Kanye West - Blame Game (VEVO Presents: G.O.O.D. Music) ft. John Legend

  • Közzététel: 2011.júl.12.
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    VEVO presents Kanye West & G.O.O.D. Music. VEVO Powerstation: Austin, TX. "Blame Game" feat. John Legend (c) 2010 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
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  • Zac
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  • Manj Singh
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  • Eduard Zaukarnaev

    Avril 14th?

  • Jeremy Fuller
    Jeremy Fuller Hónapja

    I love listening to Kanye sing

  • madelyn
    madelyn Hónapja

    fukin amazing

  • Idk what This channel is lol

    Fav song in the album

  • Selena Tracy-Pettross
    Selena Tracy-Pettross 2 hónapja +1

    ..Sucks JL has been sucked into the adrenachrome/Sa+an!s+ lifestyle...

  • J.B Locke
    J.B Locke 3 hónapja

    Are these lyrics? It actually sounds they we're made by a lesser brain. Fuckhead isn't even in key.

  • J.B Locke
    J.B Locke 3 hónapja +1

    Love this shitty trash, Butchering yet another beautiful classic made by a lesser popular electronic artist.

  • jamizlemanizle
    jamizlemanizle 3 hónapja

    The piano n Kanye’s verse is awesome

  • DannnMate
    DannnMate 3 hónapja +3

    Ohh look at me I know where samples from

  • Mariana H
    Mariana H 3 hónapja +2

    Kanye looking like a snack

  • David Webster
    David Webster 3 hónapja +1

    August 2019 ?

  • jasper james
    jasper james 4 hónapja +2

    Who in 2019 👽

  • Mr.CommentSection
    Mr.CommentSection 4 hónapja +1

    we all know created a masterpiece with this and the all of the lights interlude...

  • Kenny Sosta
    Kenny Sosta 5 hónapja

    Thank you Dr West, music specialist

  • Jihad Paige
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  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 6 hónapja

    Avril 14th

  • xFiinn
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  • Susana Torres-Londono


  • Jireh-Anne Fyffe
    Jireh-Anne Fyffe 7 hónapja

    I love you John and I appreciate your thoughts but you bringing up my fans and my legacy iS A TACTIC BASED ON FEAR USED TO MANIPULATE MY FREE THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allen Bloomfield
    Allen Bloomfield 8 hónapja

    One of the greats. Kanye West and John Legend, run it back. Classic. Still listening in 2019. Listening from New Zealand. Talented artists.

  • Perplexing Plausibility


  • The Heartfelt Kid
    The Heartfelt Kid 8 hónapja +2

    I love how douchbagish Ye dressed during this era

  • SoMedia Production
    SoMedia Production 9 hónapja

    I can't love you this much, no I can't love you this much

  • Sudev Sen
    Sudev Sen 9 hónapja +1

    Old Kanye

  • Mabutho Radebe
    Mabutho Radebe 9 hónapja

    KW strait up MJ...with thug and real to that

  • MercilessGhostX
    MercilessGhostX 9 hónapja

    What a terrible song. Ripping off Aphex Twin too.

  • Zimma Villaruel
    Zimma Villaruel 9 hónapja +1

    💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 this tune is fireeeee .........

  • setso mabuza
    setso mabuza 10 hónapja +7

    2019 still listening and loving this song,it just doesn't get old. Much love for Kanye West and John Legend

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  • Briefcase Joe
    Briefcase Joe 10 hónapja +3

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy honestly one the best hiphop albums to date!

  • Prodi with seven eyes
    Prodi with seven eyes 10 hónapja +2

    2019 squad! After Maga hats & Jigga rants, we're still here for Kanye because he gave us life!!

  • Rory Doran
    Rory Doran 10 hónapja +4

    Anyone else get goosebumps when john did the "mo-ore!"

  • New Mason
    New Mason 10 hónapja

    It’s called sampling dumbasses.

  • Rio Rogers
    Rio Rogers 10 hónapja +1

    How far we’ve fallen.

  • Bessem Tabe
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  • yigit
    yigit 11 hónapja

    avril 14th

  • Kimye West
    Kimye West 11 hónapja

    I always love this song

  • Manj Singh
    Manj Singh 11 hónapja

    Mans talented

  • Jacob Hadley
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    • OwO Fandoms
      OwO Fandoms 6 hónapja

      With permission bruh he gave credit to them on the album and it's called sampling

    • Diesker
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  • Manuel Ortiz
    Manuel Ortiz 11 hónapja

    2018 still 🔥

  • spaghetti m
    spaghetti m 11 hónapja

    This song is beautiful

  • Gigaliath
    Gigaliath Évvel

    You go you funky little aardvark

  • chicka boom
    chicka boom Évvel +2

    Yeezy taught me

  • Andrea R.
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  • Francisco Medina

    Aphex Twin.
    Came only to dislike this kanye guy, whoever he is.

  • Kia Bayo
    Kia Bayo Évvel

    2018 and still watching 🙌🏽

  • carlos cervantes

    this song fits in with my relationship, always playing the blame game with my girlfriend i love her so much but i feel like she has a psyological problem, she makes things up and ideas about me and fights, we fight she hits me i never hit her back i just try to calm her down, last night we fought she got real drunk she made me bleed she cut my lip open she cried thinking i dont love her when she is the best thing in my life i forgave her. i picked her up off the dirt cleand her up and came back home we slept together had morning sex..... and fought again tonight and supossably broke up when i did nothing wrong i love her so much. i try to tell her to see a psyoligist but she just doesnt want to. and the blame game keeps on going

  • xMXWLx
    xMXWLx Évvel +1

    2010 relationship throwback

  • Mpho Joe  Lesole


  • Devlopman Pesonel

    West for ever ever, for ever ever

  • Joel Mendez
    Joel Mendez Évvel

    Who bumping @2018? 😈

  • Real
    Real Évvel

    The lyrics actually cut so deep...

  • Simple Boy
    Simple Boy Évvel

    Just a shitty ripoff. Whatever

  • eliav eliav
    eliav eliav Évvel

    Aphex twin - avril 14th
    Stolen art.

  • Nidhu J.
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  • Mydixiewrecked
    Mydixiewrecked Évvel +2

    Anyone watching this in 2018?
    I remember being at this concert. Time really does fly.

  • Mira Batyrkhanova

    beautiful, just beautiful. the melody! talented John! talented Kanye!