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Travis Scott - WAKE UP
Megtekintés 29 M3 hónapja
Travis Scott - YOSEMITE
Megtekintés 26 M11 hónapja
Travis Scott - 5% TINT (Audio)
Megtekintés 10 MÉvvel
Travis Scott - WAKE UP (Audio)
Megtekintés 18 MÉvvel
Travis Scott - NC-17 (Audio)
Megtekintés 6 MÉvvel
Travis Scott - YOSEMITE (Audio)
Megtekintés 55 MÉvvel
Travis Scott - CAN'T SAY (Audio)
Megtekintés 18 MÉvvel
Travis Scott - Birds in the Trap
Megtekintés 7 M2 évvel
Travis Scott - 90210 ft. Kacy Hill
Megtekintés 24 M3 évvel
Travis Scott - Antidote - Teaser
Megtekintés 1 M4 évvel
Travis Scott - Antidote (Audio)
Megtekintés 3,8 M4 évvel
Travis Scott - Quintana
Megtekintés 7 M6 évvel


  • Stefan Razvan
    Stefan Razvan 5 perccel

    Last part of the song it s healing vibez

  • Fasooly san1 فصولي سان 1

    مين جاي من باري تيوب

  • جاسم زراقو حمديه

    الي جاي من اغنيه باري تيوب ❤❤👍لايك

  • { JoJo _ san }
    { JoJo _ san } 10 perccel

    شقلححححححح 🐪✨

  • Pietro Lepore
    Pietro Lepore 11 perccel

    Hala Italy😎🇮🇹

  • volkan
    volkan 25 perccel

    50% girls 50% rooms

  • hammod_ 206
    hammod_ 206 35 perccel

    كوبي رايت في المقطع يبغو يشيلو مني الفلوس نسيتو حاجة وحدة محد يسرق من باري تيوب

  • قريح _Qre7
    قريح _Qre7 37 perccel

    بس القااااااافلة وصلت😈 على جنب انت واياه طاااااااااااااااااط☺👇

  • TeNtyy
    TeNtyy 50 perccel

    _its lit_

  • xdark511 v
    xdark511 v 50 perccel

    كوبي رايت في المقطع 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • قبل . 4 سنوات

    وين القافله ؟؟😂😂

  • sick mds
    sick mds 54 perccel

    666 like wtf

  • diah kurnia
    diah kurnia 54 perccel

    ruhaisseeee and shaiiiinn

    HOMAM HOMAM 58 perccel

    #القافلة 🤘💙

  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson 58 perccel

    Well marketed trash

  • west side
    west side 59 perccel

    Πόσοι Έλληνες είμαστε εδώ 🇬🇷?

  • 7RIX
    7RIX Órája

    This is easily his best song 🤯🤯

  • Starboy
    Starboy Órája

    Travis: 'Im the highest in the room' *Worker from mcdonalds that put 11 chicken nuggets in a 10 piece enters the room* Travis: 'I take it back'

  • elisa adore
    elisa adore Órája

    Oh i like it

  • Vitor Araújo
    Vitor Araújo Órája

    Best music!!!

  • S:K
    S:K Órája

    Hey guys check my slowed and reverbed Cover out of HITR hope u enjoy 😊🔥

  • Mohammad Shatnawi

    الي اجا من عند باري تيوب 😂😂😂

  • rob
    rob Órája

    This song makes me wanna tickle a bird with a feather

  • Nico MONART
    Nico MONART Órája

    Siboy est dans le clips 😳😳😳

  • Marcos Lacerda
    Marcos Lacerda Órája

    Algum brasileiro ? Deixa like pra fazer nossa marca nos comentários gringo

  • Jorggy Would
    Jorggy Would Órájaó.html

  • Jorggy Would
    Jorggy Would Órájaó.html

  • Jorggy Would
    Jorggy Would Órájaó.html

  • Dilroope Dilroope

    In recommended September 2018 Me: hell ya boi

  • TC Mujtaba
    TC Mujtaba Órája

    Is this barrytube song

  • play gaming
    play gaming Órája

    im the highest in the School.

  • Angus walsh
    Angus walsh Órája

    what sample is the start of the song'

  • biggie kasemeka
    biggie kasemeka Órája

    your videos are interesting, too detailed

  • mohamd -sy
    mohamd -sy Órája

    ليش التزوير اغنية كوبي رايت لباري تيوب هي الاصلية 😂😂

  • Leneeka King
    Leneeka King Órája


  • Felype melo
    Felype melo 2 órája

    Muito boa tem como não

  • Hot game Play
    Hot game Play 2 órája


  • itsme agnes
    itsme agnes 2 órája


  • Nayyer Rehman
    Nayyer Rehman 2 órája

    How many of u came here after watching tiktok video ??

  • Big Oof
    Big Oof 2 órája

    "Im the highest in the room" -the tryhard kid in my class with a juul and airpods

  • Denes Kec Elig
    Denes Kec Elig 2 órája

    Only because im not in that room

  • RecK ClipZy
    RecK ClipZy 2 órája

    Hey u see my grandpa up there ?

  • Diamond Rainbows
    Diamond Rainbows 2 órája

    Happy ASTROWORLD day ragers😁

  • Jack Robertson
    Jack Robertson 2 órája

    The sky is the limit but we all can get higher🌬🌬🌬

  • Hajberg
    Hajberg 2 órája

    Still listening

  • chaimaa rachad
    chaimaa rachad 3 órája

    kayn chi wa7ad man lmaroc

  • Mě neřeš
    Mě neřeš 3 órája

    *me when i Stand up in the classroom*

  • Кек Кукарек

    i listen it like every day

  • Pedophile Hunter
    Pedophile Hunter 3 órája

    everybody gangsta until Travis loses his Nike’s.

  • Allozi
    Allozi 3 órája

    rely niga ?👊🥁

  • Eric Ochoa
    Eric Ochoa 3 órája

    This song really doesn't get the credit it deserves fr

  • Jason Cruz
    Jason Cruz 3 órája

    Bruh the first 20 seconds was lit I thought it was the best of the song then your part came on and the beat was WAYY OFF AND HORRIBLE And I was like BRUUUUHHH this nigga fucked yo the whole song that’s why I don’t like yo music

  • Apollyon
    Apollyon 3 órája

    this is one of the most chill songs i've ever listened to, travis killin it

  • Zibran Alkautsar
    Zibran Alkautsar 3 órája

    Beautiful sound and flow im tellin this its lit 🔥🔥🔥💫

  • Rupam Dhal
    Rupam Dhal 3 órája

    Only 52 Million Views?

  • Ben A
    Ben A 3 órája

    November 2019 before this song goes mad

  • Johintry haiden gekop haiden

    so wew praying...well my notebook already got out...

  • Johintry haiden gekop haiden

    so young fug...aye...being alone is sad...

  • Johintry haiden gekop haiden

    get rich doing business...travis just being water is a experience...

  • Johintry haiden gekop haiden

    so being tied up here is the trap...trap a soul again...

  • Johintry haiden gekop haiden

    the innerhouse of novak revealed...

  • Johintry haiden gekop haiden

    the southside tour revealed...

  • Zvone 99
    Zvone 99 3 órája

    My friend is color blind After this he sees better than me

  • lucas ‘ray’ teves

    these effects are still good, beat go hard, these lines are good, tells them bout there life experience, it’s just good. 🦍💣

  • Nando2001
    Nando2001 4 órája


  • Nando2001
    Nando2001 4 órája


  • José Ayrton
    José Ayrton 4 órája

    Nobody:A Drake:LIKE A LiGHT ayy

    TRYPKO 4 órája

    OHHH My God Loop For Hours <3

  • OD
    OD 4 órájaó.html

    XÎŘĚŇÔŜE 7 4 órája

    The best❤️❤️❤️

    SAI GENJUSTU 4 órája

    People: omg its rocky Travis:

  • Adam Hryniewicz
    Adam Hryniewicz 4 órája

    Wow polska pozdrawia z karty na czasie

  • pranjal supratim
    pranjal supratim 5 órája

    Highest Teeth exhibitions in the room

  • kerlo Pablo
    kerlo Pablo 5 órája

    2019 ??? 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tezrem Gaming
    Tezrem Gaming 5 órája

    I hate the little high pitch vice other than that I love

  • RazagTube 73
    RazagTube 73 5 órája

    Hmmm idk tyga version better

  • HazySpookyguy
    HazySpookyguy 5 órája

    I like how the beat switches between drake and travis

  • Mari lima
    Mari lima 6 órája

    tô aqui em nome dos BR pra dizer "tu vai mama depois do baile"

  • Pringles
    Pringles 6 órája

    WOW , you deserve kylie.

  • Pringles
    Pringles 6 órája

    wow , a person with no teeth decay

  • Pringles
    Pringles 6 órája

    Well done ! You deserve kylie .

  • Tian Yang
    Tian Yang 6 órája

    they should create a real Astroworld

  • retarded FUCK
    retarded FUCK 6 órája

    Kylie should fucking die Everyone: yes

  • madbass 1991
    madbass 1991 6 órája

    "I bought me a quesadilla"

  • :Y Frank
    :Y Frank 7 órája


  • DevonA12 _
    DevonA12 _ 7 órája

    Was the beat sampled? I feel like I’ve heard this before.🤨🧐🤨🧐

  • LifeOfAnt
    LifeOfAnt 7 órája

    Whats the song @ the very beginning ?

  • Albert Montgomery
    Albert Montgomery 7 órája

    man this been slappin since the leak back in '17

  • Geisy Gabrielly
    Geisy Gabrielly 7 órája

    *Vim pela July molina*

  • Sampaio
    Sampaio 7 órája

    666k likes, likes here in 2666 for me to remember to listen, I'll be alive

  • Kyle Carbon
    Kyle Carbon 7 órája

    Pure XXXTentacion Vibes

  • Kyle Carbon
    Kyle Carbon 7 órája

    This Is Pure XXXTentacion

  • Miller Hays
    Miller Hays 7 órája

    He was tryna pull a fast one thinking just because he wore the yellow flannel Fantano will rate his song favourably

  • Achilles Stevens
    Achilles Stevens 8 órája


  • Eric Leung
    Eric Leung 8 órája

    ‘I’m the real highest in the room’ -Snoop Dogg

  • Đức Đoàn
    Đức Đoàn 8 órája


  • pullupinadeemin ongod

    shows my brother with epilepsy this and now he’s doing the worm on the floor and refuses to stop

  • lily t
    lily t 8 órája

    ok but like can the editors get more credit

  • Alisha Bell
    Alisha Bell 8 órája