Old Bardock vs New Bardock - Dragon Ball Super Broly


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  • Geekdom101
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    So many Bardocks... so little time.

    • PrudentiusInvader
      PrudentiusInvader 10 napja

      Does that also mean Bardocks squad no longer exist. Tora his bestfriend and the other guys.

    • John Connor
      John Connor Hónapja

      Geekdom101 the only that canon matters is Star Wars cute all the old eu stuff are legends meaning they could happened but didn’t the only eu stuff from the original eu that is is dawn of the Jedi books as far as I know since that’s predate anything in canon. So star wars canon matters dragon ball what canon there no canon here the only not included in what you call canon in dB is gt due to kaibto and supreme kai not being fused anymore.

    • Muhtadi Haque
      Muhtadi Haque Hónapja

      I wonder if Beerus told freeza to blow up planet Vegeta

    • dalton shook
      dalton shook Hónapja

      If it’s sayian armor and this is the first time freiza shows up it would make sense that he himself wouldn’t have sayian armor on.

    • Malv Gaming
      Malv Gaming Hónapja

      @Geekdom101 man you literally kept the cut that has bardok and others at 7:40 what are you talking about.

  • ala xam mpar mouxmout


  • センパイ
    センパイ Napja

    Jesus, let the old man write in peace. Even if you don't like the new changes, it doesn't matter. The old films are still there for you to see.
    Toriyama just wanted to retell the story from a different point of view. He's never been consistent about what goes on in Dragonball.

  • Salih Warsama
    Salih Warsama 2 napja

    3:02 super dragon Ball z 🥺

  • Zeles
    Zeles 4 napja

    What about the scientist?

  • Muhammad Abdullahi

    Ayo U pretty much summed it up, but in toriyama defense I believe he was influenced 2 change the origin of the saiyans by the marvel & DC comics givin there characters new origins I don't know maybe he'z 2 compete with Superman & the hulk's (rebirth). But I agree it's hogwash

  • m jefferson
    m jefferson 6 napja

    Whenever I read comics or see movies I think of it as self contained. I know things change but I try not to notice

  • William Reese
    William Reese 8 napja

    Maybe it's a alternate reality ?

  • Temujin18S
    Temujin18S 9 napja

    Dragonball become so big as franchise its becoming like DC or marvel comics with constant reboots and retcons. Mark my words if you think it's bad now watch in another 20 years it's gonna be unrecognisable. Heck dragonball bigger than Toriyama now.

  • PrudentiusInvader
    PrudentiusInvader 10 napja +1

    This is crazy, so much lore is getting screwed. I really liked the old story of Bardock

  • NotLogan
    NotLogan 10 napja

    He probably forgot about bardock and didn't remember to change it.

  • Chhanny Im
    Chhanny Im 10 napja

    Dudes getting old. Who cares if people are pissed. Let the man get old. How many times has he admitted to forgetting his own work? So many

  • Kakarot 2006
    Kakarot 2006 12 napja

    Bardock’s old design makes him look awesome and a rebel to frieza and the Saiyans while the new design makes him look like everyone else. Hopefully he will have the same personality as he was originally written as.

  • Evening of the Undead

    "The Father of Goku" and "Episode of Bardock" are canon to the anime. Not the manga. "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" is canon to both. Both being canon to the anime is what causes a problem. But not really because Broly is basically Toriyama just having fun showing what he would've done with the characters instead. You can pick either one or both because when it comes to the anime, technically both are true. Personally, I think people should stop asking questions and just enjoy the damn show.

  • Obsedian Krystal
    Obsedian Krystal 14 napja

    And people said dragon ball gt sucked.

  • Markus Brunner
    Markus Brunner 14 napja

    trunks probably fucked up time space again.

  • Abyss V
    Abyss V 15 napja

    Thanks now I’m pissed

  • RealTalkGaming
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  • Kristopher Dorsey

    bardock is a little bit stronger then he was before

  • Christian Groneberg

    Maybe it's called Dragon Ball Minus because it subtracted the original Bardock story from the continuity.

  • Atrell johnson
    Atrell johnson 16 napja

    Toriyama is on that Marvel comics shit. Continuity and characters give fans such a head ache. Honestly there's no point in trying to piece everything in a straight line cause at this point this thing is jagged as f***.

  • Hand Sanitizer
    Hand Sanitizer 17 napja

    Love your channel but I hate watching video when they just don’t go straight into the topic

  • Vecret Simbulan
    Vecret Simbulan 17 napja

    Eh what are you gonna do
    Akira toriyama is one forgetful boi

  • Freedom Eaddy
    Freedom Eaddy 18 napja

    There was people in the flash back on the left

  • Jhonny Rian
    Jhonny Rian 18 napja

    Also worth mentioning that Toriyama doesn't even know his own work, So I agree cant go too deep or it gets screwed up.

  • ImTheStrongest
    ImTheStrongest 20 napja

    "History Time Line/Universe"
    Earth-1 Bardock: Father 👉 Earth-1 DB 👉Earth-1 DBZ 👉 Earth -1 Cell.
    Earth-2 Bardock: Father 👉 Earth-2 DB 👉 Earth-2 DBZ 👉 Earth-2 Trunks.
    Earth-3 Yamoshi 👉 Earth-3 DB Minus 👉 Earth-3 DB 👉 Earth-3 DBZ 👉 Earth-3 Trunks (universe destroyed by Earth-3 Zeno)
    Earth-4 Bardock: Father 👉 Earth-4 DB 👉 Earth-4 DBZ 👉 Earth-4 GT.
    Earth-5 SSJ Bardock 👉 Earth-5 Bardock: Father 👉 Earth-5 DB 👉 Earth-5 DBZ 👉 Earth-5 GT.
    Earth-6 Yomashi 👉 Earth-6 DB Minus 👉 Earth-6 DB 👉 Earth-6 DBZ 👉 Earth-6 DBS.
    DB Heroes is weird so I'm not sure how to theory that.

  • Bdog069 9
    Bdog069 9 20 napja

    The way that Bardock was created for the Movie and tv special was what made he love him as one of my favorite characters, but now they want to portray him differently as well as goku, vegeta, and the rest of the other sayians. which cause of this the dragon ball story would be unbalanced.

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones 20 napja

    I believe the dbz have different timelines that are not the same world I alternate dimension of the same thing but dememetion always contradiction the others just like history of trunks look at with another perspective.

  • Derrick Green
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  • Yenom williams
    Yenom williams 23 napja

    I really wish people would stop bitching about things that have no importance

  • WaltNoDisney13
    WaltNoDisney13 25 napja

    Like i said Super should never have been made , i knew it was gonna cost us somewhere down the line and well here it is

  • william harrison
    william harrison 25 napja

    lol yet another bleeding broly movie i personally think they should come up with something new

  • Adi H
    Adi H 25 napja

    I see space warriors in your footage 7:39 left side? What were they doing in space?

  • Ikea Griffin
    Ikea Griffin 26 napja

    American comics are rewritten and retconned all the time. Why does manga/anime have to be held to some golden standard?

    • kurt king
      kurt king 25 napja

      the only people I see complaining about it is American fans.

  • Gary Payne
    Gary Payne 26 napja

    Marvel recon stuff DC recons stuff look how many different Superman's there is and there comics aka mangas so reconning stuff to make the movie plot better or mangas .yes it is weird but I agree but ohh well take it or leave it

  • Jazzy ReShawn
    Jazzy ReShawn 27 napja

    It being called Dragon Ball Minus is befitting, because I really want to minus this concept from everything I know about the Dragon Ball universe. What's really upsetting is that it's also a retcon of Superman's origin!

  • s k i n n y p e n i s

    new bardock looks like he can be gokus son tf 😭old bardock looks like a real OG

  • Liam Jennings
    Liam Jennings 28 napja

    one thing that would be awesome is if they added broly's evil laugh

  • KA!RO_G
    KA!RO_G Hónapja

    To be honest you can’t just compare both versions of bardock if you still yet haven’t seen the movie.

  • St4rTr3v1Ut10n
    St4rTr3v1Ut10n Hónapja

    Toriyama is known for forgetting things, making shit up on the fly, and overall not providing very much depth to his series, so I don't see why people are pissed. For example: a source of Vegeta's anger, aside from his rivalry with Goku, is the genocide of his race. He's had literal YEARS to wish his planet and people back to life, and never once even considered it, yet calls himself "prince of saiyans." Everything in Dragonball is written the way it is, because it's cool, and for no other reason. There is very little to no character development, very little consistency, nothing that would earn Dragonball any kind of place in literary history beyond being a pop culture phenomenon. It's not Death Note, or Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop or Fullmetal Alchemist, and people should stop looking for reasons for it to be. It's the "cheese fries" of anime.

  • GuyOnTheMoon GT
    GuyOnTheMoon GT Hónapja

    Why do people do these things? Its toriyama's movie. It goes from a little mistake into a big deal. Just be happy that he is making a movie for us to watch, jeez. I think its better if he doesnt release the movie since there is so much negativity.

  • Rich Instinct
    Rich Instinct Hónapja

    Bardock isn’t a good character, but’s hen he fights Frieza, we cheer for him cause it’s bad against worse, not bad against good. He’s not supposed to be a likeable nice character he’s supposed to be mean and very prideful

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson Hónapja

    u earned my respect and subscribe u r legend💜

  • Cristian Guerreschi

    it's like in marvel comics...

  • Emma Frost
    Emma Frost Hónapja +3

    Old Bardock looks like a man. New one looks like a Pokemon. Maybe minus is a different universe.

  • Flexzone Jackson
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  • 6dig-S 61
    6dig-S 61 Hónapja

    What Toriyama did to Bardock doesn't just make me mad...


  • Arya Biswas
    Arya Biswas Hónapja

    Also Goku is shown skinny in the Saiyan pod. That's weird.

  • God Wing
    God Wing Hónapja

    I’m pissed watching this video

  • Nuken #
    Nuken # Hónapja

    a youtuber who only talks about Dragon ball for money

  • Jehovah WARRIOR
    Jehovah WARRIOR Hónapja

    Who cares. Its his creation, he can do whatever he wants. Geekdom you make great videos, do waste time complaining like these other guys. Keep doing good videos.

  • Shut Up And Pick
    Shut Up And Pick Hónapja

    You'd have better luck trying to fund a million dollar industry while trying to support a crack habit than make sense of Toriyama's storyline. He admits himself that he forgets stuff all the time. Dragon ball has been going for decades now. He gonna watch the whole series to close a little loop, or is he gonna crank out "episode 264: Goku screams some more" in time for the deadline?

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Hónapja

    I personally consider the movies and the manga to be seperate continuity. Keeps me sane.

  • Sanlaitto Yero Ouberdoraivu

    After Super ended I've grown apart from dragonball and it hurts to be honest. I grew up with this series and didn't even care about the other big popular anime at the time, dragonball was all I wanted and needed. And I've gotta say that toriyama has destroyed that for me so easily over the course of the last year with all the retcons, sever lack of worldbuilding and character development. Now I didn't want to compare anything, but look at one piece for a moment; in the 20 years that it has been ongoing I never once cared about it until 3 months where I started from the beginning. Fast forward, I'm on episode 800 right now and in just 3 months, one piece completely took over as my favorite show, why? Worldbuilding, actual and gradual character development with smooth continuity throughout the entire series and damn; I know luffy acts retarded at times but it's because he doesn't care, he just wants to be free to do what he wants when he wants, Goku is straight up retarded having hit his head as a baby apparently being unable to develop his character as an adult. I mean seriously who has a wife that they have never kissed?
    I could go on and on but I'm gonna stop cause I already turned my comment into a rant XD

  • dominique alexander

    What about raditz and vegeta brother tarble

  • Firestorm Danger Dash

    Sayians should always be angry rage machines, Goku is different from head trama. So his father, especially if he is legendary himself, should still be an angry rage machine. Even if he was smarter or even tempered then most.

    ASDFGHJK Hónapja

    Bro his name si BARDOCK NOT BORDACK xD you re stratching my ear drums every time you pronounce his name

  • Xavier Battle
    Xavier Battle Hónapja

    so where's raditz

  • Xavier Battle
    Xavier Battle Hónapja

    that's not bardock that's his older brother kalab

    KRALTAIR47 Hónapja +1

    Let's go back to the 90s

  • Supreme Reese83
    Supreme Reese83 Hónapja

    I truly don't care, I enjoy watching all the Drangon Ball material...

  • Mikayel Alikhanyan

    i like bouth

  • Hernan Montano
    Hernan Montano Hónapja

    So what if both Bardocks are real but the green one is apart of the gt universe

  • Ben Cross
    Ben Cross Hónapja

    In super there's soldiers off the left of the shot.. so he's retconning his modern stuff too

  • Obical 90
    Obical 90 Hónapja

    While its cool seeing a different side to Bardock in Minus - him being more caring and sending his son off to safety, I will always view the Bardock special as better. You see Bardock go from being a Saiyan who doesn't care about things to him trying to save his race. He doesn't get a chance to say goodbye to Goku, other than that brief visit and passing his pod. Its much more impactful seeing a character rapidly reform somewhat and it all be for nothing but seeing hope in his son when he faces Frieza.

  • Amar Henriquez
    Amar Henriquez Hónapja +2

    If that whole scene of bardock and his wife and a fuckin 5 years old goku makes it to the movie, it will be the last plot hole I can tolerate to Toriyama, it would delete the whole story of grandpa Gohan and that is a very special point of the story for me. So thats it, I would quit right there in that scene, it will ruin maybe not only the movie, but everything else passed that for me. I had tolerate many plot holes to Toriyama and had loved his legacy, but that would tell me he has no respect for his biggest creation. Forgetting super sayan 2 is one thing, forgetting the very beginning of the story and a very special scene (grandpa Gohan founding Goku) now that does it

  • Everyone is a hypocrite

    Who care

  • Into exile I must go failed I have

    Is he still a brilliant scientist?

  • CrossingPanic5
    CrossingPanic5 Hónapja

    the new bardock doesnt exist.

  • breakingben 95
    breakingben 95 Hónapja

    So Goku is superman?

  • C S
    C S Hónapja

    Everything after the cell saga is trash.

  • Mr. FrizzyIzz
    Mr. FrizzyIzz Hónapja

    Way ahead of you buddy.

    SSBFROST Hónapja


  • Yuuta
    Yuuta Hónapja

    well we dont know for sure until the movie release.. coz db minus havent show everything and the trailer itself.. maybe, just maybe there will be a rebel i guess

  • Kairi. B
    Kairi. B Hónapja

    Here i was hoping The vegito retcon was gonna be the only thing, but nooooo more to come

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer Hónapja

    Why are people only realizing this now? Dragon Ball Minus is a thing, also Super already retconned a lot of things unnecessarily.
    You're literally being warned for years.

    • Orange Sun
      Orange Sun 26 napja

      That's because nobody ever thought of DBM being brought into the anime, especially into a "main" timeline movie. (The only thing I liked about this is seeing Gine in the anime, even if it's for a short time)

  • Slapfacegamer
    Slapfacegamer Hónapja

    7:41 uhm.... what is that on the left? Is that a big group of saiyajins rebelling I see?

  • Lil Chris10k
    Lil Chris10k Hónapja

    They should make bardock into a god of destruction

  • Darkrr Lifestyl
    Darkrr Lifestyl Hónapja

    Dragonball is officially non canon now everything fits into place even movies

  • GozieZilla
    GozieZilla Hónapja

    WHY!!?? FFS Toyama seriously FFS! Bardok film is my favourite

    T SMACKS Hónapja

    Why couldn’t this just be a simple movie? Broly really does feel canon and always has, all the movies have felt canon. Why are they forcing things?

  • Teka Hall
    Teka Hall Hónapja

    If u truly think gt is better than super u r foolish number 1 the fights in Gt are so watered down i didnt even wanna watch. 1 punch fly left 1 other punch fly right are u kidding me while super actually tries and takes real martial arts moves and put them in anime. U r mad about someone switch the story over? If that man never started super there would never be a new DB for PPL to complain about. I ACTUALLY give that guy credit and in and finished what someone else started no one complained about frieza having over 5 transformations just so he can keep up with saiyans lmfao. As for cell it would make more since saiyan genes after all. All im saying is stop complaining if u dont know what it takes to make a comic movie or even in that type of business most of you guys dont know what that means.

  • Simon Yang
    Simon Yang Hónapja

    Yo @Geekdom, would it make a difference if it was one of the time rings alt timelines?

  • Yogendra Gurung
    Yogendra Gurung Hónapja

    PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG but i think that it is due to the dragon balls. If we watch the movie resurrection F Freiza's people were about to make two wishes with the shenran . But their one wish got wasted. And before the begining of the tournament of power we knew that freiza has something in his mind. We also know that in the trailer the dragon balls were stolen. So maybe freiza used the dragon balls to rewrite the history or something like that. May be there is a big mystery that is not shown in the trailer. Thank you.

  • Vegeta Referee
    Vegeta Referee Hónapja +2

    This shitstorm is going on since Super started...

  • D Rouse
    D Rouse Hónapja

    Basically, Goku & Bardock are gettin the Superman origin story retcon. Lol

  • Alfredo Coronel
    Alfredo Coronel Hónapja

    Marvel and dc are not consistent either

  • Scion
    Scion Hónapja

    Old Bardock > New Bardock and Cannon. Frieza looks adorable though!

  • Mecha Saiyan
    Mecha Saiyan Hónapja

    I can tell MJ edited this

  • gamer dude 6:12
    gamer dude 6:12 Hónapja

    Wow Toriyama what a way to slap all of us long time Dragon Ball fans in the face I'm kinda annoyed by this myself.

  • Splash King
    Splash King Hónapja

    I have 3 words to shut y’all clowns up “Time-line”

  • Brandon Willis
    Brandon Willis Hónapja

    What wrong with Bardock being a loving father?

  • Brandon Willis
    Brandon Willis Hónapja

    I’m hyped lol

  • LossyPoohNinja
    LossyPoohNinja Hónapja

    If comics can do it why not mangas, it's a new generation,

  • Fawlker
    Fawlker Hónapja

    DBZ Bardock = most badass character in the entire series. Period!

  • The Irish Jacobite

    Well, Minus is a month before the destruction of Vegeta. Also, Goku was in a nursing pod so I assume he was in there since birth, until he became old enough to be sent off to conquer worlds.

  • Joey idc
    Joey idc Hónapja

    I am slightly bothers by this only slightly
    But the vegeta thing made mad as a tiger that got hit in the crotch

  • weebo
    weebo Hónapja

    Manga = alternate timeline. Anime = alternate timeline. Movie = alternate timeline. This shit hasn't changed for over 20 years. Stop with the dramatics already.

  • Dirceu Santos
    Dirceu Santos Hónapja

    3 yo are still considered babies in certian parts 9f the world so is not like AT is wrong.
    Only in the US and some English speaking countries they toddlers

  • hollow Slayer
    hollow Slayer Hónapja

    unbelievable what's he going to be like when he's full grown nobody knows so take my advice stay on his good side