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I Got A K-Pop Makeover
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I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial
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Choosing My Wedding Dress
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I Baked Lipstick Into A Cake
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I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish
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I Got Custom Clothes From An App
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I Tried ASMR For The First Time
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We're Getting Married
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I Got A 1950s Makeover
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I Got A Tokyo Makeover
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Trying $1 Makeup From Wish
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I Dressed Like It Was 1967
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I Dressed Like It Was 1977
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I Tried Period Yoga Pants
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I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit
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I Dressed Like It Was 1987
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Mixing All My Eyeshadows Together
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Mixing All My Foundations Together
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I Dressed Like It Was 1997
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I Tried A Period Swimsuit
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The History of Lipstick
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I Let Strangers Pick My Makeup
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I Tried Period Leggings
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The History Of Chokers
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I Let Strangers Pick My Outfit
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Testing 3-Second Eyebrow Stamps
Megtekintés 3 M2 évvel


  • Betsy H
    Betsy H Órája

    I wore my mother-in-law’s wedding dress. She married in 1970, I got married in 1995. There was an option to wear a great grandmother’s dress from the ‘30’s, but it was too tiny. 😀

  • arielle sky guzman

    We have that it's called the swamp meat

  • Dana Harrison
    Dana Harrison Órája

    I live in austin and if anyone ever wants to see some unique styles and horses while still be in the city that's the place to go ( 100% my friend saw a random guy on a horse in downtown round rock this week)

  • Hazydaze
    Hazydaze Órája

    Omg the chick in the wedding dress on the left at 7:15 legit looks just like you lol

  • JGW 54
    JGW 54 Órája

    My mom got married in 1947 in a teal suit very much like the bride's at 13:27.

  • Deanna Tangen
    Deanna Tangen 2 órája

    Yazmine I feel was inspired by jelo

  • ol gregg
    ol gregg 2 órája

    the 20s look is so pretty

  • Kathy Lynn McDougall

    Love this !!

  • Deanna Tangen
    Deanna Tangen 2 órája

    Megan was my first bratz doll!

  • Susan Leach
    Susan Leach 2 órája

    You look like my Mother's wedding pictures with the one in the 40's.

  • Maren Findlay
    Maren Findlay 2 órája

    the ponytail hack made me CRY

  • Smom
    Smom 2 órája

    The trash cans killed me

  • Shyamali Das
    Shyamali Das 2 órája

    who also started dancing or singing to chicken noodle soup after safiya's chicken dance??😂💜💜💜

  • Jennifer Piper
    Jennifer Piper 2 órája

    THANKS! That was fun, I really enjoyed this. Your great!! I vote option D!

  • Denali Lindeke
    Denali Lindeke 2 órája


  • Vigilante Justice Huntress

    I use the shoulder massager almost daily and love it!

  • christinelunar Kirkpatrick

    that is actualy the biggest cake slice ever

  • Biss Woohoo
    Biss Woohoo 2 órája

    I love the visual history here! My maternal grandparents got married in the midst of WWII; it was actually my grandma's second marriage, because despite norms of the era, she had divorced her philandering first. They had a courthouse wedding, and she wore her blue skirt suit. My paternal grandparents got married before the war, I think, and she had a lovely ivory dress just shy of floor-length. My sister inherited it, so it lives in a closet at our parents' house for now. My mom, on the other hand, got married in a RENTED fully 80s monstrosity that my sister and i are entirely pleased not to inherit! Poly blend and faux pearl beads galore, and lots of starchy tulle.

  • leberetframboise
    leberetframboise 2 órája

    Jacket? Zhivago. Hotel? Trivago.

  • Ashley Lord
    Ashley Lord 2 órája

    I hope u r going to show us ur wedding

  • ironman12328
    ironman12328 2 órája

    We need an Episode for Ty...

  • Bangtan Girl
    Bangtan Girl 2 órája

    Is he your brother?

  • christinelunar Kirkpatrick

    Saf I coming for rossana here

  • Neelu Sharma
    Neelu Sharma 2 órája

    You are soo pretty😍

  • starryNarwhal
    starryNarwhal 2 órája

    i really admire the confidence it takes for you to go out in public with suck an attention grabbing look. you looked stunning! i dont think i could ever pull off something like that, let alone go out in public. im getting nervous just thinking about all those eyes on me XD

  • Reagan Ganshorm
    Reagan Ganshorm 2 órája

    The bainclacas looked great

  • Mariah Ludiker
    Mariah Ludiker 2 órája

    Saf you have BIG side burns XD

  • Grace Durkes
    Grace Durkes 2 órája

    I loved the 40s style on you. So pretty.

  • Sarah Kraus
    Sarah Kraus 2 órája

    Thats a shoe for me bc im all ready weird love the shoes

  • Nonaya Bidness
    Nonaya Bidness 2 órája

    I'm sorry, but I'm FEELING the 80s dress. I fully intend to walk down the aisle in that exact outfit, rock music and all.

  • Still chill Chamberlain

    No one: Not even your rat with three buttholes: Not even a single soul: Safiya: “cash me outside how bout dat” “trivago” Tyler”it looks like a Twinkie”

  • Dottikance
    Dottikance 2 órája

    Dying to know how much they paid for a custom made historically accurate Victorian wedding dress

  • Princess KG
    Princess KG 2 órája

    How about: "Mauve over beech"

  • Beyond the Mistics
    Beyond the Mistics 2 órája

    Canadians do NOT have a accent

  • Emma Lael
    Emma Lael 2 órája

    Let’s get Mauvey

  • Mamarnett
    Mamarnett 2 órája

    I wore my grandma’s dress, which looked like the 1940’s dress, but lace. :)

  • christinelunar Kirkpatrick

    I vast majority of us are 18 Half of us lie about our age, I'm fucking 11; well almost 12 but still tho.

  • Thottie
    Thottie 3 órája

    I love that Tyler wears rip n dip🥺

  • HeyItzLlamaLizzy
    HeyItzLlamaLizzy 3 órája

    Voice is annoying

  • Bri Brezzy
    Bri Brezzy 3 órája

    "No but you can wear a dress an look like you just went to one" fuckin mood😂😂

  • Natalie Robinson
    Natalie Robinson 3 órája

    "potato vibes, But Fashion potato" oh same just less Fashionable

  • Sasha Mendelson
    Sasha Mendelson 3 órája

    21:30 she looks like Gretchen Weiners

  • Missy Rose
    Missy Rose 3 órája

    Sounds like a lot of useless garbage

  • Rachel Chong
    Rachel Chong 3 órája

    You look so good in all of them, the team is doing a great job!

  • Smile Dawg
    Smile Dawg 3 órája

    Mauve-ly I dont know why I said that

  • Carissa Phillips
    Carissa Phillips 3 órája

    Was I the only one that thought the Sydney didn’t like Safiya

  • Emma Loving
    Emma Loving 3 órája

    The purple mauve

  • codegeassgirl0
    codegeassgirl0 3 órája

    You look so beautiful in the 20s look!! ❤️

  • TeenDream888
    TeenDream888 3 órája

    my biggest wedding peeve....sleeveless wedding dresses. how they have stuck around for a decade is beyond me. they look horrendous on every single bride I've seen, and I've yet to find someone who actually looked nice in one. it's either the bust not fitting right, weird underarm/back fat rolls, or just not the right style; yet, because it's trendy, that's what the six brides whose weddings I've attended wanted.

  • Jessica Durai
    Jessica Durai 3 órája

    I’m so happy you decorated the room too. Dazzling.

  • Kricket R.
    Kricket R. 3 órája

    OMG 100/10 the 1920's makeup looks FUCKING GORGEOUS on you. You wear it so fucking well I was floored when you came on. You should seriously do it every day. It BEYOND suits you

  • _Husky_The_ Werido_

    Soap for dayz

  • Avail Cupples
    Avail Cupples 3 órája


  • Christina Glenn
    Christina Glenn 3 órája

    I'm so glad that your fiance mentioned the ninja-esque-ness of the headband! I kept thinking of Mortal Combat with the bunches of flowers on each side, haha! It also totally reminded me of my cousin's wedding dress from the 80s; it was perfect!

  • Rose dowling
    Rose dowling 3 órája

    My great grandparents got married in 1920 and had a very small wedding

  • Jousalind Corley-Thomas

    My fiancé’s mother has almost the exact of the 1980’s gown minus retractable train. She made me try it on to see if I liked it

  • Rose dowling
    Rose dowling 4 órája

    Try on dresses from the movie titanic

  • Carol_Likes_Dem_ Books

    Oh my gosh! Saf’s nails are... *THE SCHUYLER SISTERS* Cris even said they... *WORK*

  • Jaya Faith
    Jaya Faith 4 órája

    I love that she always says we / our about everything 😂😎

  • Jessica Durai
    Jessica Durai 4 órája

    I love organization videos and your channel but I’m so sorry, I can’t stop vomiting over that rug in your bedroom- why the Newks bistro?

  • Beatriz Brito
    Beatriz Brito 4 órája

    ok I wanna get married in 60's style

  • Sarah Carman
    Sarah Carman 4 órája

    For the victory red lipstick from the 40's, it was also rumored that Hitler hated red lipstick, which is another reason that the color became popular

  • Morganlefay
    Morganlefay 4 órája

    I wonder if they have a shampoo for looking like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket...

  • gacha doi the slytherin

    Her: says Harry potter Me: freaks out

  • H. T.K.
    H. T.K. 4 órája

    I would love to see Safiya do a collaboration with Bernadette Banner....I think their energies would work really well together for a video...

  • Viva Malcarney
    Viva Malcarney 4 órája

    The exhibitionist mascara is my favorite

  • Catherine Lee
    Catherine Lee 4 órája


  • Sad_Strawberry
    Sad_Strawberry 4 órája

    Is it just me or does T Cake at 19:26 kinda look like a smaller* version of Safiya or am I just seeing things?? *smaller is in proportionally seems tiny*

  • Shant Arakelian
    Shant Arakelian 4 órája

    Safiya’s laundry room looked great!

  • Leanne Anderson
    Leanne Anderson 4 órája

    i looove shake shake fries - someone from the Philippines

  • Elizabeth Hurtz
    Elizabeth Hurtz 4 órája

    When she said "It's not a problem anymore" it took me a second to remember her and Cristine are friends

  • Pika Laura
    Pika Laura 4 órája

    Safiya almost breaking her ankle gave me anxiety xD

  • Vairo Venkatesh
    Vairo Venkatesh 4 órája

    she looks so skinny omggg

  • tinostiger sister
    tinostiger sister 4 órája

    Some of us still do dependant on what part

    COLIN TOSH 4 órája

    I dont use wish its a load of complete crap that they sell

  • yuliza resendiz
    yuliza resendiz 4 órája

    nobody: safiya: whats good?

  • Jacque Young
    Jacque Young 4 órája

    I forget just how much research she puts into these. Honestly impressive

  • Breanne Priestner
    Breanne Priestner 4 órája

    I love the 20’s look!

  • Nicole Grima
    Nicole Grima 4 órája

    I hope you repair your bag, because you seem to like it a lot. also less than a year is a pretty short lifespan for a handbag to just throw it away

  • Summer Darcey
    Summer Darcey 4 órája

    Literally in middle school everyone wore face products and I just was full cave gremlin cause I hated everything

  • Angel Alonzo
    Angel Alonzo 4 órája

    Please try the Bridal Gown and makeup around the world ;)

  • ladiebug395
    ladiebug395 5 órája

    Safiya: wears t-strap heels with the 1920s dress Meme mom Karolina Zebrowska: NOOOOOOOO

  • Deena Petrick
    Deena Petrick 5 órája

    1. You are a riot! 2. You wore walk the dresses will but I think the flapper girl & war bride look were the best on you. Best of luck on your wedding day!

  • Hannah Singh
    Hannah Singh 5 órája

    It’s called “The Great British Baking Show”......

  • Gaming with Linneth

    That holosexual merch tho 🤪

  • Katie H
    Katie H 5 órája

    Saf, this video is so expertly made and edited! I kept pausing and rewinding to look at all the video clips and images and facts... so much research about American culture and fashion and history went into this video! From the 20's slang to the 60's hair, this video was a joy. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! Also, you look stunning in every era ^^

  • Gladys Lugo
    Gladys Lugo 5 órája


  • Gacha Katicorn
    Gacha Katicorn 5 órája


  • Nicole Johnson
    Nicole Johnson 5 órája

    It's nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE!

  • Alluring Crescent Moonlight

    I'm a cancer yeet (lol I'm emotional)

  • Vivian Nicole Perez

    4:20 "Myriad. Nice."

  • Refrayne
    Refrayne 5 órája

    i. want. to. see. saf. in. a. ball. gown.

  • Kelly Ferguson
    Kelly Ferguson 5 órája

    Bruh this asmr was actually so good

  • Devina Hunter
    Devina Hunter 5 órája

    I wish she would have done a 1970’s look.

  • shooglechic
    shooglechic 5 órája

    Safe has to be working out. She looks like she's...fitter. stronger.

  • Ana Sanchez-Rodriguez


  • Elisha M
    Elisha M 5 órája

    How does one person ROCK all those looks? Like wow!