THE MAKING(English Version) (314)The Making of Steel Balls

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  • This edition of the series of programs explaining the technology used to produce items that are familiar in our daily life features ‘Steel Balls’. A bicycle wheel spins smoothly because the wheel axle contains ball bearings. The steel balls inside the ball bearing must be close to perfectly spherical. The program introduces the production method of high-precision steel balls with a margin of error of less than 0.1 micrometers.
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  • Samuel Lourenço
    Samuel Lourenço 19 órája

    I always wondered how my balls were made. Now I know!

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  • BuddhaBebop
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    duke nukem drops by once a month. there. no need for 14 minutes of nerd talk

  • Evo Ant
    Evo Ant 2 napja +1

    I don’t understand this video, my head keeps going round and round 🤪seriously, great video, very interesting, thanks for English version and uploading 🐣🍀

  • Eric Ford
    Eric Ford 3 napja

    Unwatchable due to "music".

    • Nack
      Nack Napja

      Ever heard of a volume control ?

  • Darren Strutt
    Darren Strutt 3 napja

    I dont care for the "pop up video" sound effects. eg. @ 4:55

  • Flybrei
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    Super Video

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  • Michael Powell
    Michael Powell 5 napja

    Do you have a version in Negro?

  • qwertyFUBAR
    qwertyFUBAR 6 napja

    I spotted mine! It is at 5:36 ... it;s on the right side

  • negativespace000

    Great video but those bearing balls are 100% pure Chineseum cheese grade JUNK

    • Bill Wilson
      Bill Wilson 4 napja

      you only say this because you saw asian people in the vid.

  • Ross Mennie
    Ross Mennie 7 napja

    This is a very good video. The full speed and then slo-mo to stills is very easy to follow. I always wondered how they made those critters!

  • madagreement
    madagreement 7 napja +7

    Came because of algorithm, stayed for the music.

  • Ali Mohammed
    Ali Mohammed 7 napja

    "All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I don't break em for no one." - Tony Montana

  • plum 1977
    plum 1977 7 napja

    Cool stuff! :)

  • Rano Budhiyanto
    Rano Budhiyanto 7 napja +1

    The backsound reminds me of the ps1 games, "front mission 3".

  • Justin Tyme
    Justin Tyme 8 napja

    i came here thinking i'd learn how superheroes were made but instead i learnt how to be a smooth roller. Go Vegan peeps

  • Robert Reynolds
    Robert Reynolds 9 napja +4

    Machine person here i liked the vid good job!

    LJBOI 10 napja +7

    Video was great but the sound effects made me want to strangle myself

    • mur38
      mur38 6 napja

      Beep, boop or ping?

    • plum 1977
      plum 1977 7 napja

      I wanted to hang myself because of the music, but stopped thinking that way when the video ended...

  • Bobby Taylor
    Bobby Taylor 10 napja

    "Raw balls."

  • iscara irva
    iscara irva 12 napja

    thats about the balls what about decks

  • Miika Tammekann
    Miika Tammekann 12 napja

    Thanks! Finally got an answer.

  • Nodrodsky
    Nodrodsky 12 napja

    Very interesting.

  • mike o
    mike o 12 napja +1

    I always wondered how - thank you for sharing!

  • maneki9neko
    maneki9neko 13 napja

    Fun. And it is interesting to know the steps, and the names of the different machines. What is going on inside the machines, however, is not really explained and that is a missed opportunity. There are exceptions. How the machine that initially presses a cylinder cut from a wire into a shape that is approximately spherical is well shown. The others, not so much. You see that a ball goes into a machine and comes out different, but what happens inside is not clear.

  • fasx56
    fasx56 13 napja +1

    Who was the brilliant mind that invented this complex machine to make Ball Bearings. I am sure it evolved over time and was trial and error and working progress like most machine tools that are the foundation of all manufacturing. Amazing process and an informative and well done teaching video.

    • clockrepairservice
      clockrepairservice 10 napja +1

      I always wonder that myself.. The end product is no big deal....but getting to the end product is fantastic and the inventor of the machine must be brilliant

  • thanosAIAS
    thanosAIAS 15 napja

    Very informative video...thanks!!!

  • Markus Geyer
    Markus Geyer 16 napja

    The harening process is explained wrong. The steel gets hard especially when strain through Martensite-forming is added to the steel Matrix. BR Dr. Markus Geyer

  • Jesse Myers
    Jesse Myers 16 napja

    Its takes having big balls to work in that factory

  • Sanket Parkale
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  • Manon Mars
    Manon Mars 16 napja

    So, when someone says you've got balls of steel, you can then say, "Why yes I do."

  • Charlie K
    Charlie K 16 napja +1

    White Man's technology.
    Donald Trump 2020!

  • chris christian
    chris christian 17 napja +8

    That music wasn't added, it's actually playing in the factory.

  • Lee McGraw
    Lee McGraw 17 napja

    I am just a bit vague on what happens inside a couple of the big machines, like the one with the grooves. Maybe they could make an artist rendering of that part of the process to show it actually works. My kids have a “rock polisher” that simply tumbles rocks for hours, if need be, in order to smooth them out and make them shine. Somewhat similar process with the steel balls. These products in the video are “carbon steel” balls which shows the necessity for greater than usual strength. I wonder if the iron wire has been annealed?

  • Chris Gale
    Chris Gale 18 napja +1

    I used to work in a place like this. Very accurate only balls are heat treated twice. They are heated then quenched in oil. Reheated and left your cool. It is this second process that aligns the molecules.

    • Anthony Francis-Jones
      Anthony Francis-Jones 17 napja

      Interesting to hear it from someone who worked in a place that made them. My minor quibble would be that there are no molecules at all in steel balls, only atoms or perhaps I am missing something?

  • knee knocker
    knee knocker 18 napja +2

    Great video, loved the pop up graphics and sound effects 😊

    • Charlie K
      Charlie K 16 napja +1

      Yes, the music was relaxing, not annoying like many videos.

  • 10000 subscribers with 1 videos

    Can someone tell me what are the " stainless steel ringing balls " i found a pair what do they do? What are they used for?

  • SuperDogLover567
    SuperDogLover567 19 napja +1

    Who'd have thought there'd be a manufacturing process called "flashing raw balls."

    • frank rizzo
      frank rizzo 16 napja

      Well if you think about it that's part of the human production process too

  • SuperDogLover567
    SuperDogLover567 19 napja +1

    I had to see this video just for the jokes in the comments...I was not disappointed.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 20 napja

    OK, so where are the jokes about "raw balls"?

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    I love steel balls!

  • 1959Berre
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    Flashing your balls is not recommended, you might end up in trouble.

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    Well done, thanks! Interesting.

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    Fuckin amazing

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    Wish I had steel balls

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    fuck these sound effects - annoying as hell -wtf?

  • April Kester
    April Kester 22 napja

    Informative and full of innuendo! The scientist and the child in me have been well entertained :D

  • Gregory Parrott
    Gregory Parrott 22 napja

    You'll notice in the video here that after lapping, the balls are air-dropped on to one another. I was told that Timken does NOT air drop their balls after lapping because the impact between the very hard surfaces damages them, causing microscopic dents. Consequently, Timken drops them into an oil bath so the impact with other balls is kept to a minimum.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 23 napja

    Pretty interesting to see how something we all use everyday in pretty much every kind of machine we depend upon, yet do not appreciate. Where would we be without people and/or companies that come up with the processes to make all the things we need in such an efficient way?

  • demandred1957
    demandred1957 23 napja

    Unfortunately, my balls are still in the raw form.

  • Black Phoenix
    Black Phoenix 24 napja

    Just for a fucking Steel Ball so much effort.
    I have great appreciation for so much in the world, that others do not even see or realise.😂😅😍🙏

  • Sean Keste Bernales
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    I kinda feel like raiding this place and stealing those balls so my slingshot can have better ammo.

  • DevinDTV
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    "a ferroalloy called 'steel' which contains carbon" video made for aliens

  • SoCalFreelance
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    [obligatory steel balls joke]

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      Yes, I think HUclip should have some system in place to allow the sniggering schoolboys to vent their smut and move on to something else so that the rest of us can then watch in peace.

  • csknives2140
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    this music reminds me of bomberman 64

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    Great video, would have been even superior with narration instead of silly background music and noises.

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  • john toet
    john toet 25 napja

    nice video, thank you.

  • Rum Runner
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    This is one of those VERY Satisfying "How Its' Made" videos. I love it!!!
    Permanently LIked and Subbed!

  • Bruce Mccready
    Bruce Mccready 25 napja

    great video that clearly shows how it is done. Not how I thought they were made. I used to live near an old shot tower built in the 1800's and they made lead shot by dropping molten lead 100 feet down into a sand pile inside the tower from the top floor. I thought they still made ball bearings like that but things have certainly changed..

  • marco brenni
    marco brenni 26 napja +3

    How interesting. I always wondered how this balls are made and how resistent they are: 35 tons! Incredible!

  • Benny Nielsen
    Benny Nielsen 26 napja

    The agony.... please have someone English speaking check your text before publishing videos. Or even better: stick to japnchinese.

  • Almighty_Pain
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    the sound made me think of pokemon

  • Tony DC
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    You gotta have balls...

  • Dana Wright
    Dana Wright 28 napja +4

    Thanks, the high quality video and animation. Really helped it make sense to me. Look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  • Gordon MacLeod
    Gordon MacLeod 28 napja +1

    Fascinating, but could have done without the squeakly sound effects, they are very annoying to listen to.

  • Bhaktisamadhi Pappagiorgio

    The second grinding made on already hardened balls surprized me. It would make more sense to make them round or at least burr-free before hardening. This is what I've found - In most cases volumetric size change during heat treatment cannot be accurately predicted (at least not accurately enough to allow for final machining and/or grinding to close tolerances prior to heat treatment).

  • Gordon Chin
    Gordon Chin 29 napja

    Before I watch this I'm just going to assume that it involves a little old Japanese man rolling around steel cubes in his hand until they become spheres because that's the only way to get precision.

  • Chuck Hall
    Chuck Hall 29 napja

    Very interesting. I wish that more of these videos were in English. Thanks for posting.

  • Don Fox
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    I've reported this video because it made me think someone might try to steel my balls.

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    Also known as the favorite breakfast cereal of Chuck Norris......

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    Axle or Axel ???

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    "Hard, strong steel balls are required"

  • TheFrenchy82
    TheFrenchy82 29 napja

    nice to see the process.... When I heard the balls of steel.. it reminds me the "pachinko" machines from Japan (a kind of vertical pinball...) ....

  • Van Lennon
    Van Lennon Hónapja

    Klerksdorp Spheres are "out of place" artifacts, found in sedimentary rock, in a coal / diamond mine near Ottosdal, South Africa. It is believed these objects are up to 3.8 billion years old. These objects are spherical/ovoid shaped -- similar to how a planet like Earth or Jupiter are "squished" -- all planets are not perfectly round, they are "bulged" at their equator due to the planet's rotation.

  • Michel Schweinsberg

    Now this was my favorite HUclip video I’ve seen in a long time. Awesome.

  • Airon Noles
    Airon Noles Hónapja

    Next , the not so popular roller bearings !

  • Ha Re
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    I got brass balls, but I doubt you Wana see how they're made.

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    Marble run!

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    Intro way too long. This ain't television!

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    You must have balls of steel!

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    Gives new meaning to the phrase "suck my balls..."

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    Even after replacing bearings I have a hard time just tossing them out.

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  • Demef
    Demef Hónapja

    7:21 "To avoid breaking, oil is used instead of water." Why would water break the balls?
    This is a very interesting video. I've always wondered how these spherical steel balls were milled. Now I know! Thanks for posting.

    • wt3 ipop
      wt3 ipop Hónapja

      It's freezing day, my friend's car 's covered with ice too so he thought he can used hot water to remove ice on the windshield but as soon as he pour water on it, the windshield cracked everywhere!
      If you do concrete on the summer then you need to water a bit so it won't crack sooner
      If you do set too cold in your car and outside is more then 35C, beware, it can knock you down easy!

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    This down vote needs to be investigated .

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      Well, I gave a thumbs down being able to tolerate the appalling "music" no longer. I didn't want to mute in case something interesting was said. Bye.....

  • mroger29sh
    mroger29sh Hónapja

    mark r pa usa my father was a machinist and taught me but until this vid I never knew how important bearing where. why 2nd world war bombing plants were so necessary thx so much for this vid

  • Red Vynil
    Red Vynil Hónapja

    Steel?? WOW!! I never heard of that before!! Is that a newly discovered alloy?

    • Red Vynil
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      It's the way they said it. First off, the title is how to make STEEL balls and then they repeat a dozen times in the first 2:00 that they are STEEL balls, then they say, "STEEL balls are made from a wire rod called, STEEL." DUUUH. Lol. I wouldn't think they'd be made out of rubber!

    • droceretik
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      There are some people who may think it is more complex than just steel. I'm sure there was some tongue-in-cheek humor in there. Just high carbon steel. Not some fancy steel alloy with 1% unobtanium.

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    Was Chesley Sullenberger consulted for this video?

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    Always good to start with "raw balls". What causes 1.2k down votes on a manufacturing process?? The music?? What??

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      It's probably the unecessary squeaks and squawks that have been added to provide 'interest'. They are REALLY irritating. The process itself though is fascinating.

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    Terrific and illustrative video. ..I learned much, despite the 1970's porn music. :D

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    Oh my balls !

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  • EveryDayCounts
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    How they made the die and the sanding process perfect shape?

    • Ola Petersson
      Ola Petersson Hónapja

      Dies are made in tungsten carbide, profile grinded using rotation of the die then inclined grindingpin. Shape of the spear measured with gauges (balls)