RADITZ CONFIRMED for Dragon Ball Super Broly + TONS MORE!


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  • •Pumpkin King•

    Maybe if they make a new manga are spin off show they Could have raditz revied

  • SSJB Evolution Vegeta


  • Spicy Eggroll
    Spicy Eggroll 15 napja

    when people call raditz weak even though he was teamed with prince vegeta(who had a power level of over 10000) as a kid before the planet got blown up, meaning that he was considered eligible to work with the second highest ranking saiyan alive when he was a little kid... not to mention he absolutely destroyed goku(who at the time could probably be considered an average saiyan warrior) and piccolo at the same time with no difficulty and was fucking around for almost the whole fight until gohan went fuckin 9 tails mode. i mean sure he was mocked by nappa and vegeta... but its nappa and vegeta, the prince of all saiyans and the strongest saiyan general. pl 1500 aint nothin to laugh at when the strongest general only has a pl of 4000, which is not that much higher. at least compared to other saiyans, raditz is a monster.

  • Vegeta
    Vegeta 27 napja

    Your spoiling all the movie erab kuta it’s like you watched the movie already

  • Venom eats hulk leg Exe

    It’s probably for a flash back

  • TheK20head
    TheK20head 29 napja

    Geekdom have you ever thought that maybe goku is of royal blood (related to vegeta)? I mean if it's normal for saiyans to send out weak family even if it's their own wouldn't it be possible? Radittz even looks like vegeta, and the story of yamoshi talks about good sayains fighting bad saiyans and the bad sayains won correct? Maybe at some point goku and vegetas great grandfathers were brothers and somehow got into a fight over who would be the next kings and that was the fight they talked about.

  • GalacticGod
    GalacticGod Hónapja +1

    Wtf is this??
    We want to see old badass,cool raditz...

  • Fleek
    Fleek Hónapja

    I wish Goku entire family was reunited and radiate and Goku made a resolution and explained his coming to earth

  • Emperor KuzKrow
    Emperor KuzKrow Hónapja

    So is dragon Ball heroes cannon

  • enrique santiago
    enrique santiago Hónapja

    I think this movie is going to be wack.. I mean what could really change.. ? No way Broly beats vegeta and goku? He’s obviously going to be strong. But obviously our heroes will come out on top? The ONLY WAY this movie will be good is if Broly lives and they bring the universe 7 Sayians to stay!!

  • Grand Gojira
    Grand Gojira Hónapja

    I wonder of this new broly is pure hearted also "KAKAROOOT"

  • pc gamerz
    pc gamerz Hónapja

    yo nappa ugly

  • napa sensei
    napa sensei Hónapja

    Am I going to be in it because I want a aperce ah a saiyan can only dream

  • Superedstonic
    Superedstonic Hónapja +1

    Finally, Akira Toriyama didn't forget about ma boi Raditz :D
    I just hope he gets more than 30 seconds of screen time though

  • SPECS.95
    SPECS.95 Hónapja

    In size you could really see how big Raditz was compared to Goku once apon a time ago.. Really sad he deserves a comback forreal Goku, Raditz & Vegeta would be absolutely unstoppable together.. I really loved Raditz he was my favorite character designed. But he was too blinded beyond his past & father Bardocks beliefs he never really got the chance to become a good character & it was like they forgot him.. Like even Vegeta the most evil character on the series became good... He just had so much potential I just really loved the non-cannon story & idea of Dragon ball Zero plot behind Bardock & Raditz last seeing eatch other & goku being sent to earth. 💯 amazing tho

  • Theodore Zurla
    Theodore Zurla Hónapja

    Really geekdom. Goku versus Piccolo is your favorite fight. Please explain why

  • Allen Ballesteros

    How about napa?

  • New Gogeta
    New Gogeta Hónapja

    So is turles gonna be in the movie too cause he was included in the manga

  • Official NestarTG

    Raditz coming to fighterZ next

  • Funkotronimus Prime

    Would like to see Ghost Nappa in this 😆

  • Tarquin Janis
    Tarquin Janis Hónapja

    Yo what if Vegeta ripped off Napp's hair knowing it doesn't grow back? Maybe he failed kid Prince Vegeta or maybe Prince Vegeta was on some Game of Thrones Joffrey shit and wanted to prove a point? Vegeta could maybe have had some issues being a kid and having power and some Saiyans not respecting him. Who knows? Would be crazy to see how Vegeta also gained his respect. I wish there were a whole arc of their past or even a show

  • Zamas Zu
    Zamas Zu Hónapja +1

    vegito and gogeta vs broly

  • GodhandPhemto
    GodhandPhemto Hónapja

    Its totally possible to go completely bald in a few years even at a young age, its all genetics bro.

  • GodhandPhemto
    GodhandPhemto Hónapja +1

    Shippers are 100% pathetic.

  • One eyed king
    One eyed king Hónapja

    Dude Geekdom, you gotta stop putting spoilers in the titel and thumbnail. If you don't wanna spoil people who are waiting for the movie to come out, avoid putting spoilers in the titel and thumbnail.

    THE X BLADE Hónapja

    FINALLY after all this years we are going to see Goku's brother RADITZ.

  • Israel Gonzalez
    Israel Gonzalez Hónapja

    I bet each one of y’all a ham sandwich and a sprite that they’ll revive the saiyans race

  • MasterCast001
    MasterCast001 Hónapja

    You said that we could enter your channel or receive notifications without being spoiled. That was bs. I'm gonna have to unsub again, simply because being subbed to this channel is detrimental to my enjoyment of the movie.

  • Stephanie R
    Stephanie R Hónapja

    He’s like a baby hedgehog!

  • peKadoDeDioZ
    peKadoDeDioZ Hónapja

    ah raditz!! the yamcha of the saiyan race

  • Will Kershisnik
    Will Kershisnik Hónapja

    Ok but where tf is gohan?

  • Not My problem
    Not My problem Hónapja

    Is gonna be hard to replace bulma RIP to her actress.

  • TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    Why would you ship people who are already married..... like wha? Really 😂

  • TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    Raditz in the top right is adorable

    I said this in a completely manly way

  • TommyMG96
    TommyMG96 Hónapja

    0:57 - "I guess they never miss, huh?"

  • Taray Lewis
    Taray Lewis Hónapja

    Bit will this Broly also be grabbing people by the face ans smashing their heads into things

  • Matt Byrd
    Matt Byrd Hónapja

    @geekdom101 it might be the greatest battle he wrote but he didn't write all the dragon Ball movies like broly original and Barack movie so hell no onless Vegeta finally have his moment because we all tried of Goku

  • Ben Margraff
    Ben Margraff Hónapja

    Geekdom, do you think Cui will appear in the movie?

  • Jarrett Allen
    Jarrett Allen Hónapja

    If they are adapting dragonball minus then I'm assuming Turles is going to become cannon as well which would be dope but how does he fit in their family tree if he is? Could be another brother of goku since they look alike

  • Makai Brown
    Makai Brown Hónapja

    I feel Like the 3 raditz fans are crying knowing he's returning

  • mean meme
    mean meme Hónapja

    Only toriyama knows *toriyama forgot to draw hair*

  • Alexander Taylor
    Alexander Taylor Hónapja

    Fan service the movie lol

  • Kandy
    Kandy Hónapja

    As soon as you said hit or miss you made me think of TikTok 😂

  • J Spence
    J Spence Hónapja

    awwwwwww 😋 they're adorable lol 💙
    little mighty warriors lol c'mon

  • Jesse Hammond
    Jesse Hammond Hónapja

    Vegeta by far is the character with the most character development over the course of the Dragonball series. It would be fitting, and amazing, to see him defeat Broly. It is being teased that Vegeta will have some "awesome" scenes, but I highly doubt he will be treated with respect. The one dimensional character of Goku will be the one to defeat Broly without a doubt...the owners of the franchise are too scared of trying something drastically new because they don't want to anger the Goku worshipping fan base. The characters of Piccolo and Gohan are also so amazingly crafted and have so much potential along with Vegeta and could shine if put in the forefront, but we will never see that in canon Dragonball again I'm afraid.
    I just don't believe the hype about how "awesome" the Vegeta scenes will be. They have said that in the past and we were let down. I mean look how they did Vegeta in Resurrection F. He was seconds away from killing Freiza, and avenging the death of his father and all Saiyans...but nooo. They put in that last scene were Whis turned back time and then Goku stepped in and finished Freiza off. They just couldn't let Vegeta be the hero of the day and finish the main villain. Then the movie ends with everyone laughing at Vegeta as he realized he missed the one kill that he desired most. So yeah, having the Prince of All Saiyans take out the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly would be so fitting and amazing. But, of course, it will end up being Goku..and lame.

  • misterdoctorsurgeon

    Raditz is confirmed but still no Gohan

  • Talaris Watts-El
    Talaris Watts-El Hónapja

    Raditz confirmed👍

  • Kamikaze Kyre
    Kamikaze Kyre Hónapja

    A movie about Broly but we just care about Raditz.

  • novachikun
    novachikun Hónapja

    That Grinch ad took up a minute of my viewing time. But I am not mad about it.

  • cat
    cat Hónapja

    Majin Vegeta?
    ..i wish..

  • O.G. Francis
    O.G. Francis Hónapja

    Turles should be put in this movie

  • sum guy
    sum guy Hónapja

    Nappa is actually still bald he's wearing a toupee

  • Kevin Dang
    Kevin Dang Hónapja

    How is radditz already ssj3?

  • Living Fire145
    Living Fire145 Hónapja

    I bet Nappa shaved his head

  • Lord Infamous
    Lord Infamous Hónapja

    You sound exhausted drink a Corona good work less less spoiler plz

  • Neojin
    Neojin Hónapja

    Keep getting spoiled

  • Satsu
    Satsu Hónapja

    Tbh I thought Raditz was going to return and fight along Goku and Vegeta and shit but I guess I expected too much, rip.

  • Viper 89
    Viper 89 Hónapja

    Gogeta- will wipe ass but fail cuz of the time limit- Ultra Instinct Goku - good run but out of stamina and to damage
    But - Raditz revived teams up with little brother Kakarot and they were not fail cuz they fuse.
    P.s- Raditz ain't the lil weak saying anymore....he's has been train somehow in hell.....training harder than ever cuz he seen Kakarot life events Super Saiyan ssj1...ssj 2...ssj 3..... ssjGod and ssj blue

  • liam fowell
    liam fowell Hónapja

    When he says it'll be "the greatest battle" i think he more refers to the struggle against Broly in total rather than any one individual fight. I.E throughout the whole film. a bit like the Frieza fight was strung out across numerous battles and scenes and the effect it has on the audience.

  • Goku FT
    Goku FT Hónapja

    Farmer with a shot gun confirmed?

  • BeavisSaves
    BeavisSaves Hónapja

    Fuck yeah, Radiz! Dude has the honor of being a rare fight where Goku has to actually work with someone, and couldn't beat on his own.

  • Cpt. Sideburns
    Cpt. Sideburns Hónapja

    Raditz.... finally :)

  • Lorne McIntyre
    Lorne McIntyre Hónapja

    but what about nappa lol

  • Christian X
    Christian X Hónapja

    Dragon ball heroes is trash , just some made up BS .

  • -(CoolNinjaBroGuy)-

    "Fan Service!" - The movie
    coming soon to a theater near you

  • Chaos Oblivion
    Chaos Oblivion Hónapja

    you made a 10 minute video about just talking complete shit, something that could easily take 2 minutes to discuss, you extend with nonsense.

  • jimroy lort
    jimroy lort Hónapja

    oh yea oh yea oh yea ohhhhhhhhhhh yea oh yeaaaaaaaaaaa oh eay ho eya!

    DBZ FAN Hónapja

    Raditz, Gogeta, And Broly?! Holy crap, now all I need to worry about is if Gogeta will be serious and not like the GT him.

  • Zukka 88
    Zukka 88 Hónapja

    Goku: Brother, let me show YOU how it's done!

  • Dman Smith
    Dman Smith Hónapja

    Why are their tails loose?

  • NeoSonic19
    NeoSonic19 Hónapja

    I fugured that Raditz would at least make a cameo (considering that everyone in the past will be included).

  • Xavier Pena
    Xavier Pena Hónapja

    "We're going to Dairyyy Queeeen!"

  • Bailee Johnson
    Bailee Johnson Hónapja

    i see you with that vpn my guy

  • Dominic Brown
    Dominic Brown Hónapja

    Shaving your head is a thing..

  • irunthangs247
    irunthangs247 Hónapja

    They need to make a movie about vegeta wishing back his planet n all the dead saiyans

  • irunthangs247
    irunthangs247 Hónapja

    We need raditz and turles in dragonball fighterz

  • Ice Dub
    Ice Dub Hónapja

    The cell games news reporter, spopovich and those two random guys who got their steering wheel ripped off by Vegeta in GT for trying to holla @ his daughter have also been confirmed for the upcoming movie

  • Rpdboss123
    Rpdboss123 Hónapja

    When u thought that mui pic was in the movie

  • Shorty Perez
    Shorty Perez Hónapja

    Hell yes i was waiting for Kid Raditz 👌

  • jackie moua
    jackie moua Hónapja

    darn..too bad i wont pay to watch this movie.. not a fan of dubbed anime..!! arrgh!!

  • SE7EN x70
    SE7EN x70 Hónapja

    Great! We just need Gohan now (actually doing something useful fighting-wise). I get the feeling Super hates Gohan.

  • Anikko Barton
    Anikko Barton Hónapja +1

    Thanks for ruining that raditz is in the movie in the title and thumbnail! Woopee I love just casually scrolling down and getting things ruined for me just because I'm on the platform..... All of these dbs youtubers do the same thing. Put the spoiler in CAPS then proceed to put major spoilers afterward. Lmfao not to mention anything short of me avoiding HUclip, it is impossible to avoid these videos.... Dislike.....not interested...report.. Doesn't matter. Wanted the movie to be a surprise and people like you continue to ruin it for ad revenue. Used to like your content, but I'm over the click bait spoiling nonsense you dbs youtubers do..

  • tra elmer
    tra elmer Hónapja

    I wish they would have explored raditz more in the original series

  • Mack V
    Mack V Hónapja +1

    Glad to be able, and see some life into these long lost characters again.

  • Justin Harris
    Justin Harris Hónapja

    His hairline tho 🤧

    BP.RANGERZ Hónapja

    Then it'll end the debate until they find a way to power up vegito

    BP.RANGERZ Hónapja

    I just realized if gogeta actually puts up a good fight or overpower broly for even a little he might be stronger than vegito

  • Ragin Cajun Smith

    No wonder Raditz couldn't kill goku - His back was sore from having to carry all that hair as a child.
    Does Planet Vegeta not have barbers?

  • Jovonte Shaw
    Jovonte Shaw Hónapja

    Damn raditz gang

  • David Torres
    David Torres Hónapja

    I'm going to block you. You literally just spoiled a big reveal for me. Stop putting major reveals in your titles and thumbnails. You could've have "CLASSIC CHARACTER RETURNING?!" Instead of this.

  • KingSalaman
    KingSalaman Hónapja

    The og widow peak is back in business

  • EmmetSparks
    EmmetSparks Hónapja

    I really want radits back tbh

  • Cole Brown
    Cole Brown Hónapja +1


  • Gavin James
    Gavin James Hónapja

    Everyone getting excited for raditz. You know he will be just a background character in a flashback right?

  • B.T.A Let's plays

    There inclusion already debunked the notion of Vegeta and Goku being the same age

  • Dro Sims
    Dro Sims Hónapja

    Glad to hear that about broly and how he’s gonna be better than the old movie broly ...I kno it’s an unpopular opinion buy I never liked broly cause he was too OP and he was just strong just to be strong ...no real character development, hopefully like they said I can like him now and maybe see him in the same light I see goku

  • Davinder Singh
    Davinder Singh Hónapja

    Raditz just needs to go super Saiyan... and he will look like SSJ 3 😂

  • Ukog Nos
    Ukog Nos Hónapja

    Vegeta is a lucky bastard, unlike Yamcha!

  • bailey taylor
    bailey taylor Hónapja

    i highly doubt its possible it could be better than Majin Vegeta vs ssj2 goku

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton Hónapja

    Dragonball Heroes fucking slaps, dude.