Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair


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  • lildragongirl Httyd


  • Nee da swankie bee

    Billie, I’ll pray for u

  • Enalei Roman
    Enalei Roman Napja

    she is so pure

  • Ashanti savage and friends

    Billie get with daniel


    Hey I wish is could giver her a hug. She just looks so sad. It kinda really hurts.
    Please get better. You look better when you smile. 😃

  • Karly Dickey
    Karly Dickey Napja

    Popularity makes you sad 😢

  • Hello There :3

    I just wish u would happier and also maybe just not cuss?????? :3

  • Emmanuella Frimpong

    Who hurt you?

  • Auggie Films
    Auggie Films Napja

    "I like black."

    She sounds so sad... Can I hug you and be your best friend please? ❤❤

  • Iasia flexlikeiasia

    she looks depressed

  • Ally12223
    Ally12223 Napja +1

    I wanna hug her 💔

  • Kawaii- Chan
    Kawaii- Chan Napja

    Those “Ocean eyes...”

  • iiiErixOmqiii Garcia

    I don’t know why but this makes me sad for you to know how much you grown over time 😭 💔
    Edit: Might just be really emotional

  • Mat Aiman
    Mat Aiman Napja

    dont do drugs kids

  • Mackenzie Nichols

    she seems so much more sad now and i just wanna show her how much i love her

  • Arshia Hussain

    she’s so over it you can see it in her eyes...😔

  • Abigail Thompson

    Billie, you are amazing. your songs emotionally move me, and I love everything about you.

  • Emilie Leblanc

    im crying rn i just love her so much :(

  • • ellie •

    she is my spirit animal i swear to god

  • Amaya Martinez

    When Billie said don’t post you’re feelings I felt like she was here with me in my room telling me DONT F POST UR FEELINGS



  • Cece Danie
    Cece Danie Napja +1

    She's beautiful

  • Kenza Rose Harrison

    Crying rn! 😭😭

  • Judy Chokbengboun

    She looks so much sadder 😕

  • Hey Moon
    Hey Moon Napja

    Ok she is real

  • Henna Sadaqat

    She’s smiling but there’s sadness in her eyes.....

  • Lilyzside _
    Lilyzside _ Napja +2

    hoping she doesn't fall into hard drugs

  • abigail mayhem

    she reminds me so much of my sister, dear god

  • Ashley Lively

    You look beautiful with out dose necklaceses you look beautiful 🙁🙁 don't be sad be Happy

  • Madisen Jane
    Madisen Jane Napja

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  • Aishah Nazir
    Aishah Nazir Napja

    whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise

  • iam already tracer


  • Leslie B.
    Leslie B. Napja

    I love when you guys do this ♥️😭

  • Addisxon
    Addisxon Napja

    She looks so dead and broken...

  • LowSpirits ِ

    It's Khalid not Khaleeeeeeeeeeed. Enough is enough, people already pronounce my name Akmed when it's Ahmed. Is it that hard really. 😂😂😂

  • Mikail Baser
    Mikail Baser Napja

    Why is she depressed? I dont det why. Can someone please explain

  • Keren Santiago
    Keren Santiago Napja +1

    Ahh those eyes😩

  • Mariana Mendes

    Fiquei tão triste vendo esse vídeo 😥 minha impressão é que acabou tosa esperança e vontade dela... Ela já tem tudo 😰

  • Arina
    Arina Napja

    This breaks my heart 😭💔

  • natalie bailey

    The fact that this made me cry...👏... anddd ughhh honestly whenever she smiled and laughed it made me so happy! She’s honestly so beautiful, fun, and just an honest person.... i love it👌

  • Ana Gram
    Ana Gram Napja

    a year can change someone so much 😲

  • LibSyr
    LibSyr Napja

    She is eveeything

  • Natasha Gard
    Natasha Gard Napja

    I have seen this so many times but I keep coming back

  • AvaTheIrrelevant

    i see the pain in her eyes

  • TheBleuAssasin -GAMES

    What did she do tho?

  • Rebecca Fountas

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    I love Billi
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  • Ry Ay
    Ry Ay Napja

    This is just black

  • Luna Suburbia

    I don't listen to her a lot, but shes young. She's like, maybe a year older than me? I don't wanna say she's broken, but she does need some help.

  • Gaby Alverez
    Gaby Alverez Napja

    I cant I started to cry 😭

  • Ez Z
    Ez Z Napja

    Ok HUclip I watched it

  • te amo xtentacion

    dude I´m crying for her. She its so sad!! :(

  • Georgie
    Georgie Napja

    I felt like crying!! The pain she has is unbearable!!!

  • Ragnhildur S. Bergsdóttir

    whatever~~ heartbreaking words that should be destroyed.
    whatever~~ it’s not whatever hun, it’s everything, it’s the whole world
    whatever~~ when something means so much but you’re afraid
    you’re going to be ok

  • tikthotk
    tikthotk Napja

    ahh I remember that interview a year ago

  • Xxemily GamerxX

    Billie eyelash

  • SophiaMarie 13

    In her eyes she knows she needs a fiend

  • MyradoGaming
    MyradoGaming Napja

    She was 16 then....

  • Robert Ibarra

    Did yall even catch the end how she said, " every artist is sad" or just out here ignoring that?

  • Prasenjeet Urunkar


  • Koz Scarface
    Koz Scarface Napja

    she even sounds different. like theyre molding her.

  • Koz Scarface
    Koz Scarface Napja

    the industry destroys people. ONE YEAR and you can see the sadness in her soul.

  • Senpai Clarts

    Those eyes

  • Kyley Alvarado

    Omg this made me cry😭

  • Ha Vi Dao
    Ha Vi Dao Napja

    Her eyes are so beautiful and sad at the same time

  • Imhrien Cale
    Imhrien Cale Napja

    Billie Eilish why did you change

  • Resident Alien

    This intensifies my depression.

  • Rania Khalfa
    Rania Khalfa Napja +1

    Billie looks so depressed, fallen apart, ... I want to give her a 🤗!
    This shows us that 💰 doesn’t make us 😃! ❤️ will

  • Jennifer Lippa

    This is literally how I see myself when I wasn’t depressed and how I am now.

    • Jennifer Lippa
      Jennifer Lippa Napja

      This also scares me because bright green is my favorite color :(

  • Amaya Charlize

    this just made me love her and i don’t even listen to her music

  • Essid Chawki
    Essid Chawki Napja

    She's 16 ???? ? Wtfff dude

  • Ramdom Guy
    Ramdom Guy Napja +1

    This is a genuinely sad person it’s not a “Mood”

  • CaptnJason
    CaptnJason Napja

    This is so cute

  • Laura Gibson
    Laura Gibson Napja

    fine youtube i watched it

  • danna dela
    danna dela Napja

    watching in 2019 and u can seemed happier before

  • Jonalyn Narcelles

    A lot of things happened in a year. And its sad seeing her right now, sadness is evident through her eyes :< i luv u billie!!! *sending virtual hug*

  • Aria Poole
    Aria Poole Napja

    Wow she looked so happy in 2017, now she looks so depressed, you can see it in her eyes💔

  • its me elleana

    What happened to Billie please tell me ❤️

  • Alexandria Tayla

    She looks how her music sounds, depressed. Getting into the spotlight that young would be so hard for your self esteem, I just hope she doesn’t turn to hard drugs to cope.

  • Lan & Rose
    Lan & Rose Napja


  • Dr Log
    Dr Log Napja +1

    Just plz don’t commit suicide

  • 김수암무
    김수암무 Napja

    한국어 자막이 필요해요 정말로

  • tunie hanan
    tunie hanan Napja

    look at how broken the fame made her

  • cdvleli
    cdvleli Napja

    She did this on my birthday!! Oh my gosh!

  • sickfootball2010

    her positive vibes are just gone now, this just shows that fame and glamour isn't as great as it seems.

  • Miowly Siew
    Miowly Siew Napja

    NO WAY SHES 16?! BRUH.

  • Marcus Ly
    Marcus Ly Napja

    2017: Innocent
    2018: Emo-phase?

  • 120MIKI024 musica

    Billie im just broke in two ,maybe you will never read this comment but if you read it i just wants to tell ya...if you dont fell good ya shoud take a break bc is not good to hear someone who dont wants to sing ,i'm not saying that of ya but if u wants a break just take it.

  • Zhajera Kynee Geldore Collados

    What happened!!?!?!!!!?? 😢

  • bbblegm
    bbblegm Napja

    Wait shes 16??? I thought she is 27 🙈

  • Mahnoor Saiafi


  • lillifranzii 278

    I want to give her a long hug so she knows she is not alone

  • TheFlamingIcicle

    My whole heart broke.

  • Zanouhツ
    Zanouhツ Napja +1

    She Looks So Heart Broken 💔 She Is So Calm And Kind

  • Renee Jin
    Renee Jin Napja

    Her earrings in 2018 tho, it’s like savage silver thingy

  • StarzBuilds
    StarzBuilds Napja

    Wow, one of my sisters lives in Japan and the other in Brazil 🇯🇵 🇧🇷

  • Renee Jin
    Renee Jin Napja

    One question I just found out about Billie and I don’t get why everyone thinks she is depressed! I don’t get it! Someone plz tell me! I need to understand!

  • Saisha Misra
    Saisha Misra Napja

    *Billie come here lemme give you a hug*

  • Lost Potato
    Lost Potato Napja

    tis not sadness, tis drugs and acne

  • Mark Boone
    Mark Boone Napja

    Why do I see so much lil xan in her?

  • Louise Rieper

    Omg... My heart broke. She is SO SO SO honest. Please come out of this hole...