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For Azeroth - 25 Years of Warcraft
Megtekintés 1,4 M13 napja
Cinematic: “Reckoning” (Spoiler)
Megtekintés 1,9 MHónapja
BTS: A Toast to 15 years
Megtekintés 292 E2 hónapja
A Toast to 15 Years
Megtekintés 3,5 M2 hónapja
WoW® Classic with Creators
Megtekintés 962 E2 hónapja
New Mount: Sylverian Dreamer
Megtekintés 224 E4 hónapja
Crossroads - Cinematic (Spoiler)
Megtekintés 937 E4 hónapja
Cinematic: "Safe Haven"
Megtekintés 8 M6 hónapja
Rise of Azshara Content Preview
Megtekintés 314 E7 hónapja
Tides of Vengeance: New PvP Updates
Megtekintés 133 E8 hónapja
[Spoiler] An Unexpected Reunion
Megtekintés 704 E8 hónapja
Tides of Vengeance Part 2 Survival Guide
Megtekintés 235 E10 hónapja
New Mount: Vulpine Familiar
Megtekintés 192 E11 hónapja
Now Live: Tides of Vengeance
Megtekintés 494 E11 hónapja
Tides of Vengeance Survival Guide
Megtekintés 521 E11 hónapja
Terror of Darkshore
Megtekintés 1,6 MÉvvel
Cinematic: "Lost Honor"
Megtekintés 3,7 MÉvvel
Developer Insights: Warfronts
Megtekintés 467 EÉvvel
New Allied Races Ready to Recruit
Megtekintés 323 EÉvvel
Warbringers: Azshara
Megtekintés 3,7 MÉvvel
Music from Warbringers: Jaina
Megtekintés 4,2 MÉvvel
Music from Warbringers: Sylvanas
Megtekintés 355 EÉvvel
The Siege of Lordaeron Has Begun
Megtekintés 894 EÉvvel
Battle for Azeroth: Vol'dun
Megtekintés 259 EÉvvel
Cinematic: “Old Soldier”
Megtekintés 8 MÉvvel
War of the Thorns: Chapter 2
Megtekintés 266 EÉvvel
Warbringers: Sylvanas
Megtekintés 4,2 MÉvvel
War of the Thorns: Chapter 1
Megtekintés 785 EÉvvel
Warbringers: Jaina
Megtekintés 10 MÉvvel


  • AllFather Onion the Memer

    Now this is what a i call an Lich King an karanir thanagor

  • Anna Emslie
    Anna Emslie Órája

    Am I the only one who at 4:13 thinks Sylvanas looks like Avril Lavigne? I'm here for it *digs out old music playlist*

  • TTD Thatsme
    TTD Thatsme Órája

    They should just get it over with and put a bit S on Sylvanas' chest. This is like watching Fonzie jump the shark.

  • brightburn s
    brightburn s Órája


  • Subarashii Onions

    Bolvar: "This power is a prison" Sylvanas: "This world is a prison" The Smashing Pumkins: "The world is a Vampiiiiire"

  • Spysideways
    Spysideways Órája

    Witcher 3 Wild Hunt's model with wings 1:54

  • TheMaxCloud
    TheMaxCloud Órája

    "I will be the jailer of the damned" The Jailer. huh.

  • Attila Bogdán
    Attila Bogdán 2 órája

    Egyszerűen gyönyörű a dal! For the horde!

  • Just the [whatever is my profile pic is]

    You know your a badass if you can stand on a frozen lake and not fall in it

  • Wilsonguan
    Wilsonguan 2 órája

    So...... what's with the 35k dislikes? Is the cinematic not good?

  • Fermentum Mobile
    Fermentum Mobile 2 órája

    Too bad taverns are so underused in this game... some alliance ones musics are masterpieces

  • mark rus
    mark rus 2 órája

    это было круто!!!) как же хочу в 2010........ как же хочу......

  • Varban Varbanov
    Varban Varbanov 2 órája

    I told myself I'm not gonna play Classic WoW. I have 2 level 60s now.

  • Ramenpapi Swaggy
    Ramenpapi Swaggy 2 órája

    Bolvar: they must never know what was done here today Everyone: we know 😂

  • Naer
    Naer 2 órája

    Better than official cinematic of BFA

  • Morion Gamer
    Morion Gamer 2 órája

    Lok tar ogar

  • Jen Yuen
    Jen Yuen 3 órája

    Notice: Blizzard has quite turned SJW... Lilith, Sylvanas, Kerrigan... Empowering women theme. While I i have nothing against that, seems making men appear beta isn't quite a right feeling... Probably a good marketing ploy for attracting you guys to play.

  • Novineux
    Novineux 3 órája

    excited af .com

  • Miki Lekić
    Miki Lekić 3 órája

    Ok if she can do that than i want my murloc power ranger

  • 88Grimmjow
    88Grimmjow 4 órája

    This should have been a cinematic scene

  • 123 456
    123 456 4 órája

    I don't even play WoW and I still know this is cringy.

  • TUNA
    TUNA 5 órája

    almost 10 year older than the new trailer yet its better

  • Kincl
    Kincl 5 órája

    Who is the blond man?

  • Destrauk
    Destrauk 6 órája

    Why's this not on spotify?

  • Prince James
    Prince James 6 órája

    Looks terrible.

  • Abdullah Gökhan
    Abdullah Gökhan 6 órája

    People who are hating blizzard for putting more Sylvanas you should understand that Sylvanas literally destroyed the Lich king right😂 that Banshee is no joke and lets see maybe Blizz will do something good with her, I dont think we will kill her, she is earning the trust of someone or something.

  • Waylon Jones
    Waylon Jones 6 órája

    It’s not Arthas though

  • A M
    A M 6 órája

    The Lich King is trapped in the Sword not the Helm. Arthas destroyed the Human Empire with just the sword. Where that Sword AT?

  • BonafideTrolldier
    BonafideTrolldier 6 órája

    Bolvar: god dammit just when things were about to get spicy on my end Vol’Jin: First time?

    • BonafideTrolldier
      BonafideTrolldier 5 órája

      vinasu maaj well yes, sort of? Arthas kind of made her but she also kind of hated his guts.

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj 6 órája

      Sylvanas thats the name of the elf, I struggled so hard to remember it. She was one of Arthas's companions wasn't she?

  • Marquise Turnbull
    Marquise Turnbull 7 órája

    We spent an entire expansion hyping up the power of the Lich King.....just to have the less interesting Mary Sue version of Sylvannas continuing to Bulldoze through people.

  • Fruit PunchSamurai
    Fruit PunchSamurai 7 órája

    The intro song always gives me goosebumps 😔

  • Kotoryyk
    Kotoryyk 8 órája

    Don't let this 'epic' video blind you from the fact that a certain country had influence in censoring Sylvanas' stomach area...

  • That ITguy
    That ITguy 8 órája

    take us BACK!

  • Mauro Molinero
    Mauro Molinero 8 órája

    new lich King is literally that icefire kid from my hero academia.

  • Jussi
    Jussi 8 órája

    She broke the ICC raid instance... smh

  • Anormal Records
    Anormal Records 9 órája

    Sylvanas: LVL 120 Lich King: LVL 80

  • kunjunction1
    kunjunction1 10 órája

    That moment when you realize Bolvar is really brand from League of Legends

  • Allister Crow
    Allister Crow 11 órája

    sylvanas wanted to wear the crown, but unfortunately it was plate and she's a hunter and can only wear up to mail, so she disenchanted it.

  • Allister Crow
    Allister Crow 11 órája

    sylvanas is a poorly written character, tell me otherwise i dare you.

  • Allister Crow
    Allister Crow 11 órája

    sylvanas is a well written character, tell me otherwise i dare you.

  • King Of Kings
    King Of Kings 11 órája

    Arthas the heart and Soul of Warcraft 😭😍

  • EternalDreadLord
    EternalDreadLord 12 órája

    As with Captain Varothen in the War of the Ancients, as Sylvanas rejects everything about Azeroth, Azeroth will reject everything about her.

  • The Brilliant And Amazing Gamer

    x'era: "Become the thing." Illidan: "No." X'era: "Become the thing." Illidan: "NO!" X'era: "That's it, turning you into the thing myself." Illidan: "EYE BEAM!!" Paladin: "Wait but why." Illidan: "nobody forces me to roll paladin."

  • Clifford Middleton
    Clifford Middleton 14 órája

    Next expansion -- World of gluecraft: PVA glue Bolvar replaces Magni : ThE HeLM oF doMInAtIoN CrIeS OuT iN PaiN New Loot system : glueforging replaces titanforging

  • Thatguy2502
    Thatguy2502 14 órája

    What people seem to forget is that Bolvar ascended to the throne in WotLK, and just sat in his chair for the rest of the time. He didn't fight. He didn't learn of his new powers. Sylvanas kept pressing on. Fighting and getting stronger. TL:DR Bolvar was still capped at lvl 80. Sylvanus wasn't.

  • codeman7055
    codeman7055 14 órája

    I wish there was a new race, that's what I enjoy from expansions

    • codeman7055
      codeman7055 13 perccel

      @Abdullah Gökhan oooo... rip off races, they look the same to the ones we already have, I am not impressed, personality my dream race is Naga.

    • Abdullah Gökhan
      Abdullah Gökhan 6 órája

      Blizz replies: you have had all the allied races in one expansion we could go one expansion without new races. But maybe we"ll put in a grey human and a red orc for new allied races but you have to be exalted.

  • Terrorblade 1412
    Terrorblade 1412 14 órája

    dem, the cinematic team didn't forget her eye scar at the duel with Saurfang. Blizzard as always.

  • Julian Beatty
    Julian Beatty 14 órája

    Eh. Why is the Lich King so weak. She shouldn't be able to beat him that easily..

  • El Rocky Raccoon
    El Rocky Raccoon 14 órája

    This cutscene still gets me every single time.

  • d dfgdfsf dsfs dgsdg sf d

    So cool

  • San D.R.O
    San D.R.O 15 órája

    Can’t wait until Sylvanas gets destroyed by the Horde and Alliance

  • iGRiK
    iGRiK 15 órája

    It's been 5 years since I saw it first time. Still asking myself how with so great idea and intro cinematic they managed to fail the gameplay T_T

  • Matheus Ryan
    Matheus Ryan 16 órája


  • Хари Потъра

    3:03 me after GYM

  • Dammit_ Travis
    Dammit_ Travis 17 órája

    He'll always be my king.

  • Dexter Marzookey
    Dexter Marzookey 17 órája

    Sylvanas thats the name of the elf, I struggled so hard to remember it. She was one of Arthas's companions wasn't she?

  • SMA
    SMA 17 órája

    The two best Warcraft characters; Illidan Stormrage and Arthas Menethil.

  • Akbar Dushembiev
    Akbar Dushembiev 18 órája

    1:13 what cinematic is that from?

  • Nahum 1:7
    Nahum 1:7 18 órája

    Blasphemy!! Jesus rules forever! The true King! Get behind Him, Satan! You all ready lost!

  • Daniel C Treidene
    Daniel C Treidene 18 órája

    mistake was putting on the crown, its merely a mask with a repeater datacore onit, saying "daniels an idiot, Daniels upside down, Daniel is not a dev, Daniel is not blizzard material" you know, default bullying stuff to keep me out of the game, preventing me from recrafting blizzard to something even greater ;)

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 18 órája

      do double check MY mind for the ship travel flags I saw raised after finishing hard mode warcraft 3 -- im the one that finished, no cheat codes, start to finish...

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 18 órája

      so my chemist pretend pal sold out any future with blizzard, ahead of time, curious, not, always mind the overly nice people. Some of EVAs magic left behind, tortured so there could be "fun" -- so "NICE" -- what a complete and utter LIE.

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 18 órája

      wouldve been ;)

  • 3dfxlisa
    3dfxlisa 18 órája

    I always wanna fight for Anduin when watching this - but I'm horde ever since 😄

  • The RedPanda
    The RedPanda 19 órája

    bolvar was lame af in the cinematic

  • György Kocsis
    György Kocsis 19 órája

    I added the famous "my destiny is my own" after Gul'dan says "this was not our destiny". Check it out

  • Owenvee
    Owenvee 19 órája

    0:00 -1:55 is absolutely stellar.

  • Daniel Vicente Carvalho

    At least Bolvar can meet his daugther now.

    sERIOUSLY mAN 20 órája


  • Putino's CHOICE
    Putino's CHOICE 20 órája

    I will never play retail because of sylvanas. EDIT: Blizzard stop doing this doom soundtrack and put something more serious and this expansion doesn't fit with lore and your retail servers are dead.

  • Olli Vainionpää
    Olli Vainionpää 20 órája

    This isn't right... Why are their eyes glowing? Please Blizzard fix this to fit current ideology. Because it would feel really dumb? Then why change it in the game?

  • xfdccd sr2dctd
    xfdccd sr2dctd 21 órája

    probably these movies are the best thing about the game lol

  • Andrew
    Andrew 21 órája

    i sided with the Banshee queen on my warlock but after this i felt like Garbage so i switched mains to my orc DK

  • designmez
    designmez 21 órája

    This is by far, by a very far amount, the greatest non-retcon-video of all times!

  • lonesaberwolf
    lonesaberwolf 21 órája

    We better be able to kill sylvanas at the end of this expansion she is so annoying. I'm already tired of her and her boyfriend

  • Leirp
    Leirp 21 órája

    that voice of pain 1:52 should be in game as well that sound at 2:18 for some spell that would be awesome to hear that.

  • Old Blood
    Old Blood 21 órája

    hmmm return of the scourge.... guess classic was hurting retail real hard they had to make a nostalgic expansion again.

  • How to draw your dragons

    That’s what happen when you bully someone, even blizzard is trying to raise awareness of bullying

  • alegs
    alegs 22 órája

    why cant yall add your cool shirts to the blizz store

    RE:WATCH 22 órája

    Ok so jaina looks bad in her cinematic but she’s not bc we all know that amd so as azshara bc with her plans of defeating nzoth. And here comes sylvanas haha wow

    RE:WATCH 22 órája

    Ok so any shadowlands theory about this cinematic??

  • Patryk S
    Patryk S 23 órája

    There is no deepness in warcraft's character's. They're changing because of some dark magic, not because psychologic issue. But at least blizzard make top notch cinematic's.

  • Keve Teller
    Keve Teller 23 órája

    Well atleast this cinematic didn't suck :D

  • truebluegem
    truebluegem 23 órája

    Mary Sue breaks lore. How far this game has fallen.

    SKKKKKK 23 órája

    Every moment in blizzard's trailler is my wallpaper

  • Cat Defendor
    Cat Defendor 23 órája

    Feminism strikes once again

  • Jon Joseph San Juan

    These expansions are getting stupid.

  • Erwekos
    Erwekos Napja


  • Suraj Rajput
    Suraj Rajput Napja


  • aether
    aether Napja

    Shadowlands the next under funded, under developed lazy expansion from activision, A company that would rather pay people to pretend to love the game and promote it, then give the dev team any real money to create a decent product, dont support garbage, thats why the worlds dying.

  • Supreeth Kumar

    I came here to wash my eyes after shadow lands cinematic

  • Oleksandr Miroshnichenko

    Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn. Now, at last, on this world, vengeance shall be mine. For I am the Queen of .... Oh, sorry, wrong trailer. Someone ran out of ideas I guess

  • Masooga
    Masooga Napja

    This game means so much to me. Thank you for everything Blizzard and the community <3

  • B.O.B The omnic

    This is just that WoW movie but with sylvanas instead of gul’dan

  • Maybe Cool_Guy

    Fits my DH purrfectly

  • B.O.B The omnic

    Climate change in a nutshell