Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater - Lola (Official Video)

  • Közzététel: 2019.nov. 8.
  • Listen to the single "Lola". Out now!
    Stream: Empire.lnk.to/LolaYo
    #IggyAzalea #AliceChater #Lola
    Official Music video by Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater performing "Lola" (Official Video) © 2019 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE
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  • Iggy Azalea
    Iggy Azalea 7 napja +17759

    I’ll be online at 10:30pm EST to watch the premiere with you all ! We’re gonna have some fun! Comment below with your questions about the video 😊

  • kye kye
    kye kye 4 órája

    I live for Iggy

  • Nazrin Music
    Nazrin Music 4 órája

    Mambo Italiano !!!

  • Bianca Pereira
    Bianca Pereira 4 órája

    Simplesmente viciada nessa musica

  • DaOneFame
    DaOneFame 4 órája

    More promo please!! 💥 💥 This song is so dopeeee!

  • Serob Solomonyan
    Serob Solomonyan 4 órája

    Hey mamba

  • Marc Santo
    Marc Santo 4 órája

    C un semple ?

  • Spanks The Evil Clown

    ripped off the tune...

  • Jess X Beauty
    Jess X Beauty 5 órája

    Hey mambo Italiano?...

  • Rochelle Dea
    Rochelle Dea 5 órája

    Lola = Grandma

  • Armando Ramirez
    Armando Ramirez 5 órája

    Ta chida la rolita me gusto 😍

    BLINK SQUAD 5 órája +2

    She is better than cardi in my opinion
    She has a perfect body 😍😍😍

    • Mahdy Az
      Mahdy Az 5 órája

      just because she has a better body doesn't mean she is better than cardi or whoever .. your standards are trash even though i'm an iggy fan

  • Kels_ x
    Kels_ x 5 órája +1

    This is so fucking uncomfortable to watch 😂

  • Diego Perry
    Diego Perry 5 órája

    3:30 mood

  • crazy queen
    crazy queen 5 órája

    I love iggy so damn much

  • Carmen Garcias
    Carmen Garcias 5 órája


  • PROOX41104
    PROOX41104 5 órája

    its sounds like the ( Hey mambo Italiano song ) :DD

  • Adelaida Ispir
    Adelaida Ispir 5 órája

    Hey mambo mambo americano..

  • ri ma
    ri ma 5 órája


  • Valentina Miceli
    Valentina Miceli 5 órája

    This sounds like
    2019 and nobody have any idea for new songs Hahahahaha how ridicolous..

  • Flori Pergjegji
    Flori Pergjegji 6 órája +1


  • superbataman
    superbataman 6 órája

    hey mambo, mambo italiano....

  • Poon Hyuna
    Poon Hyuna 6 órája

    Same melody as a hk old songs

  • asiya gadzh
    asiya gadzh 6 órája

    Хэй мамбоо ,мамо италиано👌😁

  • rusyaidigrndeilish
    rusyaidigrndeilish 6 órája +1

    15M in 2 weeks ? let's go , guys , keep on watching the mv ! 💖

  • rusyaidigrndeilish
    rusyaidigrndeilish 6 órája +1

    20k comments in 1 week ! congrats queens ! 👑🔥💕

  • Markoosh
    Markoosh 6 órája +1

    How the fuck is this not a massive hit? I'm legit so confused. Bad timing?

    • Daniel Budik
      Daniel Budik 4 órája

      @Markoosh nope I'm not her fan, infact I have no clue who or what that bitch is, I clicked on it because it was on my recommendations, and thanks for your understanding ❤

    • Markoosh
      Markoosh 5 órája

      @Daniel Budik I mean, unless you're an Alice fan, clicking on an artist video that you dislike just to hate is kinda sad. But it ain't my business.

    • Daniel Budik
      Daniel Budik 5 órája

      Because it's iguana, the biggest flop in the world ♂ꏿꏿ go figure 😋

  • Rick Schank
    Rick Schank 6 órája

    Hey I think the girl is to sloppy to show her face unless she calls me I'll grab her and throw her post her higher and sexyer but got to send torpedos at ASAP Rocky with people stabin him legally for free just keep posting him with gays like boygeorge mixed in his songs but don't charge me any money its a attack I'll take iggy azalia from here now u keep posting gay fools all around asap rocky till he commits suiside hurry go. Quick fast

  • Mr Piggy
    Mr Piggy 6 órája +1

    check out for Alice Chater she is so talented go watch her music videos, she is realy have a potential to be our next pop queen.

  • Galoche Mon père
    Galoche Mon père 6 órája

    Yo iggy you need to sign the contract with B R A Z Z E R S rn

  • Erykah Snow
    Erykah Snow 7 órája +1

    Eh mambo, mambo italiano, ....
    now they are all good at copying songs, or covering in new versions,

  • [ KIAN ]
    [ KIAN ] 7 órája

    nice music video
    it's awesome

  • crystaltownaz
    crystaltownaz 7 órája

    Such a good, catchy song and fun video! This should have waaaay more views and likes.

  • xylu lero
    xylu lero 7 órája

    Iggy is making a very nice music nowadays and im so proud to say that im one of her loyal fan😍

  • Arpita Mani
    Arpita Mani 7 órája

    0:34 y r their tongue so long 🤷‍♀️

  • Waterteal
    Waterteal 7 órája

    Why Katy, Kesha, Iggy, Nicki are flopping...? This year is just a mess

  • Kofi Keelson
    Kofi Keelson 7 órája

    "Oh lola lola lola lola"
    Hey LoLa.
    ~Cause its 2019
    No lala la la .

  • Kofi Keelson
    Kofi Keelson 7 órája


    👀 you peep

  • Sam Len
    Sam Len 7 órája +2

    This deserves 1 billion views..

  • Tunga Troll
    Tunga Troll 7 órája

    just a patchwork of other popular songs...

  • Henry Lansky
    Henry Lansky 7 órája

    Lol- oooook-- god I bet every record exec involved in her career can’t wait until she goes away once and for all. I love when they try to make a catchy pop song and they can’t find where to put the hook in. Case in point. Verse chorus verse. 💩

  • kora time
    kora time 7 órája +1


  • Hentai Samurai
    Hentai Samurai 7 órája +1

    Iggy better off independant.

  • H8 M3
    H8 M3 7 órája


  • Jazmin J
    Jazmin J 8 órája

    I'm straight as heck but alice makes me wanna hit it 😂🙊

  • Wonderforest
    Wonderforest 8 órája +1

    Alice is doing her own thing during the whole video and I am hereeee for ittt

    • michael kidwell
      michael kidwell 8 órája

      Wonderforest they both did awesome Alice directed the video with Iggy

  • Joey Ash
    Joey Ash 8 órája

    Now im proud to have Bipolar Disorder 💝

  • IziarFknCassidyRepn3028Melb

    White Chicks..😏😏💯🔥🔥

  • Leo Seekiz
    Leo Seekiz 8 órája +1

    Amazing song of this year. ♥️

  • tenzing choekyi
    tenzing choekyi 8 órája +2

    I swear to God all recent releases have been so good. I hope our queen knows it. We appreciate and love you tonsssss. Don't be so hard on yourself baby gurll. 💖💖💖

  • Yana vn
    Yana vn 8 órája

    Плагиат на песню. SHAFT- MAMBO ITALIANO
    мамбо италиано 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔



  • 4uvak on na ekrane
    4uvak on na ekrane 9 órája

    All you calabraise-a do the mambo like a crazy with a

  • Wakil Basman
    Wakil Basman 9 órája

    loveee it 😍✨🔥

  • Jasmine Rodriquez
    Jasmine Rodriquez 9 órája +1

    Seems like every song Iggy releases, she’s growing and expanding. Like, y’all please don’t sleep on her. She’s gonna make it. 👏🏻😭🤧💕💕💕

  • Shaker 74
    Shaker 74 9 órája +1


  • Lola E.
    Lola E. 9 órája

    Tfw your name is Lola 😐

  • 4uvak on na ekrane
    4uvak on na ekrane 9 órája

    Mambo italiano

  • Akhmad SW
    Akhmad SW 9 órája

    Don't you think that Iggy's voice is kinda like Nicky Minaj's?

  • Akhmad SW
    Akhmad SW 9 órája