Kicked by a Taekwondo Expert

  • Közzététel: 2019.márc.14.
  • Gav and Dan learn what is required of someone on the Kukkiwon Taekwondo.
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  • John Whodat
    John Whodat Napja

    Mike Tyson can take all these members at once.

  • Vexsus22
    Vexsus22 Napja

    Am I the only one that feels click baited

  • A 1964 Chevy Impala

    i just realized how bold dans eyebrows are

  • deathk1ller100


  • Wanna be Airman

    Surprised that not many people at all noticed how Gav just changed the direction of the wood grains to prevent Dan from punching through it.😂

  • Tokeo -/ /- Skiry

    Kicked by a Muay Thai Expert next

  • Fraol F
    Fraol F Napja

    I thought it was Q from impractical Jokers on the thumbnail

  • Virgil Ierubino

    Ahaha that was too cute!

  • Timothy Whieldon

    you need to show us the full show, no slomo and no commentary, just the action please

  • SpirareExpressions

    The quiet Asian smile at 4:38 in agreement.

  • Fled From Dema

    I’ve been in Taekwondo over 3 years and I test on June 15 for 1st degree black belt 🥋

  • Double Cross
    Double Cross Napja

    0:56 Nah that's just K-Pop

  • Sword of ManticorE

    My 10 year old son has been doing TKD since he was 5 and has been a Poom belt for the last 1 and a half years. With his kicking techniques and constant deep core training, his round house kicks can break my ribs. His tornado kick can take my head of my shoulder with all the power he has. Taekwando has the world's most powerful kicks in the martial arts world.

  • Happy Sisters

    10:15 quickie watching

  • NGT
    NGT Napja

    I keep thinking of all that foot grease on the floor...

  • Broomtwo
    Broomtwo Napja

    Dan's lucky he didn't completely break his hand lol

  • Miguelito 101XD

    Cookie one team

  • We Lit
    We Lit Napja


    The least effective major martial art.

  • schase10353
    schase10353 Napja

    7:25 Gav is a douche because he held Dan's board against the grain, which makes it impossible to break! And Dan's montage was brilliant, I think Gav is just jealous at his mad TaeKwonDo skillz. XD

  • AnhViet Tran
    AnhViet Tran Napja

    LOL 1-2 years to get a blackbelt. What a joke.

  • Whizzy the Elephant

    "Whenever you're ready, give me a good wack"

    The only legit situation where you can say that to a child.

  • Dante Faulk
    Dante Faulk Napja

    I was kinda hoping dan was going to get blasted across the room xD. Great vid tho!!

  • Skereee
    Skereee Napja

    Se parece a auronplay el de la miniatura

  • Dam Jackass
    Dam Jackass Napja

    I waited 20 years for this

  • Roger Ek
    Roger Ek Napja


  • Dylan Stankewicz

    Hands down, better than the Rocky 4 montage

  • Mouwcat
    Mouwcat Napja

    i cant be the only one who clapped at the end of the montage

  • Malte Binz
    Malte Binz Napja

    the grain on the wood was the other way...

  • Aaron Meighoo

    HA! Human _feets_

  • Robert Oortwijn

    Lmao that joke saying 7 is half your life

  • Christopher Hall

    looks cool, but taekwondo is too flashy, put any of them against an amateur MMA fighter and i bet they get balled up

    • DJMelodic
      DJMelodic Napja

      It's not really about strength. It's more about technique, patience, skill, coordination, and motivation. Similar to suggesting to have a ballet professional take on a wrestler. Fighting is not their goal so of course, they would likely not win.

  • Sabrina Sierra Pagán

    Dan can already get his stunt double license. 😂

  • Bipradeep Das

    2:42 😍

  • Rob Ackerman
    Rob Ackerman Napja

    7:25 he is holding the board wrong! He is holding it so Dan is punching against the grain of the board. That makes it soo much harder!!

  • Adrian 123478

    7:25 If he had rotated the board 90 degres (like here 7:10 ), it would have been easier.

  • Walt R. Buck
    Walt R. Buck Napja

    Haha.. wood grain

  • CableReadyTechnoSIut

    Click bait basically. Fast forwarded to watch you get kicked by a little girl boooooo

  • Stefan Snyders

    Can you film a drum set in slow mo please 🙏🏻

  • Rahul R
    Rahul R 2 napja
    Would love to see if you can replicate the phenomenon of coloured water droplets dancing.

  • bubba485
    bubba485 2 napja

    Gav you held the board wrong, you hold it with the grain going from head to toe.

  • Mixtravel
    Mixtravel 2 napja

    I Like it :) I Like it :) I Like it :) I Like it :) I Like it :)

  • kaustaubh1234
    kaustaubh1234 2 napja

    What they are breaking? Cardboard or plywood ?

  • June Hyun
    June Hyun 2 napja

    Good to see that my countries Taekwondo team is filmed by you guys. Great video!

    • June Hyun
      June Hyun Napja

      +Sleeping Backbone I am happy to reply! That is because I am interested in socialist politics (I'm not saying that I support it or something) and Yugoslavia is one of the most well known former socialist nations.

    • Sleeping Backbone
      Sleeping Backbone Napja

      your comment suggests you're Korean. Just out of curiosity if I may ask...why is your thumbnail a flag of former Yugoslavia?

  • kevin r
    kevin r 2 napja

    And this is useful how?

  • Harsh Pandya
    Harsh Pandya 2 napja

    Give Dan a new apron Gav, and and a full body armor.. 😅

  • Maruto Razgriz
    Maruto Razgriz 2 napja

    Mr slow mo .. have u guys slow mo’ed an archer fish spitting on insect?? That would be animal harm will be done if its a dead insect

  • Fung Cheung
    Fung Cheung 2 napja

    anyone else notice Gav was holding the board against the grain for Dan at 7:25?

  • DeadShot_98
    DeadShot_98 2 napja

    how much a truck with a reinforced bumper would damage a regular vehicle? Please notice this comment

  • Emmanuel Bottalico

    It’s ridiculous !!!

  • Joseph lopez
    Joseph lopez 2 napja +1

    I was kinda hoping that it was an actual black belt but even then im impressed by that fact the the guy in Korea said it only took one to two years because the average time in the US is 5 plus that little girl was pretty good but i personally can hit 60 to 70 as im only 16

  • Theodore MacMillan

    Someone is trying to get sound from videos. yall should use your super slow mo cameras with him

  • Darkone1984
    Darkone1984 2 napja

    Boards don't hit back.

  • Ameliah Maldonado
    Ameliah Maldonado 2 napja +1

    Looking pretty mean In thumbnail dan😲😱

  • Zayan Khan
    Zayan Khan 2 napja

    Ohh they are so lucky that ISLAM has not destroyed their culture yet. God bless you guys.

  • Brando Does stuff

    Every Asian to ever live

  • Damien Van Wingerde

    Do the steel rod 2.0 but much slower

  • Shallow God
    Shallow God 2 napja

    7:25 Could Gav be anymore smug?

  • Twister
    Twister 2 napja

    next up: Kicked by Donnie Yen

  • zackary nortley
    zackary nortley 2 napja +1

    you should record a sewing machine in slow motion from the top and bottom veiw to see how it sews

  • propwash22able
    propwash22able 2 napja

    Please film the “Metal Storm” machine gun!!!!

  • Andy Wu
    Andy Wu 2 napja

    I prefer dprk military tae kwon do.

  • theRok29
    theRok29 2 napja

    *eats chips*

  • Frost Byte
    Frost Byte 2 napja

    Now try a Muay thai expert

  • milomilk
    milomilk 2 napja

    you guys should do an iodine clock reaction

  • Vin Abreu
    Vin Abreu 2 napja

    Achei que era o fallen

  • Timothy Miller
    Timothy Miller 2 napja

    You guys should do more action scenes, or some flat land bmx stunts or parkour stunts

  • Shaikh Mohammad Oais

    So i can also break those boards

  • Brian Wild
    Brian Wild 2 napja

    would love to see cricket/baseball bats being swung at icicles and/or snowballs

  • Raajan
    Raajan 3 napja +2

    If one messes with these masters, they will TaekOneDown 🤣😂

  • mettams pool
    mettams pool 3 napja

    next tesla coil

    FLEAKEEPER 3 napja

    7.33 gavin commences jebby face

  • Aadhunik Technology

    Aww so so cute girl at the end..

  • 1234tombaker
    1234tombaker 3 napja

    @8:00 there is a drawing on the whiteboard of Dan punching the solid plank

  • Walo
    Walo 3 napja

    Make the video about badminton!
    because its the fastest olympic sport!!!

  • EnoTech
    EnoTech 3 napja

    Idea: String Slap against your arm when using a compound bow. I say this because I have a major welt on my arm because of it. Seeing it happen in slow motion and the instant welt it causes could be cool to see! Sorry Dan...

  • Raccoon Gamer
    Raccoon Gamer 3 napja +5

    Being someone who is in Taekwondo I know how hard the kicks are.....depending on how their mindset is.....I am a 2nd degree hoping to be 4th mainly to beat my brother at Taekwondo so yeah 👏🏻👍🏻

  • Erize Wrize
    Erize Wrize 3 napja

    I was kinda worried how easy Gav punched through the board. Also did anyone hear Dan's fingers crack when he punched the board in slow motion

  • Wade
    Wade 3 napja

    When evil wooden planks attack, I wanna have this dude next to me.

  • Hunter Vogl
    Hunter Vogl 3 napja

    Taekwondo is just gymnastics for people who watched one Jackie Chan movie and think they’re Bruce Lee.

  • Daniel So
    Daniel So 3 napja

    he gets kicked at 9:55

  • Tayden Bower
    Tayden Bower 3 napja +1

    Ok so if I slow down this video on HUclip, does that make me slower then the slow mo guys?

  • Jay Hay
    Jay Hay 3 napja +1

    Any tkd practitioners here; how does one not twist a knee or tweak their back with these kicks?! It looks so cool to learn but it seems like even a pro athlete could get hurt so easily!😬

  • Rey Pulido
    Rey Pulido 3 napja

    Gav why don't you get hurt?

  • Alex H
    Alex H 3 napja +1

    Of course they are all Asian.

  • Breno Luna
    Breno Luna 3 napja

    6:38 ...aaaand I have a new wallpaper for my computer

    • Numai Hristos
      Numai Hristos Napja

      why dont you put 'Slo-mo Kai' caption on your new favorite wallpaper

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B 3 napja +2

    Did dan just ask a 7 year old to tie him up? 😂

    • Clorox
      Clorox 2 napja

      Tyler B better early than late

  • نادى الابداع مع سمرمر

    ف يوم من الايام قررنا انا وجوزى والعيال
    اننا نروح اسكندريه علشان نصيف ونغير جو 😍😍
    وسافرنا ,, واحد صاحبه قرر وصمم ان احنا لازم نسكن عنده ف البيت
    كانت العماره بتاعته هاديه وجميله وعلى البحر
    بس يا خساره الحلو مايكملش 🙁
    كان فيه بنت مقصوفه رقبه قاعده معاهم ف البيت تبقى قريبه صاحب جوزى
    وطبعا احنا كنا ف شقه وهما ف الشقه اللى قصادنا 🤔
    وف الطلعه والنزله بقا البنت تبص لجوزى ومبهوره بيه
    والمعدول جوزى لقيته بدأ يسيح وينيح ويضحكلها ويغمزوا لبعض
    وانا كيس حرنكش قاعده وسطيهم 🤔🤔
    لقيته بقا جاى يقولى بقولك ايه ؟ انا قررت اتجوز قريبه صاحبى ده
    وقالى شوفى انتى عاوزه ايه ؟
    اتجوزها وننزل سوا احنا كلنا على القاهره ؟
    ولا ارجعك الاول وبعد كده ارجع اتجوزها ؟؟؟؟😲
    قولتله لا رجعنى بيتى الاول وابقى ارجع اعمل اللى انت عاوزه براحتك .... !!🙁😲
    وانا للأسف قررت ارضى بالامر لانه كان مصمم جدا
    قررت اديله على دماغه واشوف انا ولا هو !!!🤔🤔
    خليته بره الشقه ومش معاهم
    وقومت نازله على الشقه تكسير وخبط ونزلت شاشه التلفزيون ع الارض كأنها وقعت
    ونيمت التلاجه على ضهرها كأنها وقعت وباظت 😎
    وشويه حاجات كده خليت الشقه مقلوبه
    ولما جه هو من بره سألنى فيه ايه ؟ قولتله عيالك الله يسامحهم هما اللى عملوا كده ؟ 🤔
    قالى طب وبعدين شقه الناس كده هنعمل ايه ؟
    قولتله شوف معاك فلوس ايه واديهانى انا اديها لمراته
    الباشا ادانى 30 ألف جنيه وقالى اديهملها بقا , طبعا بيثبت للسنيوره انه غنى ومعاه قرشين
    ((30 ألف يا بن المعدوله ؟ دانت كنت بتقطع نفسي على 100 جنيه ))
    رحت للست الارشانه بقا ام البت دى :😉😉
    وقولتلها جوزى جاتله النوبه امبارح وفضل يكسر ف الحاجه
    ووقع شاشه التلفزيون بس انا لحقتها وصلحتها
    ووقع التلاجه بس هى تمام ,,, وانا جايبالك من فلوسى ال 5 الف دول تعويض يا حبيبتى
    واوعى تقولى لجوزى انى اديتلكو فلوس لاحسن تجيله النوبه تانى ؟؟؟😂😂
    الست لقتها اترعشت وقالتلى نوبه ايه خير ؟ 🤔
    قومت انا قايلالها : هو انتوا ماتعرفوش انه فيه سنه جنون وصرع
    ولما بتيجى النوبه بيضربنى انا والعيال ويكسر البيت على نافوخنا 😂😂
    وسيبتها ومشيت ,, ملاك انا والله 😍😍
    المهم : جوزى رجعنى بيتى وبعدين رجع هو تانى عشان يتجوز 🤔
    وانا خدت العيال واتفسحنا واشترينا حاجات بالفلوس اللى سلكتها منه 😂😂
    وبعدها بيومين لقيته جاى قفاه يقمر عيش 😛
    وقالوله البت اتخطبت لابن خالها 😎😎
    آل يتجوز عليا ال ,, هى سايبه ولا سايبه😨😩 ماتنسيش تزوري قناتي فيها دروس تحفة راح تعجبك أوي 😉

  • Peter Rafeiner
    Peter Rafeiner 3 napja

    Oh yes, breaking boards will teach you what a 90 degree rotation of the board can do to your hand or foot :-)

  • Helio
    Helio 3 napja

    What is it with Dan and injuring his hand in these shows??? Lol

  • Nytomato -
    Nytomato - 3 napja

    I wish he got kicked by the other korean black belts tbh. But i think we all know where he would be after.

  • Vinicius Marcilio

    🍪 ☝🏻 Team

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo 3 napja

    That kick! That montage!

  • The Mine Of Glitches

    Tesla coil in slow no Tesla in slow mo Tesla in slow mo

  • Abtkar
    Abtkar 3 napja see this

  • Nathan Hill
    Nathan Hill 3 napja

    Dat beard THICC

  • Sonic Quake 00AD

    The Slow Mo Guys - Hi - could you guys do a slo-mo on what a whip looks like when it cracks? =^_^=

    • Esper Creative
      Esper Creative Napja

      Smartereveryday did this exact thing and it was awesome

  • Guilherme Games
    Guilherme Games 3 napja


  • archit mehta
    archit mehta 3 napja
    Please make this kind of video in slow mo

  • QuantumJump Scott