Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

  • Közzététel: 2018.dec. 4.
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  • lemon274
    lemon274 7 órája

    this looks boring

  • a b
    a b 8 órája

    It will be on Netflix within a year of release, they gotta make their money some way

  • Des Troy
    Des Troy 8 órája

    This year is gonna be the best movies that come out for now.

  • Moonlight S
    Moonlight S 8 órája

    I love her

  • North Irish
    North Irish 8 órája +1

    Wonder Woman it is then

  • Rubencho El More
    Rubencho El More 8 órája

    Ember prime from warfame🤔🤔 Captain Marvel galactic suit😯😯😯😯😯

  • Bleach//Hotel
    Bleach//Hotel 9 órája


  • mplayer1021
    mplayer1021 9 órája

    How can the comments be so negative, but the like/dislike ratio be so high?

  • BlissLikeThis
    BlissLikeThis 9 órája

    Sadly the first MCU movie I, and my family will not see out of principle. I cant supports her derogitory judgment of people based on their skin and genitals. She makes us woman look annoying and one dimensional. 😝

  • Chris Acker
    Chris Acker 9 órája

    I'm not giving them my money for this movie. Aside from the actress being another expressionless toad like whats her name in Twilight, she has this whole agenda against white men.

  • M!K3 JOK
    M!K3 JOK 9 órája

    I am the only one who Wont buy tickets for this “ political agenda” movie?

  • sealtiel soto lobaina

    Captain Marvel is powerful yeah, but i dont think that she can defeat Thanos alone, so Brie Larson in Avengers Endgame would be a important complement with the avengers to defeat together Thanos. You think the same like me? 🤔😉

  • DNomad Lethal
    DNomad Lethal 10 órája +1

    i only watch movies where the actors play their own butts

  • Omor Pial
    Omor Pial 10 órája that tony's ship?

  • Xavier Smith
    Xavier Smith 10 órája +1

    They bought likes for this trailer.

  • dstamp
    dstamp 10 órája


  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew Gonzalez 10 órája

    When your grandma gives you a card for Christmas with no money

  • Killuminati Gaming
    Killuminati Gaming 10 órája +1

    These crazy feminists believe they are being strong talking about social issues and all that nonsense, the only agenda they are actually pushing is that a female can't be a strong character in her own right, without bringing all the men around her down in the first place.

  • Souvik Dey
    Souvik Dey 10 órája

    I am not going to watch this feminazi crap and I hate you from India.

  • Zafira Prado
    Zafira Prado 10 órája

    I've never been this disappointed before wow

  • uchen lieww
    uchen lieww 10 órája

    yes or yes?👌

  • Zigga Zogga
    Zigga Zogga 10 órája +1

    Marvel's no stranger when it comes to taking risks.
    Ex: Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, etc.
    But I have a bad feeling this will be Marvel's first risk that'll go awry.
    Let's just cross fingers they'll learn from this.

  • Cj Jr
    Cj Jr 11 órája +2

    As a black American man...I stand with my white American brothers when I say I will not see this movie! P.S. Captain marvel was created by a white guy!

  • Joshua Crisp
    Joshua Crisp 11 órája

    A protagonist who boasts about herself - no thanks.

    • Joshua Crisp
      Joshua Crisp 9 órája

      +C.E.Music also who calls themselves hero's? That's literally the most arrogant thing to say. Not interested in this urine tank of feminist, leftist propaganda.

    • Joshua Crisp
      Joshua Crisp 9 órája

      +C.E.Music not particularly. But at least he created his suit.

    • Mystery Man
      Mystery Man 9 órája +1

      C.E.Music Stark never boasted, he might of been arrogant but he did not boast.

    • C.E.Music
      C.E.Music 11 órája

      So then I take it you don't like Iron Man either?

  • Novacane
    Novacane 11 órája

    I don’t know why I feel annoyed with the actor playing this movie I just hope it is good and I hope captain marvel does not ruin endgame

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones 11 órája


  • Clinton Cox
    Clinton Cox 12 órája

    Isn't it interesting that the most dishonest of elites (Hollywood, media, politicians) are the ones telling us how it should be? Yawn, it's getting old. White man bad, Feminism good. Movies are no longer even relatable anymore.

  • Almatty
    Almatty 12 órája

    Scrolling down I see nothing but negative comments but this video has 784k likes and 51k dislikes somehow. I bet youtube is fudging the numbers.

  • abhishek kshirsagar
    abhishek kshirsagar 12 órája

    ow about promoting the movie and not stupid feinist crap

  • J H
    J H 12 órája

    Brie is doing damage beyond just her film; I'm really questioning whether Endgame will be worth seeing if she plays a prominent role in it. As excited as I am for Endgame, it completely zaps all excitement thinking of Brie - someone who openly despises me - appearing in the movie. She could genuinely damage the entire MCU, not just her own, garbage film.

  • Ernesto Canieso
    Ernesto Canieso 12 órája

    Captain marvel she back on avengers endgame please help the Tony and avengers please help

  • CJ Larson
    CJ Larson 13 órája +1

    White men forbidden! Whats racist, is that I am part Mexican but mostly white. White is such a huge generalization for people. Russians, Australians, Europeans, South Africans, Canadians.......all largely white. What is your angle Miss Marvel?!

  • carolyn williams
    carolyn williams 13 órája

    I cannot wait go to see this movie

  • chromeinox
    chromeinox 13 órája

    What a load of crock.

  • Police 159
    Police 159 13 órája +2

    Brie Larson is the queen of the FemiNazis. Political propaganda at its finest.

  • spenky
    spenky 13 órája +2

    Pass. This looks just as bad as green lantern. Can't be bothered with it.

    TROGDOR PURGATOR 14 órája +2

    Out of all of the cool characters they could pick...Sentry and so on...this is what we get? The superhero no one asked for, and whos comic was canceled more than half a dozen times.

  • zer00rdie
    zer00rdie 14 órája +1

    Lets see what the feminists will complain about in this one. Suit too tight perhaps?

  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy
    Bob Wehadababyitsaboy 14 órája +2

    Disney, why are you allowing the actress who plays Captain Marvel to repeatedly bash and slander the people who make up a large majority of your fan base for no reason? Someone needs to stop her sexist comments about white men and stop this from turning Marvel into the next Star Wars.

    • Teletrip
      Teletrip 11 órája

      No need to get your panties in a bunch. Relax princess.

  • Gunny Studios
    Gunny Studios 14 órája +1

    Brie, calling all WHITE MALES this moving is not for you. Media and Marvel Marketing, WHITE MALES must see this movie or you are a racist and sexist POS. My position is clear, do not play this game any longer, I will not see CM. I did enjoy WASP and I did enjoy WW (not marvel) so what is the difference?? Maybe BRIE and Marvel and the Media should figure that out.

  • The Monopoly Guy
    The Monopoly Guy 14 órája

    I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but why does it sound like all her lines are being read off a cue card?

  • peter green
    peter green 15 órája

    "I'm not going to fight your war! Oh, apparently I am going to fight your war! ...Just a little bit of war fighting, then, by me... I will end your war through involvement on my part! In the form of fighting..."

  • 21st Century Stops
    21st Century Stops 15 órája

    As a Puerto Rican I will not watch this movie.

  • Stefan B
    Stefan B 15 órája

    The absurd and racist comments from Bries mouth will makes sure I never see this movie and lets hope she does not destroy the Avengers "End Game"with her sick Ideology.

  • Mirdautas vras
    Mirdautas vras 15 órája

    Nice NIN shirt Mrs.marvel.

  • steve washington
    steve washington 15 órája

    Well I just heard what this brie larson has said so I won't watch this and I'm going to have to now go out of my way to try and make sure no friends of mine nor family go to watch this ahhh soo much work to do now!!!

  • Tmag Odinson
    Tmag Odinson 15 órája

    petition to remove brie larson from marvel annyone ? i mean i would rather have no movie then this movie, just saying.

  • fernarias
    fernarias 15 órája

    So basically, this movie is about illegal immigration.

  • John Malins
    John Malins 15 órája

    What kind of message is it sending kids when the hero punches an old lady? Save your excuses.

  • MrHarhammer
    MrHarhammer 16 órája

    Is it bad that the most interesting thing of the intire trailer is Nick Fury petting a cat?

  • Storie Smith
    Storie Smith 16 órája

    Why couldnt they have casted anyone else besides Larson?!?!?! Seriously, her acting is autrocious, that oscar is going straight to her head and ego.... This is going to be awful

  • De Selby
    De Selby 16 órája +2

    this movie looks like a hot mess

  • Michael Hearmon
    Michael Hearmon 16 órája

    Don't care what was said, I'm just bored of super hero movies. We will get an origin story, talk about the enemy, she will have some kind of struggle then win.
    Personally I'm done with it, it's boring so if I fancy it I'll wait for it to show on Netflix.

  • An inconspicuous air conditioner

    1:50 *c r i n g e*

  • Bakema NL
    Bakema NL 16 órája

    Shove captain feminazi up Brie's non-existent behind.....I'll be watching Battle angel Alita in the meantime.

  • Ernan Rivera
    Ernan Rivera 16 órája +1

    Y’all just watch Shazam instead of this crap 💩

  • TheMightyPH
    TheMightyPH 17 órája


  • simple jack
    simple jack 17 órája +1

    Skipping this one. And if she's to be the new racist face of marvel. Im out after end game

  • ivanovsd
    ivanovsd 17 órája

    This is some major bullish. Why wasn t capt marvel a transgender man, where are the media, how long must those people suffer

  • Dean novani 89
    Dean novani 89 17 órája

    I am female inspiration guys yay!!!! Ahhh please

  • chris c
    chris c 17 órája

    she aint the first,,, Electra, supergirl ,, wonder woman.liars

  • Dean novani 89
    Dean novani 89 17 órája

    What ever love

  • Ticonderoga444
    Ticonderoga444 17 órája

    Was looking forward to watching this, but that Brie Larson hateful attitude I’ve been reading and seeing all over the media is making me think about not seeing it. Plus it seems there may be a lot of toxic ideology/feminism in this movie for my liking.

  • NotDWaddler
    NotDWaddler 17 órája

    Stan's already rolling in his grave. And this is LITERALLY the first MCU movie we have after his passing.
    We've failed you, boss.

  • Icewallow Hot come
    Icewallow Hot come 17 órája

    Make sure the theaters aren't overwhelmingly filled with you know who...

  • andylaauk
    andylaauk 17 órája

    If you have testicles (especially white ones), this movie is not for you. 🤣

  • andylaauk
    andylaauk 17 órája +1

    So Captain Marvel stands with hate crime hoaxers because they're the "right" colour.

  • DoubleJuice
    DoubleJuice 18 órája

    Marvel died when Stan Lee did.

  • Alexander de Montfort
    Alexander de Montfort 18 órája +2


  • MadLad
    MadLad 18 órája

    Strong and powerful wamen

  • X Ø
    X Ø 18 órája

    yasssss power girl

  • Giuliana B
    Giuliana B 18 órája

    What is going on with the comments? Why so much hate for a trailer?

    • Giuliana B
      Giuliana B 16 órája

      +BCPowerhouse you're right, it's just that after your answer I'm equally as confused as before

    • BCPowerhouse
      BCPowerhouse 16 órája

      +Giuliana B
      Honestly, I'm the wrong person to ask about in terms of why people are upset about these things. I am just reiterating what I have heard people say.

    • Giuliana B
      Giuliana B 17 órája

      +BCPowerhouse Thank you for the answer. But, correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't Black Panther heavily political from the beginning? And now is running for an Oscar nomination. Even though, now that I think about it I had seen some backlash for Black Panther too, but not to this extent.
      I've looked for the Brie Larson quote and what I've found is that she said that her interviewers and critics were mostly white men, so she wanted to include more diversity in her interviews. Why does that offend so many people? I mean... What? This reaction is too violent. Are there more statements? I haven't found any.
      Who is the man depicted in poor light in the movie? Is it Fury? If so from this trailer it seems he's a classic sidekick with a touch of comedic relief, nothing out of the ordinary. It's not like we see many other men in the trailer.
      As far as her acting skill I don't know any of her movies but yeah, this trailer hasn't exactly pumped me up for the film. Even though I never was. Captain Marvel is a bad name for a super hero in my opinion and it threw me off immediately.

    • BCPowerhouse
      BCPowerhouse 17 órája +1

      From what I understand, lots of the hate comes from Brie Larson making statements about how she doesn't want white men reviewing the movie. I don't know the exact quote or anything, but that is how what she said is being interpreted. On top of that, something in one of the trailers depicted men in a stereotypically (for Hollywood) poor light.
      She is also getting criticized for being rather expressionless, and there is backlash coming from the supporters of the movie claiming that these criticisms are rooted in sexism.
      All of the hate could have been avoided if they had simply avoided politicizing the movie. It divides the audience and has brought opening weekend forecasts down from $160-180 million down to $100 million.
      Just another instance of people shoehorning politics into things in ways that make people angry.

  • name less
    name less 18 órája +1

    Brie Larson is a toxic human being. We will be avoiding this movie. Doesn't look good anyways. Pass

  • kingjappyjoe420
    kingjappyjoe420 18 órája +2

    Ghostbusters girl cast PART 2

  • Ki Moss
    Ki Moss 18 órája

    Who else is going to listen to Brie Larson and not watch this movie ?

  • Vanessa und Max Hartmann

    this looks boring. and I love brie larson and I love marvel, but goddamit

  • Renato Franyutti
    Renato Franyutti 19 órája +1

    She cant protec
    She cant atac
    But most important
    Shes a sexist hac

  • M James
    M James 19 órája +1

    Why don't the like to dislike ratios match up with the comments for any of these trailers?

    • nightvisiongoggles1
      nightvisiongoggles1 18 órája

      This trailer was released December 2018, Larson's statements weren't full-blown issues yet and everyone was still eager to see what the movie would be like.

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 19 órája

    Her bitching rest face is extreme

    TECHIUM 19 órája


  • Mr. cat
    Mr. cat 19 órája

    That's some bad casting right there

  • Xebys
    Xebys 20 órája

    that moment when a man-baby realize there's a bigger world of grown-ups outside of his lil' world

  • Jason
    Jason 20 órája

    Is she still fuckable?

  • OJ Simpson
    OJ Simpson 20 órája

    James Eagan Holmes wants to come see this movie on opening night with you.

  • IDGAF About your feelings

    I heard Alita was better than this Political BS .

  • Jorge Gonzalez Sahdala

    Can't wait not to go watch this film

  • Noah Namey
    Noah Namey 20 órája

    Where is Ellen Ripley when we need her?

  • Kalfax plays
    Kalfax plays 21 órája

    all the actors overshadow brie cheese larson in this trailer. she has no charisma.

  • ThisIsSolution
    ThisIsSolution 21 órája

    Why this movie look really bad!?

  • Citizen Goose
    Citizen Goose 21 órája

    Thank god this wasnt the last thing stan lee saw

  • Tron Kleds
    Tron Kleds 21 órája +1

    Another ID10T actress that is a hate filled socialist. Thanks but I will keep my money and go see shazam instead

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman 22 órája +1

    That MOHAWK hairdo
    looks overly Stupid.

  • anita dervishi
    anita dervishi 22 órája

    Captain marvel is the most powerful. She will accomplish what no Dc superhero has been able to do. She will kill the MCU.

  • Gary420x
    Gary420x 22 órája +1

    being a white man I will not be watching this and I hope it flops like an overweight high diver

  • Aseem HDX
    Aseem HDX 22 órája +2

    White guys usually get very special treatment around the world ! Marvel amd brie just had to say that - No! You are just a human like everyone else ! Basically they wanted to treat EVERYONE equally ! Like we are all equal !
    I guess some white people dont want that to happen ! Fine....

  • anita dervishi
    anita dervishi 22 órája +1

    Anyone wanna take a guess what charity Brie Larson promoted on the Ellen show?

    Her charity was to buy tickets for underprivileged little girls to go see HER in HER movie. What a narcissist.
    These same underprivileged little girls need more important things, but those things don't help Brie Larson. She is no hero.

    • ArecKy1
      ArecKy1 21 órája

      brainless person detected...

  • anita dervishi
    anita dervishi 22 órája +1

    Imagine this but with a good actress

  • Eric F
    Eric F 22 órája

    A real hero knows how to put grandma in her place

  • Roelvian
    Roelvian 22 órája

    idk what everyone is talking about in the comments.

    But even to me this movie seems like the most pretentious one ever coming from marvel. What happened to the lightheartedness that sorrounded most of the other films?

  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh 22 órája +1

    This is going to be a flop.