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LG G8 Durability Test: Cant Touch This?
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How to Hack a Tesla Key Card!
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Can a Disabled Person Drive a Tesla?
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The Coolest Phone I Ever Owned...
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Smartphone Durability Awards 2018!
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Asus ROG Gaming Phone - Durability Test!
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OnePlus 6T - Transparent Edition!
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  • bigkarl24
    bigkarl24 33 másodpercig

    I wonder if they have a wheel chair that is lighter weight and more collapsible, Seems like a pain lifting that heavy wheel chair

  • rahulk1203
    rahulk1203 51 másodperc

    It's better i went for ROG 2 this time between the 2 devices. Phew! 😅

  • Frostail King

    If u drop the phone the camera has a chance to fall off

  • TOP 1 FAN
    TOP 1 FAN 4 perccel

    Is the screen 100% original? And if not where can I buy the original apple lcd?

  • Editing Edin
    Editing Edin 5 perccel

    Do the huawei mate 30 pro

  • Choi Eng Poh
    Choi Eng Poh 11 perccel

    Are they brother and sister?

  • Live eviL
    Live eviL 14 perccel

    Zack must have a merch.... Like a t-shirt with the famous quote "Like a little lego" on the front

  • Robert Schneider
    Robert Schneider 17 perccel

    This picture of an elephant in the background is amazing. Does somebody know, where I can buy this?

  • Nifin Sirafudeen
    Nifin Sirafudeen 22 perccel

    That oreo is THICK

  • wheelieracer
    wheelieracer 22 perccel

    Why not remove rear sear seat . Then you would not need to drag chair across your lap ! I am a 25 year user .

  • M. L.
    M. L. 23 perccel

    He shocked himself only very shortly with the taser. What would it be like for a dozen seconds?

  • Chai भारद्वाज

    This is so much unsatisfying

  • زيتون مشوي
    زيتون مشوي 25 perccel

    Why are you broked iPAD????

  • Ken
    Ken 27 perccel

    Pretty cool and informative video. Lots of hassle and expensive machine but nice to know for the price of roughly 3 repairs, you can buy a machine that can do it for a lot less.

  • Suraj Wawalkar
    Suraj Wawalkar 28 perccel

    Smooth and extreme settings survive 5 hard and 37 minutes .

  • Bed
    Bed 31 perce

    *buys iPod* *downloads Spotify*

  • Bartek Siminski
    Bartek Siminski 31 perce

    I give samsung half a year and i'm sure we'll have 16K TV. Than 32, 64, 128. Yet we don't even have 4K chanels yet. (At least in Poland) What is all of that for, when our eye sight is limited? Is this some kind of race to have the most technically advanced product or, are there some other reasons?

  • OriginalGren
    OriginalGren 31 perce

    For the bending test, you should make a test bench so that the force is readable for the tested phones. :)

  • Sitizen Kane
    Sitizen Kane 32 perccel

    Abe Lincoln was hated by a lot of people. Hence, his assassination.

  • Tech UX
    Tech UX 35 perccel

    Ever heaed of vivo new phone with macro camera ?

  • ar ga
    ar ga 36 perccel

    Vivo v17 Pro,,, please test

  • gun squad 36
    gun squad 36 37 perccel


  • Danilo Riffo
    Danilo Riffo 38 perccel

    Giant hole has nothing to do with cracking. I blame it on the curve and lack of thickness to properly support it.

  • Daniel Goss
    Daniel Goss 38 perccel

    YES ! I just got my Kinect v2 to work now ! I unplugged the Kinect cable (the large square one) from the adapter and plugged it in again - pushing it in firmly and the Kinect v2 came on ! I was able to go Settings->Devices & Streaming->Kinect menu and see a view of my room (and me in it). But thats it. I mean there does not seem to be any other application from the XBOX ONE X menu system to test it out. Apparently you have to now go to Digital assistants option and set to enable in order to use the Kinect for voice commands. I still have not any help yet that will allow me to setup the voice commands here ? There is an option for Cortana Settings - but guess what - it says that Voice is changing on Xbox. Cortana is no longer supported on Xbox. To continue using voice commands, enable digital assistans in Settings and try the Xbox "Skill" for Alexa, or use Xbox voice commands with a Kinect sensor. hmmmm

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N 40 perccel

    Try and burn the back glass

  • viral videos
    viral videos 42 perccel

    Please give me a phone

  • Snowfire
    Snowfire 43 perccel there any possibility to do that with a OnePlus? And do a clear, transparent back on it? Then I would do that!

  • 1BlackopsGuru
    1BlackopsGuru 46 perccel

    did you know you can do all this with a gasoline powered car and just keep fuel at home in a few jugs or barrel to refuel it?

  • Fifulek XD#
    Fifulek XD# 47 perccel

    Noobia X

  • Hamza Hamza
    Hamza Hamza 48 perccel

    Unfortunately, this phone is not available for global

  • Ayoub Brahim
    Ayoub Brahim 48 perccel

    I still think that the OnePlus 2 is the best phone ever.


    Wt you want to show us that is phone not war weapons. durability test means going another unnecessary level

  • Stu Kline
    Stu Kline 57 perccel

    Where's the bend test?

  • Ники П.
    Ники П. 58 perccel

    Can you make teardown on samsung a80

  • R⃠ E⃠ N⃠ A⃠ N⃠ ?

    Brazileiros😀😀😂😂 ? Kkkk

  • FreshAppleJuice
    FreshAppleJuice Órája

    1 plus 7 is eight, not pro

  • SuperbLegend
    SuperbLegend Órája

    Haha you think apple has a hard time getting the back off. Nah that's an excuse to why they can charge you so much.

  • Callum Farrington

    I hate it when i accidentally hold a lighter to my phone for 10+ seconds.... DAMM IT!

  • مصطفى التميمي

    Torture on Huawei phones Your followers from Iraq

  • Daniel
    Daniel Órája

    Your ride is so clean dude! Great taste 👌🏾

  • Miandelo Pals
    Miandelo Pals Órája

    Jerry Looks like Hitman from The Hitman Movie

  • bleuz
    bleuz Órája

    I want an iPhone SE so baddd, yes ik it’s 2019. I have a ipod not even a phone

  • Ranjit Mandal
    Ranjit Mandal Órája

    Plz do with Redmi note 8 pro

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown Órája

    Jerry, that would make a Great Christmas gift for my wife.

  • Joonho Rider-Lee

    redmi go

  • Mr. NAS Trending

    May be i see most humble youtuber here :)

  • Joonho Rider-Lee

    redmi go

  • Joonho Rider-Lee

    redmi go

  • Manamrit Singh
    Manamrit Singh Órája

    That's so much cream in that Oreo We don't have that much here in India

  • Nandaditya Swami

    Asus the company that had motherboard inserted in rog phone 2 as an after thought battery check charger check headphone jack check diaplay check camera rgb etc check Oh wait lets just add a motherboard to the phone in the space that is left

  • Arda Seçilmiş
    Arda Seçilmiş Órája

    Those printer sounds are awesome!

  • Fl4wless
    Fl4wless Órája

    Is it just me or that oreo has a thicc stuffing inside

  • Caleb Moore
    Caleb Moore Órája


  • Andriniaina Rakoto

    Just wanted to ask what do you do with all these crashed phones

  • Siddharth sirsate

    LIKE a little Lego.

  • Luke Jaspers
    Luke Jaspers Órája

    1.the tri force, legend of Zelda 2.the deathly hallows, Harry Potter

  • SkitZita
    SkitZita Órája

    1+ scratches at a level 6 and deeper grooves at a level 7

  • Lavkush Gupta
    Lavkush Gupta Órája

    Hi. Sir i am from India , i watch your every video i like much getting more knowledge from you about the phone .🙏

  • gary burrows
    gary burrows Órája

    What kind of adhesive is used for the back glass . epoxy . silicon . double sided tape . i want to repace the back glass on my v30 eventually . but i want the best adhesive to try and preserve the factory specd water resistance .. And to make sure its done right rather than a guy with a booth in a shopping mall somewhere ...

  • JJ Flash
    JJ Flash Órája

    So Apple charges $500 to fix the glass. How much do these Tech Repair Guys with the Laser Setup charge?

  • Valkery Black
    Valkery Black Órája

    Scratching specialist 😂

  • Irwin Rex
    Irwin Rex Órája

    35,000 INR !!!

  • RuledByZviniZ_YT

    Land mines will be Samsung note 7

  • Christian Jones Alcala

    Can you keep the ip68 rating after u open the phone ?

  • Beer Monkey
    Beer Monkey Órája

    Great videos mate, thanks!

  • Ràpido Gaming
    Ràpido Gaming Órája

    Who noticed that what's inside logo at 1:27

  • Kachongui Kach
    Kachongui Kach Órája

    I was thinking about buying this thing but after seeing how the screen shuttered by just applying pressure with picks. I don't know man.

  • The Chorma Family Channel

    JRE: dropping phones so you dont have to

  • xocasino YT
    xocasino YT Órája

    Oh god that sound

  • Gaming AHR
    Gaming AHR Órája

    hey sir i am from india there are two phones that are quite old but were the kings of their time first one is asus zenfone 2 which supported 18watt fast charging intel atom 2.29ghz and second one is galaxy c9 pro samsungs first 6gb ram phone please test these out

  • Daniel Goss
    Daniel Goss Órája

    Awesome video ! My Kinect v2 wont come on. I have plugged it into the adapter (which seems to work as the blue light is on) and plugged the adapter into the X BOX X already but not working. From your comments I will examine the white fuse. Would be nice to have a video where he puts it back together again please !!!

  • Android Gameing
    Android Gameing Órája

    in India . oreo biscuits didn't came that much cream . you guys are very lucky 😓😓😓

  • Raj Arya
    Raj Arya Órája

    Do this test to realme xt plss

  • nurmuxamad sabirov

    как симка обновит???

  • Chuqui
    Chuqui Órája

    Para lo Que cuesta Y compite con muchos muchísimos más caros Es Un Camión es Xioami

  • Ashis Kar
    Ashis Kar Órája

    Oneplus scams ppl .. milking fans.. thats it

  • makram9008
    makram9008 Órája

    Let's give OPPO RENO ACE a shot 😊

  • Akul __
    Akul __ Órája

    Jerry just can't stop roasting Apple. He couldn't roast the 11 bcoz it was really good so he brought the 2G

  • Skylancer727
    Skylancer727 Órája

    Well, we can definitely say the headphone jack didn't lower the durability of older models now.

  • Corentin Thomas
    Corentin Thomas Órája

    6:21 it is the first time i see a better gorilla glass version on the back (glass 6) than on the front of a phone (glass 3 only) and i dob't get why

    HELL YT Órája

    Please give me

  • Jissan Jacob
    Jissan Jacob Órája

    Hey mister please give me the phone instead of destroying it ... it would help me to become a great pubg player... plz contact me

  • Epsilon X2
    Epsilon X2 Órája

    Estas pruebas me parecen jilipolleces Quien en su sano juicio hace algo así con su móvil....

  • nick harvey
    nick harvey Órája

    Still better then apple who cares if the back glass crack as long it dose not bend like the ipad

  • AcidicBlaster
    AcidicBlaster Órája

    This is not related anyway to the video but Hi

  • Dũng Lê
    Dũng Lê Órája

    Aww :3 He's too sweet for a hitman

    INFINITY Órája

    Bro you speaking sound is really great and she is doing really hard work

  • The TitanT_T
    The TitanT_T Órája

    Let's get started raised her middle finger 😂

  • Dutzu Dutzu
    Dutzu Dutzu Órája

    Can I have this phone?

  • EvilPenquin585
    EvilPenquin585 Órája

    ill have u know that only half of Americans are obese so dont be shitting on america 🇺🇸

  • Muhammad Omer
    Muhammad Omer Órája

    This phone should have been given to me. You are wasting 150 USD.

  • A E S T H E T I C

    no teardown video?

    INFINITY Órája

    she is very cute <3

  • Agnes K
    Agnes K Órája

    watching this on my oneplus 6t🙃

  • Madhu Nair
    Madhu Nair Órája

    Hi Jerry.. Recently huwaei said that the honor play will not be receiving android Q. But the smartphone which is sharing the same specs are receiving the update.. They told that We regret to inform you that EMUI 10.0 / Android Q will not be available for your device due to hardware limitations as it requires higher hardware specifications for optimal performance. We appreciate your understanding and patience. What is the thing which is not compatible with honor play.

  • Baron Richter
    Baron Richter Órája

    And I'm still watching on a CRT TV

  • Николай Востриков

    Умеете, могете! 😆👍

  • Maikel Kuvener
    Maikel Kuvener Órája

    Would the fingerprintscanner work with a screenprotector??

  • kembo capelsii
    kembo capelsii 2 órája

    This is kind of hard to cut. Is it a diamon allay ?

  • oga nla nla
    oga nla nla 2 órája

    Always great to hear reviews from you