Trippie Redd - Death (Visualizer) ft. DaBaby

  • Közzététel: 2019.nov.12.
  • Official Visualizer for “Death” by Trippie Redd ft. DaBaby
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    Music video by Trippie Redd performing Death (Visualizer). © 2019 TenThousand Projects, LLC
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  • kenneth dudley
    kenneth dudley 3 órája

    Editor:what edits u want?
    Trippie Redd: you ever been on shrooms?

    Editor:say no more

  • will aka sky
    will aka sky 6 órája

    That's from 36 mafia hit a muthufucka

  • Hamilton Soto
    Hamilton Soto 7 órája

    Travis needs to hop on this beat 🔥🔥

  • Potatofriend13 Gachalife

    Someone: *picks on the boys*

  • Rene Brandt
    Rene Brandt 9 órája

    Tik Tok:
    i'm gonna end this man's whole career

  • Panopy
    Panopy 11 órája

    I thought you gon die was uzi at first

  • Joel Schroeder
    Joel Schroeder 12 órája

    These guys fuckin suck

  • Raven_for_life _1331
    Raven_for_life _1331 12 órája +1

    Kakashi:Ok everyone introduced yourselves

  • mr ?
    mr ? 12 órája

    hummmm 🥵🤤

  • Donnacha Sammon
    Donnacha Sammon 13 órája

    Tiktok has officially been convicted of the murder of songs Death by Trippie Redd and Step by NLE Choppa

  • Breenana
    Breenana 17 órája +1

    My mom when she enters the house seeing I forgot to thaw the meat

  • Narutosasuke Smiles

    Niggas are bored now an days dis man legit repeated u gon die most of da rap

  • Uzis ,n, Mac 10s

    No one gonna notice a random cat jus trotting over sum money😂

  • Jacovion Lee
    Jacovion Lee Napja


  • megbro
    megbro Napja

    I thought that was Quavo first time I heard the first part of the song

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M Napja

    Me staring at a famous professional athlete
    Aaron Hernandez : you gon die

  • John Henry
    John Henry Napja

    Damn this is mediocre least Da Baby is good.

  • LIq glitch
    LIq glitch Napja +1

    Me: “playing the game”
    Mom: turn the game off now
    Me: fine😢
    White friend: Don’t let her talk to you like that.
    My mom: “Hears what he says”
    Me: “praying to the lord”
    Him why you praying
    Me: For You!!!!!!!

  • Zenzi
    Zenzi Napja

    Who’s here before the death of 6ix9ine

  • FortressNight Porkipine

    Special kid: takes my phone

  • Wop Boyz
    Wop Boyz Napja

    Production by DJ Paul 👽👽👽

  • The god got sauce11 30x

    My brother was listening 69 I had to recover

  • Cj Tripp
    Cj Tripp Napja

    Why can’t this song be longer!!!!

  • Amin El Ghiouane

    this is hot af

  • Cody Henderson

    Anyone else notice how Trippie used a Lil Wayne ad-lib

  • Melih Karaman
    Melih Karaman 2 napja

    Me: Yûgóñdïę
    My friend Yûgóñdïę:
    Me: Yûgóñdïę
    My friend Yûgóñdïę:
    Me: Yûgóñdïę
    My friend Yûgóñdïę: Yea
    Me: What that mean

  • yaya diallo
    yaya diallo 2 napja

    lil uzi vert go in dark = same flow

  • dokunii
    dokunii 2 napja


  • Muskie Fisher
    Muskie Fisher 2 napja

    this video is so fukin stupid but the song slaps.....

  • Doodle Marz DRM
    Doodle Marz DRM 2 napja

    "visualizer" but it looks like shit lmao come on trippie i know you got more money then that. theres no difference from 144p to 1080p lmao

  • llx report me thot xll

    Me gets an E on report card
    My dad and his boxing gloves: you gon get beatup

  • Patricia Price
    Patricia Price 2 napja


  • Barbatos
    Barbatos 2 napja

    Just heard this and it’s lit af 🔥

  • Chandler Howard
    Chandler Howard 2 napja

    I think that chick is hot 🔥 would bang

  • Chipz N Dip
    Chipz N Dip 2 napja

    0:00 Peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter

  • Pop tart
    Pop tart 2 napja

    Tik Tok: I’m bouta steal

  • GoldenLionz YT
    GoldenLionz YT 2 napja

    Is this dedicated to juice WRLD?

  • allRounder
    allRounder 2 napja


  • allRounder
    allRounder 2 napja

    Stopped smoking weed for a day
    Mind : you gon die

  • Tea King
    Tea King 2 napja

    i though he was drake

  • Rifat Ay
    Rifat Ay 2 napja

    Trippie Redd to be continuedd

  • Typical_Gamer183

    Your gay

  • Jr Jr
    Jr Jr 2 napja

    R.i.p. Trippie Red 🙏🇺🇲

  • Flamin_Boy_Kai
    Flamin_Boy_Kai 2 napja

    Day before data plan ends

    Data: u gon die

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    Where will you spend your *ETERNITY* ?
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  • Lol shawn lol
    Lol shawn lol 2 napja +1

    Tbh he looks way better with red hair

  • Joshua Mukandila Damphoussse

    Me : Forgets lego on the ground
    Also me : *hears sounds from the hallway at 2:47 am*
    My dad : You gon die

  • lan dretti
    lan dretti 3 napja

    That beat and sample give me a project Pat vibe

  • Javonn Jones
    Javonn Jones 3 napja +2

    Judge: Your still looking at 20 years
    6ix9ine: I know who Trippie Red wanna die

  • Don Howard
    Don Howard 3 napja

    Me got in trouble at school
    Princapal calls mon
    Mom you gon die

  • SpikeyNinjaPlayz

    Me to my iPhone bc I broke my lightning cable: You Gon Die
    iPhone: What That Mean?
    Me: You Gon Die Bitch Uhhhh

  • DripzWrld
    DripzWrld 3 napja

    There’s self promoters down there use this to fight them bck🗡

  • атріум ж
    атріум ж 3 napja +3

    This song need to be on the next ufc game

  • Malster237
    Malster237 3 napja

    I was high when this came on, and I was paranoid as hell 😂

  • Neise Paphino
    Neise Paphino 3 napja

    Low budget production....fxxk

    NOOBKATA 3 napja +27

    Americans: attacks Iran leader

    Iran with flying carpets: you gon die

  • Blyat Man
    Blyat Man 3 napja +1

    Everyone is here just for TicToc

  • Marcus Wright II

    Film producer: You only only got enough money for the shots we took.
    Trippie Red: fuck it loop them hoes

  • Alexander Fang
    Alexander Fang 3 napja +2

    Me: *Walks in public as an African American male*
    Police Officer: *you gon die*