Dragon ball Super Broly Trailer 3 Reaction Mashup


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  • Gomati Choudhary

    during this i discovered that whis is the one who lets goku and vegeta the fuse and finally gojeta is born

    finn 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Anthony Doc
    Anthony Doc 10 napja

    Can I ask why is everyone so excited for this movie. Sure, I was excited when I heard DBS was coming out with a new movie but I wasn't expecting a Broly movie. Suriously, the guy already has 3 movies. Can we get something new? Is Toriyama running out of ideas or what? First Frieza and now Broly? What's with Toriyama having movies of returning old villains?

  • everestfalls
    everestfalls 11 napja

    Broly gonna kick your ass so hard you'll get split into several universes.

  • Paloma Pseudoautista

    vegeta was using the galick ho instead of the final flash....gogeta confirmed? u know cause vegeto uses final kame hame ha and gogeta might use galick ha or something like that lol

  • Bud Smikah
    Bud Smikah 27 napja

    Half the people reacting most likely have never seen dbz or any dbz movies they just started watching dbs because of hype

  • Adriel Oliveira
    Adriel Oliveira 28 napja

    The bad thing about watching this movie in theaters is that it's gonna be pretty much this video:

  • Tristan plays
    Tristan plays 28 napja +1

    No etika= worst reaction

  • Dread Nought
    Dread Nought 29 napja +3

    Whatching a video about people whatching a video

  • hawksmuteki
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  • Brandon Berrios
    Brandon Berrios 29 napja +1

    Kale x broly is real

  • Edward Pagacita
    Edward Pagacita 29 napja

    Broly's origin is accurate but his timeline is shaky. Remember, during the movie there was no mention of the Androids even on the 3 year gap since Trunk's first appearance and and most specifically "Gohan was never a Super Saiyan" that time. Can we all agree that the old movie was more like a "prelude" and that this might actually be the "Genuine" story for Broly?

  • goku san
    goku san Hónapja +4

    Cant wait till the english version comes out those broly screams for english make my nuts tingle

  • BokunNo HeroFull
    BokunNo HeroFull Hónapja

    Dislike porque no sale stangerWig Games

  • Bii So
    Bii So Hónapja +2

    How can you not include Dwayne n Jazz's reaction?!

  • ちるちるソルソル


  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken Hónapja +2

    Too much people

  • Edward Pagacita
    Edward Pagacita Hónapja +4

    I cannot believe they gave BROLY the "Chou-mahou-cho" mouth blast and Kid Buu's "Planet Burst" power-ball. And I saw him dragging Goku's face with "Gigantic Hammer", I just hope they didn't removed his "Signature Finishers" like "Gigantic Meteor", "Gigantic Buster" and his final move "Gigantic Impact" that looks like either a green "Super Kamehameha" or "Super Garlic Gun". These 3 moves can be evaded if reacted right but NEVER EVER even think of blocking them, because that is IMPOSSIBLE even with barriers like Android 17.

  • Tony Baez
    Tony Baez Hónapja +5

    I can’t believe DBS Broly movie trailer got me even more hyped than Infinity War !!!!!!!!

  • Edward Pagacita
    Edward Pagacita Hónapja

    Let's also face facts, BROLY is "Far from complete". We have seen games and manga's indicating that there still potential for him to grow, like his SSJ 3, SSJ 4 even up to SSJ 5 and I know this maybe a bit of a stretch but I am convinced that he can also achieve ULTRA INSTINCT. Both "Legendary" and " Ultra Instinct" states can apply to the other forms like I've already seen "BROLY Legendary SSJ 3". Can you image the "LEGENDARY SSJ 3" in "ULTRA INSTINCT" state?

  • 鉄男
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  • Edward Pagacita
    Edward Pagacita Hónapja +4

    Remember the original movie? BROLY was actually the very first to achieved "Super Saiyan Blue" in-spite of a seal crown on his head, so technically his power was suppressed back then. The seal crown was used to control BROLY's immeasurable power but because he was wearing it for so long, his been "Powered Down" significantly as a side effect. In this movie his not wearing it, meaning that this is actually how strong he should have been.

    • Geekdom's Grandpa
      Geekdom's Grandpa Hónapja +3

      Completely different story, completely different characters.

  • FallBackSquadUp
    FallBackSquadUp Hónapja

    Get these ugly ass motivators out of my face with this shit

  • pablo schulz
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  • Kevin Jared Hurtado Lozano

    Oh my GOD :O

  • LeónMan
    LeónMan Hónapja +12

    Que sad no verme en ningún cuadro jajaja XD

  • Edward Pagacita
    Edward Pagacita Hónapja

    To all Dragon ball fans, I for one hereby say that we can agree that, BROLY is without question the "Strongest Super Saiyan" that exist, even beyond Vegito or Gogeta. That may still be open for debate, but regardless we can also agree that Broly is not a bad guy like Goku said, his just misled.

    • Edward Pagacita
      Edward Pagacita Hónapja

      Keep in mind that Broly is still growing so anything is possible.

    • Edward Pagacita
      Edward Pagacita Hónapja

      True, but there is one more. Not Kefla from universe 6, there is that guy from another universe who sealed away and believe it or not the guy keeping him was Cooler, Frieza's brother. I think his name was, CUMBER from Dragon ball heroes.

    • Edward Pagacita
      Edward Pagacita Hónapja

      Well your both right I won't argue. Please check my other comments and see if you can agree, it might fill you in on some gaps about this.

    • king emfj3201
      king emfj3201 Hónapja +1

      While he may be the strongest Saiyan I would say give Frieza a few weeks of leg day 😂😂😂😂

    • jbac xtrme
      jbac xtrme Hónapja +1

      Maybe Blue Vegito/Gogeta but beyond that is debatable

  • Meem Ain
    Meem Ain Hónapja +5

    I want broly to make caulifla and kale suffer for disrespecting the saiyans’ pride

    • king emfj3201
      king emfj3201 12 napja

      +jbac xtrme ye I was lmfao
      Should I have put jk at the end?

    • jbac xtrme
      jbac xtrme 12 napja

      Jediah Stewart I think he’s being sarcastic. What do you think?

    • king emfj3201
      king emfj3201 Hónapja

      +Jediah Stewart kale was supressed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      So she wouldn't kill hoku, jiren noticed how she was holding back so much power so he wanted to eliminate her quickly but he couldn't lol.
      Kale walked through a FP blue Kamehameha, broly only tanked a punch from red hahaha jokes on you lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jediah Stewart
      Jediah Stewart Hónapja

      +king emfj3201 haha jokes on u her controlled form got smacked by SSJG Goku and Broly's yellow eyed form I didn't flinch to SSJG vegeta punch in the face and he dragged goku SSJG in a way of ice

    • king emfj3201
      king emfj3201 Hónapja

      +Jediah Stewart kale mastered hers, she should smack him like chi chi does Goku.

  • EvXiTZzViper 408
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  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu Hónapja

    My legendary Broly! Please don't become Goku's bitch and turn to the good side.....Stay a legend please!!!!!

    DJAAFAR DJAAFAR Hónapja +2

    troy magnus had lost it

  • 神威
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  • Bon Jordan
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  • Mirianne Blue
    Mirianne Blue Hónapja

    Broly base can fight against goku and vegeta ssgod
    this is trash

    • Dương Vũ
      Dương Vũ 29 napja

      +Jediah Stewart Its just a trailer dude, im pretty sure the movie will have it, imo Ssbkkx20 and ssbe will force broly transform into lssj, and toriyama himself said the movie will follow the anime adaptation version, i think that pretty much explain everything

    • Jediah Stewart
      Jediah Stewart Hónapja +1

      +Dương Vũ hey bro this is my opinion ok even if he is taking this from the anime how come there is no ssjbkkx20 or Migatte blue in the trailer(I already know this but u give me a better reason)

    • king emfj3201
      king emfj3201 Hónapja

      +Dương Vũ black hair equal base

    • king emfj3201
      king emfj3201 Hónapja

      But jiren did the same thing yet he's not trash?

    • Dương Vũ
      Dương Vũ Hónapja

      Jediah Stewart are you high? Toriyama himself said this will follow the anime, the top isnt over yet in the manga

  • SSJGoshin4
    SSJGoshin4 Hónapja +13

    Thank you so much for including me in this mashup!

    • Broly Jr
      Broly Jr Hónapja

      Jediah Stewart 😂😂😂 like this 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😱😱😱😱😱😱😬😬😬😬😬😵😵😵😵😵

    • Jediah Stewart
      Jediah Stewart Hónapja

      +Broly Jr also how do u feel about ur dad Broly Sr being in the movie😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jediah Stewart
      Jediah Stewart Hónapja

      +Broly Jr lol I feel retarded😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Broly Jr
      Broly Jr Hónapja +1

      Jediah Stewart middle Row 😂😊

    • Broly Jr
      Broly Jr Hónapja +2

      I found you ur in the middle Row 😊👍

  • Wassim Akkire
    Wassim Akkire Hónapja +1

    Borly is the so cool

  • kengoku 98
    kengoku 98 Hónapja +2

    Wow awesome reaction everyone. Mechafrieza and geekdom❤.
    Hype is real.

  • Asianiscool1
    Asianiscool1 Hónapja +1

    Damn broly on that juice at the end, holy fuck that art style was amazing.

  • Dk 007
    Dk 007 Hónapja

    huclip.com/video/81DkZgs7sf0/videó.html this is comedy reaction from india for mowgli legend of the jungle trailer

  • Blackswordsman6
    Blackswordsman6 Hónapja +6

    His legendary transformation should shatter Earth.

  • Aulia Riedho
    Aulia Riedho Hónapja

    jiren who? broly is a fucking beast

  • Juan Maldonado
    Juan Maldonado Hónapja +15

    Tyrone’s reaction was the best😂

    • Anthony Cooke
      Anthony Cooke 7 napja

      Out of all these voices, I can hear his clear as day. I also had the same reaction

  • Santos gonzalez
    Santos gonzalez Hónapja +14

    I wanted a broly vs beerus because broly is the real legendary super saiyan

    • Miku Hatsune
      Miku Hatsune 19 napja

      Beerus is weak now

    • Thomas Brock
      Thomas Brock 26 napja

      Santos gonzalez Beerus would win against Broly, he said a super saiyan GOD and Yamoshi is the real super saiyan god. Broly would lose if Beerus go full power or not.

    • Internet Police
      Internet Police Hónapja

      +Santos gonzalez yeh i knoe

    • Santos gonzalez
      Santos gonzalez Hónapja

      +Internet Police beerus never went full power but im sure broly would win

    • Internet Police
      Internet Police Hónapja +1

      Broly wud win.Just letting u know they stated broly is the strongest opponent goku has fought up 2 date

  • Mrm.24 83
    Mrm.24 83 Hónapja +7

    Wow, the 63-year old manga legend Akira Toriyama and TOEI Animation people did a very good job on that honestly... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • AAron A. H
    AAron A. H Hónapja +1

    0:59, amazeds jaja.

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black Hónapja +50

    Lol Toriyama in the thumbnail.

    KLICK KAN KAP Hónapja +2

    Mega mashup pls

  • DarkerNemesis
    DarkerNemesis Hónapja +10

    I have to see this movie in a Cinema. They have to distribute this movie World wide dammit.

    • Cookie iijuice
      Cookie iijuice Hónapja +1

      +DarkerNemesis oh... Im sorry ;-;

    • DarkerNemesis
      DarkerNemesis Hónapja +1

      +Cookie iijuice i know but its not coming in cinemas in my country

    • Cookie iijuice
      Cookie iijuice Hónapja +1

      It's coming out in the u.s in January i don't know the exact date tho

  • thehmph1
    thehmph1 Hónapja +13

    This movie will be Legendary.

  • Furkan Bozdag
    Furkan Bozdag Hónapja +8

    i am glad that i started watching the dragonball series

    • Mrm.24 83
      Mrm.24 83 28 napja

      Furkan Bozdag It's your choice.

    • Furkan Bozdag
      Furkan Bozdag 28 napja

      +Mrm.24 83 nope should i?

    • Mrm.24 83
      Mrm.24 83 Hónapja

      Furkan Bozdag Did you also read the original manga series by Akira Toriyama in English translation plus the DBS manga version as well?

    • Broly Jr
      Broly Jr Hónapja

      Ramiro Avila FBI for anime I agree 😂😂 lol FBI part only

    • Ramiro Avila
      Ramiro Avila Hónapja +3

      where did you start from, i need to know in order to help you follow the order of the anime

  • Emanuel Roberts
    Emanuel Roberts Hónapja +1

    (I know I haven't been commenting on your videos in a while but I just wanted you to know that on the Monday before the one that just past I have made it back home and I'm going back to school on the next Monday)
    anyways... could a Dragonball fan please tell me why goku doesn't use his final transformation first, I know they have to lengthen the movie but still, also in order to turn super saiyan blue wouldn't vegeta have to get super saiyan God anyways?

  • DaQuan Forbes
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  • やぶちん【実況】


  • 8MoneyIzmyMission8
    8MoneyIzmyMission8 Hónapja +30

    Can't wait for the dubbed version of this! Broly was always one of my faves back then. Hope they can do him justice

    • Istangor
      Istangor 11 napja

      He isnt. He is a fucking kid at heart! His voice isnt supposed to be mature. Thats exactly why this voice was choosen for him by the
      original creator of the show! Are you going against the creator who wanted him to have this voice and choose exactly this voice for that character?!
      You are the only retard here. Please dont disgrace yourself any more. Its just sad!

    • jbac xtrme
      jbac xtrme 12 napja

      Rixton I think he’s beyond that. We can’t help him no more

    • Rixton
      Rixton 24 napja

      Goku is a grown ass man, kid. He needs the mature voice of schemmel.
      You are what happens when you go full retard.

    • Istangor
      Istangor 26 napja

      First of all your sentence was disrespectful as fuck.
      Second you clearly dont understand Gokus character at all. He isnt supposed to sound like an american hero because he isnt. He is a man child and he had this voice since he was little. Thats his personality and his character and not the american one from the dub! So sorry for destroying your dreams. You are the one who doesnt know how Goku is supposed to sound :)

    • Nexus光
      Nexus光 27 napja

      +Istangor Okay how am i racist if i didn't even bring up a race? All i said was a old lady. Never said anything about her race. Goku is a man he's not supposed to be sounding like that. I'd see if you'd call me a sexist but race has nothing to do with this.(btw not a sexist)

  • Scoffi petrelli
    Scoffi petrelli Hónapja +4

    Brutal ,Epic and Amazing

  • Tata's Vids
    Tata's Vids Hónapja +57

    Words can not describe how happy this trailer made me.

  • Dota Ultimate
    Dota Ultimate Hónapja +198

    Beerus: Goku is the legendary saiyan i've been searching for!
    Broly: Hold my beer

    • Raoh
      Raoh 27 napja

      Bud Smikah he doosent beat cell 3 versions of majin buu black goku .............and what opponents you talkin about all he beat is freeza and jiren

    • XxnoscopexX123
      XxnoscopexX123 27 napja

      +Bud Smikah We don't know for 100% the info we were given while legit. Was incomplete and we don't know we might see UI even if it doesn't fight Broly afterwards. Cause Lemos voice actor said Goku finally... In the last scene it could mean anything. But I think we still may get to see it before the credits roll.

    • Broly Jr
      Broly Jr 27 napja

      Bud Smikah old one not knew one

    • Bud Smikah
      Bud Smikah 27 napja

      +Broly Jr gohan made broly his bitch in the movies though?

    • Bud Smikah
      Bud Smikah 27 napja

      +Raoh jiren could beat them you know

  • Venrex Tyranno
    Venrex Tyranno Hónapja +17

    Hype level is over 9000! 😁

    • Mrm.24 83
      Mrm.24 83 Hónapja +1

      Venrex Tyranno Ah, the old school North American English mistranslation reference.

    • Edward Pagacita
      Edward Pagacita Hónapja +1

      Please check my other comments to justify your Hype. Thank you.

    • zoul guerrero
      zoul guerrero Hónapja

      Te falto agrégale unos cien ceros :v

  • Micael Brisa
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  • Dr. Deadlook
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