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Gorgon City - Delicious
Megtekintés 996 E8 hónapja
Gorgon City - Lick Shot (Visualiser)
Megtekintés 1,6 M10 hónapja
Gorgon City, NAATIONS - Let It Go
Megtekintés 361 EÉvvel
Gorgon City - Trouble (Audio)
Megtekintés 104 E2 évvel
Gorgon City - Smoke
Megtekintés 340 E3 évvel
Gorgon City - Doubts
Megtekintés 755 E3 évvel
Gorgon City - Blue Parrot
Megtekintés 244 E3 évvel
Gorgon City - On Tour In America
Megtekintés 53 E4 évvel
Collaborators (VEVO LIFT UK)
Megtekintés 86 E5 évvel


  • Vinicius96611369
    Vinicius96611369 3 órája

    Good Sound 😎🎚🎧💥🕺💃

  • Waddhanak Rin
    Waddhanak Rin 4 órája

    This lady is beautiful. In case you looking for her here is her name "Mireia Oriol."

  • Waddhanak Rin
    Waddhanak Rin 4 órája

    Everything about this song is perfectly crafted.

  • Inmovecos Real Estate

    Why cant I find this version on spotify?

  • Nahuel physique

    Me encanta 😍

  • Fernanda Bonil


  • Kevinciio Andress

    Does anyone know the name of the woman in the video?

  • Camys Lopez
    Camys Lopez Napja


  • Kariane Oliveira

    One of my fav songs 😍❤️

  • Ádám Szigeti
    Ádám Szigeti 2 napja

    Good music

  • Xpra
    Xpra 2 napja

    Noviembre 2019?

  • Jilson Filho
    Jilson Filho 2 napja


  • Artem Vyzhletsov

    2020 🙌 🙌

  • Sakura あるかす

    Who is that sweet-voiced female singer? Cannot find any reference bout her:/

  • Naleli Refiloehape

    this has been my jam since 2014.... I moved to a different city in 2017 and I'm leaving again in 2020.... I really wish I had someone always here for me!!

  • Doverboy21 1
    Doverboy21 1 3 napja

    Still ravin it out 2019 novemeber

  • Carlos Ascue
    Carlos Ascue 3 napja

    Que buen album es sirens!!! Que paso con gorgon city😭😭

  • Black
    Black 4 napja


  • nidafc
    nidafc 4 napja


  • Victor F
    Victor F 4 napja

    I wish I was there for you not only now but forever...

  • Дима Шаров

    На сколько же звучит ахуенно!!!

  • erasmoag
    erasmoag 5 napja

    Come on HUclip... why are you only recommending this at the end of 2019? FFS!!!

  • Cyrus The Great
    Cyrus The Great 5 napja

    Long Live house music

  • missyoulove737
    missyoulove737 5 napja

    I wish clubs were still like this ..... Playing awesome amazing music, enough space to vibe with the crowd and strangers alike and not be pushed around 😍 miss those days

  • destiny
    destiny 5 napja

    an old teacher of mine brought me here. s/o ms nero🔥

  • RichyG36
    RichyG36 5 napja

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    • Ariana Trump
      Ariana Trump 2 napja

      📂RichyG36 └📁HUclip └📁 Original comments └⚠️ This Folder is Empty

  • Spec-ops14
    Spec-ops14 6 napja

    "Waited Soo Long Thought You'd Never Come" "You Prove Me Wrong Cause I Don't Know Where It Felt So Right" "If I Could Go, Go Back In Time What I Will Do Is Love You Sooner" 0:16 - 0:31 💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎

  • No_skin_killer 88

    This is 🔥🔥🔥 first time hearing this id love to see someone play this at Ultra Music or tomorrowland 🔥💯🙌

  • Axion Goblin Interests

    shes cheated and now I must use my imagination Menditta sound good !!!

  • All in one
    All in one 6 napja


  • kartalicious makes everything delicious

    this song is bomb i love it

  • Amaristin
    Amaristin 6 napja

    *Kieran Ferns where are you?*

  • Earth is a dinosaur

    I wish ı was there the time when they were giving free sweets...

  • LollolNick
    LollolNick 7 napja

    Can anyone link songs similar to this? Similar deep house with strong base and vocals like this, the song is amazing.

  • Cruz Azul
    Cruz Azul 7 napja

    quien en noviembre del 2019

  • airaM
    airaM 7 napja

    I discovered this song on a One Direction concert in 2014 and since then this song has been MY ANTHEM!!!!!

  • Everton Oliveira

    vi nos stories de pabllo e fiquei procurando quase uma hora kk

  • Jugal L
    Jugal L 8 napja

    You just know its gonna be a banger when you see those two names side by side

  • Wilfride Wilfride

    WTFock brought me here!

  • Theresa Schafhauser

    november 2019 ? 🔥♥️🙋

  • Fabik
    Fabik 8 napja


  • E H
    E H 8 napja

    I love this song since it was posted on youtube and I've just realised I've been this summer where the first part of the video was directed!!!! I'm so fucking shooketh XD

  • THE MF
    THE MF 8 napja

    coloca em velocidade 1.5 fica mais legal (Y)

  • cris Smith
    cris Smith 8 napja

    Today I found this tune 🎶 is dope

  • Carlos Lasprilla

    2:08 haha they ruined the beat drop

  • Jodie Weston
    Jodie Weston 9 napja

    Amazing collaboration 💜

  • Българската Телевизия

    Edna jena vazbudi gey

  • Fabio Bertini
    Fabio Bertini 9 napja

    House Music <3

  • Bianca Cuellar
    Bianca Cuellar 9 napja

    1.25 velocidad 😍💥

  • Tamsin Pace Decesare

    Am I the only one with the habit of playing it on repeat constantly?

  • ellie natsikas
    ellie natsikas 10 napja

    MK & Gorgon City, House Music legends.

  • Jiji L
    Jiji L 10 napja

    Entendu sur RADIO FG 🇨🇵👍

  • funnybeasty 1235
    funnybeasty 1235 10 napja

    MEDUZA vs. Gorgon City

  • Karla Hernandez
    Karla Hernandez 10 napja

    Can someone tell me who the girl in the video is? Pls

  • Roman Jitariuc
    Roman Jitariuc 10 napja

    From 2:43, the best part. ;)

  • Edi Carlos Bicudo


  • Elle belle
    Elle belle 10 napja

    Added to my house party play list ☺️

  • DN Creator
    DN Creator 10 napja

    0:32 WTF?! IT`S SKRILLEX??!

  • Dejan Radoslav
    Dejan Radoslav 10 napja

    Woow what is this ?? Great !!

  • Miglė Stanikūnaitė

    Only legends remember this ❤

  • Ashley Julius
    Ashley Julius 11 napja

    2019 ? Real

  • cesar c d
    cesar c d 11 napja

    someone november 2019??

  • James Parten
    James Parten 11 napja

    B A N G E R!!! huge fan since 2014

  • Dead Head Sonny Edits

    dammm there dead

  • Benjamin Wever
    Benjamin Wever 11 napja

    This is my favorite song from 2010s, because it has some Gothic atmosphere

  • Ina Mi
    Ina Mi 11 napja

    Obsessed with this song ❤️

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez 12 napja

    2020 still amazing

  • Jelena Đorđevski


  • Jelena Đorđevski


  • Osvaldo Silva
    Osvaldo Silva 12 napja

    Só musicas top Gordoooon!

  • Giannis Lilitsas
    Giannis Lilitsas 12 napja

    Amazing song.....!!! In year 2019

  • Macaco Incendiário

    Essa porra toca a mt tempo na academia e descobri o nome só agora

  • Don Simmuns
    Don Simmuns 13 napja


  • Aleksandra Michalska

    I am ready for Your LOVE. ♥️🌹♥️

  • el_caso_ es_divertirse_

    Temazo !! 👍🔥

  • ȝꋊ• Đ4ʀᴋ_ғғ

    Meu antigo nome do meu canal já tenho um fã

  • jamie m
    jamie m 13 napja

    What a tune, full blast its pumpen.👊

  • Enter the name.
    Enter the name. 14 napja

    gostei não

  • Sudevi EsMo
    Sudevi EsMo 14 napja


  • Amateur Workout
    Amateur Workout 14 napja

    PewDiePie brought me here and you ?

  • Conrad
    Conrad 14 napja

    I came across this song randomly and I have to say the song and video clip is so damn good!

  • Light_Void Phantom

    I woke up with the song randomly stuck in my head, so I had to play it straight away! Best decision ever! 😁😁

  • lukasz166
    lukasz166 15 napja

    Oooo!!! This is amaizing!

  • Emmet 2018
    Emmet 2018 15 napja

    ⬇️Repeat 🙋🎧🎵

  • Letícia Martins
    Letícia Martins 15 napja

    Em 1,25x

  • Judith Riva
    Judith Riva 15 napja


  • Sanja Savic
    Sanja Savic 15 napja

    Great 💙❤💖💕💔💘💘💞💟👍

  • Charlotte Spiers Philipponneau

    Wish i was there for you ❤️

  • areees100
    areees100 16 napja

    Guys plz record one more track with Jennifer ! Its amazing ....

  • Liam OConnor
    Liam OConnor 16 napja

    still a my fave in 2019

  • Gerard Recolons Vila

    Extended version?

  • Karen Mc
    Karen Mc 17 napja

    I love this song 😍🎶🔝🌍🌠👌

  • 弘恵
    弘恵 17 napja

    メデューサ 石の女神 蛇の髪をもつ化身(怖い顔の人)って、翻訳しました。

  • Fraer640
    Fraer640 17 napja

    Заебала заебала заебала

  • Karol Pawlik
    Karol Pawlik 18 napja

    You're fuuuucckiiin beeeeeeeeeeeessstttt!!!

  • Alonso
    Alonso 18 napja

    Que som 🔉🔉

  • Nagj autumn
    Nagj autumn 18 napja

    Wow,really like this🍂🍁🍂🍂👍

  • Will Y
    Will Y 18 napja

    No one cares what month or year you’re listening to this song.

  • Ben
    Ben 18 napja

    The lady in the white outfit is super pretty