Kanye West - Homecoming

  • Közzététel: 2009.jún.17.
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    Music video by Kanye West performing Homecoming. (C) 2008 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
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  • Big Savage
    Big Savage 9 órája +1

    Back when Kanye was good lol this brings shivers down my spine

  • Karen Willis
    Karen Willis Napja

    I love this Kanye, Coldplay collaboration...home is what you make it...sending universal love and health too you all for Christmas.

  • K J
    K J Napja

    Yeezy 2024 Jesus is King of Kings

  • Igor
    Igor Napja

    0:48 why in the holy fuck did they censor "go downtown"?

    • im thanked
      im thanked 11 órája

      “Go downtown” phrase for sex but yeah idk why they did

  • Safi Kalala
    Safi Kalala Napja

    Anyone from Congo RDC? 🙌🏾

  • XxXSnowy
    XxXSnowy Napja

    Classic piece of work. Still listening in 2019 and beyond. Long live the Chi!!! Dusable African-American History Museum.

  • Lindelani Mazibuko

    December 2019 👍

  • Corey Byrne
    Corey Byrne Napja +1

    I got kicked out off class for laughing at a presentation

  • superior moral
    superior moral 2 napja

    Definitely his best song

  • Trxnqualyzed
    Trxnqualyzed 4 napja +1

    Anyone else think that Martin sounds like Dave Matthews? At first I thought it was Dave Matthews

  • N'jango Kagia
    N'jango Kagia 4 napja

    Here in December 2019. Legends!!

  • Anuraag James Jacob

    Underrated Chris Martin killing it again.....
    Also who else noticed Common for that one second?

  • DeeNuttyBuddyBunch84

    Why Kanye always says he’s going back home. Well quit leaving home bro. Lol...😂

  • shereeta watson
    shereeta watson 6 napja

    Love this song til today🔥

  • foxtrot
    foxtrot 6 napja

    iconic song

  • GRoss074
    GRoss074 7 napja

    Still listen to this in 30 november 2019. Love it.

  • Dwayne Rose
    Dwayne Rose 7 napja +1


  • Jaythan Molina
    Jaythan Molina 7 napja

    Anyone like the bean in down town Chicago

    Like pls

  • Jonh
    Jonh 8 napja

    El mejor 💯

  • Wim Krabba
    Wim Krabba 8 napja

    I'm calling Pizza hut

  • Mixo
    Mixo 8 napja +5

    The fact that Chris Martin isn't in the title is discraceful

  • TheGhettoReviewer

    I wonder who this song was written about. I wanna know the woman’s name that inspired Ye to make this

  • BigGucciSosa
    BigGucciSosa 9 napja +1

    He might be the Goat....

  • Mvuyisi Qotyiwe
    Mvuyisi Qotyiwe 9 napja

    After Jesus is King, I went back and played all of Kanye's tapes...

  • Prince Wu
    Prince Wu 10 napja +2

    1 time for 2019 do u think about me now an then

  • Amangiechsin
    Amangiechsin 10 napja +1

    im calling Pizza Hut

  • Yung Smash
    Yung Smash 10 napja +1

    New York has empire State of mind, Chicago has this.

  • kittenwithanuke 2
    kittenwithanuke 2 11 napja +1

    I'm calling Pizza Hut

  • Sam Figueroa
    Sam Figueroa 11 napja

    This a classic

  • Jeff pactio
    Jeff pactio 11 napja

    Kayne censored just doesn't sound right

  • Sean Roberson
    Sean Roberson 12 napja +1

    I like this song

  • Keabetswe Daniel Makgona

    Rock stars and rap artists are such a combination

  • Jay Ohlrogge
    Jay Ohlrogge 13 napja

    Back when Kayne wasn't a fucking nut case!

  • D'Juan Hawkins
    D'Juan Hawkins 13 napja

    I miss the old Kanye

  • Robert Daniels
    Robert Daniels 14 napja

    Because I came here after listening to 'Follow God'.....DAMN YE I NEDD A WHOLE ALBUM OF THIS ISH BRO!!! FUCK BRO I NEEDED THIS UPLIFTING BRO !!! YOU HEAR ME YE!!! WEEEEE >>> NEEED THIS BRO!!!!

  • FreshX
    FreshX 14 napja +10

    People ignoring the fact that Chris played the piano and sang the great hook that made the song

  • Juan José Astudillo

    I love the double exposure in the video, the fast forward movement, it's still a good tendency.

  • GameCity
    GameCity 14 napja


  • Siri Küster
    Siri Küster 15 napja


  • Michał Miszaxxx
    Michał Miszaxxx 15 napja

    Gdyby nie ten Nygus piosenka była super...

  • Flo Ride Her
    Flo Ride Her 15 napja

    Maybe we could start again.. December 2k19.


    0:21 that drip crazy no cap!

  • Daniella Adler
    Daniella Adler 15 napja

    I wonder what city he's in.

  • Andrew Cronin :
    Andrew Cronin : 15 napja

    He killed this song but remember Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself

  • Jackson Five
    Jackson Five 16 napja +1

    This song and album got me though a LOT

    • Khonsu X
      Khonsu X 15 napja

      Same, easily one of the greatest albums of all time.

  • UWR Zone The Current

    do you think about me now and then
    man i hate michigan
    kanye, i hope you're happy that after your dreams you went

  • Me Me
    Me Me 16 napja

    I’m calling pizza hut

  • Nono Nonot
    Nono Nonot 16 napja

    Gahhhhbage. All you had was thru the wire brotha. Call it a day

  • Slimy G
    Slimy G 16 napja +1

    does anyone know the sample

  • hoodadvertisement xjew4ux

    myspace music lol

    GIFT XOLANI 17 napja +5

    2019 who's still jamming with this😊😊

  • Taslim Oseni
    Taslim Oseni 17 napja

    I miss this song.

  • Marco Estrada
    Marco Estrada 17 napja

    sup dogs

  • Osama.2A
    Osama.2A 17 napja

    i spent more than half an hour looking for the song because of the voice of chris in this song doesn't even remember the words but just the rhythm, Finally got it, beautiful.

  • Phillip Kurwa
    Phillip Kurwa 17 napja


  • S P
    S P 18 napja

    I personally prefer the original 'Home' off his Freshman Adjustment mixtape, but what he did to turn it into this anthem is immense. Underrated gem!

  • Terrance O’Brien


  • chiller stones
    chiller stones 18 napja +1

    I just typed in Chicago on auto-pilot and forgot why until this popped up :) powerful music if ever I heard it

  • Celine Terra
    Celine Terra 18 napja

    The beat is so good

    TWOSIXFIVE 19 napja +1

    Monday, 18 november 2019 - 10:40:13PM crew where you at?