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Kanye West - Follow God
Megtekintés 12 M10 napja
Kanye West - Fade (Explicit)
Megtekintés 133 M3 évvel
Kanye West - Famous
Megtekintés 40 M3 évvel
Kanye West - Bound 2 (Explicit)
Megtekintés 74 M6 évvel
No Church In The Wild
Megtekintés 81 M7 évvel
Kanye West - POWER
Megtekintés 115 M9 évvel
Kanye West - Coldest Winter
Megtekintés 7 M9 évvel
Kanye West - Jesus Walks (Version 2)
Megtekintés 23 M10 évvel
Kanye West - Love Lockdown
Megtekintés 56 M10 évvel
Kanye West - Good Morning
Megtekintés 48 M10 évvel
Kanye West - Paranoid ft. Mr Hudson
Megtekintés 9 M10 évvel
Kanye West - Stronger
Megtekintés 334 M10 évvel
Kanye West - Homecoming
Megtekintés 78 M10 évvel
Kanye West - Good Life ft. T-Pain
Megtekintés 79 M10 évvel
Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
Megtekintés 78 M10 évvel
All Falls Down (Live from The Joint)
Megtekintés 265 E10 évvel
Kanye West - Heartless
Megtekintés 165 M10 évvel
Two Words
Megtekintés 2,7 M10 évvel
Kanye West - Amazing ft. Young Jeezy
Megtekintés 58 M10 évvel


  • Kytz Arackid
    Kytz Arackid 5 perccel

    Is he did that dance to hide his mouth coz he don't remember the lyrics?

  • GGC
    GGC 7 perccel


  • Croc8787
    Croc8787 7 perccel

    Best Kanye song, like if you agree :)

  • Evo2Raw
    Evo2Raw 9 perccel


  • le norbluff
    le norbluff 9 perccel

    a couple of weird flexes

  • BA TV
    BA TV 10 perccel

    I am getting back to christ, i been lost and confused for years and years tired of it.

  • Evo2Raw
    Evo2Raw 14 perccel

    Probably no one will watch this video but on the slight chance that they do. This is me. huclip.com/video/RSIo6pryz-I/videó.html

  • lobomuerto11
    lobomuerto11 20 perccel

    "A black man?" "No, I said 4000 you deaf dipshit".

  • Horn Canguio Willie
    Horn Canguio Willie 23 perccel

    Tu suis quelqu'un que tu ne connais pas , c'est dangereux, ta mère te l'a jamais dit ?

  • BA TV
    BA TV 29 perccel

    Love ya kanye thanks

  • Sam Queen
    Sam Queen 33 perccel

    Atheist but if it slaps it slaps

  • Melissa Chiou
    Melissa Chiou 34 perccel

    All I kept thinking was that poor crew in the cold.

  • Ekhi
    Ekhi 38 perccel

    gotta love the RZR they hop in at the beginning..

  • D
    D 38 perccel

    This the Ye we need

  • Beatboxer Kenzin
    Beatboxer Kenzin 39 perccel

    R E S P E C T +100000000

  • ObiCri Official
    ObiCri Official 40 perccel

    I remember watching Never back down and this song came on near the end of the movie and when the song was on the radio it was such a vibe I can't explain

  • Nelisiwe Shabalala
    Nelisiwe Shabalala 42 perccel

    Love the video

  • Deadguy2
    Deadguy2 43 perccel

    Really thought this would suck, was pretty good, why doesn’t this get played

  • Bart Wing
    Bart Wing 45 perccel

    You never know jesus might be here in disguise observing us

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor 51 perce


  • ObiCri Official
    ObiCri Official 53 perccel

    Song of the decade 💯🔥

  • Rivo
    Rivo 59 perccel

    Kanye the definition of Bipolar

  • Sarah Sorensen
    Sarah Sorensen Órája

    Beautiful. 👏

  • stephen omulimi
    stephen omulimi Órája

    Rap music is still hip-hop what's the origin of hip-hop.God doesn't need your RAP.GOD IS HOLY .JOHN 4:23....TRUE WORSHIPPERS WILL WORSHIP GOD IN TRUTH AND SPIRIT.

  • The Guide Kenya
    The Guide Kenya Órája

    Favorite Kanye Song of all time!

  • Consort CV9F1
    Consort CV9F1 Órája


  • Consort CV9F1
    Consort CV9F1 Órája

    There is much work to be done on a more serious level we know that we have to maintain Focus you have to understand at the end of all this things are going to work out for the best I'm trying to arrange meeting what I need to settle civil suit against the Commonwealth and the court for Miss orderly misconduct defamation of character and harassment I will be waiting I know we are going to make it to the Finish Line together

  • david
    david Órája

    hey kayne - learned a new word yesterday - simony - look it up

  • Frankie Elangaba

    hes brave telling people his gifts...i stopped telling people, even the truth ... It doesnt m a ke any difference

  • Alex Hinson
    Alex Hinson Órája

    You gotta stay real!

  • Stay Hydrated
    Stay Hydrated Órája

    I’m all about relating with Chick Fil A being closed on Sunday, but is this really a top notch song ........ to be on national television ........... or are we just like “it’s Kanye so it must be” .......

  • Frankie Elangaba

    im liking h te kanye evolving..some people in life never change, it hink everyon e should co nstantly be evolving, thats how you know your on the higher level..

  • karandeep singh
    karandeep singh Órája

    Maa ki chut teri bosdike

  • Estelle venus
    Estelle venus Órája

    SHERP , you know he is not playing

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Órája

    That beat

  • Chad Poopter Griffin

    Death Standing DLC.

  • Sheryl Iheanachor

    Homeless and the POOR rock...Light will SHINE!

  • Diego Bautista
    Diego Bautista Órája

    MAGA baby


    Ppl waiting for old kanye to resurface

  • Alpha Zulu
    Alpha Zulu Órája

    Love it!

  • nelly wa Malonley

    Give like from Tanzania

  • The Osborn Family

    If you look at the cloud u can see a rainbow. That rainbow has been there everyday since last year

  • BX Bomber
    BX Bomber Órája

    Best Album ever, for those who 17K 👎 STOP Hating and follow Jesus, open your heart or will change your life!

  • William Powell
    William Powell Órája

    Ain't nothing really wrong with Kanye west, jay z was a genius for bringing this man out back in 03 because he's the best to ever do it.

  • Phehello Tomotomo

    why did kanye make Otis again?

  • dominican flix
    dominican flix Órája

    How know the name of this girl ???

  • Ethan Edwards
    Ethan Edwards Órája

    That was great

  • OGianfranco
    OGianfranco Órája

    Música do filme quebrando regras ksksksk

  • jabrildagod legend

    This song fire beat and feel

  • Happyook
    Happyook Órája

    why is this fire...son just came out of no where with some heat..

  • Jack Dolah
    Jack Dolah Órája

    What's up with the dislikes??

  • Aman Robert
    Aman Robert Órája


  • Ulrich Riviere
    Ulrich Riviere 2 órája

    This song mottivated me to keep fighting and continue to keep faith

  • Armando Magdaleno
    Armando Magdaleno 2 órája


  • Rafael Nunez Jr.
    Rafael Nunez Jr. 2 órája

    Kanye I expected real Christian music not rap

  • Kronik z
    Kronik z 2 órája

    Epileptic people: yay I survived End of the video: allow me to introduce myself

  • Erick Acosta
    Erick Acosta 2 órája

    Finally a song I like by Kanye 😂 it's been a while. But I have mixed emotions about you

  • Reflex Zombies
    Reflex Zombies 2 órája

    I'm atheist so I had reluctance to listen to his new album.....but this shit SLAPS!!!!

  • 2Tuntematon
    2Tuntematon 2 órája

    Nowadays i love my god../ I used to swim up in the mud.../ Last few days i been smoking on some bud../ Listening to some shitty ass Kid Cud(i) HELL YEA..!

  • Drew Sheffield
    Drew Sheffield 2 órája

    Collab with lecrea!!!

  • crownbock123
    crownbock123 2 órája

    Fuck you Satan🖕🏾 Jesus is King BITCH

  • DFS for beer money
    DFS for beer money 2 órája

    Kanye singing about one day in Kardashian house.

  • Ironbulldog
    Ironbulldog 2 órája

    Kanye is going to look back at this and say oh gosh I need to delete this now that I'm Christian

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui 2 órája

    Most rappers out here dissin each other while Kanye be dissin the devil

  • PhotoLove GT
    PhotoLove GT 2 órája

    This song is Amazing!

  • Q C
    Q C 2 órája

    Lets love, celebrate and enjoy Kanye while hes still alive among us... Dont wait until its R.I.P

  • aldo hernandez
    aldo hernandez 2 órája

    So when is he divorcing his hoes Kardashians, because that family is all about plastic body, being naked, and doing sex videos

  • Ursidae
    Ursidae 2 órája

    This is Jesus's come back music.

  • Teng Gnong
    Teng Gnong 2 órája

    God call him to use his talent to bring people to Christ. Love you

  • aldo hernandez
    aldo hernandez 2 órája

    All vatican, popes, churches got use god for money lol kanye now rapping about god where rap is all about cursing and naked woman and money when the bedtime story book said jesus hated gambling, liquor and money but here ppl doing all that and sunday all yall faker singing to gospel jaja so who god is he talking about there 2000 of them in the world?

  • Ellipse Memeing
    Ellipse Memeing 2 órája

    What do the seizures look like

  • me myself
    me myself 2 órája

    Kim Kardashian, let's all admit, has lousy taste in guys

  • seling97
    seling97 2 órája


  • indamind ofmcgurk
    indamind ofmcgurk 2 órája

    Dope! #Godfirst Baby!

  • Q C
    Q C 2 órája

    ...."Somewhere far from home, in the Danger Zone"... I felt that warning on a different level.



  • Q C
    Q C 2 órája

    We will all change or life will force us to change. Whatever Journey Kanye is on, he will always be a legend. Peace

  • David Sok
    David Sok 2 órája

    2 black excellence billionaires

  • kipngeno kevin
    kipngeno kevin 2 órája

    A black man? haha

  • raymar saunders
    raymar saunders 2 órája

    Nice come back Mr.West keep this flow I know you can keep make more vibes and videos like this. You got wisdom

  • Robert Shelton
    Robert Shelton 2 órája

    Kanye must be a time traveler

  • SD Ceez
    SD Ceez 3 órája


  • Kidd Bill
    Kidd Bill 3 órája


  • D. Jack
    D. Jack 3 órája

    “Otis” - JIK Remix

  • Danial Bilgrami
    Danial Bilgrami 3 órája

    kanye west in 2019: follow god Kanye last year: your such a fucking ho i love it, im a sick fuck i like a quick fuck

  • Öykü Kızılyel
    Öykü Kızılyel 3 órája

    Jay z >>>> kanye

  • Moralesmatter
    Moralesmatter 3 órája

    Leviticus 10:10-12- 10 And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean;-----------------------THIS SOUNDS AND LOOKS JUST LIKE THE UNHOLY WORLD MUSIC. NO DIFFERENCE.

  • Kevin Ding
    Kevin Ding 3 órája

    2019 still legendary

  • Luke Rodriguez
    Luke Rodriguez 3 órája

    It’s crazy how god can change someone’s life Like if u agree

  • Justin Likewise
    Justin Likewise 3 órája

    Kanye has always sucked.

  • Lone Star Kennels
    Lone Star Kennels 3 órája

    November 18, 2019

  • Imose Ogbeiwi
    Imose Ogbeiwi 3 órája

    I love it!

  • Count Ravendark
    Count Ravendark 3 órája

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 never heard of this dude untill a friend placed an article on facebook that said that he claimed to be the greatest artist that "god" ever ever made so i got curious, but after a few secords i knew enough 😂😂, and i stopped playing the video because this is pure terror😱😱😱!!! If you talk about GREAT ARTISTS you talk about The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Nirvana, Oasis, Noel Gallagher, The Eagles, Amy Winehouse, Queen, Janis Jopelin, The Mama's & The Papa's, Chris Cornell, Elvis Presley and Simon & Garfunkel but this motherfucker doesn't even come close to those legends

  • 360 Glaze It
    360 Glaze It 3 órája

    Miss this Ye

  • Q C
    Q C 3 órája

    Yes music Music is so life changing🙏

  • Succulent Screams
    Succulent Screams 3 órája

    Can’t believe they named an animal after this song

  • Inter lude
    Inter lude 3 órája

    This song is hilarious

  • Danny Mac
    Danny Mac 3 órája

    God is a disease

  • Haterade
    Haterade 3 órája

    God is an Alien. 👽

  • shaik bundy
    shaik bundy 3 órája

    black out. no clonage after all.