Rubik's Cube Magician That SHOCKED Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent

  • Közzététel: 2018.dec.10.
  • Watch Genius Rubik's Cube Magician Steven Brundage on America's Got Talent 2016 (AGT), as he shocked Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges. What did you think about his card and magic cube tricks auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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  • All in one
    All in one 21 órája +1

    6:53 it's again mixed

  • Mcrider Cgirl

    Poor Howie just screaming inside, ready to go wash his hands. Lol

  • Yukine The sound of Snow

    La cara de Simon tipo:"Pero como hace eso?? V:"

  • paper bag boy

    The fastest Rubik's cube solver

  • MidnightGacha Dance

    Simons looks like the heck is he doing😂😂

  • Bradley Owusu

    12:13 I wonder why he has to mix behind his back

  • Chin Koh
    Chin Koh Napja


  • Skyler Boulton

    if you know how a rubrics cube work its simple how he did it

  • U P
    U P Napja

    Whem Simon mixed up the rubik's cube there were 4 yellows in one corner of one of the sides. But the one that the guy pulled out of the bag it wasn't the one that Simon mixed up

  • D HandOfNoxus

    What the heck

  • Rom Cohen
    Rom Cohen Napja

    Task manager
    Simon.exe stopped working
    windows crashed.

  • Marc Tompkins

    These aren’t illusions, these are black magic

  • Jorge Plays
    Jorge Plays Napja +1

    For some reason, he kinda sounds like PopularMMOS

  • unpong supakchukul

    Last show he has change rubix before compare with a big one that hold by Simon.

  • NoName Channel

    Тут типо что-то важное! Да!!!

  • Jeremyn Kim
    Jeremyn Kim 2 napja


  • Aghosh Ajay
    Aghosh Ajay 2 napja

    Pause at3:20 he mixed it in a special manner

  • Aghosh Ajay
    Aghosh Ajay 2 napja

    Pause at 2:55

  • Benjamin Cragle
    Benjamin Cragle 2 napja


  • Jorel
    Jorel 2 napja

    simon at 5:30:

  • Sally Williams
    Sally Williams 2 napja

    -hey- *there*

  • Bailee Chambers
    Bailee Chambers 2 napja +3

    Okay... it just me or did the dude sound like Kermit the frog???
    like if u agree

  • Rosie Plummer
    Rosie Plummer 2 napja +32

    Girl:sings bad voice
    Judges:sorry that's a no
    Girl:but my dad died
    Simon:hits golden buzzer
    Judges:wow that was amazing

  • ratchet319
    ratchet319 2 napja

    At 8:46 you can see a Brad Pitt card on the table, while Nick was also holding a Brad Pitt card

  • Yo Pelang
    Yo Pelang 2 napja

    there are pieces of every torned card in every sub cube

  • G_eorgia S_ummerill

    2:58 on the side closest to his left hand you can see that the rubic cube changed colour so I think that its just a special rubrics cube

  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner 3 napja

    Me trying to tell my teacher "i know how to count"

  • Tracy Tran
    Tracy Tran 3 napja

    I realized most of the trick Hoque cant’t even see

  • Just Another Clone

    3:18 I figured out he did this one! He only solved threee sides, the sides he shows to the judges, he just flips the cube. You notice that on the three sides he shows that are “mixed up” don’t have any red, white or green when he throws it up.

  • AmazingSpark :3
    AmazingSpark :3 3 napja

    Did he win?

  • Lako Noa
    Lako Noa 3 napja

    9:46 Simon looks confused af lol

  • Anish Madireddy
    Anish Madireddy 3 napja +1

    who else put the video on slo-mo at 3:20

    • Tehami Kamdar
      Tehami Kamdar 3 napja

      3:20 there only three colors mixed up orange yellow and blue
      And other thre sides white red and green are solved

  • Christ Leo
    Christ Leo 3 napja +1

    System processor.exe has stopped working

  • Lara Eric
    Lara Eric 4 napja

    Im happy when simon is surprised😂

  • tyler taylor
    tyler taylor 4 napja +2

    I can't figure out all the tricks but I definitely caught his sleight of hand on the last one.. still beautifully done.. I'm amazed

  • MattZRalph
    MattZRalph 4 napja +4

    He should join to the Guinise world Record of the fastest cuber

    • Parzival
      Parzival Napja

      MattZRalph lol good point.

      There are rules for official solves and I feel the ‘magic’ part of this trick may not work as well with him, sitting a table with a single cube, nothing else, and a timer :/

    • MattZRalph
      MattZRalph Napja

      He can magic it lol

    • Rylan D4
      Rylan D4 Napja

      MattZRalph hes not even close to the fastest. No disrespect but its just a fact, there are much faster cubers just look it up. Thanks for your time.

    • MattZRalph
      MattZRalph Napja

      +Parzival why

    • Parzival
      Parzival Napja

      No he shouldn’t lol

  • Blaize Godden
    Blaize Godden 4 napja

    I feel like that’s a special kind of Rubiks cube that changes when it’s in the air

  • Tobias GHome
    Tobias GHome 4 napja


  • Evil Banana
    Evil Banana 4 napja

    Pause at 3:20 all the blocks are in the same colors and he just flips the cube and others colors appear finished

  • Zsukov Maximilián

    ScS actually sponsoring magicians🤣😂

  • Colin-kun :3
    Colin-kun :3 4 napja

    The Rubik’s cube wizard

  • Milo-Sidlo Marcell
    Milo-Sidlo Marcell 4 napja +2

    *solves cube in 0.1 seconds*
    Feliks Zemdegs: *starts sweating*

    • KidaBear
      KidaBear Napja

      if you do actually know how to solve a cube and look at it closes, it's very close to being completely solved when he says "scrambled" even then, this is still extremely impressive

  • andrei cabigon
    andrei cabigon 4 napja

    at 3:20 look at the rubiks at first there are only yellow orange and blue and when he flipped it its white green and red and he only let them saw that side because the other side is mixed and after a while he start spinning it and you can see its mixed at the back try to watch it in slow motion

    TWICE JJANG 4 napja +6

    *There are more ways to mix it up than all thr atoms in the known universe?*

  • Claude LeBel
    Claude LeBel 4 napja

    The cube he gave back to Simon was not Simon's original cube. It was a prepared cube. Simon's cube was left in the bag so he was working with three cubes : Simon's which was left in the bag the prepared q but she gave to Simon to hold and the cube he was holding in his handswhich you would later match with Simon's second cube. Still, he is good to pull it off so smoothly.

  • Jodi Ho
    Jodi Ho 4 napja +1


  • John Iverson Cunanan


  • Duarte Ribeiro
    Duarte Ribeiro 4 napja

    Cubers are cringing

  • RUS38
    RUS38 5 napja

    There is a hidden message at 2:21

  • Sardar2892
    Sardar2892 5 napja +1

    At 3.25 he just mixed 3 sides while all other sides remained correct ,,, he quickly shifts sides ,,, too simple and pathetic,,, I used to do it when u was like 4 or what and then the part where the card was in rubik cube ,,, it was pathetic ,,, he already put that card in cube ,,,

    • Bob Bob
      Bob Bob 2 napja

      Ok now try to explain the rest of them. Yes some of them are somewhat obvious (when you see it in the video) but that's why they got more and more complex... let's see you do all of these tricks.

  • Beata
    Beata 5 napja

    With corner of card that trick is so simple....

  • Dark Coven
    Dark Coven 5 napja

    How does he do it? He doesn't, he has played with a Demon before who has promised him fame, and he is that Demons servant, The Demon does this not him.

  • Squirmy Da Wormy
    Squirmy Da Wormy 5 napja +1

    3:20 I blinked

  • lemurpolice77
    lemurpolice77 5 napja

    feliks cried when he watched this

  • realdeniska
    realdeniska 5 napja

    Oh damn, it's a real trick! Scrumble the cube, remember the rotations. Give Simon the cube, remember his rotations, he like barely moves it several times. Run you pre-scrumbled sequence and then add Simon's moves. Done.

  • Keep It Beefy
    Keep It Beefy 5 napja

    Plot twist: he is thanos when he snaps half of them vaporize

  • JayTeeOnYT
    JayTeeOnYT 5 napja

    Rubicks cube world record holders has left the chat

  • James Li
    James Li 5 napja +4

    Pause at 3:20 and you cant see any red green or white on the 3 sides that the audience sees. So he solved the 3 sides facing him and flipped it over to show a it “solved”. That also explains why he immediately began scrambling the cube right after the trick.

  • VSL
    VSL 5 napja +10

    The last 2 rounds every judge helped me, except for Howie
    Howie: sorry

  • Jonah Ahn
    Jonah Ahn 5 napja

    6:56 look at the cube in Simon's arms is it not solved like if you think so

  • SubjectorCubing Fgh


    Salty 9 year olds: itS’s JuST sLiGhT oF haND

    MASTER EDM 5 napja

    Pls fix the image it's "Know" not "No"

  • TheScienceLab
    TheScienceLab 5 napja

    2:23 simons finger

  • Neville Gupta
    Neville Gupta 5 napja

    5:47 he deos hypnotization he hypnotised hiede to say 6 of diamonds watch the voice and snapping

  • sonny 2k
    sonny 2k 5 napja

    13:06 like if you saw the peen

  • eggy water
    eggy water 6 napja +1

    12:24 he hands howie the exact same cube then watches Bowie’s movement

  • InquieteNightshade

    I want this guy on Penn and Teller's magician show.

  • InquieteNightshade

    I love how Simon starts off annoyed and skeptical (especially when he said the trick had never been done before) and ends being completely flabbergasted.

  • The Dope Coconut

    Watches as everyones amazed at simple magic

  • the 7 U. J
    the 7 U. J 6 napja

    I did a slow motion test on the 1 millisecond and he is a demon

  • Tilly Silburn
    Tilly Silburn 6 napja

    Do you noticed Sophie Dossi I think was in the background

  • Maksymilian Krzesinski

    I can find out how any body can do magic but it not magic

  • Maksymilian Krzesinski

    He put a Rubik's cube in the bag while no one was watching

  • Maksymilian Krzesinski

    Also he isn't a magician he is a master Rubik's cube

  • Maksymilian Krzesinski

    Also he solved it

  • Maksymilian Krzesinski

    When he put the Rubik's cube in the box he did the Rubik's cube before they could see it with one hand

  • My Size 180 Creme Egg

    6:46 watch the rubik’s cube, it is solved yet when it is placed down next to simon it is unsolved. this definitely makes me wonder whether this trick was enhanced in post production. i think some of the tricks were real, for example with the card corner piece trick, he simply had lots of different card edges and chose the specific corner to match the card she chose, similarly with the brad pitt trick, it was simple slight of hand to force him to choose the card and the picture was sort of double sided, hence the frame around the picture.

    • Carson Puzey
      Carson Puzey 2 napja

      Right before he places it back on the table, you cane see has hand come down, so he probably unsolved it before setting it down

    • john bailey
      john bailey 3 napja

      My fellow magic-buster
      I figured out how he does the 3:22 trick
      He has 3/6 sides mixed up and 3 of them solved. If you look closely, there are only three colours on the mixed up sides and he only shows 3 of them.
      Magic busted.
      If you can reveal any more tricks please share them with me.
      Until next time, my fellow magic-buster

  • Dan Cibotaru
    Dan Cibotaru 6 napja +2

    5:05 i'm gonna take a corner piece
    *proceeds to take an edge piece*

    • Hari Sahay
      Hari Sahay 5 napja

      Watch that part again, he didn't say corner piece while taking it out of the cube, but he said it while opening it to reveal the torn card.

  • preetham NVR
    preetham NVR 7 napja

    There r actually ppl who did this.. Dont show of..

  • yeety_ potato
    yeety_ potato 7 napja +1

    7:09 there was a solved rubrics cube behind his back

      LAUGHING MAN 5 napja +1

      yeety_ potato did u just type “Rubrics”? Oh god

  • Taylor Rodek
    Taylor Rodek 7 napja

    Sofie dossi was there

  • Adventures Fun
    Adventures Fun 7 napja

    Omg I went in slowdowns did not catch

  • Calamity Cop BACONSOLDIER


  • Jack Wiegand
    Jack Wiegand 7 napja

    Did he win

  • S A D P H A N T O M

    Play it in slow motion on 7:09 to 7:20 and look at the rubix cube, it is already how he caught it

  • НОГА Production

    it's actually not that hard to do the first several tricks

  • Macourley Breach

    there should be a magicians got talent

  • Millie Kokeshi
    Millie Kokeshi 7 napja

    I got chills

  • Rad Will Gaming
    Rad Will Gaming 8 napja

    I solve cubes lots, with most of his 'mix ups' they are only like 10 moves away from it being solved. Also, when he flips the cube it actually is only solved on 3 sides, then quickly mixes it up so they don't find out. Lol

  • BB_ Chimlup
    BB_ Chimlup 8 napja

    Ayyyy he gets his cubes from speed cube shop

  • ProjectDoesGames
    ProjectDoesGames 8 napja +62

    *_that would be an amazing trick IF..._*

    *_there wasn't a second cube in the bag_*

  • Rico Baca
    Rico Baca 8 napja

    The show threw him a bone with Brad Pitt.

  • Rico Baca
    Rico Baca 8 napja

    The bag trick. He solves the cube with one hand while in the bag....before putting it in the bag, he put the combination to the last three or four moves.

  • Rico Baca
    Rico Baca 8 napja

    5:04 he has lots of tiny pieces in the cube of all the cards he showed.... the cards he didn't show has no tiny pieces in the cube

  • Melissa Wollmers

    He got his cube of speed cube shop

  • Rodrigo Xool
    Rodrigo Xool 8 napja

    He shot a bird at him😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Specter Knight
    Specter Knight 8 napja

    The grand magus
    Rubick(from dota 2 :3)

  • Daniel Lynx
    Daniel Lynx 8 napja

    What, the