where can I find the instrumental with the beginning included?

  • Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz 2 hónapja

    God music

  • Xx-DevilsGirl-Xx ps4
    Xx-DevilsGirl-Xx ps4 2 hónapja +1

    Why is this song not on Spotify

  • mal
    mal 2 hónapja +1

    they took this off spotify😔

  • Suits N Ties
    Suits N Ties 2 hónapja

    They Roc'd that joint!

  • Eya Taux
    Eya Taux 2 hónapja +1

    LoL 🎻

  • The Lord Of Lard
    The Lord Of Lard 2 hónapja

    What is the choir part called? Not all the rap shit, I want to know what THE REAL music is here.

  • TacoBread Boi
    TacoBread Boi 2 hónapja

    Here from that DJ Khaled meme about 1 Billion

  • Noah Oppenheimer
    Noah Oppenheimer 2 hónapja +1

    Congratulations, all 77 4 Winged Creatures of Light around the world. Eternity is ours!!!

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 2 hónapja

    Am here for only 3:29

  • Richard Löwenherz
    Richard Löwenherz 2 hónapja

    50 Cent

  • Richard Löwenherz
    Richard Löwenherz 2 hónapja

    HAM = Horrible ass Music.

  • Sajad Fadhel
    Sajad Fadhel 2 hónapja

    Where can I find the beginning from 0:17?

  • Aaron Wriston
    Aaron Wriston 2 hónapja

    Damn there was a lot of white arms in the crowd 🥴🥴🥴

  • Koolkac
    Koolkac 2 hónapja

    Kanye was fresh af!

  • Daniel Carafoli
    Daniel Carafoli 2 hónapja +1

    Uhhh actually its jigga and I

  • Kalligraphii
    Kalligraphii 2 hónapja +1

    You can't find this fucking song anywhere.

  • TriLL N
    TriLL N 2 hónapja


  • Daygo
    Daygo 3 hónapja

    Jay-Z went SPAM on his part.

  • Karl D
    Karl D 3 hónapja

    ye, weren't lying at Glastonbury, when he said, you are now listening to the biggest rock star on the planet, right now.

  • Gustavo Maximo
    Gustavo Maximo 3 hónapja

    Project X

  • Travis Sloan
    Travis Sloan 3 hónapja +1

    If Kanye and Jay get together. It’s gonna be a banger 100% of the time.

  • CashlandChance
    CashlandChance 3 hónapja

    I been looking for this song for forever

    MICHAEL COOKS JR 3 hónapja

    Jay Z Kanye Together is greatness Legend

  • pako speed Denver
    pako speed Denver 3 hónapja

    Someone send me the link to the studio version i cant see it due to my country and state i guess whaaaaaaa

    KID ADMIRAL 3 hónapja +1


  • Vagyok Valaki
    Vagyok Valaki 3 hónapja

    I got aggressive because of the music. Is that normal ?

    UNCLE ILL 3 hónapja