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  • Romana 009
    Romana 009 7 hónapja


  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood Évvel

    Haha the last one is not a hack. Just tasty, like rolling gushers and gummi bears in to a fruit roll up and calling it a breakfast burrito

  • BeSSroO 215
    BeSSroO 215 Évvel

    SKITTOOOOOOOLLS, SKITTOLS, SKITTOLS, SKITTOLS, SKITTOLS. Compra, compra, compra skittols. Compra, compra, compra skittols.
    [...]COMPRA SKITTOLS!!1!!1

  • Igor Bozic
    Igor Bozic Évvel

    wot fak

  • NightHawk
    NightHawk Évvel

    Pizza tv is copying all your video lol

  • Donovan Powell

    bruh... clickbait

  • Ilua T
    Ilua T Évvel

    Ja Polak Pizdak

  • Charles Hastings

    A new kind of dumbass has been discovered

  • Pyro Animus
    Pyro Animus Évvel

    *accidently opens wrong draw and bites into thumbtack*

  • jake paul
    jake paul Évvel

    this is srbie

  • Daniil Priymak

    Что это такое? Торт из ред була и украшенный скителсом бред какой-то

  • AHMAD 95
    AHMAD 95 Évvel


  • Brandon Acm
    Brandon Acm Évvel

    Menciona algo que el silicon no aga :V

  • Ryan Frteh
    Ryan Frteh Évvel

    Who does the second one???

  • Pee-Wee Rivera

    What country those chips from here in america the big bag only has like 10 chips in it

  • Helly's Gaming

    You Are fuckyn copy 5 minute crafts fuck you

  • Austra
    Austra Évvel

    Bait 😢

  • Qwerty. Gamer's

    The redbull and the skittels, is a pure diabetes bomb...

  • Darvus Anku
    Darvus Anku Évvel

    I like your film's ^^

  • ênurag
    ênurag Évvel

    The most shittiest hacks! DUMBBBB

  • Martinko Kimak

    Last one lol

  • Dorlan
    Dorlan Évvel

    And actually i know that he is ukrainian or russian.

  • Joci
    Joci Évvel


  • Adil Afaar
    Adil Afaar Évvel

    These are the best hacks i have were seen in my life

  • Mubashir Ahmad

    All Useless.

  • Roya Ehsani
    Roya Ehsani Évvel

    Wery good

  • Blue Whale
    Blue Whale Évvel

    Worts life hacks I've ever seen lmao.. Do you have parkinson or something and you cant pour liquids? Please quit HUclip forever.. You will do us a favour

    • Blue Whale
      Blue Whale Évvel

      Also.. Are you thay bad with rulers? And that jelly thingy is the worst thing I've ever seen..

  • Warden Flappy
    Warden Flappy Évvel

    Oh and yes I'm going to make redbull jello this is an amazing life hack I need to use every day I don't like drinking stuff I need to water it down and wait 12 hours to EAT an energy drink this is so amazing and I'm going to add Skittles so I can kill myself that much fucking faster thanks for this amazing life hack on how to waist your time 😁

  • Warden Flappy
    Warden Flappy Évvel

    Yes I'm going to rip open the front of a bag just to eat it like it's on a paper plate you cant move 10/10 life hack

  • PanS
    PanS Évvel +1

    Lajf hak dla upośledzonych dzieci. Pozdro 600

    • Austra
      Austra Évvel

      Virtual xdd nienomane to😅

  • Stan CR7
    Stan CR7 Évvel +1

    Mother faca

  • Mognea Alina
    Mognea Alina Évvel


  • Leopold Butter-Stotch

    0:01 just get the rulers that already have a handle
    0:55 same shit just buy a funnel from anywhere for like a dollar
    1:55 instead of getting a cheap one or making a good cabinet... this is some shit my grandma would make
    2:40 even without seeing this video i already had common sense to just roll the bottom inward to make a bowl. ive done that shit since i was like 9
    3:13 more stupid shit my grandma would make cause shes the cheapest person ive ever seen
    4:33 you're telling me having an eraser and a sharpener in 2 places is too much work for you?
    5:33 redbull and skittles?... i have always wanted to be unhealthy as fast as possible
    this is the worst video on youtube and ive seen a 10 minute video of Squiward Tentacles choking on a fork

  • haster6
    haster6 Évvel

    1:45 or use a normal funnel

  • Tenshi
    Tenshi Évvel

    This is all the dumb and autistic shit I see on a daily basis all summed up in one video

  • MrCooper
    MrCooper Évvel +1

    wasting glass its not a life hack

  • sven lange
    sven lange Évvel


  • Brawl Stars Martin


  • kabborov
    kabborov Évvel

    ☺Nice video

  • mikołaj Rogowski

    Co za kurwa gówno. Wiesz do czego służą lekki? I do tego na ten jebany klej na goraco

  • gaming champ
    gaming champ Évvel

    u can already use this hacks

  • harry gaming
    harry gaming Évvel

    good i like

  • Mira Baidauletova

    это не лайфхак!!!!😠😠😠😠

  • Aditya Raturi
    Aditya Raturi Évvel


  • Finuxi Fennec
    Finuxi Fennec Évvel

    this is retarded, all these Russian life hack channels are dumb

  • 偉大な印象
    偉大な印象 Évvel +1

    Wow! Amazing. Very useful lifehacks

  • Ирина Иванова

    Мне одной кажется что это всё фигня

  • Товарищ димитрий

    Death to all ukrainians!

  • to to
    to to Évvel

    5:42 the moment you've been waiting for!

  • Элджей Маханбетов

    Скубек ты руский

  • Erwing Ludwigs

    5:32 your welcome ;)

  • Eli Munoz
    Eli Munoz Évvel

    I lost my virginity to a dead cat

  • QUALY content
    QUALY content Évvel

    Skybek z polske jesteś?

  • ThiccPotatoexe

    Red Bull jello with skittles... AMAZING

  • Ethan's Marble Runs

    3:48 edit mess up LOL great vid

  • Landon Perez
    Landon Perez Évvel


  • Kevin Loh
    Kevin Loh Évvel

    every life hack video must use hot glue......

  • wakawaka
    wakawaka Évvel

    Днищенские лайфхаки для школьников.
    Я зря потратил время на просмотр((

  • Radek Brejnak
    Radek Brejnak Évvel

    This is shit

  • Veronica Wagstaff

    Shit man. Shit!

  • Alexsey Petrov

    Дизлак.за рекламу фанты.и чипсов.

  • hotes gg
    hotes gg Évvel

    huynya otpiska dizlayk navernoe huy znae

  • KnO_DaNi3l
    KnO_DaNi3l Évvel

    Buscando comentarios en español :v

  • Luke Thrash
    Luke Thrash Évvel

    This is the most useful channel that I never see before

  • Flasher Yen
    Flasher Yen Évvel

    такой бред

  • NNK3 bata333
    NNK3 bata333 Évvel +1

    Anything is dumb here...

  • sunny crack
    sunny crack Évvel

    Esto totalmente drnunable

  • Susseso PoP
    Susseso PoP Évvel

    3:57 a vela vai esquenta o copo e vai derreter os canudos!!

  • Ayush Gautam
    Ayush Gautam Évvel

    So nice🐵🐵

  • Alpha Killer YT


  • Ali Oyunda
    Ali Oyunda Évvel

    Bro , Great ! You İntelligent :)

  • wa felek
    wa felek Évvel +2

    This is......

    No sparta! THIS IS FANTA!!!

  • Jose Phelps
    Jose Phelps Évvel

    temple strategy investor Japanese furthermore division gasoline

  • SenpaiTyan
    SenpaiTyan Évvel

    what you poured in redbull?

  • konstantin Rus33

    на пачке с чипсами было написано не сЫр,а сИр😂😂😂

  • Зарема Балабекова

    Там на пачке чипсов вместо сыр сир написано 2:55

  • mati Stopa
    mati Stopa Évvel


  • MaxHax
    MaxHax Évvel


  • Leden Cie
    Leden Cie Évvel

    Ik praat nederlands niemand kan mij verstaan behalve als iemand ook nederlands is en voor de gene die nederlands is HOI laat achter in de reacties of je ook nederlands bent want dan ben je gewoon cool

  • Никита Загреков

    Одни и те же превьюшки, как вас это не бесит?

  • Natalia Drabik

    Polacy łączymy się!!😛 xD

  • _superbo_
    _superbo_ Évvel


  • Stergen123
    Stergen123 Évvel

    JESTEŚ z Polski? ????

  • Данияр Омаров

    сумка женская

  • xD Lol
    xD Lol Évvel +4

    This shouldn't called life hacks, it's more like fun hacks, agree?

      JUSTANY Évvel

      Ivan ting yeah totally i agree

  • Cadusat
    Cadusat Évvel

    what is this powder on 5:48 ?

  • Mike Maniac
    Mike Maniac Évvel +3

    I love how stupid these hacks are :'D

  • jay chouksey
    jay chouksey Évvel


  • luciano nob
    luciano nob Évvel

    Porque no hablas??

  • Тулупенко Юджи

    Самые тупые и бесполезные лайфхаки

  • 444kar 444
    444kar 444 Évvel

    Who sub me

  • czerwony krzysz

    Ja polak

  • RiGiDx SPiRiT
    RiGiDx SPiRiT Évvel

    Could have just used a cooking funnel for the second one

  • Herr Grauwolf
    Herr Grauwolf Évvel +1

    Thumbs down for your shitty click bait as if you would pour Redbull into Skitles as a life hack! >:-(

  • czerwony krzysz

    Jesteś w japoni

  • Samuël De groot


  • Papaya Gaming2

    Gg the 100 comment

  • Андрюша TV

    Как музыка называется?

  • Vincent Lannutti

    What is the name of the first song in the video please?