ONE CLICK TO DELETE [Triple Hit One Shot: Geminate Attack + Echo Sabre] Dota 2 Ability Draft


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  • Jerome Jimenez
    Jerome Jimenez 28 napja

    Holy fuck! What is the purpose of building that echo sabre?

  • Luis Palparsn
    Luis Palparsn Hónapja

    Bisakol spotted 6:45

  • anghie line
    anghie line Hónapja

    6:45 the undying:saba dira murag maayo

  • Yurnero The Juggernaut

    Mga giatay

  • Akalanka Demel
    Akalanka Demel Hónapja

    This ia funny

  • Jean Pappin
    Jean Pappin Hónapja

    Hokuto no shin ken depicted as he hit the enemies with two palm

  • Lusodeal
    Lusodeal Hónapja

    Well, seems like this channel is learning from dota revolution to post party vs party scripted AD matches. Drunken and tidebringer are always picked, somehow here both goes to round 2

  • Магомед Сулейманов

    Брат поставь лайк)

  • Илья Колпаков

    Treant - quiling blade))))))))))))

  • Comment Channel
    Comment Channel Hónapja

    Is This Bisaya Shits?
    undying:Saba Diha Murag Maayo?

  • Arduo Risveglio
    Arduo Risveglio Hónapja

    7:09 Bud Spencer touch

  • Khen San
    Khen San Hónapja

    Saba diha murag maayo xD

  • Why u no Subscribe?
    Why u no Subscribe? Hónapja +6

    He could've chat "omae wa mou shindeiru" before he hits the enemy xD

  • Naphi Baltazar
    Naphi Baltazar Hónapja

    Lol mga bisaya pala

  • frans sagara
    frans sagara Hónapja

    Thats Creepy 😂

  • Ananda Putri
    Ananda Putri Hónapja

    31 min, no aeon disk against enemy with 1 shot kill

  • Cat Valentine
    Cat Valentine Hónapja

    Those trash talks when treant died lol

  • Sam Waz
    Sam Waz Hónapja +9

    I like the thumbnail! Creative! LMAO!

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet Hónapja


  • perrito s
    perrito s Hónapja

    How delete Imortals easy whacth this video xd

  • Rey Lich X
    Rey Lich X Hónapja +4

    7:06 xd la vieja confiable

  • Pen Wednesday
    Pen Wednesday Hónapja

    An absolute fucking unit

  • VikingHaag
    VikingHaag Hónapja +8

    More like "-whosyourdaddy mode"

  • Valkhat 21
    Valkhat 21 Hónapja +1


  • MrRosiadi
    MrRosiadi Hónapja

    When pro player play ability draft......

  • Michael Gavin
    Michael Gavin Hónapja

    1400*3 = 4200 damage
    "Aeon disk BTW"

  • Denis Ivanchin
    Denis Ivanchin Hónapja +1


  • Koishi Komeiji
    Koishi Komeiji Hónapja

    Has anyone else noticed it's always the person with the strong build who sends these in and never anyone else? It's almost like the person sending these in is the only one who cares...

    • VikingHaag
      VikingHaag Hónapja

      +All Might I actually sent in that bloodrage + fiery soul mirana a while back, i was the AA in that game.

    • All Might
      All Might Hónapja

      This is probably the guy on the other team who got wrecked

  • Ilya DAVYDOV
    Ilya DAVYDOV Hónapja

    I could have said that pro players play AD for some reason

  • Shook Shark
    Shook Shark Hónapja +1

    wait no one gets the nature guise? wtf

    • Nurbolat
      Nurbolat Hónapja

      im actually surprised tinker didnt get midnight pulse, could be sick eith rearm

    • Aby Dota
      Aby Dota Hónapja

      2k gaming. HAHAA

  • Ivan Wertyx
    Ivan Wertyx Hónapja +2

    Finally no useless shadow shit in his build

  • Fauzi Rizki
    Fauzi Rizki Hónapja +9

    I like when he use dagger + timelapse , satisfy 😂

  • #ERRORCODE_427
    #ERRORCODE_427 Hónapja +32

    *Dies literally 1 time after 30+ kills*
    "Bobo noob tanga idiot"
    Never change pinoys never change

  • Irfhandi Rais
    Irfhandi Rais Hónapja +4

    it's just me or this game explain to us for SEA cancer no cure?

  • chardus edward
    chardus edward Hónapja +2

    Bobo mmr

  • Moxaliver Magnor
    Moxaliver Magnor Hónapja