Kanye West - Stronger

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    Music video by Kanye West performing Stronger. (C) 2007 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
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  • Flaming Machinimas 2.0

    daft punk: makes a good song

    kanye west: sorry what? whos daft punk

  • Moon Knight
    Moon Knight 9 órája

    Recommended 2019 December

  • Moon Knight
    Moon Knight 9 órája

    Recommended 2019

  • Ashton Rice
    Ashton Rice 12 órája

    Ashton was on my birthday 🍰

  • そんゆにょん
    そんゆにょん 13 órája


  • Irvin Cobian
    Irvin Cobian 13 órája

    I was born in the same year as this song.

  • Abhishek Singh Chandel
    Abhishek Singh Chandel 15 órája +1

    All thanks to Hangover which brought me here 🤟

  • FX Muffin
    FX Muffin 17 órája

    Here before Kanye dies and everyone likes this song

  • SupahDupaBrax
    SupahDupaBrax 17 órája

    He made this song from Draft Punk

  • mark pople
    mark pople 20 órája

    Kanye's best tune right there...in my opinion anyways ✌

  • Sun Bot
    Sun Bot 20 órája


  • Foxo The Foxbear
    Foxo The Foxbear 21 órája

    Am I the only who thinks Kanye nose is big as frick

  • Deniz Taskın
    Deniz Taskın 21 órája

    Beatiful i like

  • Lipe Luan
    Lipe Luan Napja +1

    Never back down 1

    DEEDEED Napja

    Daft punk copy

  • Nazlı Azaklı

    Ay ben süreki bunu dinleyip yakışıklı sevgilimü düşünüyorum

  • ⴰⵎⵉⵏ ⴱⵓⵄⵥⵜⵉ

    Nanae nae nae nae

  • Ximmanate_TV
    Ximmanate_TV Napja

    Чомусь дізнався про ім'я Кані Вест через кліп від Чоткого Паци хдд
    Хто теж з України?)

  • TeSlon 200
    TeSlon 200 Napja +1

    Есть кто живой

    Если есть ставте лайки

  • Maria PANIAGUA

    So to be clear I'm the only one who's here because of Logan Paul

  • Young Louis
    Young Louis Napja +1

    How synths are made in fallout 4 0:06

    • Young Louis
      Young Louis Napja

      @Trinity Plays that and me and ya boy Nick valentine was in that ho like a family reunion

    • Trinity Plays
      Trinity Plays Napja

      You are one cultured vault dweller

  • Tool
    Tool Napja

    Que mamada es este wey jajaja basura de "música" lo peor de todo es que se siente la gran cosa el wey jaja

    • alan mgk
      alan mgk 20 órája

      Se cree, y esta rola no es fea men, que tu pienses eso es por el hate que le tienes

  • Meagan David
    Meagan David Napja

    why is there the CERN portal in the beginning lol

  • IllIIllIIllIIllIIllIIll

    Ka be taklu

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith Napja

    Oh and the devil lied bella i was just a lil late than i promised not early

  • Bryson Martin
    Bryson Martin Napja +3

    Literally NOBODY:

    The anti drug team at my school:

  • arab army_x_ kpop



    @av.buketebru takippppp

  • Julia Fox
    Julia Fox 2 napja +1

    go man go go go just go through *AUTHENTIC v i e w s D O T C O M* TO GET youtube views LIKES quicker

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis 2 napja

    Corey Taylor is a better rapper

  • Marina Nina
    Marina Nina 2 napja


  • Henrique Sena
    Henrique Sena 2 napja

    Stronger everything , beautiful music very well

  • NZVtec
    NZVtec 2 napja

    2020 Vision be the Yeezyest

  • Brickzy 18
    Brickzy 18 2 napja

    December 2019??

  • 申し訳ございませんでした。


  • あろま
    あろま 2 napja

    > ガ ソ バ レ <  
     ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

  • RenoxOnFront _
    RenoxOnFront _ 2 napja +1

    3:28 Oh Look at this dude Hahahahahhahaha

  • Gilberto Souza
    Gilberto Souza 2 napja +1

    Algum Br ouvindo dezembro 2019?

  • FabricatedARK
    FabricatedARK 2 napja

    I want a cheeseburger

  • Merve Baburcan
    Merve Baburcan 2 napja


  • QH RR
    QH RR 2 napja

    I just realized the hospital segments of this video is basically Akira

  • Josias
    Josias 2 napja

    Song of the decade?

  • NasVlogsTv
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  • Nathan Okoon
    Nathan Okoon 2 napja

    Insert inspirational quote here:

  • Lil Moox
    Lil Moox 2 napja +2

    This is not your song all you did was take the song from daft punk then sang to it
    XD edit : sorry I meant this is a rip off of harder better faster stronger

  • ACW Stars
    ACW Stars 2 napja

    I was coming 11 years old by September 9

  • Dominio Effect
    Dominio Effect 3 napja +2

    My jam back in middle school

  • Cars Muzic
    Cars Muzic 3 napja

    Кто пришел послушать песню после того что узнал что реперы используют трубку для такого эффекта

  • Maximum Dorifto!

    I dont like Kanye west's songs, but i really like this and in school, suddenly this came into my mind so i had to listen to it again

  • Patricio Ortiz
    Patricio Ortiz 3 napja


  • Young Ramda
    Young Ramda 3 napja

    Oof '09 rap...

  • Astolfo
    Astolfo 3 napja

    _I'm from Watch Dogs 2 Trailer_

  • Sigurd Melgaard
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  • Vitor Manuel
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  • Vitor Manuel
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  • Vitor Manuel
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    TZ SAVAGE 3 napja +2

    If your here 2019 Dec!! LIKE THE COMMENT

    • I Need A Name
      I Need A Name 2 napja

      Or beg for likes. No one gives a shit about your fartnut montages.

  • adam adam syazwan

    Daft punk rappers 🤩

  • Trinity Plays
    Trinity Plays 3 napja

    Is it me, or is this a 🔥 workout song?

  • Coolguy25 • 31 Years ago

    The original one was better