Derrick Rose & Michael Jordan All Of The Lights

  • Közzététel: 2013.febr.14.
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  • Firmino Op
    Firmino Op 7 hónapja +2

    I love this video😍❤🔥

  • Vancovermycity
    Vancovermycity 9 hónapja +3

    Wow this video is awesome thanks for making it, huge rose fan here

    • jordan putz
      jordan putz Hónapja

      Check out the one with just D Rose. Much longer.. Gotta love Jordan though!!

    • Firmino Op
      Firmino Op 7 hónapja +1

      Me too

  • DW K
    DW K 10 hónapja +10


  • batteryfarmfilms
    batteryfarmfilms Évvel +3

    Sad for DRose, he was a monster back then before the injuries

    • Gerg Smith
      Gerg Smith 9 hónapja

      He was and back then i always hated on him cuz I loved KD back then and Russ and thought they were better but everyone had him as the best

    ARIES Évvel +1

    If only DRose dobt have that sick injuries, he might have been played for the NBA Finals.. and probably won a ring..

  • Bol Ayiik
    Bol Ayiik Évvel +9

    This deserves heaps more views

  • Евгений Нефёдов

    Who is 2012 like!

    • Alain Lopez
      Alain Lopez Évvel +1

      Евгений Нефёдов 2018 !!!!

  • Евгений Нефёдов

    Who is 2012 like!