Kanye West - All of the Lights

  • Közzététel: 2011.jan.12.
  • Artist: Kanye West Song: All of the Lights Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
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  • Hayslee Cassidy
    Hayslee Cassidy 8 órája

    2k14 memories 🥺

  • jack siberry
    jack siberry 8 órája

    Kell Brook

  • Mr Xavier
    Mr Xavier Napja


  • Charlister
    Charlister Napja +2

    Glad xQc could listen to this song to get it out his head

  • Discripted
    Discripted Napja +9

    who came here after XQCs tweet?

  • Snazzy_Tomato
    Snazzy_Tomato 2 napja +13

    Aight who's here cause of pvc

  • Cece E
    Cece E 4 napja

    i tear up out of no where somtimes idk whyyy. i think its because its soo nostalgic from my childhood and i love ittt. i cant imagine so many years from now & hearin this

  • Puffy G
    Puffy G 6 napja +3

    Who else misses these goated times and want their childhood back

  • L I L B L A R T
    L I L B L A R T 7 napja +1

    Fantastic song, MBDTF is a Masterpiece

  • Rowan Alsheikh
    Rowan Alsheikh 8 napja

    Whose hear after HUclip’s bitch ass took down the 10 minuet remix one??

  • theOnlyy_.bloss Gang
    theOnlyy_.bloss Gang 10 napja +21

    This song makes me cry every time I listen to it because I remember this I was 2 years old jamming to this in the car on the way to my sisters basketball game

    • Lilfreezy 3278
      Lilfreezy 3278 4 napja

      i am boomer. Shut yo history teaching ass up you degrading pussy

    • i am boomer.
      i am boomer. 6 napja

      Ha,you cry over a song haha , PUSSY

    • L.E.E
      L.E.E 8 napja

      @theOnlyy_.bloss Gang that explains why

    • theOnlyy_.bloss Gang
      theOnlyy_.bloss Gang 8 napja +1

      L.E.E I’m not 2 but I had a flashback.

    • L.E.E
      L.E.E 8 napja +2

      Wait, how do you remember when you are 2

  • patrick howard
    patrick howard 10 napja

    This song always got me hype in 2k14

  • Gamen Snootdroop
    Gamen Snootdroop 13 napja +1

    Still a 6.

  • IronPlastic Machine

    NBA 2k14 biyatch!!!!!

  • Matt Crawford
    Matt Crawford 14 napja

    found out about this song 5 years ago because of a gatorade commercial that got lit 🔥

  • imraan ibrahim
    imraan ibrahim 14 napja +2

    2k14 squad?

  • Liam Healy
    Liam Healy 18 napja +3

    Who else here from James Milners book😂😂😂

  • Rob Lox
    Rob Lox 18 napja +2

    Who ever like this got big boobies 😋

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O 19 napja

    Here from a shitty meme. Who else?

  • Stace Mann
    Stace Mann 21 napja


  • Zak Ingram
    Zak Ingram 21 napja


  • Antonio Ross
    Antonio Ross 23 napja

    All Of The Lights

  • aubrei ellison
    aubrei ellison 23 napja

    I like this song

  • Noelle-Spades
    Noelle-Spades 25 napja +73

    I love how the message is asking to shine a light on the realties of the poor communities (gheto universities) to quite possibly one of the most iconic beats of the generation. Though it is pretty ironic how the song is remembered for its multiple artists and said iconic background music as opposed to the message, which is largely ignored/forgotten/unacknowledged. Leaving the communities and the cycle of violence and poverty within them to continue on without much consideration.

    • theOnlyy_.bloss Gang
      theOnlyy_.bloss Gang 8 napja

      I have no idea what you said but I agree😂 and this needs more recognition.

    • Max the dawgy paints
      Max the dawgy paints 11 napja +3

      Just like Kanye forgot all about the poor communities once he got way too famous

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 26 napja

    Umm... Not that good but good.....😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  • Giorgio cartier
    Giorgio cartier 28 napja

    NBA 2k14 ?

  • Horror Top 8s
    Horror Top 8s Hónapja

    Peleton song

  • Az Iz
    Az Iz Hónapja

    Yo Kanye is iconic man , he pulled out all of the fake of the world at his concert , could loose your life over exposing the truth. Man is a music legend .

  • David
    David Hónapja +6

    Tbh I didn’t even know Elton John and drake were In this song til now. Could hardly hear them.

    • J IV
      J IV 9 napja

      Timestamp please?

    • David
      David 25 napja

      Lol I know 😭

    • Isa Lo
      Isa Lo 25 napja

      Hahahah what????

  • Homer Simpsons
    Homer Simpsons Hónapja +13

    His peak tbh, and a real high one at that

  • Joann Miller
    Joann Miller Hónapja

    This is a song about a man hit his woman and all of the lights means the cops is on his ass.

  • Lachelle Lewis
    Lachelle Lewis Hónapja

    Wish there was a version sans Kanye

  • Sandra Bittner
    Sandra Bittner Hónapja +1

    Das Lied ist so wunderschön

  • d6rk
    d6rk Hónapja

    Was that a fucking remix or something else cuz idk wtf that was

  • Dina Cherubin
    Dina Cherubin Hónapja

    Can’t let her grow up in that ghetto university.... LIGHTS 🖤

  • After Spy
    After Spy Hónapja

    whats your phone number

  • ILWIN12
    ILWIN12 Hónapja +2

    This was uploaded on my birthday!

  • Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster Hónapja

    Brook smashed Porter,, jus sayin 😎

  • L'Union Fait La Force

    On a Kanye binge right now just tryna GRASP his genius of his other worldly production and songwriting.
    Appreciate him now while he's here DESPITE his support for Donald Trump. Doesn't make Kanye anything less than The G.O.A.T. regardless of his political views, nor his opinions.

  • Rochelle M
    Rochelle M Hónapja +4

    This still slaps.

  • Andrew Fermano
    Andrew Fermano Hónapja +5

    Crazy how this is about his battle with fame

  • Celty Rain
    Celty Rain Hónapja +1

    I’m here because of a commercial 😂😂

  • Shadow Spire
    Shadow Spire Hónapja +72

    Who else is here from the peloton ad?

    • Stace Mann
      Stace Mann 21 napja +1

      I never even heard of this song into peloton. I love it!

    • James Presnell
      James Presnell 22 napja +1

      Watching bleach on viz media for peloton😎

    • Smacky
      Smacky Hónapja +2

      I am watching TV on Hulu and came here from the Peloton ad cuz I like the song

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden Hónapja +6

      What was weird is I came to this song for the first time in over 5 years and played the shit out of it, and THEN the next day I saw the ad. Oddly coincidental...

    • Spiffy Scorp
      Spiffy Scorp Hónapja +1

      Over here :)

  • American Rebel79
    American Rebel79 Hónapja +5

    Kanye is just a damn good song writer !

  • Robert Mounts
    Robert Mounts Hónapja

    THIS SONG BLOWS WHALE NUTZ,🌊🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙

  • Gold Huntar
    Gold Huntar Hónapja

    who listening in December 2019

  • e22378
    e22378 Hónapja

    Dedicate this song to my man A.J. revenge is sweet!!!

  • MMC4009
    MMC4009 Hónapja +2

    You can do it PALATON!

  • Oscar Geronimo Franco Gimenez

    OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • DeeRock
    DeeRock Hónapja +1

    Gwen Stefani killed the end💯💯💯💯

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia Hónapja

    Jordan fisher got this shit stuck in my head smh

  • fortnite GOST Faze_Dark494YT

    OGS 😍😍💪😎😄😀

  • Time_Zeasty
    Time_Zeasty Hónapja +1

    Jordan Fisher brought me here

  • Kona Jyun
    Kona Jyun Hónapja +1

    This song will always be so addictive, part of the old Kanye squad.

  • hi i'm emily
    hi i'm emily Hónapja

    Kanye's greatest song to date, and if he keeps making shit like _Jesus is King_ he'll never even come close to this level again.

    • Jacob Madrid
      Jacob Madrid Hónapja

      hi i'm emily how do you put underscores around them?

    • hi i'm emily
      hi i'm emily Hónapja

      @Jacob Madrid I put underscores around it. If you want bold text, put asterisks around it.

    • Jacob Madrid
      Jacob Madrid Hónapja

      hi i'm emily how did you write Jesus is King like that?

    • Mike Piedra
      Mike Piedra Hónapja

      hi i'm emily Bruh how am I contradicting myself? I loved it for what it was. I didn’t expect it to be something monumental like MBDTF lmao I knew it would be simple, and I loved every song on it

    • hi i'm emily
      hi i'm emily Hónapja

      @Mike Piedra And yet you said it was great. You can't even go two replies without contradicting yourself.

  • James Day
    James Day Hónapja +1

    This is such a fucking tune

  • Roman Saiz
    Roman Saiz Hónapja

    A bad song.😂😂😂.

  • Muhammad Alwad
    Muhammad Alwad Hónapja

    Wolves fans?

  • シIts_just_gabbyy
    シIts_just_gabbyy Hónapja +1

    I haven’t heard this in forever and I heard it from a commercial

  • Leyenda
    Leyenda Hónapja +2

    I don’t remember the ending 😬