Whis and Broly in Dragon Ball Super BROLY


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  • Katlego Blake

    What an annoying voice

  • Gogeta _Blue
    Gogeta _Blue 6 napja

    So heres what i think whis will distract broly when goku and vegeta become gogeta just like pikkon except broly wont even beable to touch whis

  • Eminent Skillz
    Eminent Skillz 13 napja

    Whis grabs him by the neck and talks to him. Possible God of Destruction.... Its down to vegeta and broly since goku turned whis down.

  • TrýHÁrđ Cx
    TrýHÁrđ Cx 13 napja


  • Infinite Pro
    Infinite Pro 15 napja

    Ok fair enough

  • RockmanMegaX
    RockmanMegaX 16 napja +1

    You stated:
    Without a doubt - 3 times
    By far - 2 times
    Broly does not care - 3 times
    Guys - like 50 times

  • hakaigod ki
    hakaigod ki 20 napja

    Broly: smacks beerus pudding.

  • Kaptainrdean
    Kaptainrdean 22 napja

    Why talk when you have nothing to say

  • Aron Michael
    Aron Michael 22 napja

    Are you from Portugal

  • Ramon Beltran
    Ramon Beltran 22 napja

    This video reminds me of the wow this is an aspen you can tell it’s an aspen because the way it is 😂😂😂😂

  • Rujewitblood
    Rujewitblood 23 napja

    whis gonna whis

  • John Wyble
    John Wyble 23 napja

    Man this movie doesn't even look like it's on the same level as Battle of the Gods. It looks way below Resurrection of F and it's light-years blow ToP. Raise your standards. Fr

  • Andre King
    Andre King 23 napja

    What if whis decides he wants broly as the new god of destruction. Then will whis end up being an enemy of beerus👀 why exactly is He there

  • 5henenel
    5henenel 23 napja

    Whiz has no business fighting Brolly that’s NOT who he is so sorry bra I don’t see it

  • Comfi Kingstun
    Comfi Kingstun 24 napja

    Says 2 is largest number definitely
    (2 seconds later)
    What if 3 is bigger than 2 tho

  • Ketan Tiwari
    Ketan Tiwari 24 napja

    it's not broly it's the father of all saiyans He is Yamoshi of planet vechita

  • YSSipher
    YSSipher 24 napja

    This annoying guy again...

  • Greg Wright
    Greg Wright 24 napja

    He said whis will not have an issue dealing with Broly thing is if Broly didn’t feel he would win he wouldn’t fight the angle especially sense they can’t sense power from him they all get a little stand offish plus Broly was suppose to be the penuchle if there race the cream of the crop the Sayan Jiren. So I truly don’t think he will have a hard time fighting whis

  • Rasi Perrin
    Rasi Perrin 24 napja

    Boi why you keep talking... LIKE THAT?

  • Zane Gray
    Zane Gray 24 napja

    WARNING Don't operate heavy machinery while listening to this guy!

  • Vinocchio's Page
    Vinocchio's Page 24 napja

    where's the god-damn video?

  • Uganda Knuckles
    Uganda Knuckles 24 napja

    In the Goku black ark, didn't Who's say Angels can't fight, or was that just me?

  • hempy hemp
    hempy hemp 24 napja

    repeat yourself some more. your take on broly is abit off too.

  • butts mcgee
    butts mcgee 24 napja


  • butts mcgee
    butts mcgee 24 napja


  • butts mcgee
    butts mcgee 24 napja


  • Tamika Alvin
    Tamika Alvin 24 napja

    Its kind of sad that y'all doing broly

  • illestcuban 17
    illestcuban 17 24 napja

    Kill yourself

  • Anthony Belamoer
    Anthony Belamoer 24 napja

    broly will harm whis that's why whis got those ability to rewind time to figure how to counter act brolly

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 24 napja

    What if Whis pushes Broly to MUI ?

  • José Villaró
    José Villaró 24 napja

    Asian Trump is that you?

  • Mario Henriquez
    Mario Henriquez 24 napja

    Wena mala

  • David W.
    David W. 24 napja

    This was the most boring video I've ever seen.

  • Infinite Pro
    Infinite Pro 24 napja

    U mean it’s longer they fight the stronger they become but let’s not forget goku and vegeta are saiyans too and u know what that means and if ur only thinking of only brolly but like I said goku and vegeta are both saiyans as well

  • Villn 369
    Villn 369 24 napja

    Sorry to say this but.. Can't they bring something new. Other than broly

  • Machetecalinete Doom

    Huge thumbs DOWN! ! !
    Why am I still getting these videos???
    I already unsubscribed!!!!!

  • Hominis Dei
    Hominis Dei 24 napja

    I mean we dont know what's a Angel's typical power level is and all we know is that Broly is the strongest enemy they have faced, and thus he weild's more destructive power than a god of destruction.

  • Ruben Lopez
    Ruben Lopez 24 napja

    That trailer is far from the best, they showed way too much, I would of rather seen ssjg red vegeta on the big screen for the first time, would of been way more epic.

  • Ramon paz
    Ramon paz 24 napja

    You can adapt the old Broly with Akira Toriyamas version of broly he already stated it wasn’t gonna be the same kind yet he would hold onto specifics of belly from the original for the new one

  • Heusdii
    Heusdii 25 napja

    47k subs.. U legit made 47k account to flatter urself? God you Channel is rubbish

  • Gregory Manning
    Gregory Manning 25 napja

    I agree, no way Broly will lay a finger on Whis.

  • Larry O'Field
    Larry O'Field 25 napja

    You have a very boring voice man,step it up!

  • Juel4rmbk
    Juel4rmbk 25 napja

    Lmao reading you guys comments was more interesting than this video 😂😭

  • Emanuel Holland
    Emanuel Holland 25 napja

    This video is super fucking trash

  • KubaSwG
    KubaSwG 25 napja

    Szkoda że nic nie rozumiem c:

    BBOY JALAPENO 25 napja

    That will make sense into why broly goes off limits he wants to tap on whis.

  • Lord Impaler
    Lord Impaler 25 napja

    So is it true that broly is the legendary sayian of past. Essentially a sayian god. With the multiverse being restored, then there are beings and life forces that are stronger then what is to be believe. Because if the grand priest is the 5th strongest of all the multiverse. Then where are the other 4. Broly may be one of them. To challenge a angel, is truly brave, yet if broly learns as he fights then why not challenge an angel...

  • Stratikopoulos Philippos

    Where are the big mouths know, those who were talking about brolly can take down from a ssj2.

  • Jayne Cobb
    Jayne Cobb 25 napja

    Lets mass report him for misleading content

  • Ty Lavar
    Ty Lavar 25 napja

    There are more people to make movies about than just Broly and Frieza

  • CrisIsDaMan1
    CrisIsDaMan1 25 napja

    This video was pointless!!! Don’t make things like this and waste peoples time

  • QuannyV
    QuannyV 25 napja

    This video is complete trash.

  • Justice Tadashi
    Justice Tadashi 25 napja

    Wasn't he gonna show us a video or something😒😒😒

  • Nyte Terrorz
    Nyte Terrorz 25 napja


  • davidG85051
    davidG85051 25 napja

    I gave this video a huge thumbs down. 👎🏼 you kept on repeating yourself smh...

  • #SmackABitchNigga Tonioo

    Fucking idiot say something different

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez 25 napja


  • chorizo power
    chorizo power 25 napja

    Is that it? lol its a waste of time 👎for you..

  • امنت بالله

    Whis will beat him easily

  • Jaciel Elias
    Jaciel Elias 25 napja

    i understand that whiz is only there to rewind time, because he destroyed everyone, in the process broly attacks whz

  • The Eagle
    The Eagle 25 napja

    He will shase him, he will shase wheez.

    DEMON X 25 napja

    Link to the trailer?

  • Kevin W Law
    Kevin W Law 25 napja

    Title is so decieving. Waste of time.

  • Kiba Hitari
    Kiba Hitari 25 napja

    I think that Whis won't one shot Broly despite being able to because it isn't his fight. I'm sure he's gonna defend himself in some way, but he will probably leave it to the saiyans.

  • Gypsy Danger
    Gypsy Danger 25 napja

    Terrible video

  • ser sch
    ser sch 25 napja

    Crap video

  • Omega Wolf
    Omega Wolf 25 napja

    Attacking whis whether you think your the most powerful in universe is complete suicide

  • Eric Bowles
    Eric Bowles 25 napja

    How many more brolly movies will DB make?

  • Josh Czarnota
    Josh Czarnota 25 napja

    Broly is going to stomp everyone in this movie Whis included, bet

  • Alusine Kai-samba

    Should try not talk in a monotone voice.

  • valkyrie
    valkyrie 25 napja

    video is utter shit,trash

  • Salad Boy
    Salad Boy 25 napja +1

    Who else thought that whis wasn’t a type of fighter?

  • VampRune
    VampRune 25 napja

    This video was fucking pathetic

  • Adrian Puszczyk
    Adrian Puszczyk 25 napja


  • Mario Motino Jr
    Mario Motino Jr 25 napja

    This guy is weird... I think he said “without a doubt” like 3884848488 times through the video without a doubt!

  • peng17
    peng17 25 napja

    What was the point of this video? We all knew that Whis could kick Broly's ass and that Whis probably wont fight

  • Tristan Bagley
    Tristan Bagley 25 napja

    If I remember correctly Whis said that angles aren't supposed to be fighting at all.

  • DarthHavoc1
    DarthHavoc1 25 napja

    Dude seriously stop talking you made the same points so many times it bored me to sleep

  • Just Haze
    Just Haze 25 napja

    This guys a fucking retard

  • matix0587
    matix0587 25 napja

    This is actually the ending scene. Whis intervenes.

  • Stealthy Savage
    Stealthy Savage 25 napja

    absolute trash video. thumbs down.

  • Alejandro Ruiz
    Alejandro Ruiz 25 napja

    WTF is up with your voice?!?

  • Dorian Williams
    Dorian Williams 25 napja

    Broly is a SLI RTX 2080 Ti

  • Shiva Murary
    Shiva Murary 25 napja


  • Charlie Boodoo
    Charlie Boodoo 25 napja

    Lol dude must get paid by the minute

  • ThatRandomguyCommenting

    In a series that keeps adding gods and shit broly could be some new knock off god of some overpowered power level of doom or some shit. Probably not. I have no clue why I'm here.

  • Gnanes wara
    Gnanes wara 25 napja

    is this a new series? what' is the db new series someone pls tell me

  • Jeff The Killer
    Jeff The Killer 25 napja

    Broly will scratch whis atleast once and it will be a big deal

    FIXING & MODING 25 napja

    You're annoying and this video was pointless.

  • Honest John
    Honest John 25 napja

    If you see this comment. Exit the video. It is a complete waste.

  • Diti Diti
    Diti Diti 25 napja

    Say whatever you want but goku always finds a way to be the best...

  • BCaNNoN
    BCaNNoN 25 napja

    Whis doesn’t fight Broly. Whis only dodges his attacks and pretty much tells em it’s useless to even try to stop me.
    Whis role in this specific scene is to hold Broly off until Vegeta and Goku fuse

  • Charlie Tamayo Knows

    Whis just passed by to.save bulma thats it

  • Lucid Collectionz

    He said the exact same thing over and over again

  • Roman Flores
    Roman Flores 26 napja


  • Gman Gardner
    Gman Gardner 26 napja +1

    Is this guy trolling? What a waste

  • LOGNAG72
    LOGNAG72 26 napja

    Not the same broly as past, can’t just assume this anymore

  • Pulkit Shukla
    Pulkit Shukla 26 napja

    Broly is the bad ass..best villian in the dragon ball series.

  • GForceIntel
    GForceIntel 26 napja

    I doubt broly can touch whis

  • Dembeats7
    Dembeats7 26 napja

    Nah, Fusion reborn had better animation, at least from my point of view, Shintani is good but if you ask me nothing beats the classic DBZ Yamamuro style.