Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018


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  • Asphalt Afsar
    Asphalt Afsar 10 órája

    Where is our Saiyans of universe 6 ?

  • Sun Ang
    Sun Ang 11 órája

    Can’t wait

  • SageModeisOn
    SageModeisOn 13 órája

    Smartest move toriyama pulled

  • evil goku films
    evil goku films 17 órája

    I want it on cinema

  • FilthyStream889

    I wonder if the film is coming to Saskatchewan

  • Klyntar Spiderman

    Only one month to wait in my country 😆

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone Napja

    When it Start in Germany?

  • Oranggeee e
    Oranggeee e Napja

    SO HYPED i can't wait!!!

  • Bhavuk Batish

    But everybody knows that in the end ......who wins??????if anyone know then reply me😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😏😏😏😏😏

  • Pratyush Tiwary
    Pratyush Tiwary Napja +1


  • Sheru Ali
    Sheru Ali Napja

    Take all my money

  • Squad Vlogs
    Squad Vlogs Napja

    why dont he use ulta instint? on him??

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder Napja

    LOL yamcha and monaka will beat all of em including jiren and broly just by the shockwave they will produce.....

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder Napja

    This Broly guy seems to be that Saiyan Beerus dreamt of🤔...

  • Eric Lee - Homestead PS (1511)

    Wait it’s coming out on 5 days for Japan theaters but for English it’s comes out in January 2019 in USA and Canada and other country theaters not fair

  • Hunter Sitterle

    Go broly Go broly Go broly


  • I heart Kayla bear

    I wish it was January already

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 2 napja

    look at 1:21 u can see ui aura

  • Bacon Maken
    Bacon Maken 2 napja

    I always liked the concept of Broly. The *legendary* super saiyan. And back then the idea of an evil super saiyan was completely new. However, Broly lacked a decent backstory and sensible motives. It was just, "I'm an unnaturally strong super saiyan. I'm gonna kill Kakkarot because he cried or something." Hopefully now that Toriyama is actually writing it he will be perfect.


    So I came back to see if this has more views than the avengers endgame trailer, it does (filmselect)

  • Shiv Kumar
    Shiv Kumar 2 napja


  • Awsm Dubbers
    Awsm Dubbers 2 napja +1

    Please bring dragon ball Broly movie in India please there is very big fan base of dragon ball in India so don't worry that you didn't get any profit so please bring dragon ball broly in hindi 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇
    Like if you agree

  • Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez 2 napja

    Tiene muchos gemidos :v

  • Sonic gamer
    Sonic gamer 2 napja

    0:07 bulma looking cute

  • BRO LY
    BRO LY 2 napja



    what's the song for when broly attacks vegeta need to know

  • No Look Glock
    No Look Glock 3 napja

    Like for FREEZA!

  • Otaku Laifu
    Otaku Laifu 3 napja

    Who is here after Avengers 4 (End Game) trailer was dropped?

  • Goku and Vegeta
    Goku and Vegeta 3 napja +1


  • I can see you gimme dat booty

    My thing is... If Broly SSj Enrage is a problem for gogeta.... Wth is they gon do when he turn LSSJ?

  • IKsketchTv
    IKsketchTv 3 napja


  • ghost
    ghost 3 napja

    i want juren and his story

  • Seannie2100 Idk channel

    Who came back just to watch this trailer again?

  • gogeta blue
    gogeta blue 3 napja +1

    Trailer 5 bring me

  • soner çakır
    soner çakır 4 napja +1

    Jiren vs all sj jiren best..

  • end game
    end game 4 napja +1

    I just ejaculate..
    .I just cum.
    I want to die now.

  • Derek Backofen
    Derek Backofen 4 napja +1


  • natsu dragnel
    natsu dragnel 4 napja +1

    Jesus christ to much of the broly father and son change there hair there size might be even there age

  • Pravin zavare
    Pravin zavare 4 napja +3

    Broly fans will go crazy after watching this......

  • saiz chek
    saiz chek 5 napja +2

    who here is planning to watch it the day its released?

  • Kris aka Verma
    Kris aka Verma 5 napja +2

    Need some cure after captain marvel garbage

  • Tech Help
    Tech Help 5 napja +3

    Broly is so powerful that he forced the writers to make him canon

  • Ali Afzal
    Ali Afzal 5 napja +1

    Does someone the exact releasing date of this movie

  • Nimestro
    Nimestro 5 napja +1

    Who came here after the 4th trailer dropped?

  • Delli mann
    Delli mann 5 napja +1

    Broly didn't go to school school went to Broly. Broly doesn't watch TV watches Broly. Broly pulls the police over and gives them a speeding ticket. Home work no Belly works out at Home!!!

    ANALYSATOR 5 napja +1

    what's the music from 1:00 it's sooooooo epic

  • gustavo ataide
    gustavo ataide 5 napja +2

    A dublabem inglesa e linda

  • Steve
    Steve 6 napja +1

    Why does Goku not know who he is?

    • Joseph Thomas
      Joseph Thomas 3 napja

      Steve no problem, glad to help.

    • Steve
      Steve 3 napja +1

      +Joseph Thomas Thanks Joseph, thought it was strange, though now i am even more hyped for it

    • Joseph Thomas
      Joseph Thomas 5 napja +1

      Steve the old broly movies were non canon meaning they didnt actually happen. This is the first time broly is being officialy introduced into the story. By the way so you dont get confused, Toriyama reworked broly's entire character giving him a new backstory and everything.

  • TheUnknown - Roblox and More

    Mui gogeta ☑️

  • K McCoy
    K McCoy 6 napja +1

    This should have a special 3 week opening/staying in U.S. theaters to test how well their animated movie do in theaters over here

  • MetalGod 1990
    MetalGod 1990 6 napja +2

    My money is on Gogeta being a result of a wish.

    • Anthony Waters
      Anthony Waters 6 napja +1

      MetalGod 1990 no I read the spoilers and it isn’t

  • Abdul Razak
    Abdul Razak 6 napja +1

    Ultra instick ??

  • Richy Axl
    Richy Axl 6 napja +1

    From this moment on, Broly was way beyond powerful than Perfect Cell and Kid Buu fron DBZ...love it!!!! That's crazy powerful from a Saiyin that is now barely cannon.

  • Lolo Alakeel
    Lolo Alakeel 7 napja +2

    I love Goku And Brolys Scream in 0:50

  • Danny_Aldo
    Danny_Aldo 7 napja +1

    Imagine If Goku Went Mastered Ultra Instinct!?

  • Elaney Williams
    Elaney Williams 7 napja +4

    This trailer has more views than the subs on this channel

  • mh Zaman
    mh Zaman 7 napja +1

    WHO's here after 5th one???

  • Playstation Psycho305m

    I’m loving this new anime style

  • Diane of the Giant Clan


  • Freena Morris
    Freena Morris 7 napja +3

    Broly is canon and I'm rigid AF

  • Tawsif Moin
    Tawsif Moin 7 napja +2

    Only natsu can fire up 🔥🔥🔥

  • Haruki Hashimoto
    Haruki Hashimoto 7 napja +1

    notice how goku is all serious and fired up. you don't see that in super

  • Sean Soku
    Sean Soku 7 napja +2

    Broly about meet the mother fucker named Gogeta

  • Dragon ball super Kamehameha

    Vegeta whats his power level let me check WHAT ITS OVER 75748646467374747474747477465647483928374478295739938573956529472047462984720573927583067472994858294757395

  • Rob Fit
    Rob Fit 8 napja +2

    Broly has no shot against krillen. Hence why they didnt even show krillen.

  • Justin Verson
    Justin Verson 8 napja +1

    Glad to see religious videos trending

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 8 napja +3

    Who's here after the 4th trailer dropped

  • Effendi Kwantan
    Effendi Kwantan 8 napja

    In the end of this video, I can't figure out whether this is Broly's attack or his power up

    • Leon Alexander 9928
      Leon Alexander 9928 7 napja

      He won’t die on this one 100% confirmed

    • Effendi Kwantan
      Effendi Kwantan 7 napja

      +12321 12321 He did die in all 3 movies if you wanted to considered them as non canon but I don't want him to die in this movie

    • 12321 12321
      12321 12321 8 napja

      Effendi Kwantan
      Didnt broly die in another movie?

  • Đức Nguyễn
    Đức Nguyễn 8 napja +2

    I can't wait for the legendary fight between Broly and Mr.Satan. Hopefully he will save the world

  • cocohead
    cocohead 8 napja +1

    its gonna be mad

  • 1 man
    1 man 8 napja +1

    Those saiyans who can turn green have the strongest Saipan genes

  • B3nzD Great
    B3nzD Great 8 napja

    Im disappointed that they revealed too much spoilers in the trailer.

  • Yuro Basukai
    Yuro Basukai 8 napja

    I like how broly starts screaming in his transformation

  • Miguel Lugo
    Miguel Lugo 8 napja +1

    An age long battle
    Not with one or two but three saiyans
    Three titans will collide with one another
    But one one will be walking out alive
    So who will it be
    Or broly

    Let’s see what the universe will do

  • Evan Freeman
    Evan Freeman 8 napja +3

    Who is here after 5 triler

  • MystikGaming
    MystikGaming 8 napja +1

    One mo month

  • steven universe
    steven universe 8 napja +1

    Best battle fight soundtrack of the history

  • Fruit Pablo
    Fruit Pablo 9 napja +1

    Gukos cockiness is getting annoying

  • Ritik Tandon
    Ritik Tandon 9 napja +4

    Who is here after gogeta trailer dropped?

  • nimmy yousaf
    nimmy yousaf 9 napja +1


  • Mohammed Yusuf Balim

    no sign of UI.....Yet....

  • Danny Gill
    Danny Gill 9 napja +1

    For some reason Yamcha reminds me of John Stamos

  • Listen Down
    Listen Down 9 napja +1

    Broly is a badass.

  • T T
    T T 9 napja +1

    always same characters same rivals, creates new characters that is tires

  • spida52594
    spida52594 9 napja +2

    Naruto fans swear those characters could beat Dragonball characters 😂

  • Tron Gaming
    Tron Gaming 9 napja +1

    I was thinking that bardock would be back because android 17 resurrected all the universe's but this is just the trailer the full movie show if he's resurrected or not

  • Reshaud Dubose
    Reshaud Dubose 9 napja +2

    Watching all trailers over again because im too hype for this movie

  • InjunGhost89
    InjunGhost89 9 napja +1

    *sees thumbnail* My skin is cooooold...

  • Sexy Panda
    Sexy Panda 9 napja +1

    Ok they've gotta show Goten and Trunks in action and see them be a little taller at least

  • Candace Hansen
    Candace Hansen 9 napja +1

    is this canon????

    • Aimac master
      Aimac master 9 napja

      Candace Hansen the movie is the continuation of tournament of power from the manga

    • Candace Hansen
      Candace Hansen 9 napja

      +Aimac master thanks that means that my favorite character is Canon now

    • Aimac master
      Aimac master 9 napja

      Candace Hansen yes

  • Vaishnav guru
    Vaishnav guru 9 napja +1

    It's the same old broly movie , they are remaking it

  • InfiniteHaki
    InfiniteHaki 10 napja +1

    Who is here after the 4th trailer?

  • 4ortnite best
    4ortnite best 10 napja +2

    How is broly and his dad alive???

  • jeffery reaves
    jeffery reaves 10 napja +1

    Dammit! He's learning as he fights!

  • DT play
    DT play 10 napja +1


  • Joy L
    Joy L 10 napja +1

    Now this is a proper trailer. Not all the forms revealed in one video.

  • ZOKI
    ZOKI 10 napja +3

    who his here After the gogeta trailrr

  • Freefork
    Freefork 10 napja +1

    0:39 Damn it! He is learning while he FHHHIGGHHTTSS!!!

  • HuntedGuy
    HuntedGuy 10 napja +1

    Nailed it.