Fire in Delhi's Anaj Mandi kills dozens of factory workers | DW News

  • Közzététel: 2019.dec. 8.
  • At least 43 people have been killed in a fire in the Anaj Mandi area of Delhi, which is India's capital city. The blaze broke out in a workshop building in the crowded old city center early this morning. Handbags and luggage made from flammable materials were produced in the building. Officials say rescue operations are now over and the fire has been put out by the Delhi Fire Service. Most of the dead were workers who were sleeping inside the factory.
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  • Jack sparrow
    Jack sparrow Hónapja

    Corrupt politicians, corrupt system

  • Jurgen Angler
    Jurgen Angler Hónapja

    N Modi is fascism follower and ruler

  • UV Gardener
    UV Gardener Hónapja +2

    Where is that Indian DW host who routinely attacks China?

    • Jurgen Angler
      Jurgen Angler Hónapja

      Enjoying his money & life and maybe blonde wife in germany. Bet he never care about his own country

  • Uttam Sharma
    Uttam Sharma Hónapja +3

    Root cause of every problem in India is population density.

  • Dablu kumar
    Dablu kumar Hónapja

    Sad 😥😥 😥

  • Abdulla Saifi
    Abdulla Saifi Hónapja +1

    Behenchod ambulance next day aayi hai kya karoge madarchod tum BHI aise hi jaloge

  • Alto Sublimation
    Alto Sublimation Hónapja

    Raid on this place this will also catch fire

    • Alto Sublimation
      Alto Sublimation Hónapja

      Hind Khilona Udyog Home shanti nagar

    • Alto Sublimation
      Alto Sublimation Hónapja

      Manufacturer of Smiley Pillows, Kids Pillows & Sublimation Cushion offered by Hind Khilona Udyog from Delhi, India.

  • John V
    John V Hónapja +1

    Very sad. I imagine most buildings there must be a fire hazard.

  • Korean Men
    Korean Men Hónapja

    We Pray for vitims of fire. for his , her familly...

  • Marie Katherine
    Marie Katherine Hónapja +2

    So sad. Human life has no value, especially if you’re poor. Who works in these places except the very poor?

  • Charlie Kaushal
    Charlie Kaushal Hónapja +4

    Incredible India, where Human lives has no value,

  • Ramesh Malhotra
    Ramesh Malhotra Hónapja +1

    The most popular CM of DELHI for his selfish interest is legalising all ILLEGAL COLONIES and this is the final result for votes this man can go down ro any level

  • Haran Sivasambu
    Haran Sivasambu Hónapja +2


    • Haran Sivasambu
      Haran Sivasambu Hónapja

      @Get Info .

    • Get Info
      Get Info Hónapja

      Be alert it will find you ...

  • Kalam Khan
    Kalam Khan Hónapja

    In India Rapes & Killing are just common. Politician,s get benefits in the name deal body and Raped women

  • Mike Eastridge
    Mike Eastridge Hónapja +14

    This is what happens if there is no health and safety culture. But at least it keeps the cost down for the big corporation and profits up for share holders.

    • Mike Eastridge
      Mike Eastridge Hónapja

      @《 HI 》 Its a cultural thing im afraid.

    • Haran Sivasambu
      Haran Sivasambu Hónapja

      Fire burning every day worldwide even First Technology install industrial complex.

    • 《 HI 》
      《 HI 》 Hónapja +5

      It's not easy after British stole everything from us.
      And you are 100% right.
      Rich people in india rule their local areas.

  • Little Traveller
    Little Traveller Hónapja +14

    Electrics in India are a joke. But, operating illegally? 90%+ operate illegally because compliance in India is a joke. The red tape is so cumbersome most will opt to operate illegally.

  • Rahul P
    Rahul P Hónapja +5

    Great work DW news