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Halsey - Graveyard
Megtekintés 11 M13 napja
Halsey - clementine
Megtekintés 6 M23 napja
Halsey - Graveyard (Time-lapse)
Megtekintés 20 MHónapja
Halsey - Nightmare (Behind The Scenes)
Megtekintés 928 E4 hónapja
Halsey - Nightmare (Live On The Voice)
Megtekintés 3,2 M5 hónapja
Halsey - Nightmare
Megtekintés 73 M5 hónapja
Halsey - Without Me (Vertical Video)
Megtekintés 12 M9 hónapja
Halsey - Without Me
Megtekintés 302 MÉvvel
Halsey - The Making Of Bad At Love
Megtekintés 600 E2 évvel
Halsey - Bad At Love (Angelus Cut)
Megtekintés 1,5 M2 évvel
Halsey - 100 Letters (Vevo Presents)
Megtekintés 4,3 M2 évvel
Halsey - Eyes Closed (Vevo Presents)
Megtekintés 1,2 M2 évvel
Halsey - Strangers (Vevo Presents)
Megtekintés 2,9 M2 évvel
Halsey - Lie (Vevo Presents)
Megtekintés 2,7 M2 évvel
Halsey - Heaven In Hiding (Audio)
Megtekintés 6 M2 évvel
Halsey - Alone (Audio)
Megtekintés 12 M2 évvel
Halsey - Angel On Fire (Audio)
Megtekintés 4,8 M2 évvel
Halsey - Devil In Me (Audio)
Megtekintés 8 M2 évvel
Halsey - The Prologue (Audio)
Megtekintés 2,3 M2 évvel
Halsey - 100 Letters (Audio)
Megtekintés 9 M2 évvel
Halsey - Walls Could Talk (Audio)
Megtekintés 10 M2 évvel
Halsey - Don’t Play (Audio)
Megtekintés 6 M2 évvel
Halsey - Bad At Love (Audio)
Megtekintés 17 M2 évvel
Halsey - Lie (Audio) ft. Quavo
Megtekintés 5 M2 évvel
Halsey - Good Mourning (Audio)
Megtekintés 1,4 M2 évvel
Halsey - Eyes Closed (Stripped)
Megtekintés 13 M2 évvel
Halsey - The Making Of Now Or Never
Megtekintés 496 E2 évvel
Halsey - Eyes Closed (Audio)
Megtekintés 15 M2 évvel
Halsey - Colors (Audien Remix/Audio)
Megtekintés 2,6 M3 évvel
Halsey - Colors (Stripped / Audio)
Megtekintés 10 M3 évvel
Halsey - Colors (Blonde Remix/Audio)
Megtekintés 342 E3 évvel
Halsey - Colors (Live At The Fonda)
Megtekintés 3,4 M3 évvel
Halsey - Tour Diary Pt. 2
Megtekintés 310 E3 évvel
Halsey - Tour Diary Pt. 1
Megtekintés 296 E3 évvel
Halsey - New Americana (Trailer)
Megtekintés 304 E4 évvel
Halsey - Colors pt. II (Audio)
Megtekintés 4,8 M4 évvel
Halsey - Young God (Audio)
Megtekintés 18 M4 évvel
Halsey - Gasoline (Official Audio)
Megtekintés 90 M4 évvel
Halsey - Control (Official Audio)
Megtekintés 51 M4 évvel
Halsey - Roman Holiday (Audio)
Megtekintés 12 M4 évvel
Halsey - Strange Love (Audio)
Megtekintés 8 M4 évvel
Halsey - Coming Down (Audio)
Megtekintés 10 M4 évvel
Halsey - Haunting (Audio)
Megtekintés 16 M4 évvel
Halsey - I Walk The Line (Audio)
Megtekintés 11 M4 évvel
Halsey - Castle (Official Audio)
Megtekintés 53 M4 évvel
Halsey - Ghost (Vevo LIFT Live)
Megtekintés 3,1 M4 évvel
Halsey - Drive (Audio)
Megtekintés 17 M4 évvel
Halsey - BADLANDS (Vevo LIFT)
Megtekintés 966 E4 évvel
Halsey - Influences (Vevo LIFT)
Megtekintés 373 E4 évvel
Halsey - ASK:REPLY (Vevo LIFT)
Megtekintés 633 E4 évvel


  • Willow is garnet
    Willow is garnet 5 perccel

    Honestly your the best singer i have heard

  • yuki bara
    yuki bara 6 perccel

    I know its wrong.. but I want it done to me.. dont know why ...???

  • ISLAM Majed
    ISLAM Majed 10 perccel

    I am the one only from TIKTOK

  • BrugallBmx31056
    BrugallBmx31056 33 perccel

    Yo estuve 2 años buscando está canción y recién la encontré :`3

  • Lenilson Junior
    Lenilson Junior 37 perccel

    I love you

  • Emily Phillips
    Emily Phillips 48 perccel

    I can’t tell you how much shit this song has got me through.

  • Nischal A
    Nischal A 52 perccel

    The guy looks like brett maverick!!!

  • Shams Mohammed
    Shams Mohammed 56 perccel

    It’s 2019 and I still love and listen to this song all the time 💙

  • Satpal Singh
    Satpal Singh Órája

    Thinkin you could liiivvvvve withouttttt me ..... we’ll you were wrong

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara Órája

    😍🎶Me diga como é a sensação de estar lá em cima🎶😍

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara Órája


  • Sal• Gaming
    Sal• Gaming Órája

    F them all

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara Órája

    Quem é do Brasil e já escutou mais de 1 milhão de vezes essa música viciante da like😍 . . 👇

  • Dahyunee Lisaneee

    I love how VICTORIA SECRET Give the Original Vids to those Artist Who sang For them DuringThe VSFS.

  • Kisha Singleton
    Kisha Singleton Órája

    nice painting

  • xd_ splitz3
    xd_ splitz3 Órája

    when she says with his between my thighs you can just her smile

  • Ave Fenix
    Ave Fenix Órája

    Solo vine porque mí Clan se llama así xD

  • China Fashions
    China Fashions Órája

    Nice voice

  • China Fashions
    China Fashions Órája


  • Rafaella Araújo

    Halsey like Anitta coment

  • courf marius
    courf marius 2 órája

    "let that sink in" why what does it want now?

  • tiona teshae
    tiona teshae 2 órája

    Perfect Performance love u hasley Black blah😘😘💕💕💕

  • Hcg Dhgc
    Hcg Dhgc 2 órája

    I like this song but every time listening this song is me sad

  • tiona teshae
    tiona teshae 2 órája


  • Hcg Dhgc
    Hcg Dhgc 2 órája

    I''m so sad now😣

  • wes wes123
    wes wes123 2 órája

    ya ya ya

  • disha barode
    disha barode 2 órája

    This is my ringtone since 2 years 💓

  • Walrus Guy
    Walrus Guy 2 órája

    Why is it acceptable for women to trash men every time they are in front of the camera? It's no different to a racist trashing another race each time they are on TV. Worst part is that tens of millions watch it and are influenced to think like this and hate on men.

  • Hazel Muchemwa
    Hazel Muchemwa 2 órája

    I'm in love with this song woooo

  • Hazel Muchemwa
    Hazel Muchemwa 2 órája

    I'm in love with this song woooo

  • Hazel Muchemwa
    Hazel Muchemwa 2 órája

    I'm in love with this song woooo

  • Fatima Yamin
    Fatima Yamin 2 órája

    Love this acoustic version better❤️

  • bijikers NaMe
    bijikers NaMe 2 órája

    I feel great atmosphere in my ear when listen to this song

  • pery angelo
    pery angelo 2 órája

    This song reminds me of a Olly Mars song called seasons

  • Tetenn baee_
    Tetenn baee_ 2 órája

    2 0 1 9 Like ↓

  • Rendy Shnndra
    Rendy Shnndra 2 órája

    Coba yg dari indonesia mana suaranya

  • Sherla Saladini
    Sherla Saladini 2 órája

    Disgusting presentation

  • Anastasia Army
    Anastasia Army 2 órája


  • Jennifer Andrews
    Jennifer Andrews 2 órája

    This my song 2019

  • Raj Manrag
    Raj Manrag 2 órája

    Manager-Your code is not running?? Software Developer-I think there is a flaw in my code

  • TON TV
    TON TV 3 órája

    Like for Halsey Reply for G-Eazy

  • ryan ng
    ryan ng 3 órája

    i realize i have almost 27 brand in malaysia, seriously. that is art you know like i only know now after 4 years artfriend, do not know why many for 4 years.

  • Anio Tarsus
    Anio Tarsus 3 órája

    Remember, this is Ashley, not Halsey

  • Illegirl dimple
    Illegirl dimple 3 órája

    Halsey in this video: You like my hair? Gee thanks just bought a bunch

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 3 órája

    wish this song could be longeeeerrr🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • lilxc cxpcakes
    lilxc cxpcakes 3 órája

    Damn.. She was a Queen way back 2015. Hope am gonna be here at 2040

  • Nthabiseng Tjatji
    Nthabiseng Tjatji 3 órája

    thinking u could live without me 😭😭 anyone listening in October 2019.

  • KG - Express
    KG - Express 4 órája


  • Yuka Chan
    Yuka Chan 4 órája

    Someone watch this from future ? HIT THE LIKE 😡

  • Lal Kll
    Lal Kll 4 órája

    Oh man this gave me a very different vibe Wich even I don't know....I'm sad and happy at the same time💜

  • Jikook Shipper!!!
    Jikook Shipper!!! 4 órája

    THEY DID THIS IN THE billboard AWARDS ( ARMYS) Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin , Min Yoongi , Jung Hoseok , Park Jimin , Park Taehyung , Jeon Jungkook *HALSEY*

  • Iris Ysabella
    Iris Ysabella 4 órája

    I love this song

  • Itz Latte
    Itz Latte 4 órája

    liked the jonny cash one better

  • Rachel The Free Spirit

    I really admire Halsey! She is an amazing artist!🔥🔥🔥

  • Jhonnatan lipa
    Jhonnatan lipa 4 órája


  • Miku Desu
    Miku Desu 4 órája

    *GUESS WHO'S BACK* wait wrong song.



  • Masom channel
    Masom channel 4 órája


  • Nada All
    Nada All 4 órája

    It isn't drugs , it just art 💙

  • Kaila Love
    Kaila Love 4 órája

    Halsey Should Play Alex In The Chemist If Stephanie Meyers Makes A Movie For It.

  • April Hartsock
    April Hartsock 4 órája

    As soon as my Alexa starts playing the song: IM BAD AT MATH THO Me: PUTTIN THE SONG

  • Komatsu - The Guardian of the Cancer

    The song is actually about her ex, Matty Healy. When they were in a relationship, the guy was a heroin addict. Thus, the lyrics "hope you make it to the day you're 28 years old (Matty was 25 at the time they were in a relationship, being a drug addict his condition seemed to have made him depressed and drain out of color)" , "everything is blue, his pills( literally the drugs he took), his hands( his hands may be numb, or the hands are a metaphor for his actions)" , "everything is gray, his hair, his smoke(smoke from those gateway drugs or even narcotics) his dreams(this is more deep, his dreams are becoming gray because of how problematic his addiction was to his life, his addiction making his goals in life straying farther away from him), and pretty much all of the lyrics describe their relationship and Matty Healy himself.

  • israng manigbasay
    israng manigbasay 5 órája

    I love you Halsey. 😍

  • Ngan Nguyen
    Ngan Nguyen 5 órája

    This song looks like about Exemplum and Parable Story. A sad story! :'( However this song is very very great 👍👍👍

  • Princesse Priscillia

    Je suis le seul commentaire français que tu cherches...

  • Marta del Val
    Marta del Val 5 órája

    Am I the only one that thinks it all looks weird because you can just hear her? Not the dancers moving around, crowd, etc... it just sounds kinda boring to me. Like if you see any live concert of halsey singing it it sounds just cooler

  • Ciindyz
    Ciindyz 5 órája

    I think it will be AMAZING if they put this song in Maleficent movie!

  • Menna Gamal
    Menna Gamal 5 órája

    My crush thinks that no one loves him 🙂 And I found out that I am his crush 😏 but he didn't tell me anything so I will not tell him 🙃

  • GracieIsDaKings Queen

    producer:how much sexual poses and stuff do you want halsey:yes

  • Tevin Thomas
    Tevin Thomas 6 órája

    First time hearing this song love it will be playing it everyday for a very long time 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Keira Siu
    Keira Siu 6 órája

    reminds me of The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, ooooo the feels

  • Romeo Capuno
    Romeo Capuno 6 órája

    45% - talking about Halsey 45% - talking about Lauren 10% (Including me) - talking about how Hot the guy in white is 💕❤️ I'm gay 😂

  • صيته السبيعي


  • Unicorn Girls
    Unicorn Girls 6 órája

    You are the best singer I have ever know. #Best Singer Ever. 100% she is the best singer ever. #Notification Squad

  • namjoon and crabs
    namjoon and crabs 6 órája



    Красота неземная.ангелы;)

  • Camryn J
    Camryn J 6 órája

    One of the only true artists we have. Thank you halsey

  • Milana Eliyeva
    Milana Eliyeva 6 órája

    I'm looking at this and feeling so ussels rn 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Downunder Rob
    Downunder Rob 6 órája

    Uhhh....I'd never heard of Halsey before. But that was beautiful and tender and just so moving! A fine talent.

  • Karina Hernandez
    Karina Hernandez 7 órája

    Me encantó ❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️ 💜

  • Kaittia
    Kaittia 7 órája

    euphoria vibes

  • bby Rosé
    bby Rosé 7 órája

    Here from tiktok

  • gaben newell
    gaben newell 7 órája

    TikTok: Hippity Hoppoty this is now my property

  • Zeynep Peker
    Zeynep Peker 7 órája

    1:57 PPPPUUT😂😂

  • Rahul Nandi
    Rahul Nandi 7 órája

    Things escalated pretty quickly 🤣

  • Ximena Collins
    Ximena Collins 7 órája

    Woah she's so talented

  • Stella O'Brien
    Stella O'Brien 7 órája

    This song no joke makes me cry til i cant cry anymore

  • Stella O'Brien
    Stella O'Brien 7 órája

    The blond haired girl reminds me of one of my friends

  • sometaepls
    sometaepls 7 órája

    Tik tok

  • 林銘峰
    林銘峰 7 órája

    Nice song.I love it www.getcnname.com Provided to exclusive Chinese names that match personality and characteristics

  • Vish S
    Vish S 7 órája

    This song is too good :'(

  • Radianz Rama
    Radianz Rama 7 órája


  • yyus sg
    yyus sg 8 órája

    türk yokmu aq

  • Mustafa Aqil
    Mustafa Aqil 8 órája

    12 14 23

  • Jhonrey Channel
    Jhonrey Channel 8 órája

    this song is for MGK

  • Lia Nara
    Lia Nara 8 órája

    Genteeeeeee não tem a segunda parte da música não????Brasiiil

  • Beatriz Santos
    Beatriz Santos 8 órája

    Eu sou ruim em amar Mas você não pode me culpar por tentar Você sabe que eu estaria mentindo dizendo que Você era o único Que poderia finalmente me consertar Olhando no meu histórico Eu sou ruim em amar

  • Mihaly Freeman
    Mihaly Freeman 8 órája

    Dumb ass video! I dont want to watch two bitches dancing and pretending to sing. I want to see Halsey! Im sick of these types of videos. Sia started this shit!

    • Mintt
      Mintt 7 órája

      Mihaly Freeman that is Halsey.. lol she’s dancing portraying a story.

  • Ty White
    Ty White 8 órája

    PLEASE GIVE THIS GIRL A LISTEN... she made a cover like an hour after this hit and it’s awesome... huclip.com/video/v9fp2PoDcfk/videó.html She deserves some recognition for her dedication

  • D.Tilly
    D.Tilly 8 órája

    I scrolled through looking but it was cute how the Weekend was cheesing when his girl Bella was coming down the catwalk!