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The Review | TL vs IG
Megtekintés 24 E2 napja
The Review | SKT vs RNG
Megtekintés 47 E2 napja
The Review | GRF vs G2
Megtekintés 48 E3 napja
Let's Go NA: Team Liquid
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Ready for Worlds | Kobe
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Let's Go NA: Clutch Gaming
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Phreak Show | The Worlds Patch
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Ready for Worlds | Jatt's Chair
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Ready for Worlds | Flowers
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Ready for Worlds | Dash
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Good Luck at Worlds: #LCS
Megtekintés 101 E24 napja
This or That | Trash Talk Backfire
Megtekintés 290 E25 napja
Worlds 2019 - Format Summary
Megtekintés 429 EHónapja
#EUMasters The Penta | Play-ins
Megtekintés 113 EHónapja
The Penta | Who's Ganking Who?
Megtekintés 190 EHónapja
Meta Report - Garen & Yuumi Bot Lane
Megtekintés 126 EHónapja
G2 Jankos | 2019 #LEC Summer MVP
Megtekintés 170 EHónapja
LEC Athens: Finals Tease
Megtekintés 103 EHónapja
#LEC Legends: Rekkles
Megtekintés 186 EHónapja
#EUMasters - Solo Queue Montage
Megtekintés 41 EHónapja
#LEC Semifinals Tease
Megtekintés 72 EHónapja
The Penta | Can't Touch Caps
Megtekintés 258 EHónapja
#LEC's Sandstorm in Athens!
Megtekintés 282 EHónapja
#LEC Summer Playoffs - Round 2 Tease
Megtekintés 104 EHónapja
Level Up: Setting up Baron
Megtekintés 138 EHónapja
The Penta | A Garen-teed Baron
Megtekintés 231 EHónapja
EAT LIKE A PRO with Pirean
Megtekintés 23 EHónapja
EAT LIKE A PRO with Kasing
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EAT LIKE A PRO with Cabochard
Megtekintés 30 EHónapja
EAT LIKE A PRO with Upset
Megtekintés 40 EHónapja
Megtekintés 18 EHónapja
This or That | Live from Detroit
Megtekintés 125 EHónapja
The Queue | Doublelift & Svenskeren
Megtekintés 176 E2 hónapja
EU Rising: Splyce
Megtekintés 30 EHónapja
Patch 9.16 | Vedius' Picks to Watch
Megtekintés 98 E2 hónapja
The Penta | Swiffer Cleans Up
Megtekintés 150 E2 hónapja


  • Minh Đỗ
    Minh Đỗ 13 perccel

    Goodbye NA LCS

  • Azu
    Azu 14 perccel

    lmao watching this after Jensen goes throws and ensures TL never leaves groups

  • Rohit Sivaraman
    Rohit Sivaraman 29 perccel

    So in the end it's still one game away from making out of the groups stage for doublelift and TL

  • Jetvet99zeus
    Jetvet99zeus 30 perccel

    Who's watching this in 2019

  • Win神
    Win神 32 perccel

    Poor doublelift

  • BadAdvice
    BadAdvice 34 perccel

    The Curse is real

  • Jordan Douglas
    Jordan Douglas 40 perccel

    I wonder if they gonna put a baron for this year's performance

  • carlo fasfafafds

    NA last hope is 2 koreans 1 european 1 chinese. Tells you how bad NA is

  • iFuzz Lawl
    iFuzz Lawl Órája

    cool person

  • Jimmy P
    Jimmy P Órája

    Naaaah TL cannot make it

  • Owl eyes
    Owl eyes 2 órája

    Tarzan is a man of his words tho xd

  • rAndomgirl32
    rAndomgirl32 2 órája

    kinda tired of the rekkles crying. Hope they get dumpstered by FPX and or SKT in knockouts

  • sno op
    sno op 3 órája

    Name of song ?

  • Jacie Conley
    Jacie Conley 3 órája

    This thing gave me chills

  • Redsun
    Redsun 3 órája

    Thumbnail of doublelift saying good bye to EU and hello NA

  • Daily Dose Of League - Victory only Games Replays

    I really hope TL makes it out

  • Georg Leitl
    Georg Leitl 3 órája

    The chances are very grim for TL, since C9 didnt make it out of groups. C9 is always the best NA team at worlds.

  • Thành Royal
    Thành Royal 3 órája

    Omg!!! Really????

  • Dylan Liegeois
    Dylan Liegeois 4 órája

    SKT clearly purposely lost against FNC, look at how each member plays individually, they never play that badly, Faker literaly inted two fights. And if it is the same ruling as traditionnal sports, I'm pretty sure this is forbidden.

  • Cr Legend Lolman
    Cr Legend Lolman 4 órája

    fnc looking strong this year

  • Daniel Juric - Film & Game Editing

    Quickshot is the best caster

  • Ruby
    Ruby 5 órája

    Is the dragon real ._.

  • Neiruxia
    Neiruxia 5 órája

    cameraman dies at 6:46:33

  • Mehdi HiT
    Mehdi HiT 5 órája

    Nemesis : Shhhh

  • トトロとなりの

    I like how they don't mention about LS while taking about Morello

  • Jacob Sullivan
    Jacob Sullivan 5 órája

    I’m taking the worlds broadcast team for granted. When next split starts I have to listen to this garbage again.

  • Pseudo Keyboard Warrior

    Its feels like EU fans can cheer for Liquid but NA fans cant be grateful for the EU success. We need to stand united, it´s the west vs the east.

  • Professor Pi
    Professor Pi 6 órája

    Doublelift, I believe in u ✊🤙

  • Vitality
    Vitality 6 órája

    This year the final will be G2 - Fnatic

  • cocoliso1996
    cocoliso1996 6 órája

    Go TL

  • Jay Sargeant
    Jay Sargeant 7 órája

    Everyone in this group advance so IG confirmed ???

  • Rey Leonoras
    Rey Leonoras 7 órája


  • 박성진
    박성진 7 órája

    댓글 보고 있으니까 EU애들 너무 까분다.... 2등 겨우 통과한것들 주제에 분수 모르고 LCK랑 LPL에 비벼..? 8강 가서 참교육 당해봐야 조용해 지겠네

  • Coin White
    Coin White 7 órája

    As an eu fan i normally dont support na teams, but since TL did us the favour of taking out IG at msi, iv really started to like them. I hope NA gets a team out of groups.

  • Faded Kai
    Faded Kai 7 órája

    2:46 Sven when his coach doesn't int draft by picking 3 losing lames and a farm till 6 jungler

  • Anders Hansen
    Anders Hansen 7 órája

    Next up: Fpx vs Splyce, then IG vs Tl


    Who else been a long time 💝

  • Danish
    Danish 7 órája

    The real group of death

  • Whisper
    Whisper 7 órája

    Delusional LPL fans blaming SKT for losing to FNC "on purpose". Why would SKT risk losing first place for nothing and ending up facing the likes of griffin/FPX. Also FNC could still quallify without the win over SKT.

  • 공방주주
    공방주주 8 órája

    진짜 광기...너구리...

  • Marcell Czudor
    Marcell Czudor 8 órája

    Lets go liquid!

  • Lucius Sergius Catilina

    Why do people think SKT is this perfect them that absolutely CANNOT lose and if they lose it must be because they let their opponents win?

  • Rajveer singh
    Rajveer singh 8 órája

    This is actually the group of death.

  • gauthier specq
    gauthier specq 8 órája

    Don t forget your flash peter

  • Ngân Tiền Đô
    Ngân Tiền Đô 8 órája

    at least TSM will make it out

  • HappyKid YT
    HappyKid YT 8 órája

    2019 anyone??

    HAT DOG 8 órája

    Xxxtentacion legends never die Ooof

  • Frispi
    Frispi 8 órája

    last year world Championship???

  • sandro castro
    sandro castro 8 órája


  • DreadScythe 95
    DreadScythe 95 8 órája

    It seems that FNC proves Jatt wrong, xD.

  • El Negro Philips
    El Negro Philips 8 órája


  • Box of Thresh
    Box of Thresh 8 órája

    I'm from Philippines, yes I'm from Asia, but I would like to win EU or TL this worlds

    • momo82041
      momo82041 5 órája

      You got yo boy Xmithie on TL ✌️

  • BongxCF
    BongxCF 8 órája

    Why dont you post the current standings.? Idk where to find them

  • GregoRy Mercher
    GregoRy Mercher 8 órája

    Be ready na fanboy tl won't make it out of groups

  • Wee Didi
    Wee Didi 8 órája

    Ahq going 3-0 2nd week would be the coolest thing ever.

  • RafaLino Ngsaki
    RafaLino Ngsaki 9 órája

    I want DAMWON and iG to make it for my pickems, but for once in my life if Doublelift and NA make it out i'll actually be happy for them

  • RafaLino Ngsaki
    RafaLino Ngsaki 9 órája


  • C.H. Park
    C.H. Park 9 órája

    NA's must find good mid laner from now on.

  • Burai
    Burai 9 órája

    FNC loses: "FNC TRASH LUL" FNC wins: "gAmE waS FixeD" "AlL plANNeD"

  • Kenneth Koh
    Kenneth Koh 9 órája


  • Kenneth Koh
    Kenneth Koh 9 órája


  • Lina
    Lina 9 órája

    COME ON TL WE BELIEVE!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ace Senpai
    Ace Senpai 9 órája

    Who knows what's gonna happen with this group. We might see a 1st seed TL lol

  • K S
    K S 9 órája

    na ez

  • After Glow
    After Glow 9 órája

    These fanbois...... Doublelift the best player in the tournament( LOL) ..... You might get to quarter finals . THEN 0-3 as usual

  • NTN Vlogs *v*
    NTN Vlogs *v* 9 órája

    One day from vn ist me wwhat the heo i dít

  • I am Ryûji
    I am Ryûji 9 órája

    TL es el cacha del LoL todo jugadores vende patrias xd

  • Jordun Petersen
    Jordun Petersen 9 órája

    As far as I'm personally concerned as an EU fan, I still cheer for Liquid since for me any western team winning is better than having an asian winner all over again. But a lot of NA chatters are really trying hard to make me feel good if Liquid loses too.

    • 73Days
      73Days 4 órája

      @N ' Nothing new tbh.

    • N '
      N ' 7 órája

      I thought the same but lately the NA vs EU narrative wasnt that toxic. The worst fans are SKT fans

  • Eun Jae
    Eun Jae 9 órája


  • Jason Douchet
    Jason Douchet 9 órája

    Honestly, it's hard to tell who will advance in this group. IG, TL and DWG are 2-1 right now and I feel like it'll be on knife's edge.

  • jorgelenny47
    jorgelenny47 9 órája

    Can't wait for nuguri vlad skin

  • Binay Uleng
    Binay Uleng 9 órája

    Pls win TL, I'm so scared to watch lol.

  • R R
    R R 10 órája

    My Predictions: One team will be at the top of the standings. One other team will be second to that. 100% Accurate.

    • Wee Didi
      Wee Didi 8 órája

      No. Way. You're delusional.

  • Spicy Curry
    Spicy Curry 10 órája


  • Bubbles Joyster
    Bubbles Joyster 10 órája

    "My team is strong" TSM was really strong too and you managed to destroy their group stage lol

    • Osman Furkan YILDIRIM
      Osman Furkan YILDIRIM 6 órája

      Impact>Hauntzer corejj >>>biofrost jensen > overratednoobjergsen and he kick dl for zven puhaha worst franchise in history

    • Bubbles Joyster
      Bubbles Joyster 8 órája

      @Belovedad That´s the problem, he needs to choke at least 1 game at worlds. And he has done REALLY good this far so, be afraid.

    • Belovedad
      Belovedad 8 órája

      tbh, he hasnt choked for a while now

  • Victor Lin
    Victor Lin 10 órája

    Ning is back. There is a chance iG showing up peak performance.

  • Tuguldur Ganbayar
    Tuguldur Ganbayar 10 órája

    2:50 how

  • deeplookman
    deeplookman 10 órája

    Lol deja 3 ani

  • Zerolt
    Zerolt 10 órája

    TL Don't let me down or i'm done supporting NA after 8 and a half years.

  • ello oyeah
    ello oyeah 10 órája

    Group D must be group of death .2

  • Banana Killer
    Banana Killer 10 órája

    How did they made that dragon? :o

  • nithin manuel
    nithin manuel 10 órája

    I believe in second week NA magic ---> 0-3 🤣

    • ssjjshawn
      ssjjshawn 6 órája

      I also believe in NA magic as an NA fan and I think you are wrong. We will manage to go 0-4, AHQ will win enough just to make the 0-4 possible

  • Shadane
    Shadane 11 órája

    if Liquid is able to get the second seed, the whole quarters will be a Western vs Eastern fight

    • Your Local Neighbour
      Your Local Neighbour 8 órája

      Still East vs West, but West - NA.

    • JamaicanBacon
      JamaicanBacon 8 órája

      If TL doesnt make it out, only 3 regions will participating in quarters. Thats nuts

    • DartFFi Stúdió
      DartFFi Stúdió 8 órája

      That would be hype

    • rishabh singh
      rishabh singh 8 órája

      @Paraphax i think they meant all three lck team taking on all three lec teams.

    • Paraphax
      Paraphax 8 órája

      @Shoujo Fanboy fpx is China

  • MagicK
    MagicK 11 órája

    Tl pls finished second we need west vs east

  • Cupcakecula
    Cupcakecula 11 órája

    Quarterfinals Leaks: G2 vs SKT, FNC vs GRF, SPY vs DWG, FPX vs TL.

  • 2560 apple
    2560 apple 11 órája


  • Realist Kim
    Realist Kim 11 órája

    I'm huge fan of TL. But my most interesting game in group D was DWG's. They have crazy top and mid. Their game is soo speedy and really fun to watch it. I'm really looking forward to seeing them in quarterfinal.

  • Loxul
    Loxul 11 órája

    Even at the cost of my pickems, I put TL for 1st and IG for 2nd. I've got a perfect score in Group B and C so far. RIP Group A.

  • Nickname Cognomen
    Nickname Cognomen 11 órája

    Nickname: Waaaaaah!! Dragooon! call 911!

  • Berliner
    Berliner 11 órája

    every other team is like .. I think we can win worlds. . . DLs dream .. .I think we can make it out of groups oO

    • Belovedad
      Belovedad 8 órája

      one step at a time

    • Ashes Fall
      Ashes Fall 9 órája

      DL is just tempering his expectations... he has been notorious for not making out of groups at worlds

  • Ragnar Lodbrok
    Ragnar Lodbrok 11 órája

    if TL doenst make it out,they should make NA (import league) a wild card region tbh

    • ssjjshawn
      ssjjshawn 6 órája

      NA still has head to head over Taiwan, which is the 5th major region. They would need to knock it down to 3 Major regions, which doesnt make much sense, since while NA and Taiwan are a lot worse than EU/KR/CN, they are a lot better than the other minor regions.

  • Nepgear
    Nepgear 11 órája

    OK TL if you don't make out of groups there is no reason for me to watch worlds anymore.

  • Sergiu H
    Sergiu H 11 órája

    Lets go liquid!!!!!

  • Brent Richards
    Brent Richards 11 órája

    TL should be 3-0 right now. Threw away a huge lead. Here's to 5-1.

  • A Lonely Moogle
    A Lonely Moogle 11 órája

    U knew DL team's gonna lose of he sounds confident in the interviewes no hate just sayin

  • 맛집제일
    맛집제일 11 órája


  • Potato Summoner
    Potato Summoner 11 órája

    TL is NA's last hope

  • Sam Hjortenkrans
    Sam Hjortenkrans 11 órája

    NA LUL. No but seriously i feel the tl hype too actually

  • Jericho Ocampo
    Jericho Ocampo 11 órája