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Tyler Perry Presents: The Oval
Megtekintés 39 E24 napja


  • S M
    S M 10 másodpercig

    This documentary comes from a linear view. This is not every women of colour narrative.

  • Alex
    Alex Perce

    I was waiting for a fat Joe lyrics

  • Paris London
    Paris London 2 perccel

    I love himmmm😫😍😍😍😍😍

  • PharohMaserattiBugotti

    PowerPlays Is Paper Play thats the facts

  • Hunter Martin
    Hunter Martin 5 perccel

    I think Chance was going for a 1 rated bar honestly.

  • Mrsbeyonce1
    Mrsbeyonce1 7 perccel

    Yeah choreography and energy wasnt all the way where it needed to be. But it's all a learning expierence for her 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • jamaica
    jamaica 9 perccel

    it’s neverrrrr that serious, there’s so many ways to avoid spending this much

  • aziah gayton
    aziah gayton 14 perccel

    Blueface not trash at all he all fire

  • Rownieka Christian
    Rownieka Christian 14 perccel

    Dae devyn and Izzy did a great job!

  • Rownieka Christian
    Rownieka Christian 17 perccel

    I'm sorry I didn't hear or see where jazz went off ...basic freestyle to me jus my opinion

  • Ta fara
    Ta fara 18 perccel

    This gotta be one of the greatest BET performances i den ever seen ..on Ma

  • Rochelle M
    Rochelle M 18 perccel

    "I let JB hang with me and now JB's cool" 🤣🤣

  • Jay Incognito
    Jay Incognito 19 perccel

    This that shiddddd.

  • •Hxlo_ DoezGacha•

    but they where dancing 👀

  • bzeee
    bzeee 20 perccel

    Sug should brought out the "Whats your life like?"

    SIMON EPHANTAS 22 perccel

    Afrika to the world. Ke representing.

  • Peggy Braxton
    Peggy Braxton 25 perccel

    I hate when artis still have music on when they are singing or raping becuse they know their voice does not sound like the video

  • Bernadine Gray
    Bernadine Gray 28 perccel

    What is the woman's name singing Aretha Franklin Tribute: "Never loved a Man the way I've loved You!"? Please someone answer!

  • Christie Hardee
    Christie Hardee 28 perccel

    Hood Hop still GOES!!!

  • Peggy Braxton
    Peggy Braxton 28 perccel

    I seen the migos

  • dayira queen
    dayira queen 29 perccel

    Poor thing she is high asf in all her recent interviews

  • Peggy Braxton
    Peggy Braxton 30 perccel

    Stage performance on pint da baby Megan stallion❤️💯

  • 4thQtr Gaming
    4thQtr Gaming 30 perccel

    2x was trash no 🧢

  • Lindokuhle Ngcamu
    Lindokuhle Ngcamu 30 perccel

    Best rating thus far. We need more people here to rate bars with this level of understanding. Joe Budden also was very honest with his rating

  • Stablemable2
    Stablemable2 32 perccel

    Should call it, The Omarosa.

  • beverly john
    beverly john 33 perccel

    How can we stop this exploitation? I really agree that the problems is not that we a buying products, I also think that the black community is being taken advantage of by non-black sellers. It's like Friends the sitcom was a piggy back off of Living Single. I don't hate our other counter parts I just think that we need to be respected. We do have power. I also hate too when black entrepreneurs try to take the price now to the extreme and say oh it's because we don't have the support. Balance. I do not like my buying power exploited no matter the race.

  • Cj Wallace
    Cj Wallace 36 perccel

    Powerful, beautiful, intelligent and Classy....let now be her time for her star to rise for herself with her many gifts. Beautiful story.

    TIM ALI 39 perccel

    He should do a Malcolm x 2 ,or movie on Narion of Islam,,,or Mansa Musa,gee wiz,sick of interacial, always dividing us

  • Keith Gillard
    Keith Gillard 40 perccel


    TIM ALI 40 perccel

    This dehumanizes the black race

    TIM ALI 40 perccel

    I'm not watching,I'm going to hopefully go see Harriet

    TIM ALI 43 perccel

    Why do we have to meet x so much

  • Ricardo Henry
    Ricardo Henry 43 perccel

    Rip blood

  • Arbitrageur92
    Arbitrageur92 48 perccel

    This is cringy af, does anyone honestly believe Eminem is an informed citizen about politics..

  • danda adnad
    danda adnad 50 perccel

    So this is basically the 2chainz show "the most expensivest" with the kid. How the hell did they allow him to drink ?? Isn't illegal?

  • Dshoi Harney
    Dshoi Harney 53 perccel

    Batty boy

  • candystayinatural alexander

    Love her!!!! 💜👑🌞👍

  • Shaquanda LEE
    Shaquanda LEE 57 perccel

    Thank you Lord❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • S CP
    S CP 59 perccel

    Side note - the intro was kinda weird. I think normally as a female you think well let me take it high, but next to Jonathan - you better off tenoring that thang

  • conspiracy woman

    As a Black woman I started training last year in May when I was 160-170 pounds. I started doing jogging for 45min a day per month, sit-ups 100 a day per month, and push-ups 20 a day per month (30 days straight). I also had to cut off soul food since last year and NOW in the month of October 2019 I NOW weigh 116-120 pounds. No extreme workout just plain and simple.

  • Mina Abdullah
    Mina Abdullah Órája

    H.E.R.'S voice is sooo beautiful and always needed. I remember the first time i heard her sing, she had a euphoric giving sound.

  • S CP
    S CP Órája

    That's her reaction to 3:20?

  • L. Wheeler
    L. Wheeler Órája

    Rick Ross 😍😍😍

  • Selina DeLoach
    Selina DeLoach Órája

    Old carrots 🥕 lol 😂

  • MachomusPrime
    MachomusPrime Órája

    You need to get him back on here. This was the best one I've seen.

  • _RolandoK
    _RolandoK Órája


  • Frank Fraser
    Frank Fraser Órája

    Kevin Hart's arm dance at minute 6:39, and then saying "because he's a chicken wing". I'm a serious man, I dont laugh very often, but that was some great comedy right there, I cried tears of laughter, that's how bad it was! Thanks Kevin,for providing us with some much needed hapiness in our lives!

  • HagridsBlunt
    HagridsBlunt Órája

    1:35 hahahahahah look where he looks when he turns around hahaha

  • Elisa Lima
    Elisa Lima Órája

    I can watch this everyday! I love the Queen Bee!

  • L. Wheeler
    L. Wheeler Órája

    I wasn’t ready for IDK & King Los 😭🔥🔥 Kash... she did that effortlessly 😩💕

  • DemeVice XVI
    DemeVice XVI Órája

    Eyes rolling back to meet his brain.

  • Dj St3rling
    Dj St3rling Órája

    Anyone know the music that starts at 1:22 ??

  • Towanda Thomas
    Towanda Thomas Órája

    BALTIMORE CITY IN THE BLDG..💯💯💯💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  • Towanda Thomas
    Towanda Thomas Órája

    Waiiittt when she said no capping 🤣🤣🤣 she really took off her wig🤣🤣

  • Kierra Taylor
    Kierra Taylor Órája

    Go ahead Megan! Definitely a fan after this hip-hop performance.

  • hubert wahlang
    hubert wahlang Órája


  • Propa Bermuda
    Propa Bermuda Órája

    Yung Berg reinvented

  • Ag Grock
    Ag Grock Órája


  • sunn godd
    sunn godd Órája

    Real hip hop salute. I will carry y'all bags for free or hype man. Im a student

  • EvilShake101
    EvilShake101 Órája

    I looked up the word racist. He isn’t even close.

  • R Gmz
    R Gmz Órája


  • EvilShake101
    EvilShake101 Órája

    This guy is a racist.

  • Nina Marie
    Nina Marie Órája

    We need a lil Kim biopic pls! She deserves her own story to be told b4 and after biggie passed so people can really see how she held it down for the team.. luv u Kim..x

  • handbag designer

    I've been natural since 1985 & make my hair oil & gel & curl cream from products at Trader Joe's. We need to create our own products & monetize them for ourselves.

  • Cool Shanté
    Cool Shanté Órája

    4:34 love how that man mindin his own business since he a businessman

  • R Gmz
    R Gmz Órája

    Get Lloyd Banks on!!!!

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood Órája

    What a bunch of douche bag clowns

  • Quisha F
    Quisha F Órája


  • Edgar Gaxiola
    Edgar Gaxiola 2 órája

    Phora let's go

  • Chamberlain Achilihu

    He really got sense for real

  • Tonya Rutherford
    Tonya Rutherford 2 órája

    I really hope these people can act.

  • Chamberlain Achilihu

    Pio live large all over the world

  • rodneywiggs
    rodneywiggs 2 órája

    "When you really write the bars you know the bars"

  • Michelle Noah
    Michelle Noah 2 órája

    musiq soulchild 🔥🔥🔥

  • Chamberlain Achilihu

    Pio is the man

  • Just Clips
    Just Clips 2 órája

    Im a 11 year old kid (boy) and i feel like an independent woman 🤟🏻💪

  • Sunnye Daize
    Sunnye Daize 2 órája

    Am I the only one struggling to understand three hour wash days? A few extra minutes in the shower is all I need unless I'm deep conditioning under a hood. What are you doing that takes three hours?

  • Taffy Matt
    Taffy Matt 2 órája

    Nipseys Pops what a man

  • Ginger Mathews
    Ginger Mathews 2 órája

    I do my own braids lol I used vo5 shampoo and conditioner and I use Dax lol

  • hla kreyola
    hla kreyola 2 órája


  • Ginger Mathews
    Ginger Mathews 2 órája

    Y'all crazy

  • Aaron Malcolm
    Aaron Malcolm 2 órája

    Who what is here just for Flawless Real Talk's Verse?

  • Erin levere
    Erin levere 2 órája

    He is a lil afro latino lil baby

  • Datsizer
    Datsizer 2 órája

    Black Women Bedwenxhing for Zaddy.......again😒🥴😑 Thanks Tyler Perry

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young 2 órája

    Yeesh....a 1000 dollars.

  • Dark bomber Xd
    Dark bomber Xd 2 órája

    When u thought lil baby was Travis Scott

  • Farrah White
    Farrah White 2 órája

    Elle Mai and H.E.R. Are my favorites

  • Veronica Cooper
    Veronica Cooper 2 órája

    I get so sick of people talking about her nose!! Everybody has a story!!!

  • Rico Jones
    Rico Jones 2 órája

    Love that song😚

  • Veronica Cooper
    Veronica Cooper 2 órája

    Lil Kim will always be queen!!!!

  • Chris Pyne
    Chris Pyne 2 órája

    Facts! 💪🏼🔥🔥

  • Chandler Waters
    Chandler Waters 2 órája

    The music in the background is to loud

  • Debz Mahj
    Debz Mahj 2 órája

    😂😂audience 😂😂😂💖😂😂

  • PMA II
    PMA II 2 órája

    This all guilt cause last year BET didn’t let Nipsey in like his dad said “ where was the love for my son when he was alive”

  • stella manurung
    stella manurung 2 órája

    why are so many single mother in america?

  • Walt White
    Walt White 2 órája

    All we need is a half hour, don't be a gym slave!

  • Anaz Van Fleet
    Anaz Van Fleet 3 órája

    You sound like a baby

  • Jimmy Randle
    Jimmy Randle 3 órája

    KD and TT killed it💯💯

  • Sonya  Petty
    Sonya Petty 3 órája

    I'm glad she reached out to you! You have a great personality!! You are an success & you will be prosperous!!

  • Cain and Niko's Adventures

    DNA killed that show