THE LAST AFRICAN CASANOVA SEASON 3 - (New Movie) 2019 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie Full HD

  • Közzététel: 2019.dec. 7.
  • Sometimes, what we die for is not actually what God means for us. And nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you. But the key to living a great life is embracing the challenges that comes your way. Don't miss this Educative and Interesting Movie.
    STARRING: Onny Michael, Destiny Etiko, Walter Anger, Chinenye Ubah, Queeneth Gilbert, Praise Gladson.
    PRODUCED BY: Rob Emeka Eze
    DIRECTED BY: Ugezu J Ugezu
    COMPANY: Reemmy Jes Productions
    YEAR: 2019
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  • Frank Esangbedo
    Frank Esangbedo Hónapja +1

    Honestly speaking, this background jamz dey bust my head🤣🤣🤣 una do well NWP🙋‍♂️

  • Sammuel Marvelous
    Sammuel Marvelous Hónapja +1

    Please who is enjoying the music ... tubo tubo tubo tubo..... let’s gather here ✋✋✋

  • anthony odera
    anthony odera Hónapja +3

    may God guide all singles in choosing the right marriage partner for them.


    Let's me enjoy this amazing movie, stay tuned everyone complements of the season to u all ,hit the likes button as you come in

  • Kumba Daboh
    Kumba Daboh Hónapja

    Interesting movies 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Frank Dennis
    Frank Dennis Hónapja +1

    Good movie but poor location (I know it's a village) but the location is poor. Bad govt, corrupt govt. God bless Nigerians🙏. God save Nigeria🙏. Happy Sunday Everyone👏🙏

  • rita ocansey
    rita ocansey Hónapja

    I love this movie n the song as well team kuwait marry xmass to u all

  • Neema Hassan
    Neema Hassan Hónapja +2

    The guy received the beating of his life ohhh now see the girl she want to marry is Akuna kuna hehehhe he will regret why he left destiny

  • Mhiz goldenbae funny tv

    I wish Destiny had listening to the advised her brother and friends gave to her it wouldn't have be like this but it's well hmmm🤗

  • Princess Ogiemade
    Princess Ogiemade Hónapja +1


  • Austine Joy
    Austine Joy Hónapja +2

    Tumba tumba tumba tumba no body know tomorrow, oh no the music is crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mimi Gay
    Mimi Gay Hónapja +3

    Yes Onyeika, l feel the same way, “love is very sincere and unconditional””

  • Mimi Gay
    Mimi Gay Hónapja +1

    Great lesson on Onyeka’s statement after Ebuduke left her.

  • Beauty Godwin
    Beauty Godwin Hónapja +1

    Nice movie

  • Lizzy Lizzy
    Lizzy Lizzy Hónapja +1

    Nice pls 5&6

  • Stella Uzoma
    Stella Uzoma Hónapja +1

    тнanĸѕ ғor υploadιng... 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • pryncess-abledbyGod

    Am here for yellow paw paw Chin-Chin! 👑💃🏼🥇🎥🎬🎶🙋🏽😊

  • Odion Richard
    Odion Richard Hónapja +2

    Yes life is also a journey you never know where it will take you to so be strong and just live your life.

  • Juliiet Thompson
    Juliiet Thompson Hónapja +1

    Nice movie,the background song is good

  • edith aisien
    edith aisien Hónapja +2

    You can your self a man 👨 who doesn’t love you ❤️👨❤️

  • JoyRose Mwangi
    JoyRose Mwangi Hónapja

    This thing of posting movies in bits and episodes is boring,,I have to rewatch the previous one for me to connect and catch up eish

  • Anni drea
    Anni drea Hónapja +1

    The chemist man 29:22 he’s alright 😂😂😂 see voice soo cute people with that kind of his voice ehn they are most lovable pple in the world they can love 😂😂😂😂

  • Reuben Mine Lillian

    Hmmm, I can't see I'm very late. Happy Sunday to u all.

  • Okonta Emmanuel
    Okonta Emmanuel Hónapja

    Itz really interesting🤗 Nd Touching😭 movie thanks for uploading @Nollywoodpicturestv📺 let's sit down and watch and see how it goes thumb up for Onny Michael if you're here for him hit the like button👉👉👉👉👉👉👉.

  • Odia Joy
    Odia Joy Hónapja

    Gud morning guys thanks for uploading this lovely movie much lov 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Prince Udo
    Prince Udo Hónapja +1

    Bless up guys 🙏 ❤️

  • jurnee love
    jurnee love Hónapja

    Drama DOLL is @ it again 😍😍

  • Chary Jn
    Chary Jn Hónapja

    Hmmmmm!that's so wonderful💕👍🕺💕👍💕

  • Vivian Adams
    Vivian Adams Hónapja +3

    The song at the back ground though😃😃merry Christmas in advance🎄🎄🎄🎄🍻🍷to u all#all the way from GH🇬🇭#

  • Jordan Lottering
    Jordan Lottering Hónapja +2

    Lol wait ! the friend is an ashawo?

  • Amaka Shedrack
    Amaka Shedrack Hónapja +13

    The best way to treat a guy when he breaks ur hrt move on. Put everything behind
    I bet you he will definitely regret and come begging, he don't deserve the fact for you to be frustrated crying and in pain life goes on sweetie.
    We are inside life fuck fake people around us mehn
    Kudos to destiny nice one

  • Jennifa Blessed
    Jennifa Blessed Hónapja +1

    Destiny you take a right decision i love that nice movie

  • Elena Mercy
    Elena Mercy Hónapja +5

    Please where can I get such friends like destiny's from 🤷‍♀️🤔🤔

  • Amazing
    Amazing Hónapja

    It seems Queen is pregnant?

  • Patrick Paty
    Patrick Paty Hónapja +1

    Very dynamic movie q

  • Britney Trump
    Britney Trump Hónapja +1

    Chinenye UBah looks like my BiRaCial DauGhter, PRinCeSS 🏵️ ahahshahahahahlife

  • Britney Trump
    Britney Trump Hónapja +3

    I have taken you in the BuSh. We dID it in the bush🌲🌳🌴RoTFl

  • Britney Trump
    Britney Trump Hónapja +1

    UPload more Chinenye Ubah films

  • Britney Trump
    Britney Trump Hónapja +3

    Thanks for your inspiring words destiny. Tough times never last, but tough people do

  • Britney Trump
    Britney Trump Hónapja +2

    From 8:20 girl looks like QueenNwOkOye👑

  • Julian Ahuahey
    Julian Ahuahey Hónapja +2

    Poor destiny you are strong in indeed mmmmmmm nice movie

  • Britney Trump
    Britney Trump Hónapja +1

    FatRam kwa 🐂🐃Ram family Oya gather for Selfie. 🤳 all of uNawey luf rAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saidi Cell
    Saidi Cell Hónapja +1

    Waooo the hot movie is here, thanks guys for uploading God bless you guys

  • Nambi Monicah
    Nambi Monicah Hónapja +6

    I love Destiny because she is a strong woman even though I was not happy with her for not listening to her friend and brother's advise but am happy she was able to handle the situation

  • joycelouis sonia
    joycelouis sonia Hónapja +28

    May we single one's not be disappointed
    like this on our wedding day in Jesus name Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Mary Queen
    Mary Queen Hónapja +1

    destiny my sweetheart this is yrs👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💃👯😍😍🙋👋💥for the good job well done

  • Bounty Quilt
    Bounty Quilt Hónapja +4

    I'm really enjoying this great movie destiny u good in everything hu agree wid me ...oya hit me lyk

  • Oyedele Regina
    Oyedele Regina Hónapja

    Who is watching with me from Naija sorry i mean Nigeria. Dont even know what am writing sef . Over sweet dey worry d movie. Nice one Nollywoodpicturestv

  • Bella Oland
    Bella Oland Hónapja +1

    Thanks for uploading sometimes we fall victims I can't blame destiny because she felt she was with the right man👈

  • Tessy Onome
    Tessy Onome Hónapja

    I am late here oh my days. Nice movie HUclip, tnx for uploading.

  • Kolie Dawn
    Kolie Dawn Hónapja

    What’s the background music that says ‘no man knows tomorrow’ ?

  • Rose Appiah
    Rose Appiah Hónapja +2

    This movie is getting more interesting thanks for uploading happy Saturday to my family and friends wish you all the best 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • John Favour
    John Favour Hónapja +4

    Uselss boy you dont know what you want am here for destiny and Queeneth

  • Anna Aggrey
    Anna Aggrey Hónapja

    Very gud movie am really enjoying it

  • Ella Usie
    Ella Usie Hónapja

    116 comment you guys should be waiting for me now I don't know why am always late

  • Praise Rejoice
    Praise Rejoice Hónapja +1

    Nice moves thanks guys God bless you all in jesus name amen

  • Sarha Philcox Onuoha

    Just landed let me enjoy my self thanks for uploading this movie

  • John Augusta
    John Augusta Hónapja +1

    Thanks for uploading nollywoodpicturestv you are the best

  • Ar Mn
    Ar Mn Hónapja +1

    Interesting 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Mary Osa
    Mary Osa Hónapja

    Thanks for unloading