Temple Marching Band - All of the Lights

  • Közzététel: 2011.szept. 3.
  • Temple DMB at the Villanova game.
  • ZeneZene

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  • Frederick Webb
    Frederick Webb Évvel +3

    The trumpet section could be a bit louder, I couldn’t really hear them

  • Cash Smothers
    Cash Smothers Évvel

    we play this in our marching band but ours sounds way more lively im on cymbals and i can tell those guys dont even chick hard enough

  • Mr.Takeover
    Mr.Takeover 2 évvel

    Ik this all of the lights but rep yo city Aiken Falcons Cincinnati

    AESTHETIC AsTrOnAuTa 2 évvel +12

    My band plays this in the bleachers to hype the crowd
    I'm I'm a highschool band

    • Domestic Shadow
      Domestic Shadow 2 évvel

      LaughGazz 2.0 I wish mine played this for our games

  • Daphne Butts
    Daphne Butts 2 évvel

    luv, luv, luv it! The best thing in the world is music!

  • mch006
    mch006 2 évvel

    Awesome awesome awesome!

  • Joel Velez
    Joel Velez 2 évvel +57

    Meh, I find it a bit too rushed. A slower pace would've been better IMO

    • Cartier Kitten
      Cartier Kitten 2 hónapja


    • Clone trooper Order 66
      Clone trooper Order 66 2 hónapja +1

      Chachi Symonne fr why do they do that? It’s not even that fast

    • Boo Spooky
      Boo Spooky 3 hónapja

      There are some good reasons we play a lot of songs a bit faster

    • Magnus Bane
      Magnus Bane 5 hónapja

      Yeah all these bands really do play it a little too fast 😂

    • Chachi Symonne
      Chachi Symonne Évvel +1

      Maddog TV every band ive seen plays this is really rushed in my opinion

  • Hunter Riley
    Hunter Riley 2 évvel

    It's amazing with headphones

  • hariversace
    hariversace 3 évvel +1

    This right here!!!

  • Sabrina Castaneda
    Sabrina Castaneda 3 évvel +2

    my band played this at our black out pep rally, I play the bass drum.

  • Lyncie Agenor
    Lyncie Agenor 4 évvel +1

    My school is doing tht for our pep rally and I'm playing the trumpet😂

  • briana xotwod
    briana xotwod 5 évvel +8

    i love this

  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman 6 évvel


  • Michael Powers
    Michael Powers 6 évvel +2

    aww hell yah! One of my favorite songs played by like a hundred or more musicians perfectly and they are all synchronized and all! Cant get much better.

  • Sahara Sizemore
    Sahara Sizemore 6 évvel

    My band is playing this for our show this year

  • rachielle3
    rachielle3 7 évvel

    This is hype as shit!

  • Steven Rowin
    Steven Rowin 7 évvel +15

    marching bands are the shit!

  • Brianna Ward
    Brianna Ward 7 évvel

    Its my first year of marching sooo im nervous. hope im a bandie

  • Brianna Ward
    Brianna Ward 7 évvel

    ohn really? Anyways i play the euphoium too

  • ChamorroPride1000

    I PLAY THE EUPHONIUM!!!! and in that whole song i only really have not even half a page to play

    • phillies215
      phillies215 2 évvel

      ChamorroPride1000 I played in high school and college and used to love songs where I only played like 5 notes. I wasn't good at all, so that's probably why I liked it so much

    • DeiAndre Penny
      DeiAndre Penny 3 évvel

      ChamorroPride1000 what is our notes my fellow euphoniun

  • Alex Flores
    Alex Flores 7 évvel

    so true mostly all brass players

  • Gylante Lewis
    Gylante Lewis 7 évvel


  • Miguel Mendoza
    Miguel Mendoza 8 évvel +1

    You CANNOT do this song without trumpets, trombone, or tuba

  • LtSump
    LtSump 8 évvel

    another great example of just how much kanye west has permeated our culture, this is awesome

  • desss
    desss 8 évvel

    In Italy those things never happen :(

  • Elijah Milch
    Elijah Milch 8 évvel +1


  • tillamookice
    tillamookice 8 évvel

    @akg2016 I understand that, but I personally think the M4 from UAPB has a better version and sounds better overall. Im just giving my opinion and im not hating on this vid, I just think it could be played just a little better.

  • tillamookice
    tillamookice 8 évvel

    This isnt the best version of this song. I attend UAPB and the M4 which is our marching band does a better job. I mean the field show is good but balance sucks. To much low brass and very little trumpets.

  • ruffryder247365
    ruffryder247365 8 évvel +1

    People don't realize how hard it is to march, play, hit your marks, not crash and burn. Only bandies really get it. i loved this

  • Sofa King Sickwitit

    Listen to the brasssssssss! (Y)

  • Meezie
    Meezie 8 évvel

    I want that as my custom music on NCAA 12

  • Phoenix Alzier
    Phoenix Alzier 8 évvel

    Whos the 1 person who disliked this!?!

  • Ryan Ashworth
    Ryan Ashworth 8 évvel +1

    we play this at our school too! its so cool when we do the pep rallys and we play this, and the drumline swags haha

  • Raphael Yee
    Raphael Yee 8 évvel


  • Alexis Cogan
    Alexis Cogan 8 évvel

    Fan-freaking-tastic. I'd like to make "Mz Moorestown" get down on the field and try to march while playing an instrument. Betcha she'd lose her bravado after 3 measures. Spectators can be so dang RUDE! But the band was phenomenal! Loved their 1st dance of the semester!

  • tubaharris
    tubaharris 8 évvel

    1st yes by the way not the best but i did enjoy it so thanks