Kanye West - All Of The Lights ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi

  • Közzététel: 2011.febr.18.
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    WARNING: This video has been identified by Epilepsy Action to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. Directed by Hype Williams. "All Of The Lights" by Kanye West feat. Rihanna and Kid Cudi with vocals by Fergie, Charlie Wilson, John Legend, Tony Williams, Alicia Keys, La Roux, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Alvin Fields and Ken Lewis.
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  • Bob Baldovino Pintes

    this is for kobe bryant rip : (

  • Hulisani Matsila
    Hulisani Matsila 2 órája

    Still fresh after 10 years

  • Luka Ljubek
    Luka Ljubek 3 órája

    R.I.P Kobe

  • Dhaen Presa
    Dhaen Presa 4 órája

    Jordan Fisher Brought me Here🔥❤️

    TH3 ALG3RIAN 6 órája +1

    Nba 2k14

  • Kenny Hernández
    Kenny Hernández 8 órája

    2020 ✌️🇬🇹

  • wayne j
    wayne j 10 órája

    When kanye was good 😭

  • Erik Aguilar
    Erik Aguilar 10 órája +4

    Rip kobe

  • Jasper Poag
    Jasper Poag 12 órája +3

    Long live mamba😣🐐

  • Noah Allen
    Noah Allen 13 órája +3

    rip kobe. 🐍❤️

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 14 órája +2

    Something wrong....kobes dead smh RIP black mamba

  • Evan S
    Evan S 14 órája

    Lmao when peloton brings you to a fire throwback

  • Nays Wan
    Nays Wan 15 órája +2

    RIP Kobe

  • Errich Cervantes
    Errich Cervantes 16 órája +2

    RIP KOBE 🐐

    PIGGIES 16 órája +2

    RIP Kobe Bryant!

  • Shana Butler
    Shana Butler 17 órája

    🙇🏽‍♀️The little girl is so adorable in the beginning💕❣️

  • Vod Vladislav
    Vod Vladislav 18 órája

    Get the juice!!!

  • Lewis Fortney
    Lewis Fortney 18 órája

    a friend of a friend of a friend went through it for 7 years. 🤔

  • Lewis Fortney
    Lewis Fortney 18 órája

    a friend of a friend of a friend went through it for 7 years. 🤔

  • A I
    A I 18 órája +9

    *Kobe died and I thought of that "something wrong, I hold my head.." line, RIP to #24 Kobe you were raw af!!* 🏀 *and his little girl Gigi 💔💔, something really wrong man 🤦🏿‍♂️*

    • Shamia
      Shamia 12 órája +1


  • Max
    Max Napja +2

    I'm wondering if this is also a reference to his synesthesia

    • Max
      Max Napja

      @Ash Ash another reference? lmao deep

    • Ash Ash
      Ash Ash Napja +1

      "I guess will never know" haha

  • Dominic k Green

    Fun fact, I watch this video once in a big while just to see Rihanna

  • Nezuko
    Nezuko Napja

    This song randomly popped up in my head while I was ordering led lights

  • Medusa Libra884

    Instant fucking classic #beautiful #timelessmusic

  • Timothy Wildfire

    Best cheer me and the FHS band has played

  • No2Bullys Anon
    No2Bullys Anon Napja +1

    It's not a known fact but kid cudi couldn't actually see the camera during filming hence why he's telling Kayne to turn up the lights

  • Robert Mugabe

    Anyone know what this song is called? Pepega Clap

  • Beef Stark
    Beef Stark Napja


  • Wazza Games
    Wazza Games Napja

    Wolves Ay We!

  • E. M.
    E. M. Napja

    Is this art?

  • Regis Riley
    Regis Riley Napja

    Even though it is very popular. This is one of Kanye’s best sounding songs imo

    COLDx HEARTED 2 napja +1

    The sound makes you come back every time

  • Czarina Velasco Behind The Scenes

    Whos here because of xQc MonkaS

  • Lyriczdotco
    Lyriczdotco 2 napja


  • Lucky K Banda
    Lucky K Banda 2 napja

    2020 I am here

  • Doug Junior
    Doug Junior 2 napja


  • Doug Junior
    Doug Junior 2 napja

    Hi TEAM

  • Jay Well TV
    Jay Well TV 2 napja

    Who’s still here in 2020??

  • Owobi Frances
    Owobi Frances 2 napja

    The little girl looks so much like Rihanna

  • TheSeti12345
    TheSeti12345 2 napja

    Definitely inspired by Into The Void

  • Victor Koller
    Victor Koller 2 napja

    Who's here before WW111

  • Jackson Bennett
    Jackson Bennett 2 napja +1

    0:01 thank you for telling me!

  • Just Took Flight

    One of the best songs of that decade I missed that decade so much the first five years of that decade was the best years

  • Khaliq Tankard
    Khaliq Tankard 3 napja

    I don’t get why there was a warning on thisgaksnghskfmsyjshakfnsnkaoa

  • 5Head
    5Head 3 napja +2

    Finding this song was pretty simple, really.

  • cadburry
    cadburry 3 napja +2

    TriHard 7

  • Renata Soares
    Renata Soares 3 napja +1


    ILYA SS 3 napja +7

    XQC Brought me here ! PogChamp 👌

  • Aboubacar Sow
    Aboubacar Sow 3 napja

    Diese Songs ist richtig baba

  • iceman2k13
    iceman2k13 4 napja

    Rihanna her sex appeal in this vid goes straight through the roof!

  • mani firsofminame

    Can't listen to this song without thinking of America's best dance crew

  • Alaa Eddine
    Alaa Eddine 4 napja +8

    Who came here cuz of xqc tweet

  • TheyCallMeBruski

    When the orphan asks who Joe is

  • guzmotion
    guzmotion 4 napja

    Lights are still bright in 2020 baby!

  • rusty shackleford

    jeffery epilepsy didn't kill himself

  • HtcAnimationsXD
    HtcAnimationsXD 4 napja

    I showed this to my cat and she hasn't been moving when I was done with the video and I'm still trying to figure out why


  • Sticc
    Sticc 4 napja

    Trash song actually

  • Jayden McCoy
    Jayden McCoy 4 napja +3

    Xqc brought me here

  • Anastasia Carraway
    Anastasia Carraway 4 napja +3