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  • Dra Dikketrip
    Dra Dikketrip 3 perccel

    Lol so serieus

  • Yat Fai Lam
    Yat Fai Lam 3 perccel

    Dora grown up as a dirty vile “spam” ish trash talk young adult or teenage lady.

  • Chris Delagarza
    Chris Delagarza 3 perccel

    Well I know that I’m old 35 now... I had some of those toys.. HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA...

  • Yat Fai Lam
    Yat Fai Lam 7 perccel

    Royal are poor dirty rogues

  • Yat Fai Lam
    Yat Fai Lam 8 perccel

    Clear visions are so important.

  • BigBossIsBack
    BigBossIsBack 8 perccel

    *Mighty greedy of ya there Matlock*

  • Nice little buddy Fuck you asshole

    Wow sitting in a library , sleeping between the lesson is so suitable

  • Yat Fai Lam
    Yat Fai Lam 13 perccel

    Hatred on different nations is the darkest and most vile villain on everything, that's how everybody can be a villain.

  • Yat Fai Lam
    Yat Fai Lam 15 perccel

    The resources and power of different nations are the most powerful thing on Earth, if they can combine, freedom could be end in human race.

  • Yat Fai Lam
    Yat Fai Lam 18 perccel

    Sexist dirty animal being team

  • Yat Fai Lam
    Yat Fai Lam 19 perccel

    Fire and bullets can't destroy black magic, magic or holly related things can finish off this madness for good.

  • Yat Fai Lam
    Yat Fai Lam 21 perce

    Evil black magic hat.

  • Hawta M
    Hawta M 23 perccel

    Holy shit the hulk episode was fucking great! I'm loving this show, specially that it looks like samurai Jack

  • Yat Fai Lam
    Yat Fai Lam 25 perccel

    Corpse wins

  • dark phantom
    dark phantom 31 perce

    There was a barbie commercial before this then a barbie just poofs on screen. the fuck is going on

  • Smirking Designer
    Smirking Designer 35 percceló.html Was better done here....

  • P T
    P T 38 perccel

    Cinco-Boy 4 life

  • Hyper Cardio
    Hyper Cardio 38 perccel


  • 51516
    51516 40 perccel


  • KnusperChip _
    KnusperChip _ 43 perccel

    K. Im so hyped rn

  • Arcien
    Arcien 46 perccel

    The rare, serious and emotional moments are a lot more powerful and justified, knowing that ATHF is NEVER like that. Carl and Shake taking this seriously made me feel something.

  • Maxwell Erickson
    Maxwell Erickson 50 perccel

    Fuck callage I graduated!!!

  • Genzo Kun
    Genzo Kun Órája

    What if we are just playing that game too?

  • ivonne hana
    ivonne hana Órája


  • Mathias Fallet
    Mathias Fallet Órája

    But why just five episodes tho

  • The Protagonist of The Reality

    Derek looks like typical 90s 00s college funny guy from usa or western Europe

  • Rocky Griffin
    Rocky Griffin Órája


  • NFS weeb
    NFS weeb Órája

    Arnold voice so funny XD

  • Emm Kay
    Emm Kay Órája

    United States vs Trump, c. 2020

  • Jamie Nicholls
    Jamie Nicholls Órája

    Inmate "Guard !!". Predator "LOOKING LIKE REECIE CUP & I NEED A PIECE COME OVER BEFORE I TAKE IT !!". Inmate "GUARD !!"

  • NFS weeb
    NFS weeb Órája


  • Marchael Barras
    Marchael Barras Órája

    So uhhhhhhh... Did Queen Kobra bring you here?

  • NFS weeb
    NFS weeb Órája

    He's face

  • Joe Rodgers
    Joe Rodgers Órája

    Shut up and rub my lump

  • Light 02
    Light 02 Órája

    This will be on Netflix on 10th November right

  • Turret No.43689 /defective/

    *Press (F) to pay respects*

  • powerpc127
    powerpc127 Órája

    Tim looks like Bart Simpson on his way to church.

  • Anonymous Boi
    Anonymous Boi Órája


  • Gilbert Havens
    Gilbert Havens 2 órája

    Joe is straight up my dead grandpa's alter ego it gives me such nostalgia listening to him

  • HunterLong1266
    HunterLong1266 2 órája

    Oooh you got me in the pound of plumbsh

  • Jon Doggie
    Jon Doggie 2 órája

    3:43 seconds I’m never getting back...LMAO

  • heliopyre
    heliopyre 2 órája

    needs an updated version

  • infamousgAmer11
    infamousgAmer11 2 órája

    Theodore is getting the best head

  • Yesha's blooper glupper

    I man I missed it :(. Oh and Bobo means stupid or fricker in filipino

  • Bassmatrix
    Bassmatrix 2 órája

    It’s great to see Mark Porch again. He’s looking well, and his impressions are spot on! I had to double check the video to make sure I wasn’t actually watching the Carson Show!

  • username1nmillion
    username1nmillion 2 órája


  • Turret No.43689 /defective/


  • Silver Surfer
    Silver Surfer 2 órája

    God yes

  • Red Jester
    Red Jester 2 órája

    And that's how the JFK assignation happened

  • Rhesa22
    Rhesa22 2 órája

    funny how i had the babrie when i was a kid xD ahahah

  • DANGDANIEL95 Productions

    2:02 I thought he said "d*ckhead" but, The Fat Controller laughed, "You are wrong!"

  • Red Jester
    Red Jester 2 órája

    Low key this would make a good horror movie

  • DANGDANIEL95 Productions

    A prediction of "The Great Race" 4 years later.

  • Sky Dishmane
    Sky Dishmane 2 órája

    He almost said "under where/ underwear"

  • DANGDANIEL95 Productions

    It may be violent, but I found it very nostalgic. I've watched it as a kid.

  • Norman I
    Norman I 2 órája

    This is actually fucked up

  • Mario Herrera
    Mario Herrera 2 órája

    With all due respect, I’d like to hear what AS has to play.

  • clout god
    clout god 2 órája

    I wish Tim could keep his personal life out of the show, I come here for reliable film expertise from Gregg not Tim's personal ramblings! Give Gregg more screen time for us real film buffs!

  • Angel Ojeda
    Angel Ojeda 2 órája

    Does anyone know the names of the songs they used in this video?

  • Goldlink567
    Goldlink567 2 órája

    She wanted to kill him, but instead she killed the only ones able to turn her back.

  • TheLifelessBoi
    TheLifelessBoi 2 órája

    That one moment when you realize you used to own that one Buzz Lightyear sippy cup

  • Phoenix North
    Phoenix North 2 órája

    What the hell is an aluminium falcon

  • Train Gravy
    Train Gravy 2 órája

    I'd comfortably say I'm a psychonaut. Trying dmt always scared me more than any, and I used to really enjoy heavy salvia trips. That being said in the last year I've finally tried nn dmt, don't be afraid. This video really speaks to me because during the experiences the styles changed wildly, as though every scene were made by a different artist. Powerful parralel for me. I should have gone deeper, but I'm not so brave. BRB.

  • bip bip to toodily too

    9:45 when Gregg went so far in a circle back to praising Burton and giving the Adams Family still 5 bags almost broke Tim lolol

    CYCLOPSCORE 2 órája

    Didnt get the Elmo toy.

  • Mr. Z
    Mr. Z 2 órája

    Joe, you're a cutie.

  • world rejector
    world rejector 2 órája

    Anyone here for Dark?

  • 69 69
    69 69 3 órája

    It's obvious he's being satirical, but in Hollywood, it really is looked down upon to be a Republican. So who knows, maybe he really was trying to endorse Trump

  • ValensBellator
    ValensBellator 3 órája

    This fails as a sleep aid as I find him too interesting and just stay up listening lol

  • Leba Babel
    Leba Babel 3 órája

    starts at 2:32

  • Anonymous Official
    Anonymous Official 3 órája

    Look what we learned today

  • Thizzelle Washington

    "Nigga gotta problem hitta nigga with the llama ifa nigga gotta problem shoota nigga in his dick" Ugh

  • thetruefistofthenort


  • Sergio Santos
    Sergio Santos 3 órája

    I didn't waste my time hearing this 😎😎

  • AnnoyedLawStudent 87

    i could sure use a shower and a hot shave

  • Capretin
    Capretin 3 órája

    "Jesus Christ, this is Yabba Dabba Depressing"

  • [e:LLUSIV ]
    [e:LLUSIV ] 3 órája

    The camera shots are just on the spot lmao

  • I only comment while I’m on the shitter

    Lionel wearing the same exact outfit as when Robert eats the worm at the skatepark

  • Sergio Santos
    Sergio Santos 3 órája

    Those eyes

  • Anonymous Boi
    Anonymous Boi 3 órája

    I literally only just realised buzz was turned into a bong

  • sailorcarr
    sailorcarr 3 órája

    Uff. ❤️

  • 15DudeAwesome
    15DudeAwesome 3 órája

    Bro is that Joker?

  • Mahamudul Hasan
    Mahamudul Hasan 3 órája

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  • Mahamudul Hasan
    Mahamudul Hasan 3 órája

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  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 3 órája

    Tim is ridiculous. His abuse is towards Gregg is getting out of hand. My heart goes out to him and all the victims of Tim’s abuse.

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown 3 órája

    The censor makes it that much better lol

  • Shark Vomit
    Shark Vomit 3 órája

    Can you make a 20 hour version??? I hate having to press replay every ten hours.

  • Mike Enterra
    Mike Enterra 3 órája

    A wild George Clooney: Wiz: ¿Quieres?

  • Joaquin Antilla-Garza

    Welp, looks like they dissed Nickelodeon and Steve Hillenburg for the sponge’s Best Year Ever.

  • MagmaMan
    MagmaMan 3 órája

    The start is epic

  • Alexander De Jesus
    Alexander De Jesus 3 órája

    I’m glad to see MoneyZap has improved the lives of so many. Can’t wait for Genemi Men, a future popcorn classic.

  • Lmaojayion
    Lmaojayion 3 órája

    Nobody *Literally nobody Jetsons: *WHITE NIGGA NAMED ELROY*

  • Alexander De Jesus
    Alexander De Jesus 3 órája

    Johnny Burton

  • Jacob Harvath
    Jacob Harvath 3 órája

    1:16 LOL

  • Name Here
    Name Here 3 órája


  • Long Quang
    Long Quang 3 órája

    Bring back megas xlr or symbiotic titans Love giant robots

  • Chuck Baker
    Chuck Baker 3 órája

    That got disturbing REALLY fast

  • Daniel Daneil
    Daniel Daneil 3 órája


  • GreenMan Studios
    GreenMan Studios 3 órája

    I feel like this is what happened to Shrek after seeing "Shrek is love, shrek is life". HILARIOUS!

  • Peter Belford
    Peter Belford 3 órája

    Pinko is pretty much a liberal.